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06-02-2007, 22:52
Hey all! I have decided to do a project log to give me motivation to get my ass in gear! I have a couple of project logs going on my local clubs forum, but I thought I'd open it all up to the world as it were...

Main things I am working on at the moment of this threads creation are:

Scythed Hierodule,
Flying Tyranid Warrior Army,
Assorted other bits! (shed loads of other nids I may as well get painted up too :D )

All these things are in varying stages of development, so I will gradually add more pics of whats going on in my hectic life :angel:

First up is the Scythed Hierodule:

06-02-2007, 23:00
The Hierodule will be painted up the same colours as the rest of my Hive Fleet (name classified)

I have thus far basically basecoated the model with black for the carapace, a couple of layers of watered down brown for the skin, and grey for the talons and claws, with a little of the brown wash over the top to blackline.

some pics of my lictors are attatched so you can see the scheme - one of them still needs finishing, so he's on the 'to do list!'

06-02-2007, 23:15
My real pride and joy is my winged tyranid list which I am working on (and have been for MONTHS! lol) It is comprised of a flyrant, minimum rippers and maximum winged warriors (27 in total). Here's the list...

HQ x1
wings, warp field, flesh hooks, implant attack, toxin sacs, toxic miasma, adrenal glands(i), acid maw, scything talons x2. (225)

3 bases per brood-30 per brood (60)

9 warriors per brood with wings, scything talons, rending claws, adrenal glands(i), adrenal glands(ws), flesh hooks- 405 per brood (1215)

Total 1500

All models are WIP and I really need motivation to get them done! I am extensively converting the entire army, leaving not a single warrior the same and using the FW wing conversion kits. The warriors all have scything talons, and the feet have been removed to allow for rending claws...I thought hooved warriors looked out of place in a flying army, so talons on the feet is more fitting and also gets around WYSIWYG because the FW wings take up the upper arm sockets.

Some WIP shots of the warriors (I have 23 mostly built, but most need basing/wings/scything talons/biomorphs, and all need feet - not sure how I'll tackle the feet yet!)

06-02-2007, 23:35
And finally for the night, some pics of my flyrant! This is the most comprehensively converted model, and still has a LONG way to go before it is finished (let alone painted...) :eek:

Cadian 21st
06-02-2007, 23:45
- I love your converting so much so :D

07-02-2007, 03:56
OOOOh another bug log.


Im intrigued with the whole flying option. I may have to pursue that bio morph down the road when footslogging has gotten tiresome.

07-02-2007, 13:17
Cheers guys :)

OK here's the plan.

I will be working on the Scythed Hierodule mainly in the beginning to get it finished. I plan to make a rugged scenery base of my own for it (a la tyrant) out of wood for the main base and card and assorted textures for the ruggedness. If its good enough I might enter it into Golden Daemon for a laugh...I have always been interested to see how I would do. I don't think I'm likely to win and I'm not going to enter to win, just because I plan to win one day ;) Initially I will just finish off the basecoating and get the base done, then I'll order some good brushes so I can do the model justice (all the ones I have at the mo are a bit knackered and I don't like the GW ones).

I still need to get 4 warriors built and to finish off the rest so I'll whittle away at these too. I think I will finish the last four completely, then finish off five others to go with them and work through brood by brood. I warn you now that I am notoriously lax when it comes to finishing armies. (I have never actually played a single game with a fully painted army of my own EVER!) Hopefully this log will be a motivation for me, so I expect lots of C+C and general goading from you lot!

I recently got the last lot of bits for the army so I have no real excuses anymore not to get it finished. I got some of the FW ripper bases too which look sweet!

@ azironlegion: The flying option is an absolute must! It is so funny to have the level of movement these bad boys have - moving behind area terrain turn one, then clearing it and charging the enemy with a whopping 18" move turn two is just bliss after the static foot slogging experience of my Deathwing army! :cool:

07-02-2007, 14:56
That flying 'nid list is very very nice, and what you've got so far looks great. Those FW warrior wings are ace, and 27 of them in one place ...! The flyrant start is also very promising, quite mean looking :D

Now make with more winged death!

- Salvage

Cadian 21st
07-02-2007, 17:11
- Hey, I just noticed, aren't Flesh Hooks like Frag Grenades in that they negate cover? If so, why do you have them on your winged beasties? Don't flying creatures strike in initiative order on the charge?

07-02-2007, 18:25
- Hey, I just noticed, aren't Flesh Hooks like Frag Grenades in that they negate cover? If so, why do you have them on your winged beasties? Don't flying creatures strike in initiative order on the charge?

Flesh hooks count as frags yes, but I don't know where you're getting the special treatment for flying creatures! In an all assault army like this, you need to take hooks as there is a high probability of needing to charge into cover at some point, so in that scenario I would be striking last if I didn't have hooks. (not a good idea!) This way I either strike first or simultaneously. ;) (against almost anything)

Also, having played a few games with the list now (proxying a few warriors and rippers - the shame!) I think I might re-jig the Tyrants Biomorphs slightly. I am finding that the WS upgrade doesn't really do much and that the points may be better spent on a re-roll to wound (I really needed this a few times). We'll see...:)

12-02-2007, 12:35
OK quick update - I am working on the final four warriors and they are coming along nicely, and I have also finished basecoating the Scythed Hierodule! This is a milestone I wish to get my warriors to in time for a local tourney thats coming up on the 22nd April. This will mean I won't get docked points for not having a painted army (at least three colours and based).

As it will be quite a bit of work to get the warriors to that level of completion by then, I doubt I'll have the Tyrant in a state ready for painting and I don't want to rush him. With this in mind I have a few foot slogging warriors I have painted up already and if I need to fill up points I can throw in a lictor or two also.

So thats the plan! I want to get all my warriors to the point of being completely modelled and based, and with basecoats applied by the 22nd April.

All the time I will be whittling away at the Hierodule, the next step being the base for it. This I want to be really epic, so it should be really fun to do. I'll keep you updated on my progress in pics and text as and when I get stuff done...

25-03-2007, 16:20
OK i'm back! Sorry for the delay, and I don't really have too much to show you guys either :(

Well there have been some slight developments with the list, and it has now been altered to make it more competitive. I have found that even if you have really zoomy units, without any guns at all they can be gunned down with ease by: Speeders, Tau, and Necrons (and probably Eldar too). Basically I needed to find a way to deal with skimmers. The end result is a Tyrant with 2x TL Devourers, and two broods of 7 warriors with Deathspitters!

Here's the list as it stands:

Hive Tyrant: Acid Maw, Adrenal Glands (I), Adrenal Glands (WS), Enhanced Senses, Flesh Hooks, Implant Attack, Symbiote Rippers, Toxin Sacs, Toxic Miasma, Wings, Twin-linked Devourers x2, Warp Field.

Rippers: 3 bases.

Rippers: 3 bases.

Warriors: 7 Warriors with Adrenal Glands(I), Adrenal Glands(WS), Enhanced Senses, Flesh Hooks, Toxin Sacs, Wings, Rending Claws, Deathspitters x7.

Warriors: 7 Warriors with Adrenal Glands(I), Adrenal Glands(WS), Enhanced Senses, Flesh Hooks, Toxin Sacs, Wings, Rending Claws, Deathspitters x7.

Warriors: 9 Warriors with Adrenal Glands(I), Adrenal Glands(WS), Flesh Hooks, Wings, Rending Claws, Scything Talons.


Now when the enemy finds out they are facing 14 S6 blasts per turn I have a little chuckle when their smile drops! :evilgrin:

I have quite luckily only built 13 warriors with Scything Talons so far (which are so firmly stuck on I would ruin the models if I tried to take them off). This leaves 14 - just the right number for the two broods with guns! So what I'm gonna do is magnetize the remaining warriors so I can change weapon configurations if need be! Same with the Tyrant. I managed to get her arms off in one piece, so I'll make some TL Devourers for her as a second option with magnets.

This will let me field my full original list/this list/or anywhere inbetween which is cool. :cool:

Here are some pics of my lovely new Forge World Ripper Swarms - first on the painting agenda: :)

25-03-2007, 18:39
And another quick update - wow look at me go!

The rippers have had their nice soapy bath to get rid of the mould release, been undercoated white, and have now been washed with the first layer of colour! I will neaten up any missed areas with the next layer. Then I will basecoat the carapace black, the claws and teeth grey, and the gums pink. :)

25-03-2007, 19:05
Final update for today: The first brood of Tyranid Warriors fully built with biomorphs for WYSIWYG - minus feet. I am still thinking of the easiest way to do them that will look convincing. I have currently built armatures for the feet out of paperclips and GS, so I'll persevere with that and see what they look like - will post pics when done. Once I have done the feet then I can finally start painting this brood! :angel:

25-03-2007, 20:02
WOW! This stuff is looking great! I love those Warriors and Rippers, and the Tyrant is coming along nice as well.

25-03-2007, 22:07
Well I lied. This is the last update for today! I couldn't really leave out this big fella now could I?:D

Here is the Hierodule in its current condition. He has been basecoated in the manner I am doing all the models for this Hive Fleet, but still has a long way to go...:rolleyes:

26-03-2007, 20:53
I'm trying to get this log moved into sci-fi aat the moment, but I don't really know how! I believe I have sent an email to the forum moderator, but who knows! :confused:

Does anyone else know the correct protocol?


06-04-2007, 05:59
hey, thanks for posting in my Log!
I dont know how to move the log to the sci fi, but i think you are doin an excelent job. Ive never fielded a complete army either. Do you find thnis configuration to be effective? I am gonna do a medium swarm, with lots of variety, but one that's done, I want to do a winged/shooty army, and fter that maybe a Godzilla. So do you have any tips? :D

Look at this site for some winged warrior goodness. they also have a winged tyrant under Moloch that I want to do sometime, but changed slightly.
You can look at the thumbnails at the bottom, too. They have used genestealer rending claws I think for the warrior's feet.

Will be watching this, and the scheme really suites the flying amry, somehow...
Good Luck!

06-04-2007, 07:06
Welcome to Sci-fi!

Love the Hierodule modle, son really wants one but so damn expensive!

Great poses on the Warriors, but the Flyrant is amazing!

06-04-2007, 13:38
Ive never fielded a complete army either. Do you find thnis configuration to be effective? I am gonna do a medium swarm, with lots of variety, but one that's done, I want to do a winged/shooty army, and fter that maybe a Godzilla. So do you have any tips?

I have had a good amount of success with the army so far actually. It's first encarnation - the all H2H list was vey hit and miss unfortunately. I think you will always have that problem if you try to go all H2H with no shooting as some armies have very swift firing platforms which can zip around and shoot you to bits while you try to get at 'em! Now that I have added the guns it works a lot better, however it's never easy if your up against someone who really knows what they're doing :) Escalation is also a potential pain. Things I might do if taking this list to a Tournament are maybe throw in a Lictor or two for the reserves re-rolls and maybe take a couple of small units of Gaunts instead of the rippers to have more scoring units.

All I can say is build lists around what you really like, both modelwise and army listwise. Then you can make slight alterations later depending on what strengths/weaknesses you encounter. Good luck with your armies man, thats gonna end up being one heck of a lot of 'Nids! :angel:

Thanks for the comments everyone!

Now some short term bad news - I am nearing the end of my degree course now so I need to put in all available hours to that for the time being :cries: The cool thing is that its not that long until I finish and when I do I can really get stuck into some harcore modelling! So I will not be updating either this log or my other one for about a month/six weeks max. Bit of a bummer really but it has to be done. :eek: