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10-02-2007, 17:02
Well, warseer seems a good place to post a project log because theres so many posters! so lots of comments, hopefully...But, first let me introduce the idea of this thread. In this thread I will wrap up begin and conclude all of my painting projects. Sort of a deadly thing except I can't paint as fast as him nor have nearly as much stuff or money.
Heres the schedule: orks 4,000 points by summer vacation (in preparation for a vogen campaign)
Menoth-middle of the summer or so.
FOW-middle of the next year (february?) *COMPLETED!!!!*
So this thread will be going untill april 2008. After that I will either begin on a new thread or continue this one for my krieg I'm planning on getting.

EDIT: I have removed a lot of bad pictures of my completed stuff. have found out a way to get much higher quality pictures(with terrain) So for those of you who are reading this log from here(that would be the beginning) I will have little EDIT signs saying that I have better poictures of those finished projects at the end of the log. Since my log is only 3 pages and mostly pictures (just like white dwarf:D) that shouldn't be a problem....
The pics are in post 60-62....

Heres the list:
All unprimed-Menoth
2 Revengers


all painted I am going to go over all of them.
130 boyz
10 bikes
Battle wagon
zapp battery
kannon battery
56 grotz
2 wierd boyz
Big mek

All in various stages of base coating and painting
12 warriors
28 marauders
12 gors
5 knights

All in various stages of painting
36 warriors
10 thunderers
the white dwarf

Flames of war grenadier company
5000 points infantry heavy
8 bases of infantry painted
the rest: primed
way too much to list here.

10- unprimed

So I have a lot of stuff that needs mopping up and painting. I will start with the obligatory workspace:



Looted lander:


Sorry for the incredibly long post. cheers

10-02-2007, 17:05
Ork battle wagon(WIP):




No more sold:)

10-02-2007, 17:08
No more, sold:)



10-02-2007, 17:10
Thats alot of stuff to get through, but you're off too a great start.

Good luck with it all.



10-02-2007, 17:12
Well, there we go eye candy. Post comments to keep me going please. Feel free to ask for close ups. I will go off and begin painting orks.


12-02-2007, 15:12
Orks look sweet, love the huge land raider and that looted lander is a great idea! Now make those painted!

Also, what's with the Bionicle feet behind the lander? Or am I totally wrong at what those are?

- Salvage

12-02-2007, 19:34
veeery nice looted lander and battlewagon:D
looking forward to more pics:chrome:
huge fan of orks, so it'll be cool to see how the battlewagon turns out:D


The Laughing God
12-02-2007, 19:51
Great Ork conversions!
Looking forward to seeing more stuff done.

The boyz
12-02-2007, 19:54
Good luck Sir.spamalot, you certainly have a fair bit to get through. Looking forward to seeing some of that FoW stuff painted. I like the looted Ork Lander and that battlewagon looks insane. Looking foward to some more updates.

12-02-2007, 21:06
Orks look sweet, love the huge land raider and that looted lander is a great idea! Now make those painted!

Also, what's with the Bionicle feet behind the lander? Or am I totally wrong at what those are?

- Salvage

Yes those are flying bionicle feet.:cheese: Ready to be converted into grot bikes using wolf riders for riders. Sorry about the "no updates" my computer lost internet connection so no warseer for me.:cries:


12-02-2007, 21:40
Updates!(sort of)

Heres a shot of a WIP boy just to show you guys the general colour scheme, Italia:cool:


A shot of my warboss: note the hat (and the fact I painted him 2 years ago)


A close of a grot bike



13-02-2007, 01:26
Heh, I want to see what happens to that Rahkshi foot Grot bike. :p

14-02-2007, 16:24
I got a little sidetracked and began painting a st.Celestine model.:rolleyes:


cheers the first group of 10 orks are almost done updates due for today.[dice0]

15-02-2007, 21:38
I have gotten terribly distracted and have progressed little on my orks but, I now have a WIP LEVIATHAN!....sort of....
Heres some pics:


The WIP orks

A box of scrap for vehicles....

cheers, keep the comments coming if you want to see a horde of scrap orky vehicles roaring across the tables.....OK I guess I'll stop spreading thread propaganda....

15-02-2007, 21:39
And heres a picture of this cool airplane set I found at the dump, I see a fighta bomma on the horizon


15-02-2007, 23:38
That's a lot of projects, I'm ooking forward to seeing them painted. Try not to be too distracted by all of those things laying around or you'll just end up with a bunch of half-painted minis. Aim for completion of armies, one (or at the most, two) at a time! :)

15-02-2007, 23:41
Would love to see that larger hanomag converted into an stonkin orky war machine. How about it?

Bring it to life and you will get a lot of posters offering their wisdom.

16-02-2007, 00:50
Would love to see that larger hanomag converted into an stonkin orky war machine. How about it?

Bring it to life and you will get a lot of posters offering their wisdom.

Which piece is the larger hanomag, I am sorry I got them all in an auction lot so I don't really know what any of them are.


16-02-2007, 20:53
In the box with the big wheel. The bottom right hand model.

16-02-2007, 23:01
I did some quick work on my fighta bomma and then the glue ran out...

Heres some shots:


Cheers, there won't be any building updates any time soon but there will be (hopefully) many painting updates as I'm on school break for a week.

16-02-2007, 23:08
Yes, less building and more painting! Even though a scratchbuilt Ork fighta-bomba would be sweet...

Paint! Paint! Paint! ;)

19-02-2007, 18:12
I haven't updated this for a while....I have almost completed the mob of 10 ork boyz. I have no camera right now but I can post pics later today. But, to please the masses (I hope) I'll post some eye candy. [note: none of these are completed pieces]

Big mek:




20-02-2007, 15:56
Well, I'm finally almost done with those ten orks. This has taken me way longer then when I painted them in the first place (about 2 weeks ago) I'm going for 500 points by march 7th. Next up after I finish these guys is the warboss. With out further ado: tear 'em to peices


All thats left is: redoing the blood, painting the severed heads, painting the bases, and weathering. If I get that done today I'll post pics.


Inquisitor lorr
20-02-2007, 17:21
Theres some really nice convesions i look forward to more.What are the legs you used for the rough riders?

20-02-2007, 17:46
Theres some really nice convesions i look forward to more.What are the legs you used for the rough riders?

I don't actually know, I just inherited a bitz box from my friend and they where in there.

20-02-2007, 17:51
Heres a top down view of my orks.

It shows some of the warpaint and designs better.

21-02-2007, 22:31
Those orks are finally done.....Heres some piccys
EDIT: pics removed go to last page to see better pics of the completed product

Heres the basing I'm using


And the next batch ready for painting.


This part of my log will be the least interesting part. "Watching some under average painter revise a bunch of orks......I think I'll pass" says the masses. But, bear with me it will soon be on to interesting things such as scratch building:cool:


22-02-2007, 21:29
I just set back to work on scratch building (I have glue now Dancing ) and have come across a slight problem. This is with what the half track war trukks will look like.
Should the vehicle have a closed top

or a open top

While I'm on heres a slightly better pic of the finished boyz
EDIT:pics removed go to last page to see better pic of finished product


22-02-2007, 22:16
I have made a bunch of progress on the bomma, it is now about 3/4 done. Heres some piccies
[note: the pilot in there is no way final it's a random boy torso I had lying around]

Finnaly heres a car engine that I'm considering taking out of the car and putting on front of the plane, who thinks it will look good?


08-03-2007, 22:43
I don't know how this thread got a rating of 4, no-one really seems to like it...Oh well, not everything can work out the way you want it too. In 2 weeks I have done the bases on 5 bases of FOW,


14-03-2007, 23:27
Wow, that was the "cramptest" days of my life. I had a friend over and we painted for two days straight, the result is this:



Fully legal 2,000 points of Germans.....next up the other half.


15-04-2007, 22:34
Well I haven't posted on this thread for a while. Heres a Leman Russ I got from a freind, it was covered in cm thick globs of paint and glue so I had to go about carving it all off and filing it off. After I was done with that, My leman Russ was, BAM, smooth as a babys ****. But, when I primed it it was very wreked and old looking.


EDIT:additional pics removed go to the last page to see better pics of the finished product

Note: there is only one sponson as the other is under construction.


15-04-2007, 22:36


EDIT: I replaced the pictures in this post with better more recent ones after adding the second sponson and a dozer blade. The first post with a leman russ still has old pictures.

16-04-2007, 17:36
They look nice, though the russ fulfills part of the looted role,(scratched, weathered, etc),now add some glyphs and slap on some red paint.

PS: hope you dont struggle with $$$ as much as i do to hold down MTG and Warhammer :P

16-04-2007, 19:27
That is one mighty fine work space you have there,but remember, orky stuff looks better with rivets...

19-04-2007, 17:24
Ah, some comments, finally. I have been painting furiosly for a few days heres the results:
alton ashley monster hunter
EDIT: pics removed go to the last page to see better pics of the finished models

Alternate turret:

Warp wolf

19-04-2007, 17:25


24-04-2007, 23:58
Heres a WIP 40k shanty I've been working on


25-04-2007, 11:13
That monster hunter looks really nice, but I'd give the gun a quick treatment with black ink (or even chestnut ink mixed with black ink) too, to bring out some details.

25-04-2007, 12:03
great going, i prefer to see open topped ork wagons, orks don't hide!

25-04-2007, 16:01
heres a slight update, I painted my shanty though I am disappointed on how it came out because I spent a long time carefully building it.


I slapped some red paint onto my fighta bomma(red wunz go fasta!) So only about four more coats of red and I'll have a base coated plane :D

cheers for the comments little as they may be.....they keep me going though so Cheers

25-04-2007, 16:05
I have just discovered this thread and I am glad that I have, you have some fantasic ideas on conversions and modelling, and your painting is progressing very well. Keep at it and I cant wait to see what else you come up with.

25-04-2007, 16:20
I have just discovered this thread and I am glad that I have, you have some fantasic ideas on conversions and modelling, and your painting is progressing very well. Keep at it and I cant wait to see what else you come up with.

Ooh, ego boost, thanks. Sorry for double posting but I just finished another model, Heres a mega armoured nob with no conversions:cries: Hes for my 10 finished guys(ahem orks I mean) Once I finish there half track transport that units done.
EDIT: other pic removed go to the last post to see better pics of finished models

And heres my next project after my half track, he was originally way back when I was 12 going to be my youngbloods entry. Hes not done but hes pretty well painted. So, two years later I continue work on him.

25-04-2007, 16:59
I can't wait to see what kind of Ork war machines you put together.
the ones you started look great.

26-04-2007, 20:03
Thanks for the comments guys, it really means a lot to me...

I have almost finished painting my looted bassy, it's not the best looting job but it was my first. I did it about 1 1/2 years ago. The only thing thats not done and ready for tough ups is the back crewman(crewgrotz)

Anyone wants more pictures of ANYTHING just ask...I also put together the trukk for my 10 orks. Here it is...


26-04-2007, 20:18
The basilisk looks really nice and it's a cool attention grabbing colour scheme. I'd seriously think about repainting your shanty hut in a different colour though, brown or white as I don't think the green is doing your modelling justice.

26-04-2007, 23:12
Thanks, today is practically just me I'm painting so much. Heres the finished basilisk and a group shot of all my orks.]

EDIT:some pics removed go to the last post to see better pics of finished models

27-04-2007, 19:21
Heres some more ork armour done today. I hope you like it!


29-04-2007, 01:01
Well I took your guys suggestions into account and I fink my tank is moe proppa, eh? I painted the barrel black added checks added a little slogan "eat dis" And I painted one of the side plates black.

I was looking at some IG basilisks and I noticed that my platform was glued to high up and it was supposed to be set in to the chassis not upon it so I ripped off the gun platform revealing this:

I really like this look and I want to do something with it. Perhaps I could make the bassy platform removable and detail the interior with some gubbins it could be a wartrukk for me boyz.(the picture below is only an idea of what it could be like NOT the finished product)
If the bassy platform was moved instead on to a revoving base for a stationary platform that might be cool, and I could have a bassy(moving) or a trukk and a basilisk(stationary) in an army. Anyway give me your feed back and cheers for your previous statements. NOTE: these pics were taken in the dark, so there not the best quality. I can redo them and replace them tomorrow...

04-05-2007, 02:58
Good idea with that multi-puprose Bassie/Wartrukk. I've always thought that the Chimaera would make a good basis for converting to a wartrukk but have never got around to it mainly because I'm still painting up my Orky infantry!

07-05-2007, 18:12
i love that mega armoured nob :D really cool!

"eat Dis!"

nice stuff spam man!


07-05-2007, 18:43
i love that mega armoured nob :D really cool!

"eat Dis!"

nice stuff spam man!

Egad!!! AH-Ah-ah....*jumps for joy* Wow, you like them...you really do? Awesome! thanks alot I'll get back to work thanks for the comment!:chrome:

Well, I have been working on things...Though I don't think anyones waiting on the edge of there seat to see what I come up with next...

I glued a metal peice to the bottom of my bassy turret part and that was alot of fun:

I am working on the stand of sorts that holds the basilisk. It's based off of a WWII German gun well known as the '88. Theres no reason to show pics just yet as it's not very far along...

08-05-2007, 03:32
ahhhhhh its defying gravity :O

08-05-2007, 22:28
Well heres what I have been working on for the last few days...NIDS! Sadly picasa2 does not seem to be working so I can really neaten the pictures up(note: not the models, the pictures...I don't cheat)
So I have a genestealer and a termegant both from maccrage. The termegants base I am particulary proud of. In the process of adding a simple guard carcass to the base I have come up with an awesome(imo) new guard regiment[fluff is currently underway] They are city fight fighting tyranid hive fleet"[I have not come up with a good name yet...]" So I was thinking to have these two armys done as a side project but thats only a dream....

So now on to the pics

Nids top:

Nids front:

Close up of the termagants base

Also a funny thing happened when I took this IG man out of the simple green..the paint began to bubble up and made him a servant of nurgle.....


08-05-2007, 22:36
Heres another pic of the base it really shows it well I think.

cheers, stupid picture limit...I don't want to double post all the time *crys*

08-05-2007, 22:57
looking good buddy :) the nid has a really cool quality to the carapace

start flashing and filing you're models! you're perfectly capable i bet you just rush :D

(sorry that sounded harsh, hopefully it'll kick you into action :p)


08-05-2007, 23:49
looking good buddy the nid has a really cool quality to the carapace

start flashing and filing you're models! you're perfectly capable i bet you just rush

(sorry that sounded harsh, hopefully it'll kick you into action)


Wait where do you see flash?
oops:o I see it now *wanders off and begins to fix painted miniatures...)

Anywho, heres a quick picture of a new IG dude for the opposing force vs. the tyranids. There all going to be either converted to be marching in parade style or firing in straight lines on square bases(or maybe 4ok movement trays)
EDIT:terrible picture better one tommorow

And the next maccrage termagant:[with a bent vox antennae:))

09-05-2007, 03:23
the ig looks super gross lol. but that's pretty cool even if it was made by accident.

09-05-2007, 14:29
I think my favorite is the bassie (especially the barrel) or the hat on your old warboss. All you need is some focus and you'll have a force done in no time, but unfortunately it looks like you're just like me and can't focus on any one project. The only thing that I actually focus on are commissions,:D (who would of thought, the only stuff that isn't mine). Regarding that IG with the bubbled paint, I'm waiting for the day someone tries to replicate that style on some actual nurgle, haha.

09-05-2007, 16:17
Well if you go to the first page you'll see the explanation for all this "pic removed" But for you all lazy men "yes you in the corner with the hat and the beard, I mean you" *looks at schoolcormorant* ;)

So the gist of this all is that I found a good way to take better photos, so I took better photos....Here and probably the next post I'll give a quick summary of all the models I have finished in this log and I'll continue taking pictures with that set up for the rest of my log...YAY! now that thats over on to the fun stuff....

Mega armoured nob

Killa kan

Orks ten of dem

continued next post

09-05-2007, 16:18

Leman russ

continued next post.....

09-05-2007, 16:20
Zapp gunz


Alten ashley

NEW! IG soldier test model done at 11 o clock last night so it sucks....


09-05-2007, 16:44
Wow you basilisk is lookin good, nice orky flame job and checks.
your russes are lookkin good too.
your Orks could use a wash of brown/yellow or something.
those shirts look a little to clean by Ork standards.

09-05-2007, 17:02
Wow you basilisk is lookin good, nice orky flame job and checks.
your russes are lookkin good too.
your Orks could use a wash of brown/yellow or something.
those shirts look a little to clean by Ork standards.

Yeah I wanted my orks to have some second edition influences so I put there clothes on clean:) But I also wanted them to have some 4th edition ork toughness so I added the checks on there guns and the black chipped metal on a lot of them.

I think I'll try to put a wash of snakebite leather over a spare ork and see if I like.....

P.S: Its an off and on thing I post someone else posts I post someelse posts:D


09-05-2007, 20:23
Gather round boyz gather round boyz. You! yoof, get me my squigbeer.!
Ah....thats better. Now, I will tell you boyz of me first lootin job. Now dis was a while ago so bear wit me....
Ah yes dats it...Wez boyz(dats wazogs boyz) wer lootin the feild after we chopped up some umies. Now wazog wasn't der so we was lookin for somthing to surprise him with when we tellyported back to his rok. We was lookin and lookin and lookin until....
Fetch me another squig beer you!...dats good, now SIT DOWN! alright so, one of my grot boyz was lookin an he found a peice of dat artillery tank dat em umies use. You know dat bassy or whatever...
Right!, so I came over an looked at dat an boy! Dat wud be one propa tank! So wez dragged it out of its hole an set to work wif da tools we had. We wernt carrying around no armour plates wif us so we had to keep it da way it wuz den, so wez set to work an...wer was I?
Oh dats right, well we didn't have much time(we was supposed to be tellyportin back soon see?) so we did a quiky job. just added some right proppa checks an some red paint an some flames in dat yellow colour over der...*waves hand*
Oh yah an we added some gunz an spikey bitz. But it was me first mek job on somefin so I didn't know what else to do wif it so we said "hey, wazogs gunna be good wif dis for his first tank(we wuz mostly foot sloggers back den) so we shud just go back to dat rok an show him" We all thought dat was a gud idea so wez went back and dats dat :cheers
Oh yah an we called it da flames of waaagh because it has flames on it....


So I made this tank so it could be interchangeable to be a wartrukk or a basilisk so you can take the top off. And use blu-tac to stick on various weapons like these below:



cheers, enjoy.

P.S: dis wuz my first mek job so I didn't do that much to it, just keep dat in mind :thumbs

09-05-2007, 21:10
The painting scheme for the genestealer is nice. The brownish grey and the red talons makes them scary and nice!

And also, again, invest in some black ink if you don't have it, and try giving a coat to the metal areas on your tanks. You seem to really enjoy converting nice and interesting details to your models, so go the extra yard to bring out those details with more contrast! :) (The rocket launcher on your otherwise very nice Basilisk comes to mind)

10-05-2007, 21:27
Well, thanks to the helpful comments of those wonderful readers(here, the waagh!, TWF) I have improved the turret by painting the worky bitz(and taking really bad pics I suppose;))



10-05-2007, 21:32
very cool :D

are they shells there on the platform? if so, you might find a pencil sharpener will make them a bit more even at the end?

good work spammy!


14-05-2007, 20:03
very cool

are they shells there on the platform? if so, you might find a pencil sharpener will make them a bit more even at the end?

good work spammy!


Cheers, there glued on so there won't be any sharpening here.....

Well just to show you I have been doing something heres a pic of some guardsmen I'm working on:

Heres Herbert
But I don't want any of that. I'd rather--
Rather what?!
I'd rather...
...just... sing!

And the standard bearer "look I'm on the moon"(something random)

What should I shoot next corporal?

And the eclectic group

cheers, something big is on the horizon (no this is not an add for the plastic giant or apocalypse...)

EDIT:the brown splotches on there faces are there beards that need to be painted......and they are majorley WIP have spent about 5 minutes on these guys....

14-05-2007, 22:16
AH! double post, run screaming!!

Well I finished riveting my trukk! Its ready for priming once I pick up a can of black primer....*shakes fist at empty wallet*

cheers, have a nice day:)

15-05-2007, 20:35
Well I got some progress down on the Menoth (I love it when I have absolutly no direction because I;m waiting for something to come in the mail....)


cheers, you guys will love whats coming in the mail..... :evilgrin:

18-05-2007, 15:31
On that looted bassie/wartrukk I think you should put magnets in all the bitz you want to add/remove, as this will be more permanent and work a bit better than bluetac-ing everything.

18-05-2007, 15:37
Yeah, the only thing that is blu-tacked right know is the guns but I don't really know how I'm going to do them magnetised like....

Though the bottom of the bassy is magnetised to the very WIP stand for it.

Any suggestions on how I would go about magnetising the guns would be ace.


18-05-2007, 15:44
you can get some small Rare Earth magnets and place them in the base of the gun and another just in the bassie right below where you are placing the guns

18-05-2007, 15:56

There are really magnets this small?

EDIT: sorry for the bad pic, and moldlines :eek:

18-05-2007, 16:05
I really love your Basilisk conversion, ironically I once converted one for the Eye of Terror campaign, mine also said "Eat Diz!" on the side, although it wasn't Orks that I built it for.

Keep up the good work, I'm enjoying it :)

18-05-2007, 16:07
Yeah, they make 1.5mm RE magnets. I'm not entirely where the best place to buy em is, but just search google for them.

18-05-2007, 16:10
I tried searching but I got lots of google spam about IRA's But I'll swing by my local hardware store to see if they have them today.

@zakk: I'm assuming thats IW basilisk, thanks alot for the comment:)


18-05-2007, 22:25
I only just looked at the whole thread, and its really great! :D

All the orkiness is awesome. The conversions involving random pieces from around the house is very cool

Keep up the good work

25-05-2007, 16:02
been a week and no updates....



25-05-2007, 16:10
I'm sorry I'm sorry! :) I just got back yesterday from A friends house out in the middle of no-where....I stayed there for a whole week. I'm just getting used to being back at my own house;)

OK, I'll paint my fighta bomma and some gunz today.


28-05-2007, 13:32
Alright here we are, I managed to go out on a survival mission in the woods for the majority of the weekend so I didn't manage to make the time I suggested...:angel:

Heres some pics of the gunz I did:

cheers all:)

28-05-2007, 15:31
I like the one made out of a pen especially, looks very original and zappy.

Is the small one a Lego cannon?

28-05-2007, 17:16
Everything is looking great, I like the fact you keep jumping from one thing to the other...randomness is good.

If you are still looking for RE magnets I get mine from Power Magnet Store (http://www.powermagnetstore.com/acatalog/copy_of_Disc_Magnets.html). The smallest I use is 2mm diameter by 1mm thick. Not sure where you are based but if you are not in the Uk the page still may be usefull in showing you what is out there. They also have an ebay store I think.

28-05-2007, 19:32
Thanks for the comments guys:)

@hiveminion: yes the small one is a lego cannon and the other two are pens B)

@Rictus: thanks for the link, I think I'll order some even though they are in the UK and I'm in America :rolleyes:

cheers guys, I'll try to get some work done on my fighta bomma today but I'm feeling very low key and not very motivated....

30-05-2007, 15:01
Currently listening to: john barley corn-Traffic

Heres one last update before I go I have managed to lose my fighta bomma :wtf: so I didn't paint that nor anything, I am currently deciding whether to get death korps which would get me next to nothing or upwards of 200 guard plus vehicles/gunz......If any of you could help me out there it would be good!

Heres what arrived in the mail yesterday:

Heres my cat

And a really strange action shot of me walking through my room giving thumbs up to my dad......

Anyway, have fun when I'm gone, post on my log with questions, insult my picture, make yo mamma jokes ect.

cheers, peace and love

30-05-2007, 17:49
have i missed something...are you going away any where?

heh - i used an awesome 'yo mama' joke on someone the otherday, he said, "yo mama lives in the zoo she's so big"
i said, "yo mama so big she's a viable target for international terrorism..."


31-05-2007, 00:53
No nothing interesting, just I need to take a break from warseer before my head explodes and my brains dribble on the ground beneath my desk. Plus my family will most likely be going on a lengthy "tour"/vacation to Europe (main attraction:WHW :p) in a few weeks. So, I don't know I'll be taking a sabbatical of sorts...:)


EDIT: I like the second one :p I'll remember that one...

Light of the Emperor
31-05-2007, 19:27
I'm liking the orks. The metal on the Killa Kanz look good. Looking at da boyz however, the metal seems too clean for propa orks IMO. All the silver metals can greatly benefit from a watered down black ink wash...it does great shading.
Keep it up!

I wish I had a cat...

31-05-2007, 19:57
heh - i used an awesome 'yo mama' joke on someone the otherday, he said, "yo mama lives in the zoo she's so big"
i said, "yo mama so big she's a viable target for international terrorism..."

Yo mama is so big you get +1 to hit when shooting at her?

Sir Spam a lot, your cat and ork tanks look really cool. :>

31-05-2007, 23:14
I have managed to lose my fighta bomma

Did you look behind/down the side of the cushions on the sofa? Most missing things end up lost in a sofa....pens, coins, keys, models, Iraqi WMD's.

01-06-2007, 00:07
Any progress on the Lander from the first page? It's an awesome build. One that my Speed Freeks may get.....damn hobby ADD.

01-06-2007, 00:21
LOTE: cheers man

Roel?: Ooooh I felt that burn :D

Rictus: I would have to be pretty good to lose my fighta bomma behind the couch cushions.....

No-use: I haven't taken up the courage to take a paintbrush to it, and I still need to rivet it so....no :angel:

cheers guys, update soon , maybe.

04-06-2007, 20:39
OK, I have done absolutely nothing at all hobby wise, if you guys want to see something done that I have, comment on this log and tell me NOW! :) I have absolutely no motivation and no projects I am working on right now, So this is the time you step in and tell me what to do:p I am in need of some forge world veteran heads right now, I need probably about 100 un-helmeted heads for guys...I want to do this (bad paint skillzzz)

So basically, if it can owrk out I'm going to get an army of those guys...

I just realized that you guys didn't or havn't seen my dwarves, heres a bad close up of the colour scheme

cheers, the spam man

04-06-2007, 20:42
So this is the time you step in and tell me what to do

Finish the Ork Looted Landa' from page #1.:D

04-06-2007, 21:21
you amaze me with scientific diagrams, we northerners scratch words in wood and then throw them (thats what the royal mail does too i think:rolleyes:)


04-06-2007, 21:47
W00t! (sorry impulse:P) Your wish is my command, I have riveted the looted lander fully!!!

Rivets before:


And after after parts 1-2:


EDIT: replaced pics with edited ones to make them clearer

continued next post

04-06-2007, 21:49
After after 3-4:


I have to wait until I get to my friends house(he's the one with the black primer:evilgrin:

cheers, next request. and sorry for the crap pictures, my camera is having emotional problems today.

EDIT: replaced pics with slightly better ones....

05-06-2007, 18:42
Hmmm, not much interest, OK. well heres another awful concept art peice, it will show you the colours I'm going for.
ignore the clown shoes:)


cheers, the spam meister.

PS: I'm still open to suggestions on what I should do until I get a hold of some black primer:)

05-06-2007, 20:46
WOW, there really isn't much interest, in fact 0. :o well sorry for the quadrouple post but, hey what can I do? So this is what I have been working on for the past few days but like a ninja I kept it quit...
A gaming board!

I am planning it to be a urban terrain one...heres my mad sketchs,
if you cant tell from the4 pic. its part of a two part thing and it has a river flowing through it...

Heres some very WIP shots of it now

And my building bases..


cheers, человек spam

05-06-2007, 23:46
you're *******' nuts Spammy ;)

love the concept for the game board, as always clown shoes go down well.

"sir, the enemy approaches"
"how do you know that lt.?"
"well, the clown car broke down and he's tooting his horn!"
"righto, open fire"
*gun shots - balloons pop and clown wigs fly off* :D


06-06-2007, 03:33
Love the concepyt art Spammy :)

06-06-2007, 14:58
Thanks for the commments guys :)

well, what should I work on next??? I'm very open to suggestions. The gaming board is on hold for the day as I wait for the liquid nails to solidify, so I have the day open...

08-06-2007, 15:15
Well I guess no one want to post on this project log please won't you do it for me johnny, I feel so sad and unwanted, a lonely can of spam, discarded, unwanted laying in a corner of a grimy alley *sob* this is the worst I have ever felt, please someone pick me up and post on my log....please!


anyway, the reason there ha s been no updates is because YOU yes you, have not given me any ideas or inspiration to do ANYTHING!!

so I decided to jam with my freinds and this happened to my snare drum

Well I did have a can of WD40 on hand when we were ending our jam so I though "what the hell" I'll burn the bloody thing :evilgrin:

cheers, the spam man

08-06-2007, 15:49
That looted lander is looking awesome, really Orky. I'm looking forward to the urban board. Too bad about the snare though!
Nice work spamalot.

08-06-2007, 21:38
Ta hiveminion :)

So I worked a little on my gaming board today, I mainly finished getting all the Styrofoam on and then I filled all the gaps with DAP. I also got around to drawing the road system in on the board...

I tried to take decent pics but its bleedin hot out there!



I also poliished and cleaned up my drum set (It's a 1960 slingerland) and moved it from the guest room to my room. No thats not how I ussaully have them set up (having a cymbal that low down *shudders*) it's just how there placed right now...and I do play it (very often in fact) but I just replaced ALL the heads...)


cheers, the spam man

08-06-2007, 22:30
Hey, I could fix that snare w/ a little GS and plastic card. Extra armor will cost more. ;)

09-06-2007, 23:19
And rivets will make me um...well play 'arder :chrome:

Well I worked up a shopping list for me and my freind.

1x heavy mortar
2x Elysian weapon pack
1x tallarn equipment pack
7x chaos renegade conversion kit
70 cadian legs (via BW bitz)
5x renegade arms

1x heavy mortar
40 cadian legs (via BW bitz)
4x Renegade conversion kit
4x renegade arms

so thats what is planned to be on order tonight, and less we change our plans...

So I primed my looted lander and did some basecoating in the top part
heres some shots:


and my desk in its current state...

(yes thats my freind :P

cheers, I'll get better pics later tonight...when I've painted more of it.

-the spam man

09-06-2007, 23:34
damn long haireds..."you get a job!" :D

lol, nice lander, if it hadn't been polluted by green fools then it would be even better, but regarding the shopping (wish;)) list then i believe you're coming round to the correct side.

you're right handed aren't you...how do i know that?


09-06-2007, 23:45
Because all my junk is on the right side...:p cheers schools.:)

10-06-2007, 01:16
Heres as far as I'm going tonight...the pictures are god-awful so, I'll get better ones in the morning.

cheers, the spam man

10-06-2007, 17:53
Alright I did the wings (basecoat at least, the pics look bad because of the ruined desk under them....

heres a tau symbol I did on the wing'

cheers, the spam man

EDIT: wow those pictures are bad...

any way here is the final ordering list

From FW:
1x malcador
1x Imperial heavy mortar
2x Elysia weapon packs
1x tallarn equipment packs
7x Renegade conversion kit
3x Renegade arms

From Barrule http://www.barrule.com/
1x 38" of green stuff

From Battle wagon bitz
7x cadian leg sets (thats 70 cadian legs)

10-06-2007, 19:18
when you gona stop playing with your lego and get some work done? ;)

Really good job spammy!

22-06-2007, 00:00
Ta jasevx :)

Hmmm, I have done nothing but be drawn towards the land of impulse (OK all you dirty thinkers out there, thats NOT what I'm saying :p)

I went into my local games store, and of course had a fun conversation with the ace store keeper ther, we drifted onto the subject of our FOW armies, and I started to say that after painting my germans I was thinking about starting soviets...He (who also plays germany) Replied with "Oh yeah me too, this is what I'm planning on getting
*insert long talk and wanderings over to the FOW shelves*

Oh yeah, and I was thinking of picking up these...oh that army box set for germany looks cool...how much is the one for the russians?

10 minutes later I have the order receipt for the 240$ box set of russians...And a plan to pick up the rest of the 3,000 point force on saturday.

So I guess I'm playing soviets now. Which means this log will sink into desperation and not goodness, with even less posts then it has now. Because, no one likes the dirty russians around here.

well, If you want please post on the russians :) I am off on saturday to pick it all up....

cheers, the spam miester

22-06-2007, 13:55
Don't be silly, as long as they're minis I want to see them! No hiding stuff from us!

22-06-2007, 18:28
Well OK, I painted 2 light AA guns but my pictures are crap(-ier then my normal crap quality) so bear with me...

All the germans, ready to fight my soviets when I get them


cheers, the sPAM MAN

22-06-2007, 22:23
Well I did the marder objective thing, that is the last thing PRIMED I have to paint for germany, the rest of the stuff is waiting for sand(basing) so I can prime them...

Again apologies for the craptastic pictures, my photo-fu is low today...


cheers, the spam man

22-06-2007, 22:39

Needs a double kick, that would make it better.

El Diablo

22-06-2007, 23:27
I certainly agree with you :D will you buy me one ;) :p

23-06-2007, 00:12
Well another update today only on NESN...OK anyway, I painted a soviet pin marker, testing out the colour scheme. Surprisingly the one the flash didn't totally ruin the shot and shows the colours pretty much in there true form.


And sorry again for all this double/triple posting. I like to update as I go along in the day.

cheers, the spam man

23-06-2007, 00:39
what;s with the pound coin? i thought you lived in the US, then i suppose our currency is and should be accepted all round the world ;)

Germans are looking baaad, i'm painting a germanesque arty piece now :)

PS - i mean bad as in good ;)

23-06-2007, 00:42
Ta SC :)

I just have a couple of pounds laying around....I didn't know you painted art...or do you mean germanesque model? ;)

cheers. the spam man

23-06-2007, 00:57
There is quite a contrast between your painting area and mine isn't there?:D

25-06-2007, 22:34
@Harry all right bring it on :P

heres a summary of my weekend.

went into local hobby shop, picked up

Heres a run down of what I bought

1x strelkovy batalon (here http://www.flamesofwar.com/Default.aspx?tabId=117&CategoryID=11295&ProductID=2272&PageIndex=1)

1x T-34 box (here http://www.battlefront.co.nz/Default.aspx?tabId=117&CategoryID=11238&ProductID=2268&PageIndex=1)

1x machine gun company (9 bases of machine guns)

1x tankodesantikie (or something like that) which are tank riders for my t-34's

1xsnipers 4 bases of snipers

1x blocking detachment (machine guns which shoot bad morale spreaders or would be deserters:evilgrin:)

And I paid for my orders of these


went home opened boxes etc. didn't get any work done.


Woke up early, cleaned all the flash off of everything, washed everything. Assembled and based half of my strelkovy company. Primed the rest of my germans that wern't primed and that half a company.

cheers, the spam man

25-06-2007, 22:35

Went to the local games shop had an incredibly fun game of FOW with a guy who plays US.

Came home, basecoated the strelkovy company with
-greatcoat roll

fell asleep

finished the company with


assembled/based/primed the other half.

cheers, the spam man

25-06-2007, 23:33
PICTURES (sorry for you 56k'ers)

I made a little battle report thing like battle front does.

Soviet infantry assaults a German machine gun nest, accompanied by the dreaded '88

They press the attack

Resulting in the destruction of the '88

There victory "dance" is short lived however as German tanks counterassualt

25-06-2007, 23:33
Tank shock reaps it's mighty toll on the new recruits

Luckily a well timed barrage by Soviet artillery stops the tanks.

General valesvesky manages to rally the troops

Russian Reinforcements face off a renewed German attack

cheers, the spam man

25-06-2007, 23:42
*californian accent* "gnarly dude!"

very class, and the bed board is such an accurate depiction of the terrain of the russian steppes :p lol.

i love how between post 126 and 127 the russians turn round..made me smile.

i suggest you read up about some of the great nazi-soviet battles of world war 2, theres some relly interesting ones, THIS (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_the_Dnieper) a particular favourite of mine


26-06-2007, 18:33
Cool battle, I still think that the battle for stalingrad is the most amazing battle ever fought.
Well at least I have one person who regularly posts on my thread :-)

I finished the other nine bases of Russians, I now I have a fully painted legal FOW army of Russians! I believe a W00t would be appropriate here.


Ok heres the pictures

The whole sha-bang
The command section
the first company
the second company

cheers, now I'm just waiting for some money to buy some glue...

26-06-2007, 19:03

lovin it!


26-06-2007, 19:13
Ta SC :)

Oh hey SC, I just read your new location, where is your nazi thread out of curiosity?

26-06-2007, 19:29
Nice progress you're making, those soviets look really cool (love the 'battle report' too :D)

Keep up the good work mate, what's next?

26-06-2007, 20:23
it's a joke Spam :)


26-06-2007, 20:27
Oh! It's a joke, I get you :) I thought that would be a little out of line...

@hiveminion: More soviets are next, lots more infantry. Thanks for the comment :)

cheers, the spam man

28-06-2007, 18:17
I squeezed some painting in this morning, I got nine pin counters and 5 t-34's painted:

The second platoon charges through there own dead


and some basecoated tank riders, I'll hope to get these done by tonight, my mum's picking up super glue today, so I may be able to assemble the rest of my stuff today :)

cheers, the spam man

01-07-2007, 00:17
Lookin good Spammy

01-07-2007, 01:06
Thanks n810 (what on earth does that stand for/mean anyway?)

Well I cranked ahead and painted my t-34's crew tank riders and everything...

Heres my slightly [he really means very very sketchy :) -fat bloke] sketchy shots....


and a cheesey movie shot

cheers, keep up the comments

EDIT: just to let you guys know, this stuff is what I've been researching and considering getting into:

historical reenactment...

01-07-2007, 06:13
N810 = N-eight-ten = Nathan = Me :)

Don't worry only only a few have figured it out.

01-07-2007, 12:51
hah hah the cheesey movie shot would be better if they weren't fighting on a bed :D

nice work


01-07-2007, 14:31
@nathan, so your names nathan and you have ate ten people?

@SC: hey it's low budget what can I say? :p

cheers, the spam man

bobert the great clen one
03-07-2007, 23:13
we want orks orks

who like orks orks we like orks orks

in otherwords may i please see some orky goodness :p

03-07-2007, 23:33
Well maybe...

anyway, me and a friend played 2 FOW Games today, and one nemesis crown game.

I won both FOW games (Finlad(friend)) Russia(me))

and we tied in the nemesis crown game....

cheers, the spam man

bobert the great clen one
04-07-2007, 01:01
I won both FOW games (Finlad(friend)) Russia(me))

:eek: the might of the red army takes on the infamous sharkmen ! :eek:

04-07-2007, 16:09
Huzzah! za stalina!!!

Well I had an accident with leaving a white glue bottle in a container full of unassembled FOW minis....

The criminal

the victims

I managed to get my blocking detachment painted, a blocking detachment is essentially 3 HMG(heavy machine guns) and two commissars who get positioned behind unruly company's, if they show signs of of bad morale/panic mongering they shoot the HMG's into the company, if how ever the HMG's start panicking the commisars promptly execute them...


and some soviet snipers, fighting german snipers in a close up sniper fight!

cheers, the spam man

Death Korp
04-07-2007, 16:51
I like the Russians. Za Stalina!!! :wtf: Anyway, nice log and good job on beating the Fins!

04-07-2007, 16:53
@death korp, za stalina! means "FOR STALIN" a common Russian battle cry in WWII(while the evil guy stalin was still alive)

glad you like 'em :)

cheers, the spam man

05-07-2007, 01:10
white glue is not very resilient to warm soapy water and a toothbrush ;)

well, i love the close-up sniper fight, like in lock stock

"he's shooting at me"
"well shoot him back" :p


13-07-2007, 15:36
Well after neglecting to update this log even when I had an update, I now have na update...


anyway, ta SC. I bought the large box of soviets on Wednesday and didn't post the pictures I took of it so here they are(note they were taken in the night and there really bad.

cheers all

13-07-2007, 15:42
that's one cool box, if you don't mind me asking how much did it cost?


13-07-2007, 15:47
It cost, with tax. $252 and it was worth it:)

13-07-2007, 17:34
$252us! at todays exchange with the pound that's got to be more than a tenner!....

oh yeah, i went there ;)

i've never seen FoW mini's except that my cadian camo is based on them... any chance of a pic of some unassembled minis?


13-07-2007, 18:14
Oh yes absolutely, by the way I can write the pound symbol, yay! (you do alt:0163) £

heres some unassembled pics:

so first off they all come in blister and those that don't are in boxed sets which have trays similar to that of GW's, the blisters look like this

when you open the blister, hundreds(usually) of small pewter nazis(or whatever faction you play) pour out onto the surface your working on(usually a desk) and each one looks like this or something similar:

you then have to go about cleaning each one, washing them all and mounting 5 per base in the correct fashiopon!

trucks and tanks and objectives are made out of really cool black resin:

does that do? I can provide with more if needed:)

13-07-2007, 18:21
no that was great, thanks mate.

any ideas about colour schemes? if you like i'll get some CoD screenshots for you of russians.


13-07-2007, 18:33
I was confused there for a moment, I thought you meant cities of death....screen shots are always ace:)

The colour scheme for Russians? well I go for khaki clothes, catachan green helmets, the basic colour scheme...herehttp://i112.photobucket.com/albums/n196/wazog/P1040712.jpg

I tried to get a close up shot, ignore the hair and the mistakes:p


13-07-2007, 19:19

could only find dead russians but you get the idea :p

if doing snow, remember, baking soda/snow powder, water, glue and perhaps a touch of white paint. :)


13-07-2007, 19:22
Oh, poor Russian, look his komrad is leaning over him and your about to shoot him??? why SC, why?


any way thanks for that, but why are all the pictures that you have of dead or almost dead guys with a rifle pointed at them?

EDIT: do you know the proportions of that mix?

13-07-2007, 19:24
i'm on the russians side in that pic, with a SVT-40. it's in a trench system in stalingrad leading to front lines.

can't take the gun out the pic it's a 1st person shooter after all ;)


13-07-2007, 19:27
Oh I get you, cool Stalingrad, thats where my troops are based.I'm not sure if your actually playing now though...

I'm no sure if I'll do snow though, the Germans and the soviets are supposed to be fighting in the same city so I want them to have the some basing, I think the snow would drown out the germans..

do you know of any where to get a demo of that game?

13-07-2007, 20:40
http://www.nzone.com/object/nzone_cod2_downloads.html :)


13-07-2007, 20:44
Thanks mate, can't wait to try it out :)

27-07-2007, 18:46
Well that was a long puase, mainly because I didn't want to post up pictures as I went etc. etc. to lazy...bla bla bla it's not my fault...yadda yadda yadda

Now, I went to my local games store for an auction this past saturday, I came back spending 28$ and with this

bad picture sorry I took it at 11 o' clock at night...so that plus 6 more repentia unassembled and a cannoness, for 28$ you see there is 2 penitent engines in the back that alone is 80$ OK, you guys get the point, so I set to work. My result has been this



continued next post...

27-07-2007, 19:21
Thats what I have painted so far, dark red robes Grey armour, very inquisitional and IMO awesome

So what I have to do is this:
The intimidating "to paint box"

The not so intimidating "newly stripped and ready to prime box"

The intimidating "to assemble box"

And the intimidating "to get box" wait box...WTF?? :P

so you can see that I have a "currently have" column and a need to get column(why on earth do people spell column with an "N"?) If any one reading this could help me out with that "to get" row (there we are, row is much better no terror of the English language in there...) PM me or post on this log, it's better if you posted on the log though and then PM'ed me because then I get more posts(I would put the colon capital d smiley here but I can't seeing as how that would break the picture limit..)

So all of that comes out to 3,444 points and 14 faith points.

Heres teh list!

Cannoness-130 pts.
Blessed weapon, cloack of st. Aspira, inferno pistol, mantle of Ophelia, Book of st. Lucius.

Celestian Retinue-275 pts.
Veteran superior w/ master crafted Eviscerator, Standard bearerw/ sacred banner of the order militiant, Imagnifier, Heavy flamer, Melta gun.
-Immolator w/smoke launchers.

Preist-55 pts. (way too much, I just took her because of penitents...)
master crafted power weapon

6 Arco flagellants-210 pts.

19 Sister repentia-410 pts.

Eversor assassin-95 pts.

10 sisters-230 pts.
7 bolters, heavy flamer, flamer, Veteran sister superior w/master crafted power weapon.
-Rhino w/ smoke launchers, holy icon.

10 sisters-230 pts.
7 bolters, heavy flamer, flamer, Veteran sister superior w/master crafted power weapon.
-Rhino w/ smoke launchers, holy icon.

10 sisters-222 pts.
7 bolters, 2 storm bolters, veteran sister superior w/ master crafted power weapon.
-Rhino w/ smoke luanchers, holy icon.

10 seraphim-277 pts.
9 sisters, veteran sister superior w/ master crafted eviscerator.

6 Dominions-253 pts.
bolter, 4 meltas, veteran sister superior w/ inferno pistol
-Immolator w/smoke launchers, holy icon, twin linked multi meltas.

6 dominions-224 pts.
Imagnifier, 4 flamers,veteran sister superior w/ brazier of holy fire.
-immolator w/smoke luanchers, holy icon.

10 Retributers-184 pts.
4 heavy bolters, 5 bolters, veteran sister superior.

6 retributers-278 pts.
4 multi meltas, bolter, veteran sister superior.
-Immolator w/ smoke launchers, holy icon, Twin linked multi meltas.

2 penitent engines-160 pts.

cheers, I'm too worried about battle field effectiveness I don't game a lot. I'm just trying to put a list to match my models so to speak. It's just for fun...I think I'll be going for this army as my apocalypse army, with the guard I was scheming about a couple of pages back as inducted IG with a BANEBLADE...!

cheers, the spam man

27-07-2007, 21:23
Wow. What a great buy and what a cracking start.
Looking forward to seeing that lot revived.

28-07-2007, 12:03
Now that's an insane bargain! Congratulations. :)

28-07-2007, 14:21
Ta guys (smiling smiley here!:P )

I got working last night(when it finally cooled down and wasn't blistering bleeding hot!) and I managed to crank out 2 more repentia and 2 more sisters. This morning I also got to work and painted my HQ, cannoness. Sadly the pictures I took were way too close, my camera died and I realised the in the process of taking pictures, the white paint on my thumb had rubbed onto the cannoness and got white all over her...:c Now I need to fix a 2 hour paint job...

any how, I'm glad I took pictures last night heres what I got:
assembled models in primer box

My (imo) kick **** VSS for my seraphim:

The 2 sisters completed:

and a blurry shot of the whole group(done this morning while my camera was dying) you can see the cannoness she's in the front rank. Thats 2 core and 1 HQ and 1 elites fully painted!

cheers all, I'm off to fix my canoness

28-07-2007, 17:21
Damn, SoB are one of those armies I painted a few of but never got further when I used to play 40K. Seeing all those miniatures makes me a bit jeallous. :)

03-08-2007, 17:17
All righty then, I just came back from a three day painting marathon at my friends house.

he was working on his religious nutter IG army and I was painting sisters. so Heres what I got done:
the new group of all painted

new assembled models(2 priests and 3 repentia)

WIP penitent:

and some crazy machine I made last night, I was trying to make a cool sisters exterminator machine with lots of flame throwers but it ended up as some crazy chaos machine...I'm not sure what to use it as though I was considering making a bunch of these for a tyranid nid zilla list with either servo skulls or deamon things for rippers...


03-08-2007, 17:19
more of that machine: (scale shot)

All the stuff I painted over the last three days:

all the priests and an acoloyte made from a gnoblar:

and some of my converted immolator made for my cannoness, I dropped it at 3:30 in the morning when me and my friend decided to stop painting so we uh stopped and it cracked along the edges....


03-08-2007, 17:21
and one last shot of the immolator:

cheers, next up finishing the penitent engines

06-08-2007, 00:31
I really like the look of the immolator. Nice one, but I do hope that's not one of my troopers lashed to the front!!!!!

You've reminded me I need to get on with my sisters as soon as these skellies are playable. Bugger!

ps pm the moderators and get this moved into Sci-fi!

06-08-2007, 00:54
thanks digits, I think it would get a lot more traffic in it if it was in sci-fi but, theres flames of war in here too and the occasional warmachine...:cries:

The guy lashed to the front is a heretic, heretics are nice to adorn the front of vehicles...you see I engineered that so It had a front hatch, the door goes down and the heretic gets smashed in the dirt :evilgrin:

more updates tonight, I just need to get off my **** and take some pics....

06-08-2007, 01:03
Woah You have been busy.
So far your lookin good.

06-08-2007, 01:27
thanks mate

should I just do sisters...I don't know, I wish I could put this in science fiction logs...there would be more posts...

Alright heres some pics:
I did some more work on the scorpion thing,

Heres some penitents I painted:
I finished the first one at roughly 1 in the morning and almost finished the other one but stopped at 4 in the morning....me and my friend painted all night...

continued next post:

06-08-2007, 01:29

I also based the entire army, I don't have the army displayed on my shelf right now, I'm bringing it in to the gaming store tomorrow and I don't have energy to take them all out...
heres a primed seraphim based

painted sister based:

repentia based:

continued next post:

06-08-2007, 01:31
heres sheeps exchange mini finished:

alright and finally heres the new warmachine unit I bought today, I gamed with them once and they did really well.

cheers all, comments welcome

06-08-2007, 03:53
Good lord, $28! Awesome haul Spamalot. I like the scorpion thing, but I agree with your eariler post it doesn't fit all that well with S.o.B. Maybe adding some more witchhunter accessories to it like torches, parchments, purity seals, etc will make it fit more.

That Immolator conversion looks pretty sweet too. Let's see some more. *subscribed*

06-08-2007, 08:08
Wow. Three day painting marathon is clearly the way forward.
Love the SoB.

06-08-2007, 09:59
very cool, well planned. some cool models in there looks like i best keep my eye on this thread from now on...just found it now lol.

06-08-2007, 15:24
wow, thanks tons for all that guys:)

the "witchhunter-fying" of the scorpion thing will have to wait, I'm out of greenstuff and thanks to my buying of those menoth infantry I have o money to get any green stuff so I can't be adding scrolls purity seals torches burning things, dead koalas....

I'll put that project aside for a while.

But in the meantime I VDR'd it for test games with my friend,

http://www.rgmw.org/scifi/vdr/index.html (thats the VDR page, not sure how to link to the datafax?

Anyway, does anyone know what the options mean in vehicle desighn rules? Whats mega? Etc. It's hard to give the guns upgrades that increase it's points without knowing what they do!

cheers, the spam man

PS. the knights exemplar are about to be primed with white primer.

EDIT: the above link doesn't work, testing for datafax:

06-08-2007, 16:20
Oh damn, someone gave me a one, I'm not sure if that was sopmeones honest opinion or that jerky crowd that keeps striking down threads...

Is there anyway to know who rated the thread and who rated what?

please can anyone be of help?

06-08-2007, 17:57
A one? I'll vote you a fiver to counter bro.

Edit: there you go, back to 4 for now. :D

06-08-2007, 23:04
thanks mate, page 10 also:D

OK, so I went to my local games shop (greenfield games FTW!) and played 3 warmachine games for the league.

The first game lost no contest on my part, I lost on the second turn(bear in mind, no one uses cheesey tactics or is competitive there...at all...it was a lot of fun:))

second game lost high high contest, the turn the game ended my opponent had 1 warbeast and his caster and I had 2 warjacks and my caster...caster kill with his caster, awesome game!

third game really nail bitingly fun, my caster pummeled his caster with spells and gorman threw templates of acid on to him so he died...but the trolls have this rule(or at least some of them do) called toughness and on a five or a six he lives with one hit point! It was nerve racking because the die was rolling, spinning like for about 5 seconds...and it came up as a five. (give tell there was a lot of hollering and yelling battle crys going on!) his caster got back up and blew my caster to bits with his pistol.

really close it was a really fun day so hopefully now I'll try to get some painting done.


07-08-2007, 01:18
Nice Chaosy looking scorpion thing...
your pics micht com out better if they
where taken near a lamp or something... :)

08-08-2007, 16:41
yeah, I try to get good pics....

any how, heres some Menoth I painted up yesterday, I have my caster:Kreoss
my med. warjack: revenger and my heavy warjack: crusader painted.(plus in those 2 pictures you can see the primed knights exemplar.)

and Heres what I got in thew post today from Emperor's grace..thank you empero's grace!! OK, what you see here is 3 rhinos, the top 2 are still shrink wrapped with the bottom one having a blister with the upgrade parts for a whirlwind.(yay exorcist!) I hope he doesn't mind me saying how much I bought them for but, I got them all for 30$(35$ with shipping):eek:

cheers all.

08-08-2007, 16:50
Whoa! I've missed so much! What great progress, what great minis, awesome work. You've really been busy haven't you?:cool:

08-08-2007, 17:05
35$! thats got to be at least £6! not bad:D


08-08-2007, 17:10
Oh would you stop with the dollar£ jokes:p:D (I can write pound with my key board £££££)

thanks hiveminion:)

Death Korp
20-08-2007, 21:42
This log is cool. FOW, Warmachine, 40k...what more?

And how the heck do you get everything cheap you jammy thing ;).

And what is warmachine? I've had intrest in it for a while, but never had chance to really have a good look at it...

Keep going, from your ''unknown' thread lurker who has never posted because he is a lazy swine :wtf:',

(sorry for pure randomness)


25-08-2007, 15:06
thanks man, I'll have some pics up on sunday you all:)

heres a link to warmachines site for more info.

30-08-2007, 14:51
wow, blasted server I can't seem to get on! anyway, I'm sort of spaced out right now due to me listening to "Tarkus" and burning patchouli insence...:P

so heres all the stuff I have done in the week or so that the server was down.:
I got these in the post:

painted these



I think thats all....cheers