View Full Version : Oddworld: Strangers Wrath

Marty D
20-07-2005, 14:38
an unexpectadly great game

you are some sort of feline-esque bounty hunter bloke with a crossbow bringin in outlaws and scum of the earth for moolah

thing is - this stranger doesnt believe in using conventional guns so his crossbow packs a 'unique' kind of punch:

using live ammo.

pick up animals and bugs and shoot them out your double barrel crossbow with different effects and combinations

a game 'for children'? doubt it - its great fun!

Ethereal Alpaca
20-07-2005, 14:57
Having played both Abe games, I have to say Munch and the Sranger's Wrath especially (I love bounty hunters!) are probably going to be the deciding factor in getting an Xbox finally (or the 360 when it's out).

Marty D
21-07-2005, 14:08
i've gotten quite far in the game i think- theres a major twist and then the game turns into something very strange indeed

and by the way: those wolvarks are little buggars, especially the riot ones

21-07-2005, 14:17
You guys do know that the makers of the the oddworld series (Oddworld Inhabitants) have stopped making games don't you? The publishers of Strangers Wrath (EA, wasn't it?) didn't advertise Strangers Wrath as OI would have liked, thus it sold very badly, Lorn Lanning (CEO of OI) got pissed and said they would be making no more games.


21-07-2005, 16:53
The good part is, he wants to get into 3D cartoons :)

Hoshi No Koe
21-07-2005, 23:45
I finished the game a couple of months ago. A really cool game although rather short. I was a bit disappointed by the plot twist though, as the gameplay of the first part was the most fun IMO.

I didn't know they stopped making games. I have yet to play the other oddworld games but I really like the atmosphere.

Marty D
25-07-2005, 10:08
i have played both the abe games - they were fun

and also i preferred the beginning of the game as a bounty hunter

and yea, i saw the twist coming but its a good one anyways

and the guys at oddworld said they wouldnt be making proper games as such anymore they would however carry on creating characters and plots/ stories

i always thought the in game movies were the best part anyway

25-07-2005, 11:57
The first game -Abe's Oddessy was one of the first games I ever played on the PSone, since the first few areas came on the demo disc I still remember the intro as if it were yesterdy 'this.. is Rupture Farms...' I'm really rather pissed at EA for putting OI in a position where they feel that making games is no longer profitable for them, I'd have loved to have seen what they could have come up with, sadly innovative and risky products don't get the support they deserve anymore. I know why, it's a risk that the companies can't afford to take with their money. It's our fault as much as anyone elses - as long as we keep buying **** that's what we'll get.