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03-02-2007, 20:28
I had some great responses to a post a week ago about chaos ideas. I have come up with a list that I can use previously converted models to represent, however, I am having problems with magic stopping etc. My army theme is cult of slaanesh meet drow society. All female army- including monsters.

1 Doombull- undivided - what magic weapon should I equip him with- I thought the greatweapon/regen wounds on a 4+ was nifty

3 Minotaurs - doombull goes here
8 tuskor chariots
10 warhounds
10 warhounds
1 slaanesh chariot
1 undivided chariot with bsb with banner of the gods
6 furies
6 mounted daemonettes with exalted champ on steed of slaanesh and chalice to make him demonic
1 giant

10 total chariots, the slaanesh ones are great as with the bsb nearby, they can loose a combat to a fear causing unit and not break- so a great tarpit, I would like to remove the bsb from the chariot so I can have 2 tarpit chariots.
Tuskor chariots are obviously all converted to the drow theme, being pulled by spiders instead of tuskors. I was going to have 1 unit of warhounds ambush- is it worth it? These I was going to model as spiders dropping from the ceiling on spider webs. My giant was going to be Lloth- the spider goddess. I was also going to use the dark elf cauldron of blood to make an alter to her on the base with witch elves. I am however worried about magic defenses- should I squeeze points for a level 1 mage with 2 dispel scrolls? Do I have enough fast units to take out enemy mages on turn 2? Maybe I should run an exalted out of the mounted daemonettes and give him the bindings of slaanesh so mages cant hide in units. As long as the bsb is nearby, he shouldnt break- stubborn on ldr 8 with a reroll. Anyways, all thoughts any comments would be GREATLY appreciated. I am a 40k player who is coming into fantasy and I want an army that I can convert (as this is my favorite part of the hobby) but will also be tough to beat as I master its combos.


04-02-2007, 05:53
1 mage caddy isnt gonna do squat besides be annoying the first phase. if you want to be annoying for a while get 3 lv1 mage scroll caddys then that might get you through the game at least to turn 4 or 5 just hide them all somewhere and use there scrolls

04-02-2007, 12:49
a few pointers you need to know

- the doombull can be targeted even if he is in the minotaur unit (look in BRB for rule, i think it is under 'Characters')
- you can only ambush if you have a shaman, beastlord or wargor as your general
- chariots move differently than other units check the BRB

was going to suggest replacing the doombull with a beastlord on tuskgor chariot (Berserker sword, armour of damnation, shield, gaze of the gods) but i don't know which special choice you should drop