View Full Version : Witch Hunters or Daemon Hunters

11-02-2007, 15:03
Which force of the inquisition do you prefer? I personally like the with hunters with thier specialist units.

11-02-2007, 15:15
Witch Hunters all the way. The DH codex just has way to many rules and I fell like its just a very bland army.

11-02-2007, 15:49
Witchhunters. Because SoBs are cooler than GKs, and I never liked inquisitors anyway...
Burn the Heretics!

EDIT: AAhh and because WH have the pentipent!

Acolyte of Bli'l'ab
11-02-2007, 15:55
Witch hunters are a more unique army model-wise and I prefer the fluff for them.

god octo
11-02-2007, 16:24
well, as i play the Witchhunters, i voted for them! I feel that they have a more "exciting" fluff and that they are all over zealous witch burning maniacs.

Angelus Mortis
11-02-2007, 16:30
I like Daemonhunters. How could you not like S6 Power/Force Weapons?

11-02-2007, 16:33
I like Daemon Hunters. The Grey Knight terminators are great. The Grand Master can kill almost anything. It is a difficult army list to play effectively, though.

11-02-2007, 16:35
the daemon hunters are irresistable. shining paladins venturing forth to slay the unconquerable and achieve the impossible? who can deny that?!

Tanith Ghost
11-02-2007, 16:37
Daemon hunters. More than any other list, a Grey Knights army is a chalenge to use effectively. It's a nice combination of proof marines bleed like everyone else and showcasing of the reason they can take victory in the face of suicidal odds.

11-02-2007, 16:38
Daemonhunters. oober ass-kickery. Strength 6 Power/force weapons. Night fighting always to shoot at them and DS. These guys are GODS of the marines. I <3 Daemonhunters.

Crazy Snika
11-02-2007, 17:02
daemonhunters are amazing. they are damn hard to beat. not only do they have force weapons, they also have storm bolters.

hey thats my first post :D

11-02-2007, 17:42
Definately Witch hunters - nuns with guns hell yeah!! Prefer the fluff and think that the models are some of the best in the 40K range! Grey knights - bit bland and seem to be very expensive for what they do - guess it depends who and what you are playing against!

11-02-2007, 18:10
Witch Hunters for the fluff all the way. Plus a lot more of the unique units are very customizable in appearance. GKs are pretty unform (Cool looking but I like mroe variety).

Hideous Loon
11-02-2007, 18:27
Witch (Which?) Hunters for me, I love their crusty special units, Arco-Flagellants, Penitent Engines, all that shebang. To me, they are icons of what the Imperium is: religious, psychopathic, slightly weird, yet really pious and holy, sword-swinging nutjobs.

And of course, NOBODY expects the Imperial Inquisition!

11-02-2007, 18:56
While I have the Daemonhunters codex, I really want Alienhunters or the combined Inquistion 'dex to come out so I can play some agents of Ordo Xenos.

11-02-2007, 19:06
Witchhunters, for their versality. The Ordo Malleus is far more reclusive and specialized against Chaos, which tells in its Codex.

ankara halla
11-02-2007, 19:11
I prefer the Daemonhunters simply for the miniatures, ruleswise the WH are more likeable but one simply can't resist falling in love with the GK figures.

11-02-2007, 19:13
Witch Hunters for me. Just feels like a richer seam of background to delve in to.


11-02-2007, 19:15
The primary goal of the Witch hunters is to hunt down those who do not follow the imperial cult, like the Chaos cults.
The primary goal of Daemon Hunters is to hunt down Chaos itself and it's manifestations.

The second is somewhat more 'hardcore', if you catch my drift.

11-02-2007, 19:33
Combine both, they're allowed to in their codex rules! That way you can have the best of both worlds!

11-02-2007, 19:37
Daemonhunters, whenever I think of them I get an image of a sole Grey Knight in his shining silver armor standing defiantly against a giant daemon (you can fill in whatever daemon you want, I usually picture a Blood-Thirster). Just more heroic feel I guess.

11-02-2007, 19:54
Witch Hunters is you want more variety in units
Daemon Hunters cause they are harder to play but fun, and I really enjoy playing a friends Word Bearers army

11-02-2007, 19:57
Daemonhunters, Grey Knights simply look beautiful. It's probably the only army I've wanted to start based on it's mini's.

Khornies & milk
11-02-2007, 20:51
I play DH w/ WH allies, so the best of both worlds. But I vote DH - GKT's are the best Terminators in the 40K Universe. Great mini's as well.


Slaaneshi Slave
11-02-2007, 20:57
I play DH w/ WH allies, so the best of both worlds. But I vote DH - GKT's are the best Terminators in the 40K Universe. Great mini's as well.


I think you will find Tzeentch Terminators would disagree with you.

11-02-2007, 21:15
While I love the demonhunter models (its the shiney Paladin look, I want some for my SM) I voted for witch hunters. I think it was hideous loon who said that the witch hunters represent what the imperium is and I like the rules and the theme. They are the alleged masters of mid range.

Also because they have a devastator lite option which I want.

Corporal Chaos
12-02-2007, 03:01
I cant pick one or the other. I like them both. They each have their own strengths and weak points. So I voted neither because you did not include "BOTH"

12-02-2007, 12:04
Sisters of battle baby!

12-02-2007, 13:36
I played radical daemonhunters when they came, then I switched to witchhunters. I could use all my existing army except the daemon hosts.

I'm also caught in the old fluff, where ordo malleus was the inner circle of the inquisition, so I can easily imagine my inquisitors starting out as witch hunters and progressing into daemon hunters.

But the sisters of battle models makes me play them almost exclusively, lately. Still voted for neither, that should have been both.

12-02-2007, 13:55
daemonhunters definetly have the most beautifull models, also the fluff rocks of everything, and they can survive against all odds, i CC that is.

picture a GK army against tyranids, first they shoot them to bits with the storm bolters and psycannons andthen they own them in CC bigtime wounding even a carnifex on a 4+ !! i mean combine that wth a force weapon andyou have a masacre

12-02-2007, 14:04
shining paladins venturing forth to slay the unconquerable and achieve the impossible?

This is why I prefer nuns with guns. I just don't like the paladin archetype ;)

Vey nice models though.

Voodoo Boyz
12-02-2007, 14:09
WH are the stronger army, if that influences you in any way.

12-02-2007, 15:22
Demon Hunters because I play them and I very much like the Grey Knights.
They are really a challenge to play, mine always die horrible deaths in the face or deepstriking Vespids for exemple and the models are pretty good.

12-02-2007, 19:05
DH by far have more kick assery. Just throwing a SM/DH army together is fun. Nothing like beating CSM into the ground :D

12-02-2007, 19:30
I prefer the Gk, 'cause I IMO think they are great!
ok, they are a BIT expensive pointwise, but they are definately worth it....

and I've also never really liked the idea of women running with bolters around screaming "Burn the witches!":rolleyes: :D

my opinion though...:angel: