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19-07-2005, 12:21
Ok i have never used a demonic legion before but i proxied a few demon units in my last game in the scenario 7 knights or whatever its called and they worked a treat. So I decided i'd have a go at making a 2500 point army for our next battle.

My question is this what should i take and are there any good combos i could take advantage of. Also is it better to stick with 1 god or can 2 or more be used effectively?

I'm thinking of taking soemthing along the lines of this currently

Demon Prince:555 Blade of the ether, Soul hunger, Spell Breaker, lvl 4
- takes out any wight cavalry with a flank charge

Exalted demon of nurgle:400 lvl2, stream of corruption - gotta love that breath weapon vs those undead blocks.

Demonic herald on demonic God mount with battle standaard and spell breaker and war banner- this guy joins a cavalry unit: approx 260

Thats about 1/2 the points spent on chars ouch! and theres only 3!!

2 units of 16 plaguebearers: 582
1 unit of 16 bloodletters:291
1 unit of 4 nurglings:160

1 unit of 3 Plagueriders:240
1 unit of 3 bloodcrushers:240

1 khorne chariot:170

Current Total:2898

By now you can see my problem i'm way over in points and i don't feel as if i've got enough units to cover the flanks of the army. Coupled with this is the fact that my highest moving units can be lead around and pulled away by units of wolves and raised skeletons.

Any help from any of you Demonic legion masters would be much appreciated.

I've been thinking about taking pure nurgle but that seems to be really slow and if i take out the khorne element this would seriously remove the much needed killing power from the army. Ah well back to the drawing board.

19-07-2005, 13:14
I am by no means a DL master but I noticed a few things about your army. First of all if I am correct, that Herald has mark of undivided and so cannot join either of your cavalry units. Also I think you spent a bit too much on characters. I would either mark the hearld and put him in an infantry unit or just leave him at home.

Also since your more worried about flank protection and such you should definately get a unit of furies and another unit of nurglings. For that you should drop the khorne chariot. Frenzy chariot means all your opponent has to do is summon a unit right in front of a wood and your chariot goes smashing into them overruning into woods and worthless the rest of the game. Not to mention vampire heroes can get S7, chariots are usually better left at home in DL espeically when Demoic cavalry do almost the same role.

The rest looks pretty good, since your whole army is immune to fear he sould struggle hard to score VPs. The only thing you need to look out for are some heavy hitting wights. Killing blow will do a number on your cavalry so avoid that matchup at all costs, but then again your DP should be able to take care of all the knights. Anyway good luck on your battle.

19-07-2005, 13:29
Personally if you want to use 2 or more gods in an army the only way to lead it is with a Greater Daemon of Undivided (Or Be'Lakor for short) I would drop all 3 characters, add Be'Lakor and 2 heralds, one of each mark, one with the battle standard (probably nurgle, he wont be running about the table chasing dire wolfs) next i would add furies. As for dropping the list to 2500, if you really want to do that i suggest using only one character, either Be'Lakor or a daemon price with Lv1 and a spell breaker for magic protection. Other than this i see nothing you can do to be below 2500 and have a solid army.

22-07-2005, 11:37
ok had a look at the big guy himself but he doesn't seem to fit the bill he would cost more than the above prince but his attacks don't ignore armour and his unholy terror is next to unless against undead so he is out.

On a second point how does killing blow affect the caverly as they have more than 1 wound I would think that they would be treated as an orge sized unit so are not affected am I wrong???

Killbotfactory does make a good point about the chariot however and it was only in because i wanted to try it out more than anything so its gone.
Been thinking about switching over to just slaanesh by itself but i'll post a few army lists up and see what people think. Games on Sunday so i'll have to make up my mind soon.

Fianally what do people usually field in 2500pts demonic legions and is there any tactical combos or ideas that seem to work well??? Do you think i'm trying to cram in too many units??

Any more help would be greatly appreciated.

Alco Engineer
25-07-2005, 03:58
Killing blow will affect knight and other man-size mounted units. This I'm pretty sure means you can killing blow the rider of a dragon or hippogriff for example

26-07-2005, 23:23
Daemon Prince is not really worth it compared to Exalted Daemons and Chaos Lords, but if you don't want to see that Lord choice wasted I suppose you may as well take him.

Ignoring armour saves isn't that great for 50 pts on something that's S5 already.. I doubt you'd miss it that much.

I'd suggest dropping 3 to 4 levels of magic plus the Blade of the Ether, which frees up 170 to 210 pts. Shave off the odd point or two here and there and you'll have enough for another (desperately needed) block of infantry.

26-07-2005, 23:40
the daemon prince is over priced but he needs at least 2 lvl 2 mages in the list at least for dispel reasons.