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13-02-2007, 20:18
I am a big Orcs and goblin fan and the army i find the hardest to beat are the dark elves. I have battled my elfy friend 6 times and only won once. I find warriors easy to beat but his corsairs and cold one Knights hard to beat. What is the best way to kill them??? Also his dragon is to good and i dont see a way of beating it. How???

13-02-2007, 22:40
I play dark elves, but don't have much experience with Orks and gobs, but I can give you some general advice.
I find my elves have a hard time dealing high toughness units since most of our attacks come at Str 3. In the same vein, good armor saves give elves trouble for the same reason.
One big advantage of us elves is our excellent movement, so maybe you could try fielding a force with roughly equivalent mobility to negate that advantage.
As for the dragon, I would deal with it like I would any high toughness/multi-wound monster... bolt throwers, and lots of em. I think the O+G bolt throwers are quite cheap too, so I say skewer the thing ASAP.
Besides the dragon, is there anything else he fields which is really giving you trouble?

14-02-2007, 02:10
Ive played both dark elves and O & G and from your post i dont know how many points you are playing but for the knights and dragon, giants do pretty well against large targets and use wolf riders as sceens etc to set up multiple charges from your other troops also a few gobbo units with fanatics can work pretty well to soften the bigger units up he has working and then with greenskin panic when they break have a big unit or boyz behind em with ignore greenskin panic so they can continue to dwindle down his forces if you put some more info I could give you some good tactics, as of right now though I play BoC "taurs" and my lowest str in the army is S6 so i destroy any type of big creatures with ease including high saving Knights.

14-02-2007, 08:30
O&G are one of the armies DE are really geared to do well against. Low armour and low Ld are really what we love to see.

Some things you may wish to consider...

Numbers; Keep your numbers fairly high in your units especially goblins. Don't want that fear playing too much havoc. Also, not much in the DE list can break infantry with full ranks from the front.

Speed. Elves are very fragile so rely on flanking. Take some elements to negate their mobility... a couple of fanatics, hoppers etc

Cost. Because everything in elven lists costs so much, he can't take a great deal and whatever he does take, there will be compromises elsewhere. So pick you favourite part of your list and invest a bit in beefing it up. If you like magic, take 3 mages and a BO warboss. If you like artillery, take 4 or 5 pieces. You will dominate him in that phase of the game.

Bolt throwers are your friends. You probably need at least 3 if he's taking a dragon.

14-02-2007, 09:49
I've found that chariots can be useful against the warriors because the warriors are week and can cause them to flee. On my last battle i drestroyed a unit of 15 warriors in one turn. I have a rock lobber but that crashed down 2nd turn and i shoot at cold one riders with my arrer boyz. I find goblins usless but do you think if i put Snarstik and Gobbla in a regiment of 30 night gobbos, they will be better??

DarkLord Of Naggaroth
15-02-2007, 15:25
I would say give up.
As a DE player, I have played my orc bud 8 times and he's only beaten me once (which was a skirmish battle in his advantage.)
I'm afraid giants dont stand a chance against dragons so dont waste it. Chariots are good against small units of spearmen. Get quite a few boar chariots and rely on the impact hits.

And think that if you play DE under 1500pts then you dont play as well as you could. Orcs have an advantage in high numbers. And if you insist in bringing gobos, then at least only use them as bait etc. dont rely on them to actually kill anyone.

15-02-2007, 15:43
Thanks for the quote Darklord of Naggoroth, the greenskin guy you play must not use his orcs great. I've beaten dark elves finally again in a 1500pts battle but he didn't use his dragon. He was upset to lose his winning streak and thanks for the tips. I'll paint more orcs and swamp him with them.