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05-04-2005, 19:35
I know everyone hates them, but i just can't help feilding one. Just because i really love the model.

Does anyone have any ideas on how i could best make use of this costly peice of kit?


05-04-2005, 20:10
I personally love it. Its a bit hard at 2000 pionts because you must sacrice 25% of your army for it because of its cost, but it can really help turn the tide of battle. If You field the anvil i would only have 1 other character not more than 100 points total.

I've realized recently that if you decide to field the anvil you better have at least 1200 points in core blocks of troops, at least 20+ each. This is because if you spread your army too thin in areas you will end up getting overrun. You'll probably want 3 block of 20 warriors 2 with hand wepaon and shield for a 3+ save in CC and one with great weapons for a heavy punch. Two units of special troops at 20+ definitely take Ironbreakers, because they get a 2+ save in CC,and throw a runic banner on them, all the runic banners for dwarfves are amazing, so any would be acceptable depending on your opponent. Then id take another block of 20 special, whther it be slayers,longbeards hammerers or even another group of ironbreakers.
you still have room for one or two warmachines, and two units of 10 missile troops crossbows or thunderers.

If You're facing almost anything other than undead, I try to keep my anvil away from the rest of my troops, usually on a flank, this gives your enemy the assumption that it is wide open for attack, but if it is charged it has a great deal of CC punch. However it may be wise to instead place it in the middle of your troops. Whatever the case remember that some runes have limited range or require LOS, and becaus ethe anvil cant move, you must make sure you place it accordingly. Also, when deploying place it last as it does not allow your enemy to move around it much.

As for playing it, if you dont use the anvil aggressively, you might as well not use it at all. This being said, try to cast the rune of doom from turn 2 on. In blocks this large your dwarves will most likely outnumber your opponent, and by causing fear your opponents will automatically break in combat, making for an easy day. You could also take advantage of the other runes to suit your needs. rune of water could effectively slow an enemy cavalry unit to the point where he fails a charge, then your warriors with great weapons could charge them.

I dont want to make it sound like im making a list for you, but I've only recently realized that if you plan on fielding the anvil, you must build a force around it and it done correctly it can be a devastating force.

I'm in the process of painting ine right now, and even in its early stages its looking awesome.

06-04-2005, 16:22
Dont you hav to have tht special character to use the rune of doom?

07-04-2005, 01:06
yup, only Thorek Ironbrow is Old enough,skilled enough and daring enough to attempt to cast such a powerful rune.

07-04-2005, 02:07
Unless you play a War of the Beard list and your opponent is drunk enough to let you ;)

Hideous Loon
07-04-2005, 09:33
I for myself believe the Anvil of Doom is not to be used in battles of less than 3000 pts, because of its cost. You wanna have awesome power? Get a Flame Cannon and an Organ gun, or perhaps two units of Ironbreakers and a score of Hammerers.

08-04-2005, 00:09
remenber that the anvil generates d6+2 PD +2 from base PD makin you with something between 5 and 10 PD, not 3 and 8

08-04-2005, 01:13
I used to take it all the time but found I didn't have enough troops to prevent being charged (even more than normal for dwarves!). So I got an extra large unit of warriors and some miners for surprise flanking, and it's going well! I agree with hideous_loon and wouldn't take it in less than 2500pts. You can get a lot of stuff for it's cost.

08-04-2005, 01:38
remenber that the anvil generates d6+2 PD +2 from base PD makin you with something between 5 and 10 PD, not 3 and 8

oh damn I forgot all about the standadrd 2, plus dont forget you get an additional dice for kraggi, although if it ever come up as a one, its an auto misfire.

But still that gives you 5+D6 powerdice per turn! That is a pretty sick amount for any unit, especially a dwarven one. Lure your enemy into throwing his dice at weaker runes and then hit him hard when he's got nothing left. I'd always try to end the turn on casting the rune of doom. Be warned, if this does miscast however, you're going to have a big problem, but an advantage to this is that thorek could now join a unit and fight in HtH, so really it isnt all that bad, especially considering his no armour save hammer which also destroys armor. and he has 2+ so yea, not bad at all.

08-04-2005, 06:18
I like the anvil as a model, but not so as a unit to play with. IMO it costs too much to be able to win the points back by destroying enemy units.
I think it would work best in an army that's static and contains lots of firepower so you can whittle down the enemy's units while he rushes over to get into h-t-h. But overall this is a pretty boring (imo) strategy, so I always play agressively with my dwarves.

But, as I said before, it is a great model!

08-04-2005, 06:48
I think it would work best in an army that's static and contains lots of firepower so you can whittle down the enemy's units while he rushes over to get into h-t-h. Like 2 Stone throwers a units of Thunderers and a unit of cross-bowmen :)

at 3k Id definitely go with 4 bolt throwers, 2 stone throwers,2 Gyro Copters, An Organ Gun a Flame Cannon and the anvil of doom. And thats only about 1450 points. Imagine facing that lineup while the gyro's are march blocking and causing panic by decimating units. On top of that Ill have two units of iron breakers, 4 units of clansmen, a unit of thunderers adding to the long range punch and Grombrindal the white dwarf. Id like to see any army mess with that. :cool: