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Gutlord Grom
09-02-2007, 18:51
Here's the list, I'll try to finish it if I can't.

Black Orc warboss 145
Ulag's Akrit axe 25
Warboss Um's Best Boss 'at 30
The Horn of Urgok 40
Heavy Armor 6
Shield 3
Cost: 249

Orc Big Boss 70
Light Armor 2
Battle Standard Bearer
Mork's Spirit Totem 50

Night Goblin Shaman 50
Level 2 Wizard 35
Staff of Sneaky Stealin 50

Night Goblin Boss 30
Light Armor 2
Great Axe 4
Amulet of Protectyness 25
Tricksy Trinket 25
Cost 88

Total cost:442
Points Left:1,557

Orc Boyz 19x 95
Shields 19
Full Command 30
Cost: 144

Orc Boyz 19x 95
Extra Choppa 38
Full Command 30
Big Uns 76
Cost: 239

Night Goblins 20x 60
Nets 35
Full Command 20
Cost: 115

Night Goblins 30x 90
Spears 30
Full Command 20
Cost: 140

Spider Riders 10x 130
Short Bows 10
Full command 30
Cost 170

Spider Riders 10x 130
Short Bows 10
Full Command 30
Cost: 170

Total Cost: 988
Points left: 469

Orc Boar Chariot
Orc Boar Chariot
Total Cost: 160
Points Left: 309

Core cont.
Goblin Wolf Riders 5x 60
Spears 5
Shields 5
Boss 12
Cost: 82

Goblin Wolf Riders 5x 60
Spears 5
Shields 5
Boss 12
Cost: 82

Orc Arrer Boyz 10x 60
Cost: 60
Total Cost: 224
Points Left: 85

Trolls 1x 40
Stone Troll 20
Cost 60
Points left: 21

warlord hack'a
09-02-2007, 19:08
there are some erros in your list:

first of all, when you have a magic weapon *warboss) you are not allowed to take an additional choppa (and besides, this is a black orc warboss, he already comes with additional choppa AND a great weapon (armed to da teef), so that saves you 6 points.

Then, before you can give your ORc big boss the Spirit Totem you first need to make him your Battle Standard bearer (costs 25 points).

and one tactical tip: giving full command to night goblins is a waste, why pay points for 1 extra Ws2 S3 attack?? And watch out with the banner, if the enmy gets it that 100 extra VP, usually I only stick a banner in a NG unit of at least 30 models.

Gutlord Grom
09-02-2007, 21:45
But the Black Orc boss loses that ATF rule when he takes a magic weapon. And why can't I take a extra choppa?

10-02-2007, 09:11
Because you have also chosen the Akrit' Axe...

And I would not take such large units of fast cavalry. Usually 5-7 wolfriders/spiderriders will do, especially since fast cavalry don't get rank bonusses...

And you could do with slilghtly larger orc units, maybe 24 orcs? Alway include bosses in your orc units since orc bosses get extra strength along with the extra attack :-D Nice!

And I agree with Warlord Hack'a: Remove your commandgroups (except musicians) from your nightgobbos.. they aren't worth it...

Tell us how it goes, when you play!


Gutlord Grom
10-02-2007, 14:48
Okay. Removing the extra choppa and fanatics. The Warboss gets a shield and geting a Night Goblin Big Boss. But I don't have enough Gobbos that aren't command.

Edit: This is all the models I have.