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The whole world seemed to burn as the siege cannons of the Iron Warriors blasted great holes in the Loyalist defences manned by the weakling sons of Dorn.
Captain Karde readied his boltgun, clearing the breach for the inevitable break in the bombardment that signaled the destruction of the mighty walls of the inner sanctum of the Imperial Palace.
Hatred coursed through his veins as he looked back at the broken remains of the Imperial Fist corpses that he and his squads had despatched with ease, their golden plate armoured forms littering the palace grounds in their wake.
Karde being one of the Legion's more senior Astartes had not been recruited from the Iron Warriors homeworld but had been recruited from Terra itself.
To his knowledge only four other Terrans among their Legion remained, Dantros, Calnek, Murse and Ferron. A special bond had formed over the centuries between the five brothers and although each of them had been offered their own companies several times over they chose to remain at Karde's side, fighting together as brothers affectionately reffered to as the "Old Guard" by the other members of their Legion.
The truth of their union had always been more sinister than anyone could have every suspected, something Perturabo had exploited to turn them from the grace of the Emperor with subtle ease.
They had never truely trusted the later generations of Iron Warriors Astartes recruited from Olympia.
As the guns fell silent Karde braced steadied himself for the assault, ritually adjusting the left shoulder paldron of his plate armour.
He looked to his brothers as they waited for the order to attack to come, only Ferron of the Old Guard was present with his squad of Astartes. Calnek was elsewhere in the palace ground silencing the orbital communication relays but there was yet to be any word from Dantros and his men.
Torturous seconds passed, Karde drew his sword in anticipaciton biting his lower lip as he did so.
The comm-link in his helmet erupted with chaotic transmissions, garbled broken messages assailed his senses. He raised a clenched fist ordering his squads to hold their position and they hunkered down amongst the rubble. Ferron scrambled forwards, kicking up a cloud of dust as he came to kneel beside his brother Captain.
A thunderous cheer came from inside the palace walls.
"We're being ordered to fall back," Karde said as he turned to Ferron in stunned disbelief, his voice faltering "the...the Warmaster is dead...we've failed."

10-02-2007, 14:24
Nice little story there, can't wait to see what your doing with your iron warriors!

P.S - how is the rhinotaur progressing?



10-02-2007, 14:35
The Crusade Begins

This is the begining of my Iron Warriors company using the LatD rules. The Iron Warrior have always been my favourite Traitor Legion, there are the masters of siege warfare and I love the evocative imagery that lines of trenches, fortifications and razorwire conjure up.
Their story is almost tragic, years of being brutally worn down through attrition because of the specialised skills of their Primarch. First in their eyes being betrayed by the Emperor then secondly being led down the path of damnation by their Warmaster. It is a very powerful theme to play with when constructing an Iron Warriors army.

The Lost and the Damned

I've chosen to go the route of using the LatD army list from Codex: Eye of Terror for a number of reasons. First and foremost is the opportunites for convertions, also the idea of Astartes leading hordes of expendable troops is very appealing as well. The Gothic marines I created using WFB CW legs are perfectly suited for a force of this nature as although they are rather time consuming to construct they tower over regular guardmen models re-enforcing the imagery their superhuman stature.
I'm starting out with a relatively small force to begin with, a Chaos Leiutenant with the Siege Masters skill to represent the Iron Warrior Warsmith, a squad of fifteen Chaos Militia led by the Iron Warrior Ferron, a single Leman Russ and a rather unusual Defiler conversion.
Whilst not a legal army at the moment, lacking a second troops choice this army is currently being constructed using what I have to hand.
Once these units are at a gaming level of painting I'll order a second set of Chaos Militia parts and begin work on Clanek's unit.

10-02-2007, 15:29
Captain Nathanial Karde

Karde is possibly one of the oldest survivng Astartes having been recruited from Ancient Terra at the time of the Great Crusade.
He took part in some of the most brutal conflicts in an age that promised enlightment and in his small way helped forge the greatest empire mankind has ever known. Had history played out differently then he might have fallen in battle millenia ago and been remembered by his Legion as a great hero.
Unlike many who turned from the light of the Emperor he has maintained most of his sanity. Although his body may remain free from mutation however the dark seed of doubt planted by Perturabo has taken root corrupting his soul with the single minded obsession of revenge and betrayal.

The Crusade of the Damned
During the time of the siege of Terra Kharde's men managed to capture a small workforce of tech-adepts destined for the Emperor's throne room.
It was here that Kharde first learnt of the Golden Throne and the Emperor's plan to utilise the great Eldar Webway to allow instant travel between the stars for his Legions.
Kharde believes that this portal still exists and should he be able to local a portal he can strike at the very center of the Imperium tearing out it's heart in one swift blow. In his delusion he believes under his rule the Imperium will thrive as it once did before and the Great Crusade can once again unite mankind.


Work in progress here of Kharde. I've opted for a simple selection of equipment that would better suit the weaponary of the Heresy era.
For the plate armour (power armour) I've based the model in Chaos Black and used a progressive drybrush of Boltgun Metal. Once that was dry I went over the model with a watered down wash of Brown Ink with a little Chaos Black mixed in. Next I'll highlight the plate armour with Boltgun Metal and Chainmail Silver. The gold areas are Burnished Gold with a Brown INk wash applied. This was highlighted with Burnished Gold and I will use a Shining gold for fine highlights.
The sword was given a base coat of a Red Gore and Chaos Black. I then basecoated it in Red Gore adding Skull white to the mix for highlights.
The face was basecoated tanned flesh, then Dwarf Flesh over that with a mix of Dwarf Flexh/Elf Flesh for highlights.
The base was down in Snakebite Leather and Brown Ink was used after it was dry. This was later brybrused with Snakebite Leather then Snakebite Leather with Bleached Bone.
Scorched Brown was applied to the pouches and belt straps, I'll ink these later and highlight with a mix of Scorched Brown and Graveyard Earth.

10-02-2007, 15:34
such a good looking model, i love kit bashed marines, one thing thats been bugging me tho, where is the head from i swear its the terminator plastics sergeant head but part of me thinks you took the bionic head and gsed it as lets face it your good enough

10-02-2007, 15:47
great fluff, not all daemons and gods. So are the old guard the only IW in this army?

I'm intrigued by this defiler conversion as well...

I was thinking of ways to make the guard look like prisoners of war, what about adding slashes to their backs to show them being beaten into submission?

10-02-2007, 15:57
The Traitors
Whilst components of his army are made up from orignal elements from the Imperial Army that rebelled during the Heresy, the bulk of Kharde's forces consist of prisoners of war taken in battle and forced to fight in his Crusade.
For these models I'm using the FW Chaos Militia componants, mainly becasue they are really nice models but they also add to the trench warfare theme of the army.

First Sergeant Valden Farron

The first Traitor unit is lead by Farron, one of the original members of Kharde's personal entourage known as the Old Guard and Kharde's most trusted associate.
Farron uses the Aspiring Champion rules and has the Siege Warriors skill to represent his being an Iron Warrrior.
His squad consists of an Agitator, Sergeant Lucien Garr formerly of the Imperial Guard. Garr has become corrupted by the forces of Chaos during his time under Kharde's command and has grown not only in stature but in longevity.

First members of Farrons unit



WIP Sergeant Garr alongside Kharde

10-02-2007, 16:05
CMDante: I've had to put the Rhinotaur on hold, got one more commission to finish then it's just these guys all the way for now. :)

TCUTTER: Close but it's the head from the plastic command squad set. :)

Hiredsword: Nice idea that! I may have to use that for the for the mutants, either the bare chested Catachans or Beastmen would work well there. Thanks for that mate! :)
Well, the Defiler conversion is...erm...a little odd even by my standards but fits the theme of the army well. I'll post pictures asap. ;)
Edit: Yeah the Old Guard are my way of explaining why there are so few IW in the army, only three taken as a HQ choice.
Dantros' fate is left unknown so that I can leave myself some space to play around in should I feel the need to add another character.

10-02-2007, 16:08
Wow!! I like that heavy bolter!!! The original models are quite boring but this one is the best ive seen so far. HB on flamer hands with ammodrum from a grenade launcher if im right?


10-02-2007, 16:12
The Leman Russ

I know a lot of Krieg players probably going to lynch me for this but I'm using this model origianlly constructed for my Krieg army.


This is an old shot of the model, to upgrade it I've added a Chaos Militia Torso to the turret commander manning the Heavy Stubber.
The idea will be that they have captured it from the Death Korps and are using it against them. :cries:

bobert the great clen one
10-02-2007, 16:21
better take the imp eagle off then lol

10-02-2007, 16:23
No. No! This can't be...absolutely unacceptable! No! Doghouse! You fool....

Pretty sweet though - I'll keep my eye on this thread.

10-02-2007, 16:26
better take the imp eagle off then lol

I'd keep it but convert it into a carrion of some sort...

10-02-2007, 16:31
I'm thinking about just defacing it. The hull will probably be covered in chaos slogans/runes that the traitors have daubed on anyways and it might work to show the vehicle's origins.

10-02-2007, 16:46
What happened to your Krieg thread any way? Loving this work.

10-02-2007, 16:58
You should really read "Storm of iron" by Graham McNeil, really good book and details the seige of an imperial world by IW and their cohorts.

The models are looking fantasic althoug we couldn't expect anything else from you.

Always liked the CW conversions, althougha little more dynamism wouldn't go astray.

Keep it up.



10-02-2007, 18:52
Those Iron Warriors are just perfect!Especially liked Karde's head and power armour.

10-02-2007, 21:27
Cheers guys! :)

sir.spamalot: I will get back to them but for now I need an army that I don't have to re-mortgage my house to finish. :)

sheep: I will definately have to get a copy of it asap I think. I read a chapter of it and was very impressed.
Maybe once I've got the core army together I'll take a bash at making a more dynamic CW conversion. :)

Zealous: Thanks mate! :)

10-02-2007, 21:41
Leman Russ - Emperor's Bane



I've applied several layers by drybrushing first with a Chaos Black/Codex Grey mix, then Codex Grey followed by Fortress Grey. Once this is as even as I can get it I'll apply a number of washes to shade, age and weather the paintjob.
I've added a crudely painted star of chaos over the eagle to demonstrate how it is that this captured vehicle will be defaced without having to stick tentacles all over it.
Before I do all this however I will be removing moldlines I've found and picking out the details in various browns to tie in with the Militia colour scheme.

10-02-2007, 22:10
quick question - why are there four sponsons?

bobert the great clen one
10-02-2007, 22:28
damn your a quick painter doghouse! lookin mighty fine!

11-02-2007, 00:37
I thought it was bad enough with the other excellent FW Militia based threads running at the moment pushing me to start on my own LatD force, now I see Doghouse is doing one.....one with Iron Warriors...I don't stand a chance....

While I am distraught at the temptation it causes I will be avidly following this thread as I do love your work. I must admit whenever I see when of your Project Logs start I do always wonder how long it will be before it gets lost in the background again as you move onto something else.....I'm really hoping this doesn't go the same way as the DA, WE, Kreig...;) Though I am sure they will return one day!

It's nice to see the Kreig Russ making a come back even without his Kreig friends. Looking forward to the next update.

11-02-2007, 02:02
UnRiggable: It's roughly based on the WWI MKIV tank. The female configuration had four machine guns, two forward facing and two rear facing where-as the male had two forward facing six pound guns.
It still counts as a single heavy bolter on each side though, it's just a little more credible for the sponson fire arcs. :)

bobert the great clen one: Thanks mate. :)

Rictus: Thanks mate, I appreciate the compliment. :)
Yeah, the problem I've been suffering from the last year or so is that I've been spreading my workload too thin.
By starting a number of different projects I often givie in to the number of PMs I get asking about specific armies and end up flipping between projects.
Other than the odd AT-43 piece this is the only project I'm going to be working on from now on untill it's completed as I haven't had a decent game in nearly eight months and I'm itching to get back in the fight. :)

11-02-2007, 02:04
Quick Update.


11-02-2007, 03:15
Looking pretty damn slick there! I love what you've done so far, it's very nice and understated.

Is "Banus" a real word?

11-02-2007, 03:44
Doghouse i have tryed the way you have mentioned to make the gothic marines from B&C and it is superb. Now i am definetly following this thread until i get sick of staring at pro painted minis.


11-02-2007, 04:24
Ooooh, shiny. C'mon, where's the inevetable basilisk? I know its around here somewhere.

Keep at it mate, looking forward to seeing more stuff.

Dave out.

11-02-2007, 07:37
Looking fantastic mate, very simple but effective, and has great presence.

Can't wait for more.



11-02-2007, 12:40
Thanks guys!

Makaber: Thanks mate. No Banus isn't a real word, Imperial Gothic is a made up form of Latin. Basicallly it if looks/sounds good then GW will use it.
As I haven't got the foggiest clue about Latin I'm using the slogans as a regional dialect of Imperial Gothic or cultural deviation of the language.
So in the traitor who scrawled this on the tank was writing the tank's name "Emperor's Bane" or in his native dialect "Imperator Banus". On the sponson someone has scrawled "Damantus Extremis" which could be translated as "Extreme Damnation". :)

liamrob: Nice one! Glad I could help out, just remember to start a thread over in P&T and post some pictures when you get your camera sorted out. :)

highmarshaldave: Oh it'll be here soon...it's a monster... :evilgrin:
Got the freaky looking Defiler conversion to get finished first though.

sheep: Thanks mate! :)

11-02-2007, 13:49
Defiler conversion

This is the humble beginings of my seriously weird Defiler model. I started it a while back (just before Christmas) and haven't done anything else as I'm furiously trying to get a sculpt finished for a friend stateside.
It's extremely WIP at the moment, basically I spent an afternoon just rumaging around my bits box for ideas for something novel and I came across a LotR Mumak I'd bought back when they first came out.
The idea is that the Miltia aren't going to have access to all the same gizmos and toys that a fully fledged Traitor Marine force/horde would have available to them. So they have been forced to improvise by using a creature native to their homeworld.
I started to sculpt a gasmask after removing the trunk and built a custom howdah to base the main gun on.
I've begun to add crude metal plates along the side to form an ablative armoured skirt and hopefully once the basic shape is in place I'll add all the details to make it look a little more native.
Like I say it's still pretty rough at the moment but should give you some idea where the model is heading. To me it conjures up images of Hannibal and I can envision this thing striding across the battlefield firing rockets randomly from it's Havoc launcher pausing only to blast holes in the defenders lines.
The base is still very LotR but I will be sculpting over the dead models on the base using milliput and when finished should be a nice centerpiece to the army.
Definately going to be covered in vehicle upgrades like Mutated Hull to explain it's size, the tusks will represent it's two strength eight attacks, etc.
Like I say although I'm itching to get started on this I have to finish another sculpt so it'll be a week or so before any updates on this model will be posted.


Although it looks really massive here it's not too big in person, I'm looking forward to detailing the base. I might add some spare Militia models advancing alongside it. I'll admit itall looks a bit of a hatchet job right now but hopefully will become a mighty siege weapon.


The gas mask will cover the wholde head and neck. I'll be adding a set of filters to the nose and probably hoses/control cables running back to the howdah. I've started on the ridge plates running down the forehead and will be adding rivets around the eyepiece so it looks like it's bolted to the cloth of the gasmask.
Hopefully it'll tie the model in with the rest of the army.


I've added a Miltia model to the main gun hull to give it a sense of scale and show that it has infact got a crew on board rather than being possessed like the Defiler. I've still got to add a lot of detail yet, like rivets, equipment, chaos symbols, etc, but it should look quite nice when finished.

11-02-2007, 16:33
Inspired. It reminds me of a manga I read way back, featuring what looked like dinosaurs with World War 2 tanks strapped on their backs. Very neat.

And about the "Banus" comment: I know it's not a real word. What I meant is, it sounds a bit silly even for 40k "latin". Minor nitpick, though.

bobert the great clen one
11-02-2007, 17:45
once again doghouse very impressed with the quality of your work !

OFF TOPIC : where abouts are you located in the uk?

11-02-2007, 17:45
it's so completely weird that it might actually work lol :D

why not keep some of the fallen horses on the base and convert them to krieg riders?

11-02-2007, 18:11
Very amazing! I really like Karde and the other guy.. they're bigger than average and look really.. "bossy".

Just one thing, can I see the back of the first Iron warrior? Or karde?
Im curious about how you actually converted the chaos body!

The Gas-mumakil is awesome! Great idea!
Just a thought from me:
Wouldnt it be cool if the front and back legs were chained to one another ?

11-02-2007, 19:12
amazing minatures, if you can call them, there huge!

11-02-2007, 19:31
This thread is starting to look very promising indeed. The iron warrior is superb, and the tank conversion and paintjob looks great as well.

For the Mumafiler, I think adding chains would be a good way of indicating its status as a captive and barely tamed beast. Between the legs might look odd, though. From the head up to the howdah, to a motorized pulley system of some kind? The motors can even be inside if you don't want to model them ;)

old guard
11-02-2007, 19:57
[QUOTE=HiredSword.;1288130]great fluff, not all daemons and gods. So are the old guard the only IW in this army?

NO I'm not!!!:eyebrows:

Dude!!!! welcome to the dark side....and how This is all looking so very very sweet!! the Mummak :evilgrin: :D :evilgrin: awesome. And I'd completely missed this. I shall be following this closely. No flagging now.... more!

11-02-2007, 21:33
SWEEEEEEET ! Man this animal/siege equipment mixture is so weird it is cool again. You have done an amazing paintjob on the tank. So honestly I cannot wait to see this "thing" painted. How did you call it?!

11-02-2007, 21:39
Thanks guys! :)

bobert the great clen one: I'm in hampshire mate.

HiredSword.: Hmmm, that's not a bad idea actually, I'll have to check the scale though as they may be a little small. A dead Krieg soldier though might work well. Told you it was pretty weird...

Zodiac: I'll post some rear shots asap. Chains do seem to be the way to go, I'll have to get hold of some come payday.

jasevx: I'm all about big miniatures...no wait that's an oxymoron isn't it? The Defiler is a bullet magnet, all the time they're pounding that hopefully my other tanks will be able to go about their business.

Spacejens: There will defiantely be some sort of control mechanism involved running from the head to the howdah. Lots of hoses as well as chains, trick is going to be not making it too chaosy.

old guard: Thanks mate. I've been following your Chaos Militia thread for some time now and it's got some really impressive stuff in there mate.

VERITAS/AEQUITAS: I haven't really decided on a name for it yet, I was thinking...Keith.

Right then...Quick Update Time


Here are the first three members of Farron's squad in various stages of painting. I'm going for Snakebite Leather for the uniforms, Scorched Brown for the boots, belts and hoods, a Chaos Black/Codex Grey for the armoured parts and Red Gore for the lenses.
All elements of the army will consist of browns and greys to tie them altogether as a whole.

12-02-2007, 15:30
Yessssss! Wonderful project log Doghouse, and a fantastic army already. Well done commandeering the Krieg tank for these lads, and the elephiler is looking quite cool. If I was skeptical at first I apologize - it should turn out very nice, especially with control nodes and wires and such to tech/chaos it up and such. The howdah with smoke-stack cannon is great, and I like the whirlwind rockets as havok.

Wonderful stuff, keep it up!

- Salvage

12-02-2007, 15:39
That tank is awesome! I like the Defiler stand in as well, very Chaosy! The Militia models are looking good as well, nice painting on them, well done!"!

13-02-2007, 02:12
Everything is looking so good. Fantasic ideas and perfect execution. Very well done.

The only problem with the "Defiler" is the inclusion of LOtR pieces. This may stop it from being used in a GT or similar.

Keep it up.



13-02-2007, 05:05
The painted models and conversions are all perfect. My one suggestion is to distance the Mumak from an elephant as much as possible. The stringy tail should be replaced with a short, thick one (the Star Wars fambaa (http://www.archives-alliance.com/images/gen0057.jpg) comes to mind). The feet should also be altered, even if that just means greenstuffing longer claws.

Hopefully you'll do something like that, as it'd be a shame to go through all that work and still have your men riding what's essentially a trunkless elephant. Keep up the great work!

13-02-2007, 16:27
Thanks guys! :)


VERITAS/AEQUITAS: I haven't really decided on a name for it yet, I was thinking...Keith.


LOL my boss's first name is Keith, too.

15-02-2007, 18:51
Cheers guys! :)

Boss_Salvage: Thanks mate. It's a shame that there isn't more information on Kreig available at the moment as I'd really like to paint some defaced versions of their icons on the tank. I'm planning a Kreig Basilisk for the third heavy slot in the army.

sheep: Hopefully when it's finished there shouldn't be that much of the Mumak left and although I hadn't planned on entering a GT I might just about get away with it if I did. :)

Pekel: I'll check out that SW creature when I get the chance but yeah it'll definately be heavyly converted so that it resembles an elephant as little as possible, the trick is going to be not turning it into a Squigoth.


More asap.

15-02-2007, 20:48
as always, doghouse, i love your work !!
especially your russ, and the colors of your militia mens

17-02-2007, 00:46
Thanks tancrede. :)

Quick WIP update

First Sergeant FerronSergeant Ferron, like the other members of the Old Guard, was recruited from Terra itself before the re-discovery of their lost Primarch.
Ferron had distinguished himself in countless conflicts, more often than not at the head of the assault units that stormed the breaches in many a xenos fortification. Having turned down his own command numerous times to remain by Karde's side Ferron proved to be a valuable member of the Captain's personal guard. Karde trusted his old friend's advice completely and this was to prove his downfall.
Pereturbo knew that Karde would never turn on the Emperor willingly, the weakness in Karde's armour however lay in his unswerving loyalty to his friends. Once Ferron had been corrupted by Pereturbo it had only been a matter of time before the others joined him.

WIP Ferron and Traitor

Evolution of my Iron Warrior Design


I have tryed several times over the last few years at re-making my second ed Iron Warrior army that served me so well all those years ago.
From left to right you can see the evolution of my Iron Warriors design to the final stage that i have now.
The first one is just a standard plastic chaos marine, the middle is my first attempt at using the WFB CW bodies to make my traitors. I just assembled the CW but used regular marine arms instead of the regular arms. This later developed to the Gothic design I use now.

17-02-2007, 01:01
With the LoTR minitures, it is OK to use them in tournaments at this stage (or at least it should be). The reason being the that the licensing agreement between GW and Newline entertainment expired in 2006, meaning that GW no longer has to compromise its imaginative integrity and stick with what was part of the movie (although they did have some freedom with the Moria supplements etc.)

This explains why they are now able to do the Arnor supplement, and the models should no longer be banned from tournies as they are simply another GW game, and not a newline cinemas property. However, i guess at the end of the day its up to the individual tournament organisers.

18-02-2007, 18:28
Siromcyre: Thanks for the info mate! :)

The Chimera

I have to say although this is still very much WIP as I've only just started to apply the drybrushing I regret having rushed building the model.
Building the Chimera purely from scraps and bits left over from over projects I used a simple plasticard spacer to extend the hull like the Russ but it looks a heck of a lot rougher than I originally intended now that I've started to paint it. I should really have taken my time and blended it in more.
Keeping with the Iron Warrior trench/siege theme I have going I decided to base the Chimera for the third traitor squad roughly on the British WWI MkIV tank as I tend to use the Chimera as a light tank rather than transport anyway.
I've gone for a pintle mounted Heavy Bolter with a co-axel Heavy Stubber built in for some serious anti-infantry firepower. I did try a turret but it ruined the overall feel of the model.




18-02-2007, 18:35
wow some realy good looking stuff . love the leman russ

18-02-2007, 18:57
great conversion work there.

18-02-2007, 20:03
Looks good, but you're right, the spacer does look rushed. I really like the idea behind the chimera though, so much i might do one myself.

how long is the spacer?



18-02-2007, 20:38
Can we see a close up of the bolter/stubber? I'd be interested to see how you worked those together.

18-02-2007, 21:47
Ahh the mumakil is a lovely model even without your conversions work. I can't wait for some paint to be added but one thing. Don't forget to add bits of chaos onto the armour plates on the top of the mumatank :p

Yes finally camera is working :) but now i'm grounded from warhammer for a week :(

CYA! and keep up the good GSing.

18-02-2007, 22:29
Thanks guys! :)

sheep: I think that I'm going to have to go back and fill in the bottom of the plasticard so that it blends in with the lower half of the hull. I was going to leave it but it's really bugging me now.
I'll measure the section and let you know next time I post pictures. :)

Althanan: I'll post a close up when I post more pictures. It's nothing fancy though, just a CSM Heavy Bolter on one side with the Heavy Stubber on the other. :)

liamrob: Once I've got the basic shell together I'll add the chaos bits, I'm thinking a large chaos star on the forehead to begin with then trims for the plates. :)

18-02-2007, 22:33
nice idea for the chimera, i would of suggested adding some plasticard to make it look wider as well, but that might just be the photo angles.

19-02-2007, 18:13
Hiredsword: I did think about extending the width but decided against it in the end as it changed the vehicle profile too much.

sheep: The spacer was 32mm wide. The Chimera is shorter than the Russ though so as not to cause too much confusion as to what it is.

Althanan: See below for the close up, not very inspirational as far as conversions go though. :)




I've added a little weathering in the form of bullet holes and have also added a bit more colour as well using yellow and red. Still got to clean up a few stray moldlines and drill out the weapons before ploughing into the paint job.

19-02-2007, 18:22
I love the look of your tanks, and the "oliphant" is bloody awesome.

cheers, keep up the good work.

19-02-2007, 18:26
Yay! Doghouse is back with another awesome log. ;D
I'm really looking forward to see this army grow. :)

19-02-2007, 18:33
it looks absolutely great but theres a killer flash line down the HB.

everything else is insanely cool. the mumak conv is brilliant


19-02-2007, 23:46
Damn those marines are awesome! When you make another marine, you seriously have to make a guide -how to- .. they're just SO cool!

Cheers, keep it up!

20-02-2007, 02:35
Thanks Doghouse.

I also noticed that you used the bottom plate for the roof, very cool.



20-02-2007, 06:05
Thanks for that closeup Doghouse. A bit simpler than I thought, but hey, that's a good thing, right? ;)

Cheers mate, and awesome work thus far.

20-02-2007, 09:45
Damn those marines are awesome! When you make another marine, you seriously have to make a guide -how to- .. they're just SO cool!

Cheers, keep it up!


Thats the tutorial that Doghouse has over on B+C.

Love the chimera doghouse, but I agree that the spacer needs detailing.



20-02-2007, 10:22
Thats the tutorial that Doghouse has over on B+C.

Thanks heldane! Appreciate it!

20-02-2007, 23:26
Thanks guys! :)

Just time for a quick update...



Got a little bit done on the hood. Whilst I've still to clean up the fore head plates (need to tidy up the edges and blend into the hood) and add the cabling/filters it's getting there. I'm going for a patchwork hood effect and will add large filters to the mouth area.
I'm just mapping it out at the moment before adding the detailing. :)

20-02-2007, 23:51
Reminds me a bit of those FW mumaki (sp?). I am eager to see more of your IW marines, the marauder legs look really cool, I want to use your as inspiration for when I get a chance to do a space marine kill team.

The "elephant" is looking superb.

-peace out

21-02-2007, 08:45
Cool thing, that elephant. I might borow your idea for my nurgle themed traitors!

21-02-2007, 14:36
Amazing smooth work on the green stuff panels of the critter's hood. Really sweet look, can't wait for more of this army!

- Salvage

21-02-2007, 23:05
just had a thought, why not use the fw tallarn rough rider beasts (i think scrubout said something about them earlier) so that there's not just one type of xenos in the army?

21-02-2007, 23:09
just had a thought, why not use the fw tallarn rough rider beasts (i think scrubout said something about them earlier) so that there's not just one type of xenos in the army?

Because it looks like they are riding giant pee pee's :D

Great GS skill on that head, What ar you replacing the trunk with? Just a rebreather type arangement or something out of left feild?



21-02-2007, 23:29
Doghouse your work is spectacular. I love how you kept the Heresy era imagery going for your Iron Warriors. Also dig it how you kept equipment and bling to a minimum. The traitors look phenomenal as well - I absolutely love their paint scheme.

22-02-2007, 08:06
very good work, doghouse. as always !

22-02-2007, 20:15
Your sculpting skills are great, As well as your painting. I hope you finish these guys It seems like its going to be a great army.

I love the mamoth thing Thats really cool.

22-02-2007, 23:24
Cheers guys! :)

HiredSword.: Sometimes we think so alike it's just plain scarey! I was toying around with the idea of convrting some of them to use as Sentinels actually.

sheep: I'm thinking some sort of rebreathers or filters, most the cabling will run back into the main cabin. I think that it needs to look practical and not just a giant gas mask.

Quick WIP update...

Karoq Murse

Murse, although the youngest member of the Old Guard, was the most devoted to the Emperor. Whilst no-one dare question his loyalty, Karde often had to discipline Murse for his almost fanatical devotion to their cause.
The slightest slur against the Imperium often lead to brutal executions amongst the members of the allied Imperial Army troops by Murse himself.
Murse took the betrayal of the Emperor the hardest and has become the only member of the Old Guard to truly worship chaos, exchanging one faith for another.
The Old Guard whilst bound by loyalties that no mortal could ever understand are ever vigilant, watching over their comrade for the slightest sign of mutation. Should Murse truly turn then none of the others would hesitate in striking him down.
In battle Murse is often found at the spear head of any assault, leading his eight man assault squad of disciples into the fray. Each of the disciples representing a single point on the star of chaos with Murse at the centre.


The WIP Iron Warriors so far in various stages of painting.


22-02-2007, 23:35
I have to say, how you made the legs of the marines is great!

23-02-2007, 10:13
Another cool miniature with a great background story!
Is it so hard to paint them?! :confused:
You keep converting ... but the 3 miniatures you have are still not painted! :o Get your ass moving!

( Ferron is still my fave marine .. :D )

23-02-2007, 10:51
Great GS skills, love the bulkyness of the armour!

23-02-2007, 12:39
Love that defiler, very original, but working out well so far

23-02-2007, 13:26
How do you paint the faces? They look really simple and just great!

The Judge
23-02-2007, 13:59
They look damn fine. A full Company would look awesome.

Rabid Bunny 666
23-02-2007, 16:31
I'm loving the Iron Warriors, both conversion and paintjobwise.

You don't mind me nicking the idea and paint scheme do you? (for 13th co and Deathwing respectively)

23-02-2007, 17:34
Thanks guys!

Zodiac: I think I just suffer from a really short attention span...
I'm just playing around with the paint jobs and conversions at the moment to see what works and am currently base coating the first traitor squad.
Once that's done I'll have the incentive to get Ferron finished as I'll probably tackle them a squad at time. :)

shaw3029: It's dead easy, base coat of tanned flesh, then go over with dwarf flesh leaving the base coat visable in the recesses. Next highlight the raised areas (cheeks, chin, etc) with a fifty fifty mix of Dwarf Flesh and Elf Flesh then fine highlight with Elf Flesh. :)

The Judge: I might have to do that at some point actually...
The plan is get the LatD army done first then I'll begin to add Iron Warrior allies to the army. Once I've got a core force together I'll seperate it into a true Iron Warriors army. :)

Rabid Bunny 666: Please feel free mate. I'm more than happy for people to use my conversions as inspiration for their own armies. :)

23-02-2007, 18:28
Please feel free mate. I'm more than happy for people to use my conversions as inspiration for their own armies. :)

Consider them niceked then :D

Everything is looking awesome mate, love your work.



24-02-2007, 18:23
Thanks Sheep! :)

A quick update on Murse.


25-02-2007, 16:33
Looking good. Is that the FW red scorpion head on the last one?


25-02-2007, 18:16
Good conversion work there!

25-02-2007, 19:54
Looking good. Is that the FW red scorpion head on the last one?


I think that is included in the black templars sprue.
Which has alot of other awesome heads!

27-02-2007, 18:28
Cheers guys! :)

sir.spamalot: Zodiac is right, it's from the Black Templars sprue which is where I also got Ferron's head as well. :)

Arch-Traitor Horus
04-03-2007, 04:19
Nice work 1 question with the old iron warriors army using chaos warriors with just bolt guns on the hands how did u put on heavy weapons (if you ever had any)

04-03-2007, 15:23
Excellent stuff; I really like those Marine conversions.
What;s happened to updates out of interest? The thread was moving aling very quickly from whatI couldsee then it stopped.
I'd really like to see more!

04-03-2007, 15:40
Brilliant as allways. The defiler is by far my favorite idea. Stunning. :D :D :D

04-03-2007, 19:49
Thanks guys! :)

Arch-Traitor Horus: The CW upper torso was just a stop gap design so I never got around to figuring out how to make heavy weapons for them. :)

Arhalien: I have been working on them but as it's mostly boring stuff like assembling/undercoating militia I haven't posted any up dates and I had a sculpt to finish for a friend. I've got a bit more done to the Defiler though, I'll post pictures later. :)

HiveTrygon: I thought you'd like that one! :D

04-03-2007, 22:58
I absolutely love this thread - cool well painted models, great army concept and great army fluff.

04-03-2007, 23:37
Impressive stuff! I love your marines.

Still learning
07-03-2007, 05:55
thanks for the tut you did on making those marines. Really helpful. I can't wait to see your walking cannon beast finished.

07-03-2007, 10:26
thanks for the tut you did on making those marines. Really helpful. I can't wait to see your walking cannon beast finished.

Dude, he started a new log! Do you think he will ever see the iron warriors again?! :D

07-03-2007, 12:59
Dude, he started a new log! Do you think he will ever see the iron warriors again?! :D


Yeah, update in a week or so. :)

07-03-2007, 14:35

Yeah, update in a week or so. :)

Lets make a deal, if you dont, you'll send me your Nightlords chapter! :D

EDIT: you need to finish:

-White scars
-Dark Angels
-Night lords
-DKOK ( and re-using their tank doesnt help you! ) :D
-My breakfast

So get going!

07-03-2007, 18:14
Lets make a deal, if you dont, you'll send me your Nightlords chapter!

EDIT: you need to finish:

-White scars
-Dark Angels
-Night lords
-DKOK ( and re-using their tank doesnt help you! )
-My breakfast

So get going!

Don't forget the cure for the common cold! :D

When did I start White Scars? :confused:

Night Lords are proving the priority army at the moment though, I love 'em because they are so gosh darn evil! :evilgrin: