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03-02-2007, 22:30
Hi. My friends and I are intending to enter the GW Fantasy Doubles Tournament this year and I was hoping for some advice/general criticisms of my and my partner's army lists. So without much further ado:

Master Engineer - great weapon - 74 pts

25 Warriors - shields, full command - 250 pts

12 Thunderers - 168 pts

Bolt Thrower - 45 pts

Bolt Thrower - Rune of Penetrating - 70 pts (Master Engineer goes here)

Flame Cannon - 140 pts

Sub-total - 747 pts

Warrior Priest - great weapon, armour of meteoric iron - 119 pts

19 Swordsmen - full command - 139 pts (Warrior Priest goes here)

10 Free Company (Detachment) - 50 pts

20 Swordsmen - full command - 145 pts

10 Free Company (Detachment) - 50 pts

15 Flagellants - 150 pts

5 Pistoliers - 90 pts

Sub-total - 743 pts

Total - 1490 pts

Well, the basic plan is to for the war machines to shoot at things, the pistoliers to slow down any units marching towards our lines. Whilst that happens, the infantry advances/counter-charges as appropriate. Any and all pieces of criticism, advice and/or suggested changes are welcome.

04-02-2007, 02:09
My only real suggestion is to take a rune of burning on the second bolt thrower, losing the engineers great weapon to get the points for it. By doing this it becomes magical and you have a second magical weapon, which is also flamming for the inevitable treeman you will encounter. (May seem pointless but believe me it will be useful.)

Over all it looks solid enough.

04-02-2007, 07:45
I'm afraid that the free company detachment of 10 for one of your swordsmen units is too large. Since the parent unit is only 19 in size (characters don't count for army composition purposes), the maximum you can choose them to be is 9 free company.

04-02-2007, 19:07
Though with 7 points spare you can afford another swordsman :p