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18-07-2005, 13:31
not sure where the Mods want this put as it affects multiple systems, so fel free to put iyt wherever you feel its best:

heres an email i recieved today, please take note:

Hi Liam

Due to a change of personal circumstances. I have decided to return
to full time employment and generally run down my involvement with NU
Gaming. I would like to emphasis that NU Gaming is not at risk of
folding financially and all existing and future orders will be met or
refunded if necessary. I have simply reached the point where the rewards of
running NU Gaming is insufficient for the effort I have to put in to it.
However, with more than 40000 worth of stock in my storeroom, I need
to stay active for the foreseeable future and manage the rundown in a
controlled way.

The first stage in this rundown is to dispose of my Confrontation,
Warmachine and Hornby stock. With that in mind, I am now offering
Confrontation and Warmachine products at a 20% discount to the prices normally
shown on my website. Please note that I also have new releases of
these products right up to last month many of which are not shown on my
website. If you are interested in either of these ranges please EMail me
ASAP as I am approaching other traders at the same time and this stock
may suddenly be taken off my hands in bulk. If you are interested in a
bulk purchase please EMail me and depending on the size an additional
discount above 20% may be granted.

If you are active on any appropriate forum or know other players who
might be interested, please spread the news about this.

With regard Hornby, I have approx 2800 of stock at the RRP, all brand
new and boxed. But it is not catalogued and entered into my database,
so it is difficult to identify what I have actually got or to find a
particular product. Ideally I would like to sell the lot in one hit and
would accept 1500 for this job lot if anyone is interested or willing
to spend the time listing it on EBay or something. Please get back to
me if this appeals.

I envisage that I will remain in control of NU Gaming selling WHFB and
40K products at least until after Christmas and then I will have to
rethink my strategy. The Sept - January period is the best selling time,
so it would be foolish to jump out just before this period. However,
this might change if someone actually offers to buy the whole company
off me. If you are interested in this, then offers over 20K + the cost
of the current stock, will be considered. This will give you the
website, database, an established company with a first class reputation,
large customer base, contacts with various suppliers, packaging materials,
racking etc. The storage requirements for the company as it stands is
the size of a garage, so this would make an ideal home business. Mail
me if you are interested, but only serious enquiries please.

If you are not happy to receive these Newsletters please reply with
'Remove From Newsletter' and I will ensure you are not disturbed again by

18-07-2005, 16:09
Sad as it is that NU Gaming is shutting down, I look forward to 20% discounts on GW stuff in a few months, and guaranteed I'll be buying in bulk if that means an extra 20% off.

18-07-2005, 18:20
i'm guessing that he's hoping someone will purchase the business from him when it becomes just the GW stock

19-07-2005, 01:16
A shame, to be sure. However, I have recently been convinced into starting off a wee Griffon band so the timing is not too bad.

19-07-2005, 01:22
i may now be tempted to get my Cygnar Warmachine warband

28-07-2005, 13:38
Damn, that sucks. I'll have yo buy-up before he goes. :(

15-10-2005, 00:20
Sorry for digging up an old thread, but I received an email from Nick this evening saying:

I'm afraid I sold NU Gaming Ltd. this morning. Fortunately, the new owner intends to continue selling Warmachine and will be restocking shortly.

The new owner can be contacted on adam@nugaming.com

I had put an order in late last night for a few Warmachine models he was selling for an extra 20% off! Ho hum, I shoulod of got of my fat ass and ordered them sooner.

15-10-2005, 02:56
I heard that too, I placed an order on monday and he said "please pay by friday as I'm handing the business over." Well, good luck to the guy, he's always been a gent when I've dealt with him in the past.

25-10-2005, 16:29
seems they've moved to North Yorkshire

28-10-2005, 13:03
It is a pity. NU Gaming was my primary source in the UK. :(

Have fun,


28-10-2005, 15:53
Any one had any contact with the new guy(s) yet?