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03-02-2007, 16:00
Hey all,

I'm playing in the finals of the local campaign against the Empire on Thursday, and I'd like your thoughts on the list I've prepared.

We've agreed to play a 1200 point game, because we both have relatively small armies at this point. I know his army's likely to have at least 5 Knights of the Inner Circle, a couple of units of Handgunners - each with a Longrifle in - and probably one or two solid blocks of Swordsmen.

Night Goblin Big Boss 49
Light Armour
Martog’s Best Basha

Night Goblin Big Boss 107
Battle Standard
Light Armour
Rowdy Grott’s Big Red Raggedy Banner

Night Goblin Big Boss 99
Light Armour
Guzzla’s Battle Brew
Rides Great Cave Squig

26 Night Goblins 174
Full Command
2 Fanatics

26 Night Goblins 140
Short Bows
Standard, Musician
2 Fanatics

30 Night Goblins 135
Full Command
1 Fanatic

5 Wolf Riders 71
Short Bows

5 Spider Riders 70
Short Bows

5 Spider Riders 95
Full Command

3 Squig Herds 90

6 Squig Hoppers 90

2 Snotling Bases 40

2 Snotling Bases 40

TOTAL 1200

The General and BSB will probably both go in the Hand Weapons unit, although it's possible I'll put the banner in the Spearmen and the General in the Hand Weapons. Coming up with many tactics ahead of time is always risky with this many unpredictable units, but suffice it to say the Fast Cavalry and the Hoppers will be flanking and trying to take down the handgunners and any artillery he may take, while the four blocks advance more-or-less together. The Snotlings are there basically to irritate - they'll tend to act as charge redirectors so any unit that charges them will end up in an awkward position, or to make him respect the possibility of a Fanatic catapult, or if I get lucky with positioning they might even get to break ranks!

05-02-2007, 14:05
No-one has any thoughts?


05-02-2007, 14:17
Where is the pump wagon?

05-02-2007, 19:28
Drop 2 snotling bases and go for the pumpwagon. Its much more fun.

I also wouldnt recommend dropping both the gen and bsb in the same unit. It will attract alot of attention.

Also drop the full command on the 5 spiderriders. If they panic you will have alot of problems with only ld. 6 and if the flee and you get caught its 100vp for your opponent. So drop the boss and the standard.

Ive got a question for you does the Guzzlas battle brew affect the cave squig? Because it says it only affects the rider. If not the item will be pretty cool and i will use it also. If stupidity or frenzy doesnt affect the rider in a bad way. (moving half your movent or forced charging)

I also think taking a 50pt magic banner when your Bsb will only have a 6+save is kind of risky. I would recommend using the warbanner and adding more goblins too your units.

Gutlord Grom
06-02-2007, 13:16
Take Shamans!
Their one of the Night Goblin strengths. Especiall with Magic Muishrooms. A Brainbursta can really hurt a unit of knights.