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13-02-2007, 01:26
Lord Tzeentch dragon flail sheild Staff of change golden eye of Tzeentch 811

Exalted champ Tzeentch flail enchanted sheild gaze of the gods Disc 257

Aspiring Tzeentch BSB chaos steed Banner of Wrath 241

6 chosen chaos knights Tzeentch blasted full command 390

Chariot Tzeentch 140

Chariot Tzeentch 140

10 furies 150

3 dragon ogres light great 237

4 screamers 132


opinions anyone ???

13-02-2007, 02:56
you should take a lord of change instead of the dragon and save the points. buy more warriors

13-02-2007, 03:32
you should take a lord of change instead of the dragon and save the points. buy more warriors

then i would need a lot of demons....bad juju....

The dragon is really designed to land by units of block troops cast magic and then blow 2 breath weapons into them. the only reason for the flail is to auto-pop chariots that present themselves.

13-02-2007, 07:51
Basically, and obviosly, you don't have anywhwere near enough men. At very least, drop the furies to 6 and change the Chariots to 4 or 5 strong units of Knights of Tz. That way your entire army won't be halved in size by 3 cannonballs.

Then, you need to un-choose the 6 man Knight unit, maybe drop it to 5 men if you need, and pump those points maybe into some marauder horsemen. Already, you've almost doubled the size of your army in model count without vaguely effecting your combat effectiveness, and you've vastly increased your tactical options, and made yourself slightly capable of coping with casualties. Furthermore, your chariots won't be left behind as a second wave to be destroyed peicemeal. It would be a pity to leave the chariots at home, just interms of hitting power and pd generation, but I reckon you'll have to choose between them and the Dragonogres.

13-02-2007, 15:18
I'd be fun for a bit but after they take your dragon out (if they can) or they just ignore it and kill the rest of your army.

13-02-2007, 22:24
well here is the problem with cannons i see, they dont survive past turn 2 cuse thats what the dragon , furies, screamers are doing first

other than this?

BTW this is an army I have won a few tournaments with already i am just looking for ways to improve it.

I may drop the ogres just to get some warriors but with the problem with needing a 25 man unit to make sure i get my ranks for a lil while its depressingly expensive like 500ish points:cries: :cries:

13-02-2007, 22:57
Don't Get Warriors! Not under any circumastances, they are a paper tiger of the highest order.

In regards to the cannonballs: It only takes 1 turn of shooting to reduce your army by half, that's the problem. And the table is 24" wide, which means that you've got a 50% chance of facing 2 turns of shooting. It isn't amazingly likely, but it is certainly possible that 2 turns of Empire Shooting will reduce you to 2 units left on the board. (2 Cannons plus Helblaster + handgunners (not very extreme) = 2 dead chariots turn 1, wiped fliers by handgunners and/or auxiliaries such as pistoliers, and Helblaster at the Dragon)

Either way, your army is a one trick pony, and I reckon you can solve that, albeit only to a degree.

14-02-2007, 03:27
Well since warriors seem not to be the choice any other ideas how to solve this???

15-02-2007, 00:51
I already told you man, you need more men, more units and more options, but while keeping the speed of the list constant. You take warriors and they will hit the enemy lines around 3 turns after the rest of your army, 3 turns of shooting, while the rest of your army may be destroyed peicemeal.

You can keep the dragonlord, but take some fast cav, some extra knight units with less beef on the existing ones, and if your furies are Warmachine hunting, you really shouldn't need more than 6, though I suppose with shooting casualties you might need the extras... Either way, find the points for more knights and light horse, and you've opened up the capability for options. Its much harder to march block armies with fast cav in it - ou don't want to be stranded footslogging 7" per turn across the table with an Empire gunline facing you. The fliers can cut them down, but if your fliers (not the dragon) get charged by enemy medium or light cavalry, they can't flee, and they'll likely pop in the ensuing instability test.

15-02-2007, 17:19
Greetings tyrion11482...

Here's my thoughts...

*Characters: Way to many points invested in them...and you have the most hated Chaos Combo...Chaos Lord Tzeentch on Chaos Dragon w/Golden Eye and Staff of Change...You're relying on Characters to win games for you...this isn't a good idea...

*Core: Chosen Knights are cool, but a big target...and you didn't follow the Chosen Number of Tzeentch...Chariots just for their Power Dice...ugh...

*Specials: Furies and Screamers are great...

*Rares: Dragon Ogrs are awesome...

This is the kind of Armies I hate to see personally...not much theme or flavor to them, and trying to rely on overpowering the foe via Magic...

It lacks Combat Resolution (no Ranks and low US) and it's not that reslient...you'll win games here and there, maybe more then 50% but you're foes won't be having much fun...

15-02-2007, 17:43
Point limits are not a suggested ballpark for your list. If this is supposed to be 2500pts you need to trim something.

My first suggestion would be a complete rewrite, because the army is ludicrous, but that's not really helpful. So instead I'd avise you to find some way of getting more units, even if only cheap ones such as hounds and marauder horse. A beastherd would also add a wealth of tactical options you don't currently possess.

Points can easily be found from your characters as you've spent way too much on them, also from the completely unecessary magical banner on your knights and a questionable upgrade to chosen...

In short this army is inflexible and unforgiving. If something goes unforseeably wrong you lack the numbers and variety to compensate for it.