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03-02-2007, 16:01
A club i play at is starting their new league season next week. I played with Tomb Kings last season and came third however the lure of the new Empire book was too great so they went to Ebay and a load of new Empire goodies are now sitting ready for the season. I had a really hard time getting in all i wanted to into this list and i'm not sure what it will play like as i've never played with Empire before but this (on paper) seems to be fairly competitive in most areas of the game....suggestions would be welcomed!

Lord - Arch Lector on a War Alter. Armour of Meteoric Iron.
Hero - Warrior Priest. 2 hand weapons, heavy armour and Doomfire ring.
Hero - Lvl 2 Wizard with a scroll.

Core - 24 Swordsmen (full command) with 10 Free Company (Priest goes in the Swordsmen)
Core - 10 Handgunners.
Core - 10 Cross Bow men.
Core - 15 Flagellants.
Core - 10 Knights (Standard)

Special - 5 Pistoliers.
Special - 5 Outriders.
Special - Cannon

Rare - Hellblaster.
Rare - Steam Tank.

I've not decked out the arch lector as i don't really rate him in combat so hopefully the armour will make him slightly more survivable. My hope for him is to add support charges for the impact hits, and if in combat soul fire and cleansing flare should help. The priest will hopefully make the swordsmen unbreakable so with the flagellants i will have 2 tar pit and reasonably effective combat units. The knights are the heavy hitters.

Shooting seems self explanatory and the Stank is there because i love the model and i want it there

If i'm right the army brings 95 models, 6 dispel dice plus a scroll, 4 power dice and 5 bound spells to the mix.

What do you think?

03-02-2007, 17:49
I would think that for the price (in points or RL money) of 15 flagellants you could get another block of swordsmen or spearmen, with detachment(s). As to what detachments, I prefer halberds with shields (since 7th they can have armour options), but the free company aren't a bad option. Maybe consider using crossbows or handguns for a 'stand and shoot' detachment?

You can save a lot of points by stripping your knights down to 6 and adding a War Banner. It'll give you the save static CR, with a wider frontage, and less points. I would give them a musician though, since you'll probably want a flee reaction when charged, and a failed rally is pretty bad news.
Same goes pretty much for your pistoliers and outriders: add a musician. You could, however, consider giving the Arch Lector the Silver Horn (30 points magic item), which is a bound spell Power 5; it auto-rallies all friendly units. Due to your already impressive list of bound spells and the lvl 2 wizard, you can probably slip it through.

As to the Steam Tank.... well, you seem to have made up your mind, and I can only hope you have good luck with it. Trya nd support it with flank charges when it gets stuck in a unit, and get your fast cavalry to go after bolt throwers and so forth asap.

As a small note, I have found the Great Cannon much more reliable than the Hellblaster, but that doesn't say that the hellblaster isn't a decent choice. It's definitely better at creating results that swing the battle wildly one way or another.

03-02-2007, 19:58
I can understand that if you have a steam tank you want to use it, but I'd leave it at home. The thing takes a couple of wounds and it's next to useless. For the same points you could have two large blocks of infantry, which I feel are far better as you are a little troop light IMHO.

Just my thoughts. Good luck!