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04-02-2007, 20:41
Continuing my trend trying to come up with atypical high elf army lists in the search of one that would function, I present the Warhost of the Golden Dragon:

Archamage (4th level, Jewel of Dusk, Lion Guard, Guardian Phoenix, Elven Steed, Barding) (366 pt) (uses High Magic)
Commaner (Dragon Armor, Elven Steed, Barding, BSB, Battle Banner, Pure of Hearth) (198 pt)
Mage (2nd level, Dispell Scroll, Seer, Chariot) (265 pt) (uses Lore of Heavens with Celestial Shield and either Forked Lightning or Uranon's Thunder Bolt (depending on the armor of the opponent))

Spearelves x22 (Standard Bearer, Champion) (266 pt) [Arcmage comes here]
Archers x10 (120 pt)
Silver Helms x6 (Heavy Armor, Shield) (138 pt)

Dragon Princes x11 (Full Command, Warbanner) (351 pt) [Commander comes here]
Shadow Warriors x5 (75 pt]

Great Eagle x2 (100 pt]
Repeater Bolt Thrower x1 (100 pt)

Total Units: 9
Total Models: 60
Power Dice: 9 (5 + 2 + 2)
Dispell Dice: 5 + 1 scroll

This is definetly a high risk army. The unit of Dragon Princes is worth 649 points (749 if Commander ends up being General), the spearelves are worth 732 pt (832 if Archmage ends up being General).

On the other hand the unit of Dragon Princes has CR between +5 (outnumbered and roll of 1) and +11 (outnumber and roll of 6). Being charged to the flank reduce the CR only by 1 (and gives opponent +1 to their CR). The unit is quite mobile (18" march/charge) and is not subject to any compulsory movement rules (like frenzy) that could result them not moving where I want them to.

Without question the Dragon Princes are the hammer of the list while spearelves are the anvil. Everything else is there to support. Silver Helms and Mage in the chariot can assist Dragon Princes on the charge (either to flank or otherwise), while Archers and RBT should take care of enemy fast units and Shadow Warriors and Eagles have duty to harras enemies and perhaps eliminate war machines.

The magic in the list is primarily supportive. Most likely the mage would cast Celestial Shield on Dragon Princes, primarily as protection against magic missiles (is enemy has heavy shooting the spell is most likely dispelled during their magic phase before shooting beginns). Archmage will use spells as suitable, Curse of Arrow Attraction and Fortune is Fickle being high on the priority list. Getting second RiP spell going (Drain Magic, Fortune is Fickle or Flames of Phoenix) can seriously improve chances of benefitting from the Celestial Shield.

05-02-2007, 19:29
well just hope that the enemy never takes out the unit of DP's.

05-02-2007, 20:41
Personally, I find this list to have some things that need improvement. First of all, a unit of 11 DPs to me sounds like putting all eggs in one basket. When they're taken out, a good opponent will find way, you have not only lost a lot of points, but left the rest of your list very vurnerable. I would lessen them to 5, or perhaps 6, add a small unit of Silver Hlems. This gives you more flexibility, as one can act as flankers, meaning you could get all 11 into combat, with another +1 to CR. Also, if the DPs get stuck, the BSB always has anpther 2 units to join instead. Also, I would restrain from putting a Mage on such an offensive mount as a chariot. They are supposed to get into combat, but that is no place for such a fragile character as a Mage. I've heard some discussion on using a mage on an eagle, in order to fly him behind enemy linds in order to get some devestating shrort range magic going. This is nothing I've tested myself, but pehaps worth trying. With what you save there, and from taking some more Silver Helms and fewer DPs, maybe you could add another RBT.

05-02-2007, 21:45
Making the Dragon Princes unit smaller would indeed save me some points. But I am a bit conserned that 6 DP would be too easy target for shooting. After all one would need to drop only one DP in order to randomise shooting also to the BSB. Of course 5 DP are quite expensive form of protection from shooting, so the point is probably valid.

I am away from my book at the moment, but at least Army Builder says that Mage can not be given Eagle, only Arcmage can get the ride. Have the eagle been awailable I had taken it, but now Chariot seemed like the next best solution with good move and US5 chariot is always nice to have around.

I made a little calculations and the "excess" 5 DPs (dropping the unit to 6 + BSB) would give me just enough points to field 6 Ellyrion Reavers with Bows and Musicant. Would second unit Silver Helms be better investment if I decide to decline the number of my DPs?

06-02-2007, 15:49
On the topic of Reavers vs Silver Helms, I'd say the Helms have more use in this list. You've already got two eagles and shadow warriors for marchblocking/harrasing/hunting, and with three units of armored cavalry, you can create some good havoc.

06-02-2007, 18:51
i would split up the 11 dragon princes into two smaller units to flank