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19-07-2005, 00:10
*The Jedi General entered the room and quickly took in all of the rooms surroundings. Both ARC troopers and a squad of Commando's were preparing for the dangerous, if not suicidal mission ahead, but even with his knowledge in the Force, he was not sure if either squad would make it out alive. He worried about them, but he didnt show it. It was against everything that the Jedi were to show emotion.*

"Listen up.."

OOC// mmk, your preparing for a mission, you'll be taken onto the planets surface by Gunship, the planets name will be given during the breifing, and as you may/may not know, Commando's and ARC troopers arent exactly the best of friends, more like rivals I suppose. Dont really like each other. Anyway, your getting your equipment ready, and will be decending to the planet shortly.

19-07-2005, 16:32
Etain entered the room from his medataion.
"good evening master" Etain bowed his head, "What do you sense of the following mission"

Drak Bloodhelm
19-07-2005, 18:56

*Snype kneels in the corner, inspecting, and looking over his equipment. Checking, and checking it again, seemingly not to notice anyone else in the room while he does this.*

19-07-2005, 21:37
217 looked over his equipment, checking it was fully functional and ready for usage.
"Look after the equipment," he said. "And the equipment will look after you," he finished. "One hundred percent."

OOC - I've forgotten whether I'm Commando or Advanced Recon Commando...

19-07-2005, 21:46
OOC// dont worry, the ARC troopers are just NPC's and your all Commando's in a squad called "Omega Squad," the only people who arent Commando's are myself, warlord, and the ARC troops

20-07-2005, 00:29
Omega RC-1337 'Zekk' is also making a final check of his equipment as the Jedi General enters, looking up, straightening his shoulders a bit more, and listening attentively.

20-07-2005, 00:36
"Tue" C7894

sitting in the corner, checking my equipment, looked up at the new entrant

20-07-2005, 02:19
RC-421 sat waiting as the Jedi Master walked into the room. He thought of checking his equipment again but knew it was pointless. He'd already been over it a dozen times. Now he would just wait for the mission briefing.

20-07-2005, 05:19
*The Jedi walked into the room, and he could feel the attention of the Commando's go straight to him, regardless of their visors*

"Listen up, the Republic has located yet another bio weapons laboritory aimed at killing Clones, and oddly enough it's on Geonosis. We are unsure how we missed this, but it must be taken out. There was another such project being undertaken on another planet some par secs from here, and the mission was a success, thanks to the Commando squad of Delta squad. But, because they were reassigned right away after the mission, we were not aware of the project here, as we would simply have sent them in instead, but because they are not available and you are the only Commando's and ARC's available, you will do your job and your duty to the Republic and all that it stands for.

Your mission is to silently land 200 kilometers out from this group of structures. We are not sure, but we suspect that there is a radar complex and communications there. Take it out. After you have silenced the complex, you will proceed south towards this warehouse, where we are informed that the project lies roughly 300 feet below. You will need to take a special elevator to access it, so be wise with your ordanance. We are only aware of that one elevator.

Both myself and Etain here will be rendevousing with you after touchdown, and we will be bringing the ARC troopers with us. They will be covering our flank should something go wrong. Are there any questions?"

*the Jedi stood there waiting*

20-07-2005, 07:40
"Are there any questions?" asked the Jedi.
RC-421 stood up, "yes Master Jedi. Are we doing a snoop 'n' scoot, raid or trying blow the whole lot up? Also, are we using LAAT/i for our insertion or something more stealthy?"

20-07-2005, 09:15
217 looked at the Jedi, then said. "One Hundred Percent," he said, which of course, meant no questions.
He spun his weapon in one hand and beneath his helmet he smiled. All Clones, while they were made with the same DNA, they were all slightly different, having tiny differences in their battle experiances and training, and other things. He was a Commando in the GAR, and even if he fell, the GAR wouldn't.

OOC - You do know there are only 12 ARC troopers, personally trained by Jango Fett, with their own personalities and almost human, except for the same feature's and things.

20-07-2005, 12:58
no questions sir

looking at the showboating 217, Tue wondered what he saw in for

20-07-2005, 13:17
Zekk merely listens quietly to the information, before turning his helmeted gaze to his fellow pod-brother, 'Snype'.

"Geonosis... that means we get to kill more bugs, right?" He asks him quietly with obvious relish.

ooc - I'm curious. Who is 'Omega lead'? I know their all capable of leading a squad because of their training, but one of the four should be the group's 'natural' leader via their own selection.

20-07-2005, 15:52
"But those bugs have nasty stings," 217 pointed out. He checked his weapon once more, then waited to move out.

20-07-2005, 21:27
"We will be touching down onto the planets surface during the night in two stealthed LAAT gunships. You will be in one and Etain here will accompany you, while I will be in the other with the ARC troopers. Our mission is to eliminate the weapon, so we can not just bombard the facility and hope that it is destroyed. You will need to first destroy the communications complex along with the radar, so the laboritory will not be aware of our approach. Your secondary objective is to capture the lead scientist incharge of the project, Alive. The Jedi Council wishes to.. how should I say this, persuade him to help us better understand how they got as far as they have with the project, and how we missed this."

"For this mission, I have based my decision as to the squads Alpha.."

*The Jedi looks at RC-217*

".. I have confidence that your pod-brother '217' won't fail you. We leave in an hour."

*The Jedi General turned around and headed out the same door he first came in, and the ARC troopers followed in dicipline.*

OOC// Im basing the number of ARC troopers from a SW book I read saying that there were hundreds of them, but there are only 5 here accompanying me.

Drak Bloodhelm
20-07-2005, 23:03

*He looks back at Zekk, and, gives a small smirk at this* "Guess we do. Think they missed us?"

*With that, Snype finishes the last check of his gear, with the final satisfaction that he's done all he can do*

21-07-2005, 08:47
217 nodded. "Yes General," he said as the Jedi walked out the room. "One Hundred Percent."
He looked at the other squad members, and under his helmet, he silently hoped these RC's were as good as their records said. If they were unlucky vast ammounts of Battle Droids and Destroyers could be waiting for them. He made sure his grenades were firmly on his combat belt and could be grabbed easily.

21-07-2005, 16:00
Etain aproached the commandos and bowed. "hello freinds, it seems we will be together on this mission, i hope your reputaion preceeds you"

21-07-2005, 18:13
"I hope so to, General," said 217. "First time of Geonosis, I finished training a month after the battle. Although the wastes on a planet are not the sort of place to live, apparently there's too many monsters out there. Luckily we aren't going that way."
He stood at attention and awaited further orders.

21-07-2005, 19:39
"oh im no general 271, just a padawan. I was on geonosis at the start of the clone wars. I have never been in such a battle before or since, the jedi way has changed since the clone wars" ruben sighed

21-07-2005, 19:43
"may we address you as commander, padawan Etain, we are already to do our duty to the jedi"

21-07-2005, 20:30
"I agree with that, Commander Etain," said 217. "Awaiting orders sir."

OOC - Why do I have a sudden urge toget every single Clone Wars Novel? I've got Jedi Healer, Cestus Deception and Shatterpoint, only read the last and about a quarter way through the middle, why? Why do I want them all?!

21-07-2005, 21:34
OOC// lol no idea. Could it be that they are just so damned interesting? ;) Also, just tell me when ya'll are ready and we can head down to the planet, because before then, what with being in another area of the assault ship, you wont know what Im doing so I wont post what my character or the ARC troopers are doing ;)

22-07-2005, 05:44
"Commander Etain, RC-421 ready for action sir! I'll be your demolitions expert for the duration of this excursion. Please obey all warning lights and if you see me running, try to keep up."

22-07-2005, 12:27
"421, I'm sure the Commander can easily keep up with us, he's a Jedi after all," 217 said.

OOC - I'm ready.

22-07-2005, 18:40
"Oh dont worry about me RC-421, jedi have to be light on their toes."
ooc: im ready

24-07-2005, 02:03
ooc - I'm ready too.

Drak Bloodhelm
24-07-2005, 13:58
ooc Ready as well.

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ooc Ready

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