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19-07-2005, 15:55
Hello all,

what would you say to the following list:

Commander, eagle, reaver bow, shield, dragon armor, great weapon 172
Mage, lvl 2, jewel of dusk, seer 175
Mage, lvl 2, dispel scroll, ring of fury 180

5 Silverhelms, fully equipped, musician 122
5 Silverhelms, fully equipped, musician 122

5 Ellyrian Reavers, musician, spears 97
6 shadow warriors 90
6 shadow warriors 90

2 repeater bolt throwers 200

1248 pts



19-07-2005, 16:26
You should dropp the banners on the Silver Helms, since 5 usually means that the disadvantage (+100 VP for the opponent) is larger than the advantage (+1CR). This is even more important in smaller battles.

For pure fluff reasons; I can't really see the two RBT's in the army... I know why you got them, but...
You could exchanghe them for a few Dragon Princes, or more Silver Helms to keep up with the theme. if you go with the Dragon Princes, you'll have to lose a unit of Shadow Warriors as well.

Good Luck!

19-07-2005, 18:18
With fully equippment I mean shield, lance, heavy armor. NO standard, just a musician.

The theme? Well, the theme was to have a shooty army, but that is nearly impossinble with HE. Besides Silverhelms and Spears we have crappy core units, so I searched for units that are a good addition to the RBTs and mages. And with Silverhelms and Ellys you can be aggressive instead of having a slow unit sitting back and holding a tablequarter, but doing nothing more the entire game.


Lord Anathir
19-07-2005, 19:24
its not just that they dont fit into the fluff...its that they are not all that usefull. Ur cavalry is giong to be charging on turn 2 or 3...not much left to shoot at. Also, they are very easy vp for the enemy. Scouts, flyers, anything will take them out. Eagles are definently better in an all cav army. The are essential for taking out enemy mages, and disrupting battle lines. drop a shadow warrior from each unit and add 5 dragon princes (130 pts)

here are a few diagrams about using eagles to disrupt battle lines....in this case it is a brett lance protecting a flank. Just sub the unit of wild riders for a unit of dragon princes or something.





"Eagles are amazing. But it takes a truely skilled general to use them properly.

If you just place it in front of a unit, he can charge it and then restrain overrun, or not charge it at all and move around it.

"The trick is to place the eagle at a 45 degree angle about 1 inch away from the lance on a flank. He cant move around it because it is too close. Therefore he has to charge it. On the same turn you put a unit of wild riders and position them in a way that if he overruns or not, his flank is still exposed.
Things to watch out for are characters in units who can just charge out of the lance and kill the eagle on their own. Also, make sure nothing else can charge ur eagle (like pegusii)" - Lord Anathir, Jan '05