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02-02-2007, 21:14
I am a compleate begginer at the fantasy scene so:

does the 10 points for upgrading a man to standard bearer give him a banner, or do you nead to spend 25 points on the banner aswell?

What is the advantage of a musician?

02-02-2007, 21:15
I believe the 10 points makes him the bearer of a non-magic banner. You'd pay an additional 25 (or whatever) points to make his banner magical.

02-02-2007, 21:20
Musicians are described on page 81. They give you a chance to win tied combats, and they give you a + 1 to rally rolls.

02-02-2007, 21:24
With tomb kings it is 10 points to get a banner barer. I am guessing this gives him the basic banner which gives the squad +1 to combat res. There is a magical banner that I can purchase which is 25 points which in the description says +1 to combat res. Does this mean it will total to +2 then, or is it utterly useless. I'm guessing not.

02-02-2007, 22:05
I'll try to answer as best I can.

The banner upgrade for units promotes one person in that unit to a banner bearer who carries a generic, no frills, banner that adds a +1 to combat resolution.

If the unit has the option/ability to buy a magical banner then they may do so for the appropriate point cost listed for the magical banner, which is in addition to the point cost of upgrading someone in the unit to be a standard bearer in the first place (You can't have a magical banner if there isn't a standard bearer to hold the thing! *chuckles*).

So, in the case of the War Banner (+1 combat resolution magical banner) to which you were referring you would pay 10pts for the unit standard bearer and then an addition 25pts for the War Banner (and yes, this would mean that you would get +2 for combat resolution having the warbanner in a unit...+1 for having a banner in the first place and then an addition +1 for the magical effect of the War Banner).

One hero (Tomb Prince I believe is the one for the Tomb King army) can be upgraded to a Battle Standard Bearer (BSB) in the army thus giving your army a re-roll on break tests within 12" of the BSB (or in the case of undead you instead lose 1 less wound due to losing combat...as undead are unbreakable anyway).

The BSB can either buy a magical banner, which will do whatever special effects the Banner gives, such as the +1 Combat Resolution of the War Banner and the 12" radius help stated previous, or the BSB can buy magical equipment instead which means he can't have a magical banner, but still contributes his 12" range of influence.

Musicians (who are worth their weight in gold to me) give a +1 combat resolution during combat if: combat resolution is a tie between you and the enemy AND if the enemy does not have a musician of their own (not likely, typically, but it's always good to have one just in case). Musicians also give your units a +1 Leadership when trying to rally on the turn after they flee.

02-02-2007, 22:10
Ok, thanks people.

03-02-2007, 08:31
The only thing I have to add about banners is that the enemy can capture them. If your unit looses combat and runs, you automatically drop your banner. You opponent can pick it up by choosing to pursue your unit. He does not need to catch you, he just needs to pursue.

This does not give him the benefit of having an extra banner though. At the end of the game, any enemy banners that your units have possesion of give you an extra 100 VPs (if you're playing by victory points to win the senario that is). Banners are good for you, but they can sometimes be the difference between winning and losing. I generally do not give any of my cavalry any banners because they tend to be small units. So I do not want to give my opponent the chance of capturing more VPs from me.

Everything that everyone else has said has seemed to help you out. So I'll just leave you with this message. Hope it taught you something. Later!

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