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07-02-2007, 09:43
G'day all,

I dunno if anyone remembers my old wip shots of my blood pact from the begining of last year, but with the corruption spreading on these boards recently (all these traitor army logs, you know who you are!). I decided it was time to return to the pact, and share my vision that is chaos amongst the stars:evilgrin:

My vision is to assemble a Blood Pact force of approximately 2000 points running on the IG codex and traits. I will explain my choice of traits shortly.

Heres a little intro story (i never seem to get any further, I come up with cool quotes but they are hard to work in).

"Voi Shet!" barked the Sidar Commander.
His augmetic eyes surveying those soldiers and officers gathered. Hailing from amongst the Sons of Sek, his own excubitor hunt packs, giants in ornate armour from 3 different legions, Echelon commanders via holpict from the great aries, 2 xenobreed formations and even the Blood Pact. It did not matter that they were different units. Was he not in command of the persicution of combat on this front?
"We serve the will of the Anarch, whose voice drowns out all others" raising his hand to cover his mouth in adoration.
He noted this was carried out by most of those present, including the marines. This was good, those present would follow his commands through loyalty and fear of the Anarch.
"We are to start our assault in the morning, standard hunt formation. With the Sons and my Excubitor formations in the lead." this got a response, hushed voices. Discontent at the lack of honour and battle for those not in the front.
"You will obey, I am the anarchs voice in this matter."
"We will not obey, whose word drowns out all others" a scared hand raised in coy immitation of the ritual salute.
"You pact scum, you will serve. You are nothing compared to Lord Sek, I have rank here I am incharge by his word" the Sidar Commander barked like a bolter.
"Look at my uniform, look at my hands, my face of iron. You dare chastise me? I am Etoguar!" a figure stepped forward from amongst the pacters.
"You forget your place, and so does Sek" spitting the Anarchs name through his grotesque. "I am the Archons man, as is Sek, whom you have sworn loyalty to. Do not forget whom is Archon."
The launguages of corruption spoke, threats, abuse and challanges rained down at the etoguar. This rabble would have his head for his mockery of the Anarch. But he would have command and deliever the 9 sacred wounds as fortold to him durring his deployment on Sylopsis by its corrupt governor.

It will continue sometime as the army progresses....

Now for my doctrines choices:
- Troops: Abhumans.
This is used only to access the next choice.
- Alt Org: Stalkers (feral world ogryns).
It was a toss up between Stalkers and Loxatl. I knew i wouldnt be able to do the Loxatl justice with a choice from the Imperial Guard codex, plus I had a good idea for Stalkers.
- Troops:'Un'sanctioned Psykers.
Had in mind some lesser psykers in the form of mewling spawn type children using mordheim children models. (and a creepy 'we know all your secrets' british accent)
- Skills&Drills: Hardened Fighters.
The blood pact arnt pleasent, the are underhanded chaos worshipers. They dont fight fair, they maim and slaughter.
- Iron Discipline.
Would you anger your commanding officer when he is likely to have you flayed? would you lay in the desert waiting for his command to ambush a cadian convoy?

So far the army contains:

HQ: Command HQ
1 Etoguar (HSO, WIP)
1 Guardsman with Plasma Gun (wip)
1 child psyker (wip)

1 mortar squad (undercoated)

Troops: Infantry Platoon
Command (wip painting)
1 Child Psyker (wip painting)
Infantry Squad (wip painting)
Infantry Squad (undercoated)
Infantry Squad (undercoated)

Troops: Infantry Platoon
Command (undercoated)
Infantry Squad (wip)

Troops: Stalkers
2 Stalkers (wip)

Heavy Support:
Basilisk (undercoated)
Basilisk (wip)

I have plenty more things to convert and add to the army, and am planning to buy more to flesh out where needed.

Some pics will be coming shortly in my next post.

07-02-2007, 10:00
WIP Stalker

WIP Etoguar

WIP Second Platoon Command

Blood Pact Squad

Another Blood Pact Squad

Blood Pact Mortar Squad


Platoon Command 1

07-02-2007, 10:12
Hey Courts,

Looking great mate, glad to see this get off the ground finally, will you be bringing it to G'con?

The basilisk looks great, a very inventive use of the FW chaos piece.



07-02-2007, 10:33
Very good models - especially the Etogaur and stalker.


Crazy Ivan
07-02-2007, 10:44
They look most evil, I like the stalker (looks like an insane yeti, which fits perfectly IMO)!

07-02-2007, 13:16
looks promising so far... We definitely need your bitz list for the different heads you used ;)

keep upthe good work ;)

07-02-2007, 14:12
He must have spent a fortune on mordheim possessed figures, just for their heads :p

Good work, get painting!

The Finn
07-02-2007, 14:35
looks promising so far... We definitely need your bitz list for the different heads you used ;)

keep upthe good work ;)

yes, please let us know where all those heads came from, it's always good to know for future conversions.

07-02-2007, 14:40
Very well executed, exactly as I imagined them.

07-02-2007, 15:07
Agreed, you're pulling off the Blood Pact fantastically, and that list is a very refreshing IG list - psykers and feral ogryns FTW! Keep up the great work, would love pics of those demon children :D

- Salvage

07-02-2007, 17:18
Sweet army, I'll be watching with interest.

I really like that Etogaur (sp?) too.

-peace out