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bigbear bailey
03-02-2007, 06:38
Hey all I have this list almost made but I wanted to see what you all thought...

20 chosen warriors (Full command)

brayshamen with bray staff, dark heart, and dispell scroll...he is in the unit of
13 beastagors (full command)

20 beast men, 12 gors and 8 ungors (full command) (screen unit)

Chaos sorcerer, spell familar, barded steed, lv 2, lore of fire...goes with
25 marauders w/ flails, shields, light armour(full company)

Chaos sorcerer, lv 2, lore of fire...goes with
25 marauders w/ flails, shields, light armour(full company)

6 knights (full company/ warbanner)

exalted champ, shield, sword of striking, chariot...

1 spawns of chaos

any help would be very good... I need some ways to use the warriors right... I like the models to much not to use them!!! thanks for the help guys...

kaelis ra
03-02-2007, 07:54
I do not think that it is a bad list just a little chaotic, next time put your list in some sort of order please, i.e. heros, core, special, etc...

Are your warriors w/ shield or two weapons?

So how to use your warriors, charge them up the middle behind your screeners, because they want to be in HtH. The best advice that I can give you is to play a few test games. HoC core units are very forgiving if you make a mistake.

Why did you give both sorcerer the Lore of Fire, and what lore das your Brayshaman have?

I am going to assume that the sorcerer w/ the barded steed is attached to a unit of marauders on horse back.

04-02-2007, 05:55
if you are using mauderers on foot drop the horses for the mage. Beast mage should use beast magic its a good lore i think

04-02-2007, 13:33
why get rid of the steed, it makes the sorcerer more survivable, admittingly overkill. (it is allowed in the rulebook)

the bestigor unit is too small, if the Brayshaman is lvl 2 give him Staff of Darkoth rather than the dark heart (you won't need to give him an ordinary braystaff then) and lose a marauder from the mounted sorcerers unit and get a bestigor (to have a unit of 14 with command) so you can have a 5 wide x 3 deep formation

04-02-2007, 18:44
becuase if i am playing dwarves or anything really hes bigger than everyone around him making him a target and thus less survivable. BRB check it out if your bigger than the unit your with you can be targeted. EG a dragon rider joins a unit of dwarfs i think you can see him....

04-02-2007, 19:38
Greetings bigbear bailey...

I have some thoughts for your list...

*Exalted Champion/General: Should be made to survive, your Army greatly benefits from him living...Enchanted Shield, Biting Blade and Gaze of the Gods...and take him off the Chariot...it's going to get Zapped/Shot up and he'll be stranded somewhere alone

*Chaos Sorcerers: So this list is Magical Assault? Cool...take a Powerstone with the Spell Familiar...and the Power Familiar or Skull of Katam with the other Sorc...Barded Chaos Steeds is fine, they can't be picked out of units unless they're US 5 or higher...

*Bray-Shaman: Take Death Magic, and either the Skull of Katam of Power Familiar(which ever one the Sorcerer didn't take)

*Chosen Warriors: Good, but at least give them the Banner of Wrath or preferably the War Banner...just add shields to them, general should go here.

*Marauders: Drop the Flails...they're almost worthless on units that don't often charge, and are horrible on recieving a Charge...Lt Armor, Shields and Hand Weapons is just fine...

*Chaos Knights: Should be upgraded to Chosen Status...unit Champ and Musician will be needed...

*Beast Herd: Too big...drop them down to like 15 or 16 models...you'll still get the benefits of the unit...Bray-Shaman should go here...don't use them as a screen.

*Bestigors: This unit should be 15 to 20 models strong...War Banner, Banner of Wrath, etc...something...keep them as a late game hammer unit...

*Spawn of Chaos: Just 1? If you're going to bring one, then bring another one...they always work much better in pairs.

Hope this helps.