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13-02-2007, 15:56
Given how badly my Wood Elves beat my friend's High Elves in an 1000 point battle, I'd like to start a thread for massacre stories.

I had my usual wood elf force:
Alter Noble, Spellsinger, 10 Archers, 8 Dryads, 2*5 Wardancers and a treeman, while my friend had a block each of swordmasters and spearmen, some archers, a mage and some silverhelms.

I ended up losing 7 dryads (I was using them to bait the spearmen into getting flank charged by some wardancers and later the alter noble) and a single wardancer, wereas he lost most of the silverhelms (to some wardancers and the treeman), all the swordmasters (most died to shooting and fury spells, then the alter noble backcharged the rest, made them flee and then the wardancers smashed through the last one and into the spearmen.)

The silliest parts were...

1)When I sent my alter noble around the outside of his force, and his archers turned to face him, thinking they'd atleast get to stand and shoot. The noble instead charges the remaining swordmasters and the archers(with mage) wasted more time turning around. Heck, I don't think they did ANYTHING.

2)When he spent two turns waiting for me to move my treeman and wardancers out of some forests and charge his silverhelms, then when he finally charged, only causing a single wound(with lances, mind) against the treeman, getting sidecharged by the wardancers and losing most of them.

As it's a weeklong campaign in the store, he surrendered, realising he'd just lose worse. XD

So, I learnt one thing... Fury of the Forest rocks, as do Alter Nobles.

So, what are your massacre stories?

13-02-2007, 16:00
I once beat an Ogre Kingdoms army with my Tomb Kings with the factual loss of two skeletons at 2K points. I tailored the list however quite strongly and even used Enkhils Canopy which you normally never see in armies, though it can cancel out a complete OK magic phase.
Also, Ogres suck against undead of any kind.

Enough bragging for today, normally I tend to lose.

Bretonnian Lord
13-02-2007, 16:18
My friend and I were playing a 2,000 pt game- I'm Bretonnians, and he is Lizardmen. He was having terrible luck during the entire game, and I ended up wiping out his entire army, and only losing 5 knights. Only time I've ever gotten a massacre, all of my other victories were either solid or minor ones.

13-02-2007, 17:07
Tend to score quite a few massacres with my Tzeentch army, although the best one was probably still in a 3K battle against the Dwarf Slayer list...

/brag ex

Wings of Doom
13-02-2007, 17:28
Here's two for you, both agaisnt the same Mortal Tzeentch army.

First time round, I was playing undivided and got massacred. He had something like 17 powerdice and I had 4 dispel dice and one scroll. Wasn't that prepared (obviously).
The game went from bad to worse, his magic just carving me up before I could reach his lines. I really underestimated him- buy the combat phase of turn five the only model I had left on the table was my Lord with Runesword and AoD, locked in combat with the remenants of a unit of Chosen he'd been busy butchering. Finished of the Chosen, and was charged by his Lord (I was somewhat suprised at this, his Lord being on a Disc with the Staff and Eye). Proceded to kill his lord but not the Disc which passed its test and went all frenzied on me, and was charged by the remaints of his army. Lost combat due to flank charge, out number, standard and three ranks and fled. Outran every unit he'd charged me with.
Apart from the Disc...
Ran down by a frisbee! Aweful.

The second game I was playing with Ogres. He took the lord of the disc for this game, had him with the staff, helm of many eyes and a great weapon in the unit of chosen.
I'd pretty much tooled my army up completely to beat him for this game, so the results were predictable, but just to see the look on his face-

"Blue fire on the Tyrants unit. Casts on a... 11!"
"Magic Resistance Three. Dispelled."
"Green fire on the Bruisers unit! Casts on a... 13!"
"You rolled a double. Miscast."
"Magic ogre armour."

My turn:

"Tyrants unit declares a charge on the Chosen. Terror test at minus three. Bet you wish you were undivided now."

Suffice to say that cheese beats cheese.

13-02-2007, 17:55
A tournament game against an Orc player, really nice young guy.

It was clear things weren't going to work out for him when I sent some Spirit Hosts to 8" of his Night Goblins, they were released through one of his chariots... oh, and the hosts were in a wood at the time, so all the fanatics died. Then I just kept ploughing through his large army and killed the final thing (A Spear Chukka) with the last action of turn 6, as my general valiantly charged out himself to take him on (Exposing himself for a turn, as his bodyguards couldn't fit through). Another highlight was an attempt to get rid his Wolf Riders with my Black Coach, but they actually passed their terror test!! So instead I rammed into them, killed many, broke the rest, and didn't want to take any chances so I pursued... through a river AND a wood, for two lots of damage to the Voach which then couldn't move for the rest of the game. Got the job done though!

13-02-2007, 18:29
I played 2000 points with my Cathay (Empire) versus my friends beasts. The moment when the game was settled was when he charged me with four or five unit on all sides (ambushers and the main force) and I beat him on all fronts and made him flee.

The game ended with him getting 200 VP:s for a cannon and some handgunners (I think) and me ending with 3000 VP:s...

It was fun.

13-02-2007, 20:15
All of the five games I've played this year with my Night Goblins, all at 1K - 1.25K have been massacres is my favour, including two memorable games where I actually got more VP than the points value of the game...

One 750 pt game, I won 1450 VP off him and he won 0 off me. I managed to destroy every unit, kill his general, wipe out his entire force and capture two banners by the end of turn 3 without losing more than about... ten goblins, from two different units? That one was fun.

Strange thing is I don't know how I keep getting massacres. The games aren't massively unusual, there's no one unit that earns quadruple its points back, but my units don't go below half strength, my characters don't die and I wipe out the opponent easily.

13-02-2007, 22:05
I almost always end my battles massacring my enemy or being massacred myself. I count only a couple of draws. I cannot say exactly why.

13-02-2007, 22:13
My friends Dwarves decimated my brother's Lizardmen, suffering a total of 2 wounds, one casualty. About 1000 points.

14-02-2007, 00:09
Going back a while (to 5th edition). It was the final game in a 2000pt tournament with my wood elves against another guys dark elves. I was fortunate enough to have two forests for cover, while he decided to deploy his whole army together on or to one side of a hill in his deployment zone. I had drawn the high magic spell assault of stone so when I was given first turn, my only move was to walk my lvl4 sorcerer through to the forest edge. my opponent didn't see what was coming his way and thought I was being stupid until the magic phase when I cast assault of stone and destroyed all his bolt throwers, destroyed the unit with his army standard and wiped out or caused panic tests in every unit in his army! his general failed his test and fled the field with a unit of cold one knights, he had 7 models left on the table at the end of turn one, at which point he surrendered since his army had been destroyed by one mage and a stupid deployment strategy. :eek:

14-02-2007, 00:15
played a chaos army with only 3 dispell dice against tomb kings with 4 magic casters in a tournament.

result, i was repeatedly charged and attacked in the magic phase without much i could do in response. he lost aprox 2 archers, i was wiped out in 3 turns. that was depressing.

14-02-2007, 02:42
I played a 3500pt game against A friends high elves with my Empire. This was the 5th battle we have played in just over 3 weeks. Usally i max out on priests effectivly cancelling out his magic phase but in this battle i was going to take a gamble and go magic offensive(level 4+ 3xlevel2). Boy did it pay off, Obviously fed up with having his wizard's sitting around doing nothing in our previous games, he only took 2xlevel 2(in a 3500pt High Elf army???) with only 2 scroll's between them.

I took lore of death on all my Wizards(hand's down my favourite lore) and my wizard lord roled up Doom&Darkness, Drain Life, steal soul and walking death. EXACTLY the spells i wanted(because he can still be an effective spell caster in combat), My lord was mounted with my "game Winning" unit Of 8 Inner Circle Knights(plus Grand Master with laureals no less). and after a power stone and an ubeliveable amount of double sixes over several turns, This "Game Winning" unit causes fear all enemy units within 12 had taken D6 S3 hit's w/No saves(two units of silver helms lost 3 models each, rendering the units largely "Innefective") the stuck up elven general(on dragon) was now at -3 to leadership and had his soul stolen twice, not to mention the dragon had suffered from drain life.

and i still had 3Xlevel 2 worth of spells to cast(Bwahhahha)

All this was before the unit even charged with there impessive S6 on the charge(bye bye dragon)

With the elven generals defeat my cavalry which consisted of 6xpistollers 2 units of 6x knight the Game Winning Unit and my stank mopped up the rest of the enemy. 800+ point's of state troops added nothing but a very menacing defensive line that was never in danger of being charged. My artillar underperformed but it didn't matter, I didn't need them

It was the best "one trick army" i had ever seen and it only worked because he expected me to go magic defensive. Obviously i knew that's what he would expect, which he didn't expect. He wont fall for it again so i will have to try something else. any ideas.

14-02-2007, 03:09
Played a 1000 point game dwarves vs. dark elves.

I had what could probably be considered a gunline: 40 warriors over 2 units, 20 thunderers deployed in a single rank over 2 units, 2 bolt throwers and one stone thrower with a rune of accuracy. His chariot and warrior unit won the game. I shot the bolt throwers at the warriors/chariot and rolled 1's the whole game and my stone thrower almost nailed his sorc (stones were probably better spent on the chariot). His warriors/hero and chariot got a combined head-on charge against my warriors broke them and then ate the rest of the army alive from teh flank. He won by 700 points.

14-02-2007, 13:12
3000 points battle, about 3 years ago, my Vampire Counts versus Mortal Chaos. The Chaos army contained Arachaon, a big unit Chosen Knights, a unit Khorne Knights, some Screamers and a lot of Marauders and Warriors. The chosen knights were broken and run down by a Vampire on Winged Nightmare which charged them. The Khorne Knights were forced to charge my spirit hosts, and were flanked by Black Knights. Archaon went up against my lord, did a few wounds, and then his head came clean of with a killing blow. All other infantry units were broken due fear with good rolling and minor losses on my side, which were replenished with the Invoaction of Nehek (which also healed my characters). End results: I lost 4 Vampire Bats (which I charged into Archaon, just for fun), he lost his entire army. I don't think I will ever be able to get a better result. ;)

14-02-2007, 16:20
This one was several years ago at a tournament. I was playing wood elves vs. chaos mortals. I had my one forest and a hill to try to avoid his cavalry, two chariots, ogres and beserkers.my scouts behind the hill with a treeman, waywatchers in the woods with my general and some wardancers in the middle of the field. first turn, scouts crest the hill, waywatchers step to the edge of the woods, both targeting chariots and killing the horses on both. my general steps out of the woods alone at the far side of the table to lure the knights with the general, who took the bait and headed in his direction with warriors seeing waywatchers at the edge of the woods and opting for them. My general fired the hail of doom arrow and managed to kill a rediculous 6 chaos knights, leaving their general alone, and due to his position in the unit, unable to charge my general. My army swept up the opposite flank taking out the ogres and a unit of warriors, while their general kept trying(unsuccessfully) to corner and charge my general. in the end, this expensive general was kept out of battle the entire game and was left by himself wandering around in the woods.

14-02-2007, 16:41
I've only had one real massacre. I think I'm much too nice(?) to really wipe my opponents off the board. This one happened more by accident.

Me: Bretonnians
Him: Orcs and Goblins with ONE unit of cavalry and ONE spear chukka.

Essentially he spent most of the first few turns feebly attempting to throw around his 4 levels of magic (against my two+four scrolls+MR off of two damsels)m rolling threes and fours for his spear chukka, and squabbling with his boar boys.

End result: He's wiped off the board, to the orc and goblin, by turn three.

Bretonnians haven't lost a single knight.


14-02-2007, 16:47
The worst in recent history was when playing against my friend with his Bretonnians vs. my Dark Elves in our local Fantasy league.

He is one of our best players but strangely enough i haven't played him that often so i was excited to play against him to see how it goes.

I based my DE force on mobility and magic superiority (7th edition was very fresh by then) having 3 sorceressess (sp?) of which one was my general, level 4 and mounted on a dark Pegasus.

I chose Death or Shadow magic (can't remember) since it's got a good amount of ranged damage spells which allow no armor saves.. perfect against Bretonia.

So we start.. i get first turn and he has most of his lances at one table edge.. i figure to move up my main sorceress to his flank and let loose some spells to decimate him before he reaches my army.
A bit of moving around and his turn.. he moves his skirmishers bowmen (about 15 or so) to the edge of his wood and shoots at my Pegasus Sorceress.. scores about 4 or 5 hits and ALL get randomized on my sorceress.

He wounds 2 times and i fail both 4+ wards. Next turn i move the sorceress to the falnk of his knights and start my first spell.. miscast, she gsts a strength 6 hit and naturally i fail my ward save again so she kills herself with her first action!

This was turn 2! Prior to that desaster i have positioned my 10 strong Cold One knight unit with hero and he charges a single mounted hero at my unit.
This guy is stubborn, had a nasty rerollable armor save and some other stuff.. he doesn't do damage, my hero with armor ignoring sword fails to hit or wound and the single guy holds about 400 points in place flank nicely exposed to the big bulk of bretonnian knights. Next round i manage to kill him but can't move away out the charge arc of his main force.. he charges and my knights vanish.

The rest was just a mopping up operation by him.. quite a short game that was lost by turn 2 :(

Stormbrow II
14-02-2007, 17:12
I managed to get a 15 min victory against a buddy's VC. He was a bit rusty with his list but seemed confident as I had 3DD and a pair of Scrolls against his 3 spellcasters including a tooled-up Necrarch Lord.

He deploys his Lord in the front rank of some Zombies, and his 2 necros in the front of a block of Skellies, one unit on each flank.

My cav army races forward on turn 1. He's surprised at how close they are but raises some zombies to get in my way and fires off a few missiles at chariots and helms. He doesn't move any of the characters out of their respective units.

My turn 2 my Dragon charges his Necrarch while my chariots go for his Necros in the Skelly units. My DPs and helms charge the newly raised unit (helms flanking) and I obliterate all 20+ of them in one go. The chariots do a few impact hits but I direct all their attacks on the necros and kill them both.:)

The dragon drops onto the Necrarch (he's got nowhere to hide) and eats him in one turn. His entire army bar a few knights collapses.:D

Or there was the tourney game where I bagged a Slaan with Pit of Shades.:evilgrin:

14-02-2007, 17:12
The most ashaming time that I got massacred was my orcs vs vampire counts (2000 vs 2000), and at the end of the battle his army...


it grew!
it was larger then when we started...
terrible. 3/4 of my units fled the table before we went into combat. i did manage to kill a few zombies and skellies, but they were raised faster than my boyz could chop 'm...

best massacre i did... that's hard. i did a couple, mainly against dark elves. but the easiest one was at 1500 points. i wiped out his entire army with only 1 unit of wolf riders (5), 1 unit of savage boar boyz (5) and 1 big boss in a chariot with porko's pigstikka.
the rest of my boyz (and that was a lot of them) just sat back and watched. the cavalry mainly did some support were necessary.
the chariot wiped out one unit after another by flanking, overrunning and pricking them with the pigstikka.

14-02-2007, 17:52
In a 1k fight last night, I massacred dwarfs with my ogres. 1150 to 350, right about.

14-02-2007, 18:15
First game, coming back from a 5-year break.

I got wiped out, my friend lost 5 dwarf warriors...

1000 point game... (I was O&G btw)

Rioghan Murchadha
15-02-2007, 07:35
and even used Enkhils Canopy

This thing is awesome when you need to get out of the rain or harsh sun too.. :p