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19-07-2005, 17:38
Ok as I march back into Fantasy gaming I've had a lot of fun reviewing the GW site and figuring out what army I want to play. There are so many new models since I left that just about everything looks great! Using the looks of the models and general feel of the army as my guide, I narrowed my list down to Chaos, Brettonia, and Wood Elves and Ogre Kingdoms.

So I went out and bought three of the four books (wood elves is not out yet apparently) and have read through them a few times. I also borrowed a friends Beasts of Chaos book for even more options. I have to tell you, I'm overwhelmed.

Because it appears Wood Elves will be crawling out of the woodwork here (applause) I've narrowed my field further and after reviewing the models and the lists a bit, I've decided to indulge the dark side in me and go with Chaos. Now onto the even tougher part, building an army.

I have a few considerations as I move forward and here is really where I hope to elicite the aid of other players. First off I absolutely LOVE the chaos warrior models. They are one of the things that brought me back to Warhammer Fantasy and as a unit, are just fantastic looking (imo). Next up, I love a stong leader. I know the cries of Characterhammer and Magehammer are one of the things least enjoyed by many, but for me a proper chaos army is to be led by a proper chaos nasty and thus I want to have a character worthy of the challanges he will undoubtedly face. Finally, I want the list to be fairly competetive as my local area is filled to the brim with min/maxers.

Baring the above in mind, I will say that I am not partial to any one chaos God though Khorne remains the furthest down my list of likes (he seems to easy to misdirect). So, fellow Warseer readers! Help me brainstorm my new army wont you!?

I'm visualising a potent infantry of armed and armored warriors backed by the thundering gallop of Knights! Nasty monsters of chaos march alongside the warriors all of which are commanded by the grand lord and his apprentices...something like that ;p

Looking at 2000 points to start as anything larger will take me ages to paint/model.

Maese Crochets
19-07-2005, 23:28
Well, I'm not a Chaos general, but as everybody seems to ignore you...
It is always useful to have a couple of cheap units of 5-6 Chaos...euh... "dogs" (My apologizings for my lack of knolewdge about english names of units...) because they're pretty cheap and have lots of uses, specially as teasers.
Even if you don't like Khorne, its daemons (oh god, silly names) are good at close combat. I saw a unit of them stand against three simultaneous charges (two by the flank) for two turns. And the enemies were Vampire Counts...
Spawns are quite useful too...
And now just wait for anybody who contradicts all what I said ;)
Good life

20-07-2005, 00:31
i have to say i think chaos warrios are a bit naff for their points! what mark do you like? undivided is your way forward then! a runthrough of what models you like alot would help! and if you do go undivided you could pick what you like from where, for what would be potentially the hardest chaos list! slaanesh magic is nasty, nurgle have one of the best anvils, i'm not really a fan of zeech however nothing is more annoying than those demons running around nibbling at you bit by bit! and as for the lack of control you think khorne gives you, it wont matter! because most of your force will not have the mark, so its easier to block and control the unit! the other major issue is fluff, how badly do you want to stick what god like what etc etc?

20-07-2005, 01:45
I appreciate the replies, posts like this are always hard to answer because their so broad.

As for chaos Gods I like Undivided and Slaneesh the best. Tzeentch has great figures, but I want something tougher, and Nurgle is done to death in this area. As for Khorne, I've never used him much as I like a bit of magic but I suppose I'd be open to anything. The idea of getting led around the table by skirmishers turned me off but as you say, it could be avoided.

As for the figures I like the whole line, from mortals to beasts. It's literally what drew me to Chaos. As I stated above the new Chaos Warriors are my favorite, but I suppose I dont need an entire army of them.

My original thought was something like a Lord decked out for combat on foot, a champ on steed and a Sorcerer for defense. Then two Chariots, and three units of warriors (16, 15, 15) the Lord and Sorc would take up positions in two of these units. A small unit of 5 Knights, a unit of 5 Maurader Horsemen and perhaps a small unit of Warhounds.

Probably not the most powerful army but perhaps gives you an idea of what I had in my head. I'm totally open to beasts (the Shaggoth is amazing looking and Dragon Ogres have always been a favorite of mine) and deamons etc. but want to maintain fluff (ie: no mixing marks).

20-07-2005, 02:55
Um, 46 chaos knights!!!
With command that's 1668pts!
How big were you thinking of making this army?

20-07-2005, 03:43
Um, 46 chaos knights!!!
With command that's 1668pts!
How big were you thinking of making this army?

Chaos Warriors, not Knights :)

User Name
20-07-2005, 05:42
As said before chaos warriors do cost alot of points for a model with only one attack, which is their major flaw, they, accept chosen, strugle to do enough damage for the points they cost, the mark of khorne offsets it bby giving an additional attack but you dont like that.

The best way to deal with this is by giving them additional hand weapons, and if you can aford them shields for some survivability in taking a charge

Slow moving chaos needs a decent bit of magic to weaken dangerous opponents and speed then up depending on what lore you use. It also prompts opponents to move toward you, something that will be amazingly benifitial seeing as your fragile warriors can dish it out in h2h but are vulnerable to shooting and magic.

I think you mentiond that you liked slaanesh, which is good because they have by far the best lore avalable to all chaos, its one of the best in the game, it has a couple of the ebest spells in the game.

I do agree that the shagoth is an amazing modle but costs a little too much for its stats, but I encourage you to get it, but think about using it as a giant insted.

Using a foot army I would looking at getting a unit of 7 or 8 furies to hunt war machiens as well as more then one unit of warhounds to bait and flee as well as screen your warriors.

Beastherds will be one of your saving graces as they are t4 skirimishers, they can protect their flanks and rear from faster units and being able to move in any direction as well as form up aganst charging units so that they overrun into a position you want.

20-07-2005, 06:33
For something a little different, what you could do is take a Beast General and take 3 medium sized Beast units and put them in Ambush. Then, max your special choices and rares full of Mortal Units. If you're Slaanesh, you'll be Immune to psych, iirc, so the lack of a General's Ld isn't going to matter as much, plus you'll have a really interesting time on a tactical/strategic level, being able to sandwich your enemy between the warriors in front of them and the beasts behind.

Or, If you want a nuts Leader, consider a Doombull (crap model I know, but I'm sure you can convert something better, I've got an idea in mind) with the mark of Tzeentch and the Magic item that lets him swap a spell for the Bear's anger. I'm not sure that there's anything that compares to the sheer power of that combo. 4 W normally, plus T6 and 7 S7 attacks or something obscene like that? Plus it gives you Minotaurs as Core choices, and magic defence, at the very least.

20-07-2005, 13:25
Ok how about something along these lines?

Chaos Lord
Chaos Sorc (level 2)
Bray Shaman
5 Chaos Knights
24 Marauders w/Flails
15 Chosen Warriors (w/2hand weapons and Shield)
Chariot w/mark of Slaneesh
Tuskor Chariot
Beast Heard w/8 Gors & 5 Ungors
Beast Heard w/8 Gors & 5 Ungors
Fiend of Slaneesh
Fiend of SLaneesh
6 Warhounds

Obviously I'm not using a Shaggoth or Giant nor am I using Dragonogres, however I have good flank protection with the two units of Skirmishers, a small screen in the warhounds and a decent duo of infantry supported by chariots on either side. The Knights can be used to add punch in any series of charges and hopefully with 2 spells on 3 dice I can get a spell off every so often.

User Name
20-07-2005, 21:19
feintstar your idea is good but unfortunatally illegal, doombulls can only take magic weapons, unfortunatally the only reason to take a doombull is to get access to core minos in large point games, well at least in my opinion.

Your list seems solid, its got decent magic, I would try it out a few times and make adjustments as you see fit, dont be afrait to change up your list a little, and feel free to post any problems you are having if you want some help with making changes.

10-08-2005, 09:54
Slaanesh is great God i think! I have Slaanesh army and i love the lore of slaanesh and immune to psychology :)
Id say that take good close combat chaos lord
2 sorcerers
exalted champion for knights

one big unit of warriors (20+) or 2 smaller (12-16)
one unit of knights (maybe chose) 7 is fine size
2 chariots
or something bigger like minotaurs or dragon ogres or even shaggoth!

10-08-2005, 10:26
The list looks quite good, although you seem to be lacking many warriors (your favourite models), so i'd suggest dropping the unit of marauders and replacing them with a 2nd unit of warriors.

Also consider dropping 1 or maybe both fiends of slannesh, the 2 beast herds will be able to protect the flanks by themselves, and the spawn are a little too unreliable at causing damage to justify their costs (if you plan on using them for something other than protecting flanks, or supporting charges then ignore the last bit)

Good luck with Chaos, and if you like the current chaos warriors wait till you see the new sprues they are getting.