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14-02-2007, 20:37
I don't know if this should go to tatics forum, but since it is a matter of army building rather than battlefield tatics, I guess this should go here.

For last many years I have known warhammer, many people advised me that if I were to build a TK army, I have two options; A: a defensive army that largely consists of archers, Casket of Skulls, and catapult, or B: a fast moving, offensive army that largely consists of horsemen, chariots, and bone giant. Since I am very inexperienced, I tend to follow such advice, but in my thoughts, I thought TK was a very expendable, reflexive army that could deal with most of types of enemies, wasn't it? I mean, is it not possible to keep a decent balance between types of troops and still have quite convincing chance of winning with TK army in relatively low-point games? Seeking advice from dear people of Warseer. Have a good day.

17-02-2007, 14:15
no matter which you choose you will win TK is one of the most nasty armies in the game. The only way you can loose is to MIX the two.

Go all attack
go all defense

The choice depends on who you are fighting

Go D against a horde (like Orcs)

Go A against an army likely to stand back and out shoot you (like Elves)

26-02-2007, 15:31
my opponent has devised a magic heavy army with two catapults, archers, 2x25 spearmen, a few horsemen and two blocksa chariots. that can dish out 4 catapult shots a turn, anchor some of the enemy line, and smack into the sides!