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14-02-2007, 02:36
I don't know if this should go to tatics forum, but since it is a matter of army building rather than battlefield tatics, I guess this should go here.

For last many years I have known warhammer, many people advised me that if I were to build a TK army, I have two options; A: a defensive army that largely consists of archers, Casket of Skulls, and catapult, or B: a fast moving, offensive army that largely consists of horsemen, chariots, and bone giant. Since I am very inexperienced, I tend to follow such advice, but in my thoughts, I thought TK was a very expendable, reflexive army that could deal with most of types of enemies, wasn't it? I mean, is it not possible to keep a decent balance between types of troops and still have quite convincing chance of winning with TK army in relatively low-point games? Seeking advice from dear people of Warseer. Have a good day.

14-02-2007, 18:54
This should go in the tactics forum, you can discuss everything from battlefield tactics to army building and character equipment there. Good luck.