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13-02-2007, 00:32
Heres my second attempt at a Dogs of War list. I do NOT need a paymaster at 500 points, so besides that irregularity, here is my list.

Captain w/ sword of might, heavy armour, shield, & additional hand weapon - 80

Pikemen Regiment
w/ champion, standard bearer, musician, & 11 pikemen - 199

Crossbowmen Regiment
w/ 10x Crossbowmen - 80

11x Duellists - 55

Cannon w/ 3 crew - 85

total...499 points...if you advise adding something, then also tell what to drop to keep the points uder 500.

13-02-2007, 09:50
Maybe split the duellist in 2 groups for flanking (skaven tactical).

13-02-2007, 17:46
How can that pikemen regiment cost 199 points? A pikeman is 10 points,and even if you haven't counted the command as part of the "11" then it can't possibly be that many points?

13-02-2007, 23:34
oh...i think i gave them heavy armour...
musician = 25
standard = 25
champion = 25
11 regular guys = 110
14 heavy armour upgrades = 14
25=25=25=110= 199...

oh...and to put the duellists into two groups i need to get 5 more of them...25 more points...what should i lose in order to do that?...

13-02-2007, 23:53
Actually I´d not play pikemen at all at that size, as they´re overcosted and become only really worthwhile at 24+ models.

I´d rather take a unit of knights (6 with standard, musician and champion, barding: 171 points) and mount the captain on a horse.

Your maths are flawed, however. The captain should cost 76 points as SoM and 2nd HW don´t work together, so you should lose the 2nd hand weapon.
The pikemen regiment is not correct either. It should cost :

14 Pikemen at 10 pt: 140
14 x Heavy Armour at 1 pt : 14 => 154
CSM upgrade 10 each => 184.

Only Cavalry pay 15 points per command model, troops on foot pay 10.

That means your setup has 20 points left. If you want to stay with the pikemen I´d lose a duellist and buy 2nd hand weapons or throwing knives for the other 10.

My setup would be:
Captain on barded Warhorse, Heavy Armour, Shield, SoM: 90
6 Knights, Barding, CSM : 171
10 Crossbows: 80
Cannon: 85
10 duellists with throwing knives: 70 => 496

14-02-2007, 00:24
oh...only cavalry...oops...sorry bout that...
okay this warbands set-up is for an escalation type league and the game size will increase in two weeks, so my next addition WILL be knights, I am new to this game and didn't want to start with such an incredibly small force.

I dropped the captain's 2nd hand weapon, adjusted the points cost for the pikemen, dropped a duellist, and gave the others throwing knives. btw, what is the range on throwing knives?

14-02-2007, 00:45
Throwing Knives are S3, 6" range, no modifiers for moving or long range. You won´t use them much, I presume, but they can be very handy when you have surrounded the enemy or for stand and shoot. You could use 2nd HW as well, but I prefer a shooting attack on skirmishers.
Also, for 20 points you won´t get anything useful anyways.

When you get more points and have put knights into your army and have another 20 points left, I´d trade the knives for pistols, as these have a better shot, 2" more range and count as 2nd hand weapon.

14-02-2007, 01:14
soo i believe my next points increase will be to 1000 or thereabouts. Any suggestions?

14-02-2007, 01:40
we have the 500 points to start. I presume you need a paymaster then.
That´s 69 points in Heavy Armour and Enchanted Shield (leave it at the hand weapon. That way he´ll have a 2+ AS in CC. He can´t fight anyway, but is quite useful). He should lead the pikemen, while the captain mounts up to lead the 6 knights. That´s another 185 points (6 knights, CSM, barded warhorse for the captain). => 754 points.
At that point I´d include a level 2 wizard with power stone and dispel scroll at 145 points. That leaves 101 points to flesh out the pikemen with 3 models (6x3 formation with leader) (33), trade in the knives for pistols (20) =>972

That leaves you with 28 points. I´d buy 2 pistol duellists and a musician for these.

So the list would be:
Mounted Captain, HA, Shield, Barding, SoM
Paymaster, Enchanted Shield, HA
Wizard Level 2, Power stone, dispel scroll.
10 Crossbowmen
12 Duellists, Pistol, musician
6 Knights, Barding, Full command
17 Pikemen, HA, full command.

If you don´t need the paymaster yet, I´d just buy 4 duellists and a 2nd musician, split them up in 2x8, and spend 22 points for 2 additional pikemen (to 19) and have 3 points left.

14-02-2007, 02:16
hmm...i will type that list up...see if i have the people...i bought a HUGE dogs of war army from somebody, and am trying to mainly use those figures. Also, at what point will it be cost effective to start using regiments of Renown, i really like the lost legion and the damned company. So new list 2morrow for everyone to have a look at ;)

14-02-2007, 02:30
That totally depends on the RoR. As a rule of thumb only some are a bad buy. Most are ok and you get what you pay for (I love running up with 8 heroes in a 2500 pt game, and mostly you pay only about 5 points markup for the character´s price in the DoW or Empire List). An almost mandatory one is Volands Venators, as they´re cost effective and the best cavalry we can get.
Legendary pikemen are a little overpriced for what they can do except Riccos Republican Guard, but still viable and IMO better than normal pikes, which are also overpriced and more of a psychological weapon.
The Desert Dogs suck. Far too expensive.
Birdmen, too.
The cursed company is a unit I don´t get to work. They´re damn expensive (405 points a block of a good size) and crumble is Richter gets killed. Normally people do everything to kill him, as he´s not that hard. Shame about the cool models though.
One of the best RoR are Bearstruck´s guys, mostly because Beorg is a lord level character who doesn´t use a slot.
Asarnil is quite cool.
Lumpin Croop is good for his points.
Oglah Khan´s wolfboyz are also good. They seem expensive, but can do a lot.
The Albion Giants - I don´t know. Haven´t tried them, because I don´t have them.
I also don´t own Galloper guns, but I think they´re quite interesting.
Slayer pirates - they were brilliant, but people argue if they still shoot in Close combat or just fight with 2 hw.
The Vendetta seem overpriced, but I don´t own them either.
Mengils Manflayers are hard to use and seem expensive, but in my eyes they´re one of the best RoR if used correctly.

As for the huge army: If you have any RoR you don´t like, just PM me, I might want to trade as I am trying to get all RoR I don´t own yet.

14-02-2007, 02:36
sorry for double posting, but what lore should i give the wizard?

14-02-2007, 02:38
hmm so maybe i might just stick with standard units for now...RoR might not be THAT necessary...

14-02-2007, 02:46
I´d take either Lore of Death, Metal or Light.
Death for its damage potential at a not so high casting level.
Metal because of some utterly destructive spells.
Light because it a) has a good first spell and b) is a very good supporting lore. I prefer Light mages personally.

Actually RoR are a good addition. I play at least the Venators in every game as well as the Alcatani Fellowship (as I own the models and they´re quite correctly priced) as well as Lumpin Croop´s fighting cocks.
At the moment I run an experiment with a unit of Norse Marauders and the Bearmen :)

15-02-2007, 02:04
Okay 1000 point list is HERE...YAY!!!

merc captain w/ sword of might, heavy armour, warhorse, barding, & shield - 90

6x Heavy cavalry w/ full command & barding - 171

Paymaster w/ heavy armour & enchanted shield - 69

19x Pikemen w/ full command & heavy armour - 239

Wizard (level 2) w/ dispel scroll & power stone - 145

10x Crossbowmen - 80

12x Duellists w/ musician & pistols - 118

Cannon - 85

total...997 points...

15-02-2007, 02:28
Sorry, I made a mistake. Heavy armour is 6 points on all DoW characters (I assumed 4 for heroes as in almost every other army (that is 2/3 of the price the Lord level character pays), but obviously it´s not - I do my lists via army builder normally, so I have a glitch sometimes when computing those lists by hand). So you´re at 1003 as paymaster and captain should be three points more expensive. Just lose a duellist.

That list should be quite balanced however and good for a league.

15-02-2007, 02:58
thank you. Eventually i want to build it up to tournament standard...2250...my local area allows DoW so i ill have no problems in that regard. So any recommendations?

15-02-2007, 03:11
Ogres. Preferably Golgfag or Ironguts :)
A large unit (25) of Paymaster´s bodyguard (they get a static combat resolution of up to 7. 3 ranks, often outnumber, standard, warbanner, battle standard and they´re stubborn).

This is my idea of a 2250 list:

Unnamed2250 Pts - Dogs of War Army

1 Mercenary General @ 134 Pts
General; Heavy Armour
Sword of Might [20]

1 Warhorse @ [0] Pts

1 Paymaster @ 69 Pts
Heavy Armour
Enchanted Shield [10]

1 Hireling Wizard @ 145 Pts
Magic Level 2
Dispel Scroll [25]
Power Stone [25]

1 Hireling Wizard @ 145 Pts
Magic Level 2
Dispel Scroll [25]
Power Stone [25]

10 Crossbowmen @ 80 Pts

10 Crossbowmen @ 80 Pts

5 Heavy Cavalry @ 171 Pts
Barding; Lance; Heavy Armour; Shield; Standard; Musician

1 Champion @ [15] Pts

5 Voland's Venators @ 219 Pts
Barding; Lance; Heavy Armour; Shield; Standard; Musician

1 Voland @ [0] Pts
Barding; Lance; Heavy Armour; Shield

3 Golgfag's Ogres @ 330 Pts
2ndWeapon; Heavy Armour; Musician

1 Golgfag @ [150] Pts
2ndWeapon; Heavy Armour

1 Skaff @ [45] Pts
2ndWeapon; Standard

23 Paymaster's Bodyguard @ 295 Pts
Halberd; Heavy Armour; Standard; Musician
War Banner [25]

1 Champion @ [10] Pts

1 Cannon @ 85 Pts

1 Cannon @ 85 Pts

10 Duellists @ 100 Pts
Pistol; Musician

11 Duellists @ 109 Pts
Pistol; Musician

11 * Norse Marauders @ 118 Pts
Frenzy; Flail; Light Armour; Shield

1 Berserker @ [10] Pts

5 Light Cavalry @ 85 Pts
Spear; Shield; Musician

Casting Pool: 6

Dispel Pool: 4

Models in Army: 115

Total Army Cost: 2250

If anybody objects about me posting points values: the DoW army list is freely available on the Games Workshop website.