View Full Version : Lord Rattigans Entourage - 2000pts Skaven

13-02-2007, 23:48
Hello again, instead of Chaos I have a Skaven list for you to mill over;

Warlord Rattigan
Warpstone Amulet, Blade of Black Fury, Bands of Power
Heavy Armour, Shield

Battle Standard Bearer Flaversham
Sacred Standard of the Horned Rat

Plague Priest Fidget
Plague Censor, Liber Bubonicus

Engineer Moriarty
*Fully Upgraded* Storm Daemon, Dispel Scroll

25 Clanrats
Full Command

25 Clanrats
Spears, Full Command

20 Slaves

20 Slaves

20 Storm Vermin
Shields, Full Command

20 Plague Monks
Full Command
Banner of Burning Hatred

3 Plague Swarms

3 Rat Ogres

2 Giant Rat Packs

2 Poison Wind Globadiers

Warp Lightning Cannon

Any opinions?

14-02-2007, 11:37
I'm a very new skaven player myself (just ordered my first army installment) but it looks like your army lacks punch against armoured stuff, your general, plague priest and WLC are the only things which do pretty well.

Personally I'd drop the rat ogres (overpriced and underpowered) and buy some plague censer bearers and a few more globadiers.

I'd probably drop the swarms, they dont last long at all, and are very costly for a skaven army.

dont forget the extra hand weapons on the plague monks either!