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20-07-2005, 03:31
I have been toying with ideas of a Khorne army, done with stuff that I already have at home.
And I want to have something different than the usuall Khorne army (with loads of knights), so I went for a footslogging approach.

My thoughts wouldd be to Ambush with a herd and a warhound unit, and possibly the BSB as well. This would be to deal with artillery and shooting units.
Maruders and larger herds can be used to screen frenzied units, and to be used as baits, ie. to flee with them when your opposition charges then 'double tapp' with Khorne units.

Enoug of the tactic stuff, here is the list:

Beastlord; Armour of Damnation, GW, MoK......171pts
Aspiring Champion; Halberd, MoK...................119pts
Wargor [BSB], Heavy Armour, Gaze of the Gods, Sword of Might, MoK....174pts

Herd, 22 (14-8), FC 165pts

Herd, 22 (14-8), FC 165pts

Herd, 12 (7-5), Champ 89pts

10 Bestigors, Champ, Mu, MoK 183pts

6 Hounds 36pts

6 Hounds 36pts

15 Chaos Warriors, FC, Halberds, Shields, Warbanner, MoK 355pts

10 Bloodletters, Champ, Mu 181pts

24 Maruders, FC, Flails, LA, Shields 217pts

6 Maruder Horsmen, Champ, Mu, Flails, Shields 114pts

TOTAL: 2005pts

I could defenately see the use of Furies in the list as well as a unit of Flesh Hounds. But I don't have the models, so I'm not incorporating any of these. Same with Centigors... and Knights.
I would probably ditch a Maruder in order to get below 2000pts.


20-07-2005, 19:25
Where are you going to put your chars?

Concerning the herds. Which is what? Is it 14 gors and 8 ungors? If so i would probably cut the number of gors down abit to not "steal" attacks from the ungors.

The marauders is a bit expensive with flails. As you normally will be better of with handweapon and shield in Close combat to get the save. As marauders usually dont kill that much but are more a unit which relies on the combat res.

I like the bestigors and the bloodletters. These units are going to hit hard so i think they could be very valuable.

Also i dont see why you have shields on the horsemen. Sure they get a 5+ save vs shooting, but most shooting have armor piercing stuff or are high strenght and with modifiers this save usually gets lost so you can save some points ditching them if you need.

So for some of the points you get if you ditch stuff i would upgrade the aspiring to exalted at least.

21-07-2005, 10:28
Where are you going to put your chars?

Well, Im keeping that open unitil I see how the deployment goes. There is at least two placec for every charatcer to go in. (To bad you can't have a demonic Herald as well....)

Most probably I will have the Beast characters in a herd each. The Mortal have the option to get his place either in the Maruders, where he can sweep away some to save the Maruders from getting beaten to pulp. Or to get into the Warriors. But I don't like to have that many points in one unit.

So if I drop the shield on the Maruder Horsemen I'll drop below 2000pts, ending up at 1999.

But should I realy drop four Maruders to get an Exalted Champion???

Thanks for you input! ;)

21-07-2005, 19:14
Well first off:

You didnt answer my question about the herds. Concerning gors/ungors ;)

Also the char must be undivided to join the marauders so if you want to stick him in the marauders hes gotta lose the MoK. Also a char in the marauders is pretty nice. As you have the 3 ranks+banner + maybe outnumber, the exalted can get you some nice kills if the marauders have hw+shield+LA as they get a "good" save in close combat.

I mostly think that paying 20 points to upgrade the champ is well worth it. Also if hes in the marauder unit he will give the marauders LD 8 which is nice.

So my advice would still be to remove the Flails on the marauders, remove the MoK on the champ and promote him to exalted and give him a GW. Then put him in the marauders to give them staying power.

Tho this will remove a dispell dice ebut it will make the marauders way better :)

21-07-2005, 19:47
OK, I forgot about that... :confused:

12 Gors/8 Ungors. After I have played with Beasts for quite a while (ever since the book came out), I have relised that you need a load of Gors since when the last one dies, you lose the banner...

Then, in my Hordes of Chaos book Maruders are Unmarked and that lets any Mortal Character a candidate for joining them. Since you can only join units with the same mark or units without mark... I think it's safe to say that a Marked Character can join an unmarked unit, same with a marked Beast Character joining a Herd.

I'm a fan of Flails, so if I let something go it's for Maruders so that I can get him to be Exalted.

Btw. the Ld is the same for both choices, it's strength and attacks that raises when you take an Exalted. ;)

22-07-2005, 00:27
Sorry but marked chars cant join unit like marauders etc. Unless the char are marked undivided. This is pretty sad but thats the rules. I think it states it under the mark section in the hordes of chaos book but i dont have it here.

Sure the banner on the herd will get lost if you have to few gors, but you could make them smaller ad just drop the banner. because in turn 2 of combat(or if you get charged) your ungors with spears will lose attacks that potenially can give you an edge)

I have found that flails work better on small units of like 12 marauders with no command to support our unit. But even if you go for flails you still have the handweapon so you can chose before each combat concerning if you want a good save or high strenght :)

22-07-2005, 20:21
Actually, the book only mentions not joining units with other marks. Provided you're not using the lists where Marauders are Ud then he should feel free to put that character in with his fodder...er...big tough manly marauders. :D

I'd also recommend that larger units of marauders be armed with LA/Sh. This allows them to take a charge and set up flank charges ect ect. If that flanking unit happens to be Marauders with flails, hey, there you go. I'm also a big fan of MoK Minotaurs - now that's a sexy flank charge.

I tend to use the herds more as distractions and additionally to hunt small units. Their primary use in my khorne list is to block charge arc for my frenzied troops. That's just in my list though, and you look like you have a workable list as is, maybe with a little tweaking.

Two small things: first, having a frenzied charcter charge out of a non-frenzied unit is a real pain; second, is 5 dispel dice enough to play against the armies you normally face? Anyway, good luck.

Cheers, V

23-07-2005, 09:15
I'd also recommend that larger units of marauders be armed with LA/Sh.
I'll remeber it, but I'll try out the flails first. I got three boxes to glue together anyway. And with a character you add a bit of survibility anyway. But I'll remeber it.

Two small things: first, having a frenzied charcter charge out of a non-frenzied unit is a real pain; second, is 5 dispel dice enough to play against the armies you normally face? Anyway, good luck.
I'm not to worried about frenzied characters in the Herds, they can be hidden. But I am a little bit worried that it could be hard with a Khorne character in the Maruders...

The Sexy Charge with Khorne Minotaurs is more or less out of the question since I don't have a special slot left. ;)