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12-02-2007, 16:10
I wan't to make a smallish campaing at our local gaming club, but I have never done one. So I'm asking help. Where should I start and what do I need to keep in mind during the campaing?

I have tought some fluff for backround, nothing great, just the name of the planet, type of world, etc... I was thinking of using normal 40k games, 40k patrol and Killteam game types in the campaing. All Forces will be divided on 3 sides, the Forces of Order, Forces of Disorder and Neutral Forces. The world it self will be much like in the Vogen camping with mix of BBBs Phoenix River Campaing. A forest like planet with one big cenral city. The campaing could proceed first on a bigger world map so that Imperial forces would start from near city area that's allready controlled by local PDF. The Chaos forces will start from places controlled by traitors and cultists. The Neutral Forces can land where ever of the uncontrolled zones. First using 40k patrol rules when making the planetfall and then allways when scouting for new teritory. When the areas surrounding the capital city are taken the battles are then fought inside the city and using the city map. All battles outside the city will be bigger games (2000+ or something) and when inside the city walls the games will be smaller. That's about it, I'm not sure how should I put this to work.

Also if anyone knows good links or have some own camping material that I could use I would appreciate it.


12-02-2007, 16:49
I'm running a campaign in my club that I designed last year. It's a perma-narative campaign, designed to be playable anytime, so it can be let go of for a bit and then we can come back to it.

Here's what I did:

Firstly, I designed a map that I could adjust with this : AutoRealm (http://autorealm.sourceforge.net/index.php)
It's a great program that lets you make a totally customizable map.

Once I'd built the world, I began to add landmarks like cities/towns and objective locations like fuel depots and ruins.

Once the terrain identifiers were done I began to assign properties to them and the campaign as a whole.

Here's a few rule's I made:

Games begin at the 500pt level (No more than 50 pts in wargear on an hq is allowed, FOC must be observed).

Point level may be increased by aquiring resources. i.e.
To be allowed more than 2 vehicles you must aquire a fueling station
To play with more points you must hold a town (+250pt) or a city (+500).

Experience points were a big deal for the campaign, as you needed any boost you could get at low levels. Games go very fast though, which is enjoyable. And we keep tight records on experience and army holdings.

No 2 armies have the same goals, and every army has an appropriate nemesis to fight. You can ally with other players to move through their territories or fight them to take them over. I made the map huge to give people plenty of time to work on their forces, and make it harder to maintain a grip on their holdings. We made Orks and Gaurd the main regular opponents, but players would encounter different forces depending on what they rolled in a given area. Players could be attacked by the world as well, i.e. If you held one of a specific type of ruin necrons might randomly attack you and take it back, or orks/guard would attack you from a random point once every 6 games.

Our campaign is fairly big for a club, and we luckily have the armies and the terrain to pull it off. Many have different problems with army sizes and multiple similar forces. So it's important to know what you can do and what you can't.

I find having a map makes the campaign much more fun, as does keeping track of experience points. It makes players really get into their own armies, and appreciate all the forces they control. I don't recommend playing big games (anything over 1000pts) until you're well into a campaign. Big games detract from the feel of a campaign as a whole. Since they always feel a little bigger than an objective might require.

If you'd like to see it here's a link to the map I worked up: Highbattalion - Pantonus map (http://www.highbattalion.com/tactica.htm)

And I could post an example of the rules I worked up if you'd like. They vary from army to army.

12-02-2007, 19:37
i'm running a border patroll campaign (check my thread). it works by grid, where each turn you can attack or move from one of your territories. in this way a whole round can pass with no battles fought, so the campaign remains simple but adds an extra dimension.

12-02-2007, 19:43
I see alot of map based stuff....thats good but what if one person cant play one week?

I find narrative campaigns to be more flexible in this respect(no map, just a constantly changing story driven by the GM and outcomes of battles.)

12-02-2007, 20:13
back when i used to have a campaign, if a person was missing we would note it down and say their move was fortifying their borders, counting as a bunker assault the week after, perhaps you could use such a method as nobody complained when we did.

12-02-2007, 20:47
Thanks for the replys. Carots message really helped-out alot. I think the smaller games are better as Carot pointed out, I'll probably use the same style that you have used with experience and ganing points.

Few questions tought. Like should player use one big list where to add for smaller games or make a new list every time...? Also this keeping record of exp. and all sounds hard, is any good system for it?

12-02-2007, 21:37
ew questions tought. Like should player use one big list where to add for smaller games or make a new list every time...? Also this keeping record of exp. and all sounds hard, is any good system for it?

Actually this post convinced me to go update my site's campaign section.

Regarding list size: Let players start small and then get bigger, as games will teach about missing components and mistakes in their lists. Also, allow for multiple lists of 1 army, hence allowing for various formats (i.e. Assaulty, Defensive, middle etc)

To help with keeping records I made a few forms to keep track of units. I just finished converting them over. You can find them on my site.

Here's a full break down of my Pantonus Campaign:

The Pantonus Campaign (http://www.highbattalion.com/pantonus.htm)

This has the map, forms, special rules for each army, etc.

The multiple boxes are for experience points. Since it's a constantly changing value after each game, you simply do up the math and put the new number in the next box, then cross out the previous. Once the sheet is full you start a new one. It's pretty easy to figure out.

Hope that helped.

13-02-2007, 17:52
Thanks again for the links and advise Carot, but I still some walktrought help in this area.

Backround for the campaing is ready. The main objective is that Chaos want's to draw the world of Vokes Prime in to the Warp and Imperialist forces need to stop it.

I'am not sure how should I start with PDF that control the world, as we're going to use the rules for citys, towns and etc that give extra points to forces. One idea was that Chaos makes a suprise attack and planetfall that leaves the local forces all mixed up. In the confusion Eldars, Tau and the like will come to planet to pursue their own goals. When Chaos has secured their arrival, all other races have made it safely to planet and locad PDF have regrouped to their base of operations. This where the campaing begins...

13-02-2007, 19:15
The most important thing in a campaign are your limitations as a group.

i.e. What armies do you have? And what armies don't you have?

If you intend to have lot's of different terrain types then you need to know if you actually have the terrain you need.

When using alien races: unless they are in the majority, Xenos races never pursue more than their normally assumed goals (i.e.: Tau - enhanced technology, Eldar - closing off webays, nids - gaining a foothold on the planet).

Though horribly cliche, Usually the main story of any given campaign is Chaos vs. everyone else. And since Chaos holds very few worlds, they, almost always, end up being the attacker.

You can eliminate this issue by creating a few back-story assumptions to give players a starting hold on things. Like you've already done.

Example: At the beginning of your campaign, chaos cultists could have already undermined local government and taken control of a major city or region on the planet, hence giving Chaos forces a pre-determined staging area from which they can begin launching their attacks.

The other armies could have similar set-ups like the tau having a diplomatic enclave already there and the Eldar having a warp portal established.

You keep bringing up PDF troops, so I'll assume you have them as a pre-established army. Usually they get heavily seperated due to the planetary strife and loyalist factions must re-group in order to get back up to strength. Communications tend to be useless and units usually fall back to key areas to re-stage their attacks, then have to group together manually to create a sizeable force. That, or they perform kill-team actions against strategic enemy locations (much similar to current guerilla warfare, small groups working to undermine the enemy). So they could either be allies for other armies that oppose Chaos or they could be a small group that gets bigger as they continue to move onward. Space marines tend to deep-strike into a region to use as a staging area and then push outwards from there.

How it normaly works when Chaos wants to pull a planet into the warp is that they need to perform a summoning circle or 2 in a few key areas of the planet. The Imperial forces never know where these are, but that doesn't prevent them from getting there just in the nick of time.

How that usually is controlled varies but I tend to center things like that around key games, games that occur once certain objectives have been met by all parties and require a specific mission type to be played that effects the overall storyline.

Also remember, the world you create doesn't have to be covered by everyone, usually battles are always fought in specific key locations and your campaign only has to center around those key spots. It could be in a massive hive-city, or in a large, remote, forested region. It doesn't necesarily need to be across the whole globe. You can assign different bonuses to different objectives.

For instance: in my campaign I assigned cities and towns to point increases, but you could assign it to something as simple as a communications tower, or a large hill-top. The scale is relative to the size of the campaign. I intended for mine to be able to span a year or more, you might want to only do it for a few months. So the map, and list of objectives should match the size you intend AND fit to the armies available.

Every army should have a goal, seperate or otherwise. Chaos might need to destroy a temple before they can perform their circle, the PDF might need to get access to an underground roadway so they can call in re-inforcments or whatever. But every player should be able to play games that can help them effect the outcome of their overall objective.

Let me know what you want to acheive and I can help you out a little better.

14-02-2007, 10:15
I need to list down the players that what to attend the campaing, but I do nkow that there are atleast 2 Chaos players. The store can be changed when I know what armys will be part of the campaing. For example, if there will be a good number of tyranid players will the world of Vokes going to be assaulted majorly by them, but if there are more Tau players, the campaing will be more like Taros Campaing.

I have made as a house rule for the campaing that the local forces are divided in 3. When Chaos takes a city or a town they get access to LatD Traitor Squad with 0-1 limit. Also if Tau takes a city or a town, they get access for human auxilia. For guard I kept it simple. The DPF wil certain doktrines allready but taking a city they get access for Conscripts as a Miltia squad, taking a light factory or some such they get access for mechanished infantry doctrine. Also when winning a battle against chaos they get access for Psykers and when winning a battle against Necrons, Nids or any Eldars thay get access for Xenos hunters doctrine. When Necron or Nids take cities they get some more extra points than normaly allowed and when Orks capture Fuel Depots thay get more points to spare only if they are using Big Mek in the army.

Chaos also can take Daemons when completing atleast one summoning and when one is made all armys can fight to distrupt the following ones. Chaos would need 4 of them in randomly picked locations (by GM) to draw the planet in to the Warp. Inquisitors can only fight to distrupt the first one as they know where to look. This will be rolled with dice or something to see if Inquisitor forces can locate the place of the ritual. They also get more points to spare against Choas when they have completed the first summoning.

Locations of army drop points. The PDF will regroup to some military training center as Chaos will start from the big Desert. On the other side of the world is the Starport that is held by security forces and such with shielding and defences good enough to that it will need to be weakened from all around. If There will be marine players they will possibly get the controll of the city with the starport. All other armys will get randomly selected places to start from.

PDF special rule. As scattered force they will only get more points to fight the enemy if they can win a Killteam game when enemy takes a city. The smaller citys and towns are blown to ruins by the attackers that attacking units can walk right to the city. Any survivors of the PDF will need to break trought the enemy forces to get to the main Imperail forces. When Chaos or Tau takes a city or a town they roll a D6-dice. On numbers 2-6 it will have PDF stationed on the city. If you roll 1, the enemy have had help from the inside and has now access to human troops.

14-02-2007, 10:26
I have had a great running campagin with one friend in particular.

To try and give a feel of narrative and continuety
we decided if you lose all of your troops of a particular type in a battle
(say my banshees were totally wiped out)
I am not allowed to use that unit type next game

This has been great as it forces you to care for your troops more
Yet only means they miss one game

I understand your players need to have collections to support this
And the campaing needs to to be of the type that allows new lists each battle
but I thought I'd suggest it As I think it is a stand alone rule that can be plugged into many types of campagin & add some real flavour its to army lists and play style

26-02-2007, 15:32
i've been playing a border campaign with my mates its set similar as The_Hruds i use a grid and each grid is a territory so if two people land on a territory they play a game to see who wins and depending where the territory is e.g river mountainus you change the terrain. Sorry for using the name border patrol i can't remeber the 40k name for them