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20-07-2005, 14:58
This is a new list based on the same concept as in my last thread, except magic has been drasticly scaled up and various changes have been made.

Dark Elves - 2000pts - Faeiwyn's Dark Raiders

Faeiwyn the Fellwind, High Sorceress: 384pts
-Level 4 Upgrade, rides Cold One (Dark Magic)
-Heartstone of Darkness, Ring of Darkness
Celes, Sorceress: 140pts
-Seal of Ghrond, Dispel Scroll
Xenarieos Lightbearer, Battle Standard Bearer: 155pts
-Heavy Armor, Sea Dragon Cloak
-Mystic Shield of Light(A Talisman), Biting Blade
Total: 679pts

20 Corsairs: 250pts
-Full Command, Warbanner
19 Corsairs: 215pts
-Full Command, led by Xenarieos
5 Dark Riders: 127pts
Musician, Rxbows
5 Dark Riders: 127pts
Musician, Rxbows
Total: 719pts

5 Shades: 70pts
2x Cold One Chariot: 190pts
Total: 260pts

Faeiwyn's Chosen, Spellthirster Hydra: 240pts
1 Reaper Bolt Thrower: 100pts
Total: 340pts
Grand Total: 1998pts

Well well.. this list packs a hell of a lot more punch, thats for sure! Before you ask, "why is the high sorc on a cold one?" the reason is because I have the Morathi model just sitting around, and I have Malus Darkblade's cold one with the armoured head. What better combination of the two than to make my own personal character? It'll look dope no? anyways. When i go over tactics you'll see that the cold one is irrelevant.

The concept here is simple. Stick Faeiwyn's Chosen Spellthirster in the middle of the line. For those who don't know it has magic resistance 2, everything within 6" has magic resistance 1, and it destroys dispelled high magic spells cast upon it on a 4+ roll. To it's left and right go the two units of Corsairs, with the Battle Standard for good measure. Celes the novice will deploy behind the Hydra, though within 6". Inbetween one Corsair unit & the Hydra will go our lovely lady Faeiwyn, though at least an inch back from the front of the Hydra's base. Everyone effectively has magic resistance 1, and Corsairs have a 4+ save vs shooting. Let me take a minute to talk about this wonderful lady who's citadel rests atop her black ark, directing it magicly. :evilgrin:

She rides a Cold One, so causes fear and has a 5+ armor save. She has the Heartstone so she has a 4+ ward as well, and carries the ring of darkness, a lvl 4 bound item that makes anyone require 6's to hit her, regardless of modifiers, and remains in play. Can you see where I'm headed with this? When the Hydra/Corsairs/Chariots all reach combat, she will be right in the thick of it, relatively protected for a mage. This makes her extremely deadly, due to dark magic's best spells(like soul stealer & dominion) having 6"-12" range. It's safe to say she'll probably get Soul Stealer off on some enemy unit nearby at least once in the game. Now she has a 5+ armor save, 4+ ward, require's 6's to hit, and has 6 wounds. Is that effectively invulnerable to just about anything in close combat? Did i mention magic resistance 1? This must the world's toughest sorceress to kill in combat! Can you imagine the terror of having this broad and the hydra up against your line?

The Dark Riders & Shades are self explanatory, you can't have all that good stuff without some fast cav and scouts to maneuver with & protect your force. The bolt thrower will be deployed somewhere unusual, such as right up on the deployment zone line near my troops. The two cold one chariots come in to hit the enemy unit's at the same time the corsairs do, or to charge enemies who charge the corsairs in the prior turn, most likely winning combat and running em down. Comments & suggestions welcome.

20-07-2005, 16:08
Ok I will go over the list entry by entry...;)

Sorceress (lvl 4) - I can se the use with Heartstone of Darkness, but I still think there are better combos on a level 4. I prefer Soulstone, since if I have invested close to 400pts in a model, I can't afford to miss the stuff it does for a turn or possibly two...

Sorceress (lvl 1) - to invest about 400pts in a model and magic and don't back it up with a lvel 2...??? Also do you need 6 dispell dices?

BSB - OK. I would have done another combo, either Sword of Spite/Blood armour or Biting Blade/Wand of Kharadarion, but it works...

Core: Works out nice.

Special: Same here, looks solid.

Rare: Hydra - OK.
But an RBT???? You have an advancing army, combat oriented with Chariots and a Hydra... The Boltthrower is IMHO not worth it in the list. It's just easy VP for your opponent. I would either get 5 Dark Riders (Musician) for 97pts or a unit of Harpies instead...

But it's your list! :D :angel:

20-07-2005, 18:25
I have a bad habit of including things that I've bought and painted so they aren't a 'waste' if you will. Gotta get over that.. :P I know the RBT is somewhat outta place regarding that. I think i might go for Sword of spite/blood armor, its just that they may get charged and with no ward.. 2 wounds go awfully fast. I guess i dont need 6 dispel dice, i could drop the seal, and use some points from the RBT to make her a level 2. From there i could include a second unit of shades, which i'd prefer over the harpies.. just a matter of taste. thanks for the comments..