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09-02-2007, 20:46
Hi, this is going to be the new house for my Luna Wolves Project, the objective is to model an Pre-Heresy Luna Wolves army, both for display and tabletop gaming. I'm trying to keep it as accurate as possible on visual terms and to reproduce all the tiny details.

Since I'm going trough a lot of hoops to gather background information on Pre-Heresy stuff, from armour type looks, to weapons and tabletop organization, I'll also post here a "bibliography" of all the links and stuff I based myself to build my army. I'll also try to refer the conversion tutorials, techniques and sprue sources. This may sound unecessary to a "pro", but it may help the "initiate" fan in the future to get a similar project going.

I'd like to thank to everyone that is helping me out on doing my homework for this project, and yes, I will be nagging you some more with questions and doubts :)

So, first, some references:

The basic and indispensable refence sources I've used were of course, google, GW's website (uk and us) and wikipedia.

These are the links to several threads I've created here on waseer and on other forums, like pre-heresy and bolter and chainsword. These cover a lot of resources and contributions from all the kind members that lend a hand on this project, from rules and organizations, to visual references, background informations, tutorials and so on, and so on.

Warseer forum thread: http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=67561

Pre-Heresy forum thread:

Bolter and chainsword thread:

As for the visual reference and information, there are some quicklinks to armour, color and weapons:

Armour types:

Some conversion model examples of Pre-heresy armies:

The Horus Heresy card game:

And of course some googleing (usefull for some justaerin termie images).

Some quicklinks to painting tutorials:


Black armour (using it on the justaerin)

FearFrost's basic layering tutorial:

Spkyjames's ultramarines and colors

As for GS usage, there are some great tutorials on the GW website and they are quite easy to find.

Regarding background information on Pre-heresy armies, the best is to read the Horus novels (Horus Rising, False Gods and Galaxy in Flames), in my forum threads (posted at the top) is also some very usefull background information covering armour, weapons, PH facts and general codex stuff.

As for tabletop organization and rules of an Pre-Heresy army, being a total noob at that, I've found some threads that were really interesting:


At this point I wont be linking any conversion tutorials, there are plenty around both on warseer and on pre-heresy forums (specially this one) and listing them all is too much time-consuming. Hey, at least I told you where to find them :D When I post some modding WIP I'll have some more solid sources and input on the matter, so I might reference some links then.

This information regards my basic homework on the matter, I also recomend looking into some of the threads on all the three mentioned forums, as they have much more aditional information, specially on similar projects were you be in awe of some fabulous armies and learn/import some techniques and ideas to your own project. I'll be adding up stuff to this part of the log as I go along with some WIP.

Now for the cool part, the sprues and bits. Not having any surplus sprues or bits of my own, I've had to bought some, my "shops" where the obvious ones:

-Gw's online store
-Battlewagon bits

Since I intend to build an nice and diversified army, i've decided to gather my bits on a "representative" way (eg. MK3 head, Mk4 head, abbadon head, etc), having enough to build a few display-quality models of all the types of units I'll placing on my army (eg. Combat sq marine, assault sq marine, heavy weapons sqd marine, termie, etc), when that stage is done, I'll just have to replicate them to get a an army. This allows me to narrow down all the mods and techniques to use and the look and feel of each unit, this may seem silly, but I like doing it this way.

So, so far I've gathered the following sprues and bits:



Space Marine combat squad(boxed)
Chaos Terminator Reaper Autocannon 2x
Abbadon's Head 2x
Iron Warriors Head 4 x10
Bolters Boltguns x10 bits Space Marine
Space Marine Legs x10 bits
Black Templars Maximus MK4 Helmets x4 Bits
Black Templars MK2 Crusade Helmets x4bits
Running Legs x5 Bits Space Marine
Space Marine Heads x10 Bits Helmets
Space Marine Torsos x5 Bits
Space Marine MK5 Hersey Strap Body Torsos bits x10
Studded Shoulder Pads x5 bits Space Marine
Chaos Space Marine Body Torsos x8 Bits
Space Marine Tactical Squad Upgrade Sprue
Terminator Heavy Flamer bits
Terminator Legs x5 Bits
Terminator Body Torsos x5 Bits
Terminator Groin Armor Plates x5 Bits
Terminator Lightning Claws Bits Set D
Terminator Screaming Sgt Head Bits
Terminator Sgt Power Sword Bits
Terminator Chainfist x4 bits
Terminator Powerfists x4 Bits
Space Marine Devastator Squad (boxed)
Small ammo pouches x20
Bolters x10
Bolter arms x30
Bolt Pistol Holsters x20
Space Marine BackPacks x30
Space Marine Shoulder Pad x40
Standart Bearer Bits
Apothecary Upgrade bits
Chaos Space Marines Battle Force
Grey Knight Terminator Squad
Rogue Trader Dreadnought
SM Metal dreadnought 3x
space marine assault weapons and "arquive jetpack (from GW) "Chaos Jumpacks
command squad sprues (for some of my characters)
A bunch of Chaos terminator Lord minis.
Chaos Army Boxset
Dark Angels Veterans (x2 boxes)
Black templar Command Sprue
Assorted "pre-heresy" rhinos (yay for ebay)
Chaos Dreadnought
Chaos Terminators (x2 Boxes)
Several "vintage" minis and weapons
Space Marine Chaptermasters
Space Marine Veterans MKII

On my shopping list I also have:

Iron warriors Torso (maybe 5x or 6x)
Iron warriors head 1 and 3 (5x each)
Iron Hands legs 1 and 2 (2x each)
Roman Style Tabbard x6
Sargent Head with studs x1

Then, when all is set and painted, I'll just order the needed bits to make more of each type. All of those bits are en route to me, so as soon as they arrive, I'll start posting some wip ;)

C&C, suggestions, tips and help are most welcome :)

Light of the Emperor
09-02-2007, 21:39
Another few bitz you might want to consider are the Iron Hands bionic legs and the iron warrior metal torso. They have that distinctive "castle top" armore plating. I don't know what they're called, but you'll see what I mean. My Imperial Fist pre-heresy squad has that armor style and it fits pre-heresy well.

09-02-2007, 21:52
^^ crenellation

09-02-2007, 22:20
Another few bitz you might want to consider are the Iron Hands bionic legs and the iron warrior metal torso. They have that distinctive "castle top" armore plating. I don't know what they're called, but you'll see what I mean. My Imperial Fist pre-heresy squad has that armor style and it fits pre-heresy well.

Just took a look at those sprues...Loved the torso style, I think I'll get some of those in my next order to use on characters or some elite units and such. Not so sure about the legs, maybe I'll buy a couple to depict some prostectics on battle brothers :)

The Iron warriors have some very cool heads, I'm fancying model 1 and 3, maybe some of those too to add more "diversity".

10-02-2007, 15:47
At last! Something I've wanted to do for ages (Deathguard tho), but two scared to start! Will be watching closely!

19-02-2007, 19:01
Small update:

Just got my combat squad from ebay (still wainting on GW and battlewagon's deliveries), just started my prototype mods, an MK4 helmet, two Pre-Heresy Bolters and and full MK3 Power-armour. Pictures coming soon ;)

01-03-2007, 06:26
Well, the first batches of sprues have arrived, after my first inventory I counted enough basic bits to assemble about 30-35 Luna Wolves, including characters. Also will have enough for 2 terminator squads (assault and close combat) with a few left over termie bits for a couple more.

When my shopping list is completed, I'll have enough heavy weapons to form a devastator squad and some to spread around tactical and combat squadrons. Also will have at least one assault squadron, two termie squadrons
and a few characters for HQ.

As for the Hq characters, I'll need some command squad sprues and the Iron warriors torso to get them started. I do have enough for Qurze and Vipus, witch will be my first "fancy" marines even though they will be only "squad" commanders. For Loken, I'll use the Devastator squadron sargent's head, for Aximand I'll use my second abbadon head but the topknot will have to go. Torgaddon will use an bare head on witch some GS long hair will be placed.

As for detail on every marine, due to the PH look, I'm going for simple stuff, plasticard oaths of moment, ammo pouches and sidearms holsters. I'm also considering what to do with the MK3 chest plate, since it seems a bit to empty. Since 2/3 of my available bits are MK4-like torsos, I'll use them a lot, but mixed with Mk3 Helmets and Mk3-style arms (with that funky gautlet plate), a lot of MK4 helmets will be modded, but for me the MK3's are too cool to be left out.

As for the modding and modeling, I'm finishing up my test marines so some new pictures will be up soon. Since so far, no comments where made, except by yours trully, Ive recycled the previous picture posts.

22-03-2007, 20:19
OK, some updates to my project. So far I've made a couple of units, managed to convert the "test marines" into some cool looking mk3-ish marines.

So far, I've made a couple MK3 and Qurze, Vipus and a couple of MK4's and two justearin termies.

These are the MK3 guys, they'll be part of Qurze's "veteran" squadron, I'm trying to make them look like "specialist units". So far there's the flamer dude and the melee expert, also on wip is a "trigger-happy" elite and some other guy who's skill I'm still thinking about. The guy with the fancy ponytail is Qurze. Notice the worked up and customized power armours, I think that veteran units should have "special" armours and weapons, thus this look for these guys.


The following are part Vipus's Locasta squadron, they are more "sleek" and standartised, opposing to Qurze's veterans that look more bulky, cluttered and unique. They will be a devastator squadron with some "elite" guys to cover up the heavy weapon marines. So far there's the RPG dude and the "sharpshooter" marine with an scoped bolter, the funky barrel on his bolter is meant to be an silencer. I figure this guy would take cover and do some close-range headshots, using a single shot firing mode. The bear headed marine is Sgt. Vipus leading his guys to attack.


Finally some Justaerin Termies. I followed the "fluff" on these guys, so far there's an reaper cannon guy and an heavy flamer guy. I've used the Iron warrior heads because I think they look really cool on the Justaerin look, I've also made them taller, I've allways pictured these guys towering over the normal marines.


Some C&C is very appretiated, I'll be painting these guys in the following days, so, some paintjobs are coming up soon.

dave is the best
22-03-2007, 20:49

Thats all i can really say.


22-03-2007, 21:29
Mate, thats really awesome! :eek:


22-03-2007, 21:39
All looks amazing. One suggestion is to crop the Terminators down, as now they look top-heavy and disproportionate. The torsos are way too long, and the midsection with the white tubes should be cropped out. Then they'll be perfect, but right now they come off looking just a bit goofy.

Good luck, and keep posting more!

22-03-2007, 22:02
Speaking as a fellow Pre-Heresy/Heresy fan they're looking good so far Richter. :)
This link might be of some use to you.: Legion Organisation Suggestions using Codex Space Marine (http://z6.invisionfree.com/Conflict_Zone/index.php?showtopic=3&st=0)

23-03-2007, 03:16
Thanks to every one for all the cool feedback so far ;)

Pekel: Yeah, I know what you mean I wanted them a bit taller but not like that, these two will be a bit of an exception. I've made the shoulder plates a bit too large (I worked the torso and legs separately), making them look like gloryfied dwarves, so, the only way to fix it was to increase torso height, (trust me, they would look a lot worst smaller), but you make a good point and I'll try to do that on my other justaerin ;)

doghouse: Thanks, I was kinda needing a cool source to get some insight on proper legion organization. All my ideas so far came from what is presented on the Horus novels, and they don't dig that deep on how does a legion work and such, so, your link looks promising. I must say that your world eaters termie was a great inspiration for my models. Also loved the MK4 torso on your NightLords.

In other news, all the guys are now primed, I've used chaos black to get a darker tone to my army.

As for the colours go, I'll check the darkangels tutorial on the GW site. I need some ideas and techniques for a cool black Justearin armour.

As for the general troops, I'm going for the luna wolves colours (white with copper-ish trims), maybe use a bleached bone base color, skull white for highlights and a fortress gray+skull white wash for shadows? But I'm open to suggestions on this one.

I'll post some more pictures soon, so far I'm pretty happy with their priming, they have a nice "will pwn you" look into them :D

23-03-2007, 10:40
Inspiration for those that are scared of greenstuff! Keep it going!

23-03-2007, 21:46
Here are some pics from minis, added some chaos black primer and on the weekend I'll be busy painting the basecolor on them.

The two termies:


The MK3 marines:


The MK4 marines:


Given the ammount of modding I've made to all of them (GS, plasticard, pinheads, arm repositioning), I'm pretty happy about the way they turned out so far, specially with the PH bolters.

Arch-Traitor Horus
24-03-2007, 23:55
nice work on the terminators ACE!

27-03-2007, 08:25
I think the lengthening makes the termies look too much like those thingies from Warmachine, And I don't particularly like it. As have been said, waaay too top-heavy!

Otherwise great work on the other marines!

07-04-2007, 21:55
Time for another update!

My current WIP has been to paint the minis I've posted before and convert some new ones for my army.

Painted so far:


On these guys I've used my first option for a colour scheme, Bronzed brass trims, bleached bone shadows and skull white base colour. I'm having some trouble handling all the shadowing/highlighting, they either look made of plaster or filled with coffe stains :P , so any help/tips are welcome.

The guy with the pointy helmet is also wip, he has a roman-like shield (scratch made) and the helmet was fully converted from an mk7 head. The "dirty" guy is a weathering test, I'm pretty happy about how dirty he looks.

Termie colour tests:


These are my termies, they are Wip, only base colours so far, the overlappings need to be fixed and the whole detail colours, highlights and etc need to be added. Also tested my justaerin colour scheme on an grey knight, it doens't look so bad, so I'll be detailing it too.

The heavy bolter dude is WIP, currently doing some converting on that chaos HB, I'm working out a way to make an "ammo box" addon to the backpack and an way to connect one of those "bullet strips" (don't know the exact word) between the bolter and the ammo box (like on the SM heavy bolter).

More Luna Wolves:


These are in queue for painting, all primed white this time, wanted to see for myself the differences. All of these jokers where converted, some MK4 (meltagun guy, plasma guy, apothecary), some mk3 (bolter guy, swords guy).

You may notice a lot of chaos stuff on these guys, at first I sneared at the idea, but now I realise that chaos is the way to go on PH stuff, they have a lot of PH items and some great "look alikes" on their sprues. So all the MK3/MK2 stuff will be made from chaos sprues, the "clean looking" MK4s will be from SM sprues.

As allways, C&C is highly valued and appreciated. Painting tips and suggestions are also welcome. On a side note, the termie size thing you guys mentioned is not forgotten, will fix it on my soon-to-come termie conversions ;).

07-04-2007, 22:04
Your primer looks far too think on those later ones. It's almost obscuring detail. Have you tried a few light spray coats? All you need to do with the primer is give later coats of paints something to key on.

07-04-2007, 22:10
Yeah, I know what you mean...I got distracted while spraying (never talk on the mobile while spraying, never!!) and really soaked those guys into paint. Other than dipping them into some "paint remover", is there another way to "thin" this white coating a bit?

12-05-2007, 03:26
Yay, time for a new update on my army! I have been a bit busy on rl stuff, so I only have about 1h a day for the hobby, plus I'm kinda of a slowpoke when it comes to painting, thus the delay.

Anyway, I've been busy ...Finished up my 2 oversized terminators and painted a bunch of marines.


And then painted some more marines...


And now something different...a rhino! It may have a dodgy paintjob, but it's my first all-white tank, suggestions on how to do a proper paintjob are most welcome.


As always, I'm going to ramble a bit about my marines now.

First the termies, yup they look kinda weird on those proportions...my bad... but I like them too much to scratch them out of the army, so, I'm going to make 3 more, abbadon included. Why? Well, abbadon was the tallest guy in the legion, so he has to be about the same size of these two, since three tall termies is weird, I'm going for the full 5 termie squad, "abbadon's goonsquad"! The others will be standard size termies.

As for the marines, I keep on converting and chopping the poor fellows, none gets by without getting greenstuff or plasticard. I'm growing in love for chaos bits, I like all the details and they kinda look more in tune with all the PH fluff. Also found some nice SM bits (dark angels, dark templars), I've also simplifyed some of my conversion methods and got some new ideias for my next round.

Finally the rhino, yeah it's not converted, it's a chaos rhino without all the chaosy stuff. I didn't knew how to convert it into a more PH look at the time, I do now (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=77697 , thanks guys) so, any future rhinos will be "pimped" into PH!

I must say that I'm pretty proud of my rhino gunner, he was bald and the shoulder plates were casted from a mold I took of the chaos reaper cannon (termie), also removed the chaosy stuff out of the combi-bolter to make it look more "loyalist".

I'm pretty happy with these guys so far, I mean, they wont win me any golden deamons, but I could've made a mess of it in so many places and ways, and yet I did not! Yay for me so far!

C&C is most welcome, specially on the paintjobs, I could use some tips on how to handle the white shadows stuff. And yes, how do you guys manage to write on those tiny heraldy labels???? The only thing I've managed to do was to get some big black blurs, some cleaning and a repaint :P (I use an 00000 brush)

Just noticed that the darn flash covered up some of my highlights, I really need to read the photos tutorial because mine suck big time :P

12-05-2007, 06:13
You have a very unique way of painting, very cartoony in approach. Not a bad thing, just different!

The vehicle fits into that style of painting, so I wouldn't worry about the white.

12-05-2007, 07:44
Holy crap, lovin' the terminators!

12-05-2007, 13:10
love the conversion work. I don't know if anyone else noticed or thought of this but your tank has a neat cell shaded look to it.

15-08-2007, 13:10
Well, I've been quite overloaded lately and time was never enough to get some wolves done, but finally I got some time and thus a new post gets done ;)

First off, a wip oversize terminator (2 more to go,yay), some of my mk4 heavy weapons, the uber-modded mk3 heavy bolter dude and a mk3 marine.


Next two mk3-mk4 sargents, another mk4 heavy weapons marine, 2 "marching" mk3-ish marines,two combat sqd marines and an tactical sqd mk3 marine.


Currently I'm painting a couple of dreadies and another one of my gray kinghts (justaerin colours). As for the lot I've posted, they've been primed and are in queue for the paint job.

On this lot I've focused more on the roman look of the conversions, with a bit of medieval , also introduced to 2 concepts in to my army, the first one is "every marine that has a shield must have a bolter with a bayonet", I picture a stack of those guys all lined up and I like it :-). The second concept is the "marching" marine, I only made two and they dont have any visual restrictions, I just thing it will look cool to have a bunch that can be grouped in formation walking. As for the remaining minis, I'm quite happy with the way they turned out, I think that the poses are very dinamic and the detail level is nice.

Like always, C&C is appreciated, so is all constructive feedback ;)

15-08-2007, 13:59
pretty cool works,
can't help but feel the GS is a bit bulky, but then it is Pre-heresy, slenderness was not really something overtly common.

Cool stuff, keep it up.


15-08-2007, 14:19
my tip for white

1)spray white.
2)mix up a stupidly light grey drybrush all white areas.
3)highlight with pure skull white.

29-10-2007, 03:28
Well, due to some RL concerns I've been forced to slow down the pace on my modeling and painting. So I've been stuck painting a couple of dreadnoughts in luna wolves colours since my last posting. Those are almost done, so expect a post in the next weeks.

I've been also busy with something a bit more 1:1 in scale :-)




Now that it's nearly finished and just missing a bunch of cosmetic bits and pieces (wating delivery), I can resume my army. I will also be able to get faster to my GW store :-D

I've considered an "Horus Rulez" plate or a "Justaerin on Board" bumper sticker...but I'm not sure if that was the way to go :D

Jester Boy
29-10-2007, 04:14
Once you highlight the black on that and add some water slide transfers it will come up a treat.:D

30-12-2008, 13:17
Well, it's been a while since any posting. Fear not, the army project is alive and well! Due to some RL changes (new city, new job, new house), it was quite complicated to get work done, even so, I have taken pictures of latest WIP and of completed minis. Updates will be coming soon ;)

30-12-2008, 14:24
Not so sure about the paintjobs but those Terminators look amazing!

30-12-2008, 14:54
cool stuff cant wait for more!

19-01-2009, 23:29
As promised, some updates on the Luna Wolves. I'm placing painted models and WIP models. First off, the painted ones:

My first ever dreadnoughts...a lot of learning came from these two :)


Next, a couple of marching marines, a heavy weapons squad, a heavy bolter marine and my "shield veteran-looking" marines:


Finally, two more termies. The usual Pre-heresy termie and a "Justearin" Grey Kinght...The photo doesn't do any justice to this guy. Also featured for scale is another heavy-bolter marine:


19-01-2009, 23:44
And now some WIP. Some of these are already primed and ready, others are still in the "forge".

First I had a go at converting some PH Jumpjets. I had a lot of ideas for these jets, so I've made two variants with that "turbine" look. I guess both models work pretty well. I'm also quite happy with the look and attitude of those guys. In PH armys only veterans got to use jumpjets because they where rare, so that was what I went for on these guys: bad ass pre-heresy vets!


Next I made mostly MK4 and MK3ish marines to add some manpower to my army.
Here we have some more shield marines, I also had a crack at a captain (the helmet still needs work). Finally I've also made my first scout, I believe that 4 more like that guy will make a nice sight (wait for the paint job):


And the rest of my "line marines" and some marching marines:


As allways, c&c on the paint job and conversion is much appreciated. Suggestions on how to give more depth to the paint jobs are most welcome ;)

20-01-2009, 10:13
My current WIP is to finish these guys (will try some new approaches to painting), yet another justaerin terminator, 2 more "black" grey knights and my first run at characters (Lucius and Tarvitz from EC) :)

16-02-2012, 16:32
So, after a small hiatus from uploading/updating stuff (life keeps getting in the way :) ), here are some pics of my latest work on this endeavour.

As promised before, Lucious and Tarvitz:


Lucious Detail:


Tarvitz Detail:


For Tarvitz I just added the GS hair, for Lucius I converted the arm and a couple more stuff, he has a buckler shield attach to his back pack, just like in the book :)

C&C is allways welcome!

16-02-2012, 16:36
I also got around to finish my "Justaerin pattern" Grey Knight Termies. Those guys look great in black :)

The whole gang

Squad Member Termie:


His Boss :) :


16-02-2012, 16:43
And then, just for fun and to do something different, an Nightlords Chaos Aspiring Champion (of sorts)

I've decided to keep the "pre-heresy" armour pattern (with the lightning bolts), because I figured that these mutated bad-ass super-humans would have better stuff to do in the eye of terror, other than making their power armours look pretty and trendy :)

I also added the wings, they seem like an obvious mutation for such a JetPack loving bunch such as the Nightlords. I'll make this guy some buddies soon.

Front View:


Rear View:


Maybe a new theme for a Pos-Heresy chaos army? :)

C&C is welcomed!

22-03-2012, 15:52
Humm, it seems that there is no love for the latest minis :(

So, I was thinking in cleaning this thread a bit, maybe remove some of the posts or something to make it more "light" to read and more focused on the minis. Can any mods help me on this, or is it better to start a new thread?

23-03-2013, 01:44
Think you need more shades, thinner layers and not so strong highlights.

Nice converting though.

23-03-2013, 12:28
I like the way you're going with this log - definitely a fan! Nice Porsche, too.
For the car sticker, there's surely only one choice: "My other car is a Planet-Killer/Blackstone Fortress"