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04-02-2007, 04:56
What is the kingdom of Arnor, I didn't read the LOTR books too carefully 2 years ago, would it be historically correct to pair them with warriors of minas tirith? If the warriors of arnor have fight 4 and courage 2 then wouldn't it be good to stock up on them, if your forces break your army will crumble but in the meantime you'll have a carde of fight 4 warrirors. (They cost the same as warriors of minas tirith right?)

04-02-2007, 11:35
Gondor and Arnor were the twin kingdoms of the Numenoreans in Middle-Earth.
(Correct me if I'm wrong but:) Isuldur founded Gondor, and Elendil founded Arnor, ruling over both. Arnor fell in the frst half of the third age, leaving the ragtag group of survivors that became the Dunedain.
So yeah, WMTS can ally with Arnor. (If two lists can ally in Legions, it's generally acceptable) BUT they can only ally with the generic Minas Tirith list, so no named heroes. A force of WMTs come to the battle of Fornost in the new supplement, so go for it.

04-02-2007, 13:59
It was isuldur and his brother (can't remember his name) that founded Gondor. Isuldur ruled what is Minas Morgul and his brother Minas Tirith. The capital was Olisgilith. The brother was killed during the siege of Barad dur.
But any way the book says that Arnor can ally with Minas Tirith, Rivendell, the Grey havens and Khazad-dum.

04-02-2007, 14:30
Didn't the Witchking destroy Arnor?

Dr Death
04-02-2007, 14:49
Yes, the witch king did destroy arnor about a thousand years into the third age. Allying Gondor and Arnor is possible but it has to be done quite carefully as adter the last alliance they really evolved quite separately from one another. The only time they ever really came together for military purposes was right in Arnors dying days when the heir to the gondorian throne Eanur sailed north to aid arnor against the witch king. The two armies united and defeated the witch king in the Battle of Fornost, Arnor was officially destroyed by the time Earnur managed to reach the kingdom and so only it's remnant under Arvedui's son took part in the battle.

Dr Death

04-02-2007, 17:32
...the book says that Arnor can ally with Minas Tirith, Rivendell, the Grey havens and Khazad-dum.Sorry, I was talking just in terms of WMT armies.
I think Isuldur's brother is anarion.
damn I need to re-read a lot of this.