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09-02-2007, 20:10
Hi, im looking to get back into Warhammer after 3 years or so out of experience but I want to try an army that I havnt played before that will offer me a challenge but be easy enough to grasp initially.

Id also like the army to reflect my own beliefs, Honour, reverance to nature, forgiving but will not hold back on revenge, solitary, natural power.

Can anyone offer me any suggestions and why? Thanks

(Ive played as - Chaos, Skaven, Empire, and Vampire Counts)

(Im currently looking at Wood Elves. If nothing else I like the stories in the army book so I may jsut get random army books for the background on armies and such.)

09-02-2007, 20:19
Sounds like the woodleves are perfect what what you listed =P and seeing as how you are already a seasoned player I think its a good fit since they arent easy to play but are highly rewarding when wielded properly. Go for it I Say although I dont know of many forgiving armies and the WE I dont think follow that stance. You can try brettonia too but depending on how you played your empire and chaos the heavy knight theme may already be played out for you, still brettonian cavalry bring forward things no one else has. Give both books a read I guess.

09-02-2007, 20:19
Honour, reverance to nature, forgiving but will not hold back on revenge, solitary, natural power.

It sounds like you've already convinced yourself to play wood elves so why are you even asking? :)
They'll definitely be a far cry from the armies you've said you own. I guess lizardmen or high elves might be good too, especially lizardmen as they have a fairly unique playing style.

Dat Wildboy
09-02-2007, 20:22
then i suggest to go with ogre kingdoms

DarkLord Of Naggaroth
10-02-2007, 17:33
I know I always recomend Dark elves, but they are the best. and I think they fit your specification too. Everybody thinks they are horrible and unforgiving, but remember it was only because the high elves betrayed them and slaughtered them without mercy that the druchii became like that.
They are very civilised, elite, and nobody dares defy the witch king, so honour and respect is guaranteed.

10-02-2007, 22:46
WE seem to be the best for you... however, give tomb kings a look over.. they might not fit in with your ideals, but from what i know about them (not much unfortunatly) theya re quite a hard and decent army...

10-02-2007, 23:10
You might want to also look at Lizardmen. They are quite territorial in there jungles, and their army book has very good units. Each one, I think, is geared towards a purpose. Not only that, but storyline wise they are suppose to be the protectors of the world while carrying out the wishes of the Old Ones to the best of their abilities.

Wood Elves are a nice army too. I've been starting to play them more and more. I just think the models are sooooo cool. My army is painted in an Autumn color scheme, and I have not seen an army that looks more beautiful. It kind of distracts the opponent. Cause many get the idea of "They look good, but they're just elves" Many change their perspective once they have 40+ wild riders run in their face. Next thing you know, everyone has a phobia of the tree-huggers lol. Well, good luck at choosing an army to play. Later!

Got Squig?

11-02-2007, 05:50
I'm sorry, your post just sounds like a bunch of ******** to me. Superduper hit the nail on the head. >.>

I think you should do a themed Beastmen army. Something with a strong nature theme, maybe like a corrupted wood elf force. Or you could do a dwarf army themed around rangers. You could do an orc army filled with savage orcs and forest goblins. Put in lots of wolves and things.

Or you could do Wood Elves, like you said. Imagine that.

11-02-2007, 05:58
who are you talking to Asuril? there is more than one posting here if you haven't noticed.

Got Squig?

Master Vampire
11-02-2007, 10:55
who are you talking to Asuril? there is more than one posting here if you haven't noticed.

Got Squig?

He is directing it towards the topic writer. Mainly because he prolly thinks you can make any army you wish, different to all the ones he wrote !

11-02-2007, 20:21
I'm just referring to the point that Super made about the Original Topic. It doesn't exactly seem like there's much left to tell him.

"Uh... yeah... Wood Elves sounds perfect... I guess."

12-02-2007, 12:48
For you based on what you said I'd follow the general opiniion and recommend wood elvesas a first choice, then lizardmen, then high elves. take a look at them see which models you like, go with your gut :)