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08-02-2007, 16:02
Tactics for Spectres:
There are a few ways of using spectres, as well as some general tips I will state first.
General Tips:
Donít Take Too Many: Too many can limit your options on what to take elsewhere in your list, I find 3-7 are a fine amount, I tend to have stuck with five.
Donít Target High Courage Targets: This may sound common sense but temptation can set in when you see someone like Aragorn on the board. Only when you are playing against elves/only high courage models left should you be targeting those high courage models.
Disruption Is Your Friend: With the enemy realising you control their movement they will either target the spectres or try to move around them for as long as possible- this means you are deciding their tactics not them, remember to press this advantage for as long and as often as possible.
They Are Only Troops After All: Remember as they are only troops they arenít multi-wound/attack models, so basics to keeping them alive apply. (Ie: support them in combat, etc.)
Combat Prevents Their Rule: Combat can stop a spectres rule; prevent combats with spectres until it is convenient for you, not the other way around.

With all the general tips out of the way I will start out on basic uses for a spectre.

Basic/Advanced Tactics For Spectres:
Hold The Line: A row of spectres in-front of your main infantry, if set-up so the both say, an Orc warrior with shield or/and bow, then one with a spear is touching the back of the spectres base it will provide a very protective shield wall as well as a formidable shooting/combat platform. The spectre in most cases also allows you to either push back enemy models to fragment their battle line, whilst you maintain your line and consolidate.
For a more aggressive stance, pull odd models forward for a charge, but be careful you are still maintaining your battle position. If playing with trolls, then an aggressive stance can be very powerful. Beware flanking manoeuvres by your opponent in both forms of hold the line.
Pick Off The Stragglers: If you have cavalry or wargs in your force the spectres can be used to pull models forward to isolate them, then the stragglers will be easy pickings for your cavalry/wargs. Try not to isolate your spectres too much as their movement wonít get them out of tight spots as easily as the cavalry could.
Hero/Creature Sniping: Although this goes against basics, in some cases it can work. When playing evil on evil especially holds true. Take Gulavhar for example, I kept him out of combat against me all game by just moving him back every-time he was in spectre range, same applies for a Mordor troll in a different game. Itís all about picking the right heroís targets- courage 5 is the limit. It can fail then you have wasted spectres for that turn.
Helping The Orcs: Unlike holding the line this tactic purely pulls models forward in order to help the Orcs/Goblins swamp the enemy. This would protect the spectres a bit more, putting them inside the Orc ranks. This tactic works depending on how many spectres there are as well as the dice score for courage tests. This is more of a gamblers tactic in my opinion; you could also have a considerable amount of spectres for this one but I feel you would be sacrificing heroes.
Pure Disruption: Send a couple of spectres forward in a skirmish formation and just disrupt the enemy. The thinking here is whilst you move up the enemy is compromised and has to act to prevent the spectres forced-movements. I dislike this one as it throws points-heavy infantry forward in a ploy that usually sees them destroyed. But if all goes to plan, it can be fairly effective.
Sit And Wait: Though not always available, a bottleneck does often appear on terrain heavy boards. Here you send the spectres forward to the front ranks of the infantry to pull in a few infantry, then some larger bases such as cavalry to prevent anyone to back up and filter through. You on the other hand can prepare and deal with forces piece by piece. One of my favourites; again requires courage check failure though. Good with Hold The Line.
Slow The Enemy: This looks at using enemy forces to block off their movement. Such as a line of cavalry in-front their battle line for example or a diagonal line of infantry to force the opponents where you want them, similar to Sit And Wait, this happens more generally and is a viable choice at almost any point in game. It shares the same weaknesses as Sit And Wait though.

In the final part, I will look at LoME scenario tactics for spectres.
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