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19-07-2005, 23:26
Now bare with me, because I have Never played a single game of BFG. This is what I have thus far, however, for a Halo version of Battle Fleet Gothic, and I figured that it could be fun to make it into a playable game for Halo fans! :D

Ship Weapon Systems

Weapon Strength AP Range Notes
M.A.C. gun 8 3 35cm Heavy 3
Super M.A.C. gun 10 2 35cm Heavy 1
Archer Missile 4 6 25cm Assault 5
Shiva Missile (Nuke) 7 3 10cm Heavy 1
HE Anvil-II Missiles 5 5 20cm Assault 3
20mm Autocannon 6 4 15cm Assault 2
50mm Autocannon 7 3 15cm Assault 1
Gattling Cannon 5 5 15cm Assault 3

Plasma torpedo 5 5 30cm Assault 3
Point Defense Laser 7 - 15cm Assault 3
Plasma Turret 7 3 25cm Rapid Fire
Plasma Cannon 6 4 10cm Assault 2

UNSC vessels Points Movement
Destroyer +285 points 10 cm
Carrier +350 points 5 cm
Halcyon Cruiser +400 points 25 cm
Marathon Cruiser +475 points 25 cm
Frigate +250 points 15 cm
Corvette +250 points 30 cm
Refit Station +200 points 15 cm
M.A.C. Weapon Station +1000 points 0 cm

Covenant vessels Points Movement
Cruiser +800 points 25 cm
Destroyer +575 points 20 cm
Flag Ship +950 points 20 cm
Assault Craft +100 points 5 cm

UNSC Ships

2 MAC Guns
26 oversized Archer missile pods
3 Shiva Nuclear missiles
2 meters of Titanium Battleplate armor

15 Archer missile pods
3 nuclear warheads
20 Longsword Heavy Fighters
2 meters of Titanium Battleplate armor

(Halcyon-class UNSC Cruiser)
3 MAC Guns
25 Archer missile pods
3 HAVOK warheads
40 50mm Autocannons
2 meters of Titanium Battleplate armor

(Marathon-class UNSC Cruiser)
2 MAC Guns
32 oversized Archer missile pods
4 Shiva Nuclear missiles
40 50mm Autocannons
3 meters of Titanium Battleplate armor

1 MAC Gun
20 Archer missile pods
3 Shiva Nuclear missiles
2 meters of Titanium Battleplate armor

1 MAC Gun
15 Archer missile pods
3 Shiva Nuclear missiles
2 meters of Titanium Battleplate armor

Covenant Ships

7 plasma turrets
4 Torpedo launchers
5 Point defense lasers
10 Seraph single ships



You get 3 Actions to perform each turn per ship. The restrictions are as follows:

Movement 20cm or more is 2 actions
Boarding action 2 actions
Lowering shields (Covenant only) 2 actions
Launching single ships 1 action
Firing light weapons 1 action
Firing medium weapons 2 actions
Firing heavy weapons 3 actions
Charging MAC Guns 3 actions

20-07-2005, 03:01
OK if I were you I'd download the BFG living rulebook. Then try to make Halo ships based on those rules. Otherwise you have to create a whole new rules set aswell.
I won't make any comments about the ships themselve as I haven't played Halo. Good luck in your quest.


20-07-2005, 04:08
well the ships and their weapons I have gathered straight from the novels, as none of the games involve ships with enough detail, but perhaps a link, maybe?

28-07-2005, 03:21
alright believe it or not, I did manage to get the rulebook, and it is now stored in my hotmail account. The relavent parts, anyway. I do still need help transfering it from a word document to a .pdf file for easy reading. Also, I need some more help even writing the blasted rulebook! I dont play BFG, never have, the only ship I have is an Imperial escort, really small model, thats all I know about it.

so overall, I need help writing the rulebook and transfering the word document to a .pdf file, to make it look professional, and to make it easier to read and access information, just as it is in the .pdf files on the GW site