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19-07-2005, 17:27
this list is supposed to be themed around a tribe of aquatic lizard men so the lack of certain units might be a little unsettling but its supposed to fit more with the story then with tactics and strategy and all that

Slann mage preist-best spawning

at least 2 units of 24 skinks.

1 unit of 10 chameleon skinks

salamander unit

possibly another unit of chameleon skinks

saurus cavalry unit of 8

not sure exactly how many points that is, im guessing its about 2000 but i dont have the rulebook so if ya could help with any suggestions. also the list MUST stay true to the story line

19-07-2005, 17:34
Well, the second unit of chameleons can be quite unsettling as it is illegal. Chameleon are a 0-1 choice. I wouldn´t use as a unit of 10 either as they are quite expensive and can actually get in their own way in large groups, but if it really works with the story go for it.

19-07-2005, 17:44
sorry didnt know they were 0-1. is there any other illegal stuff in my army or am i okay?

19-07-2005, 18:23
How you are going to explain aquatic cold one riders is beyond me but other than that its a nice idea, saurus can also be included with the mark that makes them aquatic.

I would also recomment using skinks in units of no more than 13 unless you are using them for screening purposes only.

Edit-I wrote you a list:

2nd Gen
Plaque of Tepok
Diadem of Power
Another 50 point plaque (Prob protection in this army)

Skink Priest
Cube of Darkness
Mk of Old Ones

Scar Vet
Great Weapon
Cold One
Venom of Firefly Frog

13 Skinks
13 Skinks
13 Skinks
13 Skinks

7 Cold one Riders
Huanchies Blessed Totem

10 Chameleon Skinks

3 Salamanders

All that comes to 1866 so you have a few points to play with, also almost anything can be removed without changing the overall feel of the army.

19-07-2005, 21:51
<3 Riddy

First someone posts the most unclear army list ever and he/she (what are u Riddy, that Buffy pic throws me off :P:P) cares enough to help this person...

I do have something to add though...
An aquatic army should have at least 2 units of Kroxigor... I mean come on, huge lizards that come from the water

19-07-2005, 22:03
I agree with almost all what Riddy wrote. But Slann (especially 2nd generation Slann :))without a unit protecting him is an expensive and very easy target for enemy's fast cavalary and such. I don't trust Cold One Riders. ;P I'm thinking about their 3+ save which is a bit low and high model cost. That makes them easy to kill by crossbows, handguns or even magical missiles. I've played with them some battles and they never survived (Maybe I'm a bad general ;) ). I would take 2 blocks of Sauruses with mark of Tzunki if you want aquatic (Quetzl is better, and consider taking Tlazcotl to the unit which protects Slann). And a unit of Kroxigors (4 models).

19-07-2005, 22:33
It is true that saurus cavalry "only" have a 3+ armour save, but dont forget they have T4, there arent too many cavalry units in the game with T4, and they can also be protected from shooting with the sun standard of chotec, it's a unit I really like :) .
In the case of the slann I agree with Sqri, imo it's way too expensive for a 2000pts army, and you dont even have a unit to protect him, it will be easy for you to lose a lot of points there.

19-07-2005, 22:36
i realize the list was very vague and for that i apologize, i just dont have an army book to work with. i should be getting one soon and then i will post the finalized list although i moght just go with the one above as it is a relitively sound list. should i take out the cold one riders and replace them with a unit of temple guard(i think thats what there called)? with the extra pointsmaybe i could make room for a stegadon but model it like a giant turtle or something.

19-07-2005, 23:46
You must choose between making themed (aquatic - Tzunki) army or just 'an army'. :) There should be more Kroxigors in Tzunki army (as NarCiS wrote at least two). Maybe you should make your Slann 4th generation (4th gen is enough in 2k battle) and use remaining points for Kroxes and more Skinks. Temple Guards aren't cheap but they are more reliable than Saurus. I belive Saurus with mark of Tzunki and Tlazcotl would fit better to your army's climate.

Dr.Blast ;) With Standard of Chotec they would be more expensive and become the primary target for cannons, magic, mortars etc. (a Skaven Slave dies because of a cannon ball as easy as Cold one Riders but the difference is in cost) I just don't like loosing expensive units. And the best way to not lose expensive units is: don't take them on the battlefield! :evilgrin:

20-07-2005, 09:34
I would say that if the army you want is the aquatic one i would drop the cold one riders and 2nd gen off slann (Down to 4th) for a couple of units of kroxigor. If my approximations are correct (I'm at work just now so no army book) you should have enough points for a units of aquatic immune to psycology saurus for your slann to reside in. I'll check it out when i get home.

Oh and i am male...most of the time :evilgrin:

20-07-2005, 10:23
Ok then Riddy, the pic just throws me off... aargh
*ignores the pic*
see it's not working

20-07-2005, 13:27
But Slann (especially 2nd generation Slann :))without a unit protecting him is an expensive and very easy target for enemy's fast cavalary and such.

Actually if you use him rightly not so much, make him a bsb and equip him with warbanner and voila, it has to be a hard unit to beat him in a turn or two. The guy has us5, +2 combat resolution, t5, 4+ ward and re-rollable coldblooded ld of 9. The only problem can be fear-causers wit us6 or more, but you can mostly keep out of their way good use of support units, as even dragons fear to go too close to skinks. Using a lone slann pretty much means you have to keep plenty of support close by to be able to come to his assistance in times of need, but it can work...

I´m actually building a a southlands list with similar aquatic theme which only has two units of non-aquatics (terradons) in it and I plan to wield it in tournaments in the future...