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05-02-2007, 17:35
I am thinking of joining some of the upcoming tournaments here i sweden with this dark elf army i wrote and i would like to hear from you guys if it might work or not. I haven't played fantasy for about 5 years so i am a bit rusty on the rules and Armies so all replies are welcome.

High Sorceress
Level 4 Upgrade, Darkstar cloak, Crown of black iron, Dark pegasus
Manticore, Lance, Light armour, Seadragon cloak
Level 2 Upgrade, Dispel scroll, Dark steed
Battle standard bearer, Warbanner, Heavy armour, Seadragon cloak

Warriors #20
Sheilds, Lordling, Musican
Corsairs #19
Full command
Warriors #10
Repeater crossbows
Dark riders #10
Repeater crossbows

Harpies #8
Executioners #15
Full command

Warhydra #1
Reaper Boltthrowers #2

The High sorceress and Beastmaster are going to deploy behind my lines and fly out to where ever they are needed.
The Sorceress on Steed with the Dark riders and the Hydra supported by One boltthrower will preotect one flank.
The Harpies, Execuitoners, Crossbowmen and the other boltthrower will protect the other flank.
The battle standard and his corsairs will deploy alongside the spearmen inte the centre.

I was thinking how magic works now, If they get to chose the same lists as before my high sorc is going to go for dark magic, while the other will take shadow magic.

Thansk beforehand