View Full Version : 2250 Ogres- The Thundering Gut!

06-02-2007, 18:31
How's this list sound?

Tyrant- Tenderizer, Fistful of Laurels, Kineater, Heavy Armor- With Ironguts

2 Butchers- 1 Bangstick, 2 scrolls- The bangstick is the offensive butcher, using bangstick, panic, and magic missles per turn, and the guy carrying scrolls will be the buffer butcher, using toothcracker, troll guts, or bull gorger where needed
2x3 Bulls-One w Butcher (Offensive Butcher)
2x3 Ironguts-One w Butcher (Buffer) One W Tyrant
2x20 Gnoblar Fighters
8 Trappers

2x3 Bull Rhinox riders- Iron Fist, Banner.

2245 total

The Ironguts will go center behind the Bulls, so the Kineater can be used to maximum effect, and the Tyrants unit can use Fistful if they lose combat. The Gnoblars will be spread to redirect and die, and directly next to the Ironguts will be the Rhinox cav, to smash whatever gets in their way.