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19-07-2005, 08:43
I have recently been 'tweeking' my Empire list, as I was almost completely shooty and it was not too reliable. The Master Engineer couldn't hit anything with his Hochland Long Rifle and as soon as it got to combat all my shooty units wouldn't last long. So here is my new list; any thoughts would be gratefully heeded.

CAPTAIN - 108 points
Lance, Fulll-plate armour, Shield, Barded Horse, Icon of Magnus
7 KNIGHTS - 262 pts.
Inner Circle, Command, Banner of Valour

Great Hammer, Heavy Armour, Barded Horse
5 KNIGHTS - 141 pts.
Standard Bearer, Banner of Duty

Heavy Armour, Shield
15 SWORDSMEN - 130 pts.

12 HANDGUNNERS - 96 pts.

10 CROSSBOWMEN - 80 pts.

10 ARCHERS - 80 pts.

6 HUNTSMEN - 60 pts.

CANNON - 100 pts.

CANNON - 100 pts.

HELLBLASTER - 125 pts.

TOTAL = 1500 pts.


19-07-2005, 09:02
I would switch the 5 Knights that are riding with your preist to pistilloiers.

I'm also no fan of a hellblaster, but it's intimidating in a 1500pt game. So I understand that you have included one.

19-07-2005, 09:06
I personally have never effectively used Pistoliers, and I was planning a mad "charge anything taht looks like chaos" approach with them, to then run away and rally. It's really just a basic (and probably flawed) attempt to draw key combat units where I want them.

Thanks for the advice though.

19-07-2005, 10:04
But instead of a mad charge with 1+ save and one S5 attack, you would get a mad charge with 4+ save and 2 S4 attacks (-2 AS) first turn... Both units will benefit from rerolls due to the Warrior Preist.
And the Pistolliers will add to the shooting done by your Crossbows/Rifle unit as well.

But different people, different tactics.

Cheers and Good Luck!

Lord Kitchener
19-07-2005, 21:27
Hey Wibble, I like your list and I may well give it a go myself. There are many choices you could make to it, but one thing you might consider on an occasion is to change the Hellblaster to a unit of Flagelants, you will need to find a few points from somewhere else to build the monk unit up a little more.

Martin K

21-07-2005, 05:17
I like the usage of the WP's in your army as a "Let's get those Chaos skum" type theme. If that's what you're goin for, I'll second Lord Kitch's suggestion about the flaggellents. Nothing says "Religiously Fanatic" like flaggies running around preaching the end of the world. Also, might I suggest finding a way to boost your swordsmen to 20 for the ranks and give them a detachment? (Even your archers or crossbowmen) Detachment rules are great, and there's really no reason not to benefit from using them that I can see with your list.

21-07-2005, 10:45
Thanks for the advice.

Lack of funds means falgellants are out of the question ATM but they would be rather cool. I think I'll get a swordsmen sprue and make the archers their detatchment.
I wouldn't really want to lose the Hellblaster. It's hideously unreliable but great fun to use (especially that 6 on the missfire chart [cackles insanely before it blows up next turn])

Lord Kitchener
21-07-2005, 15:05
what's really nice about your army list, is that you have some of everything in it and it's the type of list any one would like to play against. I know I said try some Mad Monks, but I do really like your list as it is. If you do want some Flagelants in your list but don't have funds at the moment, you could make your own. You could use the warriors plastic box set and paint them up to look like Hospitalers perhaps, if you see what I mean?

I hope you have some good fun with your army.
Martin K