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Puffin Magician
20-07-2005, 15:36
There used to be a nice little site with a page I'd always find after a quick Google for all the Titan Legion and Knight Household colour patterns, most have you have likely seen the stuff from this site as it contains the only fluff from the Adeptus Titanicus game about the Legion's colours and the Forge World they come from.

But, as has been happening in the past few years, this site seems to have been annihilated by the GW legal team, and I can no longer find the page or the information that was on the site.

Does anyone remember the colours used by the Knight Households? Or a link to a still-existing website that has the colours listed there?

21-07-2005, 09:47
House Hawkwood: red and yellow; winged lion's head icon.
House Beaumaris: navy and white; wyvern's head icon.
House Mortimer: yellow and purple; genestealer 'embryo' icon.
House Warwick: purple and green; fire breathing dragon's head icon.

Is that the sort of information you're after?

Puffin Magician
21-07-2005, 10:54
Yep, exactly. Should've menitoned it was in Wd126 with the original Knight fluff, but oh well.

Unfortunately the colour scheme I've devised is identical to House Hawkwood [I took ideas from my own family heraldry; which uses the colours Red, Gold, and White [Silver] and incorporates a Griffith]. Guess I'll have to change that now... :mad:

Thanks for the info.

Inquisitor S.
21-07-2005, 11:15
Here a list that was once published in "Inquisitor"-Magazine:

House Krast
Colors: Blue with yellow trim

House Khord
Colors: unknown

House Devine
Colors: unknown

House Hyperion
Colors: Black with red trim

House Lakar
Colors: Yellow with blue trim

House Arakon
Colors: Green with yellow trim

House Dibran
Colors: unknown

House Hawkwood
Colors: Red and yellow

House Beaumaris
Colors: Purple and white

House Arundel
Colors: Red and unknown

House Mortimer
Colors: Purple and yellow

House Warwick
Colors: Purple and unknown

Puffin Magician
21-07-2005, 21:52
That's also helpful; aren't the first ones devoted to Chaos now [as House Devine is commonly known to be in the service of Slaanesh]? Might be able to use those colours on my Chaos Knights...

Thanks again for the info.

Inquisitor S.
22-07-2005, 10:37
House Devine is (as far as I am aware) the only known house of those which turned to Chaos, however I do not remember exactly which WD this was in.

22-07-2005, 10:41
I took ideas from my own family heraldry; which uses the colours Red, Gold, and White
Hawkwood is primarily red, with yellow/gold as the secondary colour, so I think if you minimised the gold and went for mainly red and silver/white, it wouldn't look too much like a ripoff. Or maybe reverse it and go for mostly white with just touches of red and gold?

Puffin Magician
22-07-2005, 10:51
I don't want Red/White as my Astartes Chapter uses those colours. I was thinking of still using Red & Yellow but with more white areas to break up the large blocks of colour.

The problem is that in heraldry, Yellow and White symbolize Gold and Silver. Such colours wouldn't be abundant and would instead be used for trim.

Anyway, it should be alright... there are plenty of Marine Chapters with very similar colours and patterns, and nobody seems to mind that very much. How many people have actually ever seen a painted 40k Knight walker anyway? I should be able to get away with Red/Yellow & Silver/Black.

22-07-2005, 17:19
The problem is that in heraldry, Yellow and White symbolize Gold and Silver. Such colours wouldn't be abundant and would instead be used for trim.
In mediaeval heraldry, yes. But we're talking 38,000 years in the future heraldry... ;) Another idea might be to go for a darker wine-red rather than the bright cherry-red of House Hawkwood.

Puffin Magician
22-07-2005, 21:51
Remember, the Knight Worlds were cut off from the Imperium during the Age of Strife, and adopted fuedal systems similar to the Middle Ages [although the fluff says they copied the Eldar Exodites, there are obvious similarities]. Their colouring and heraldry is also similar.

Check out some more fluff here (http://www.criticalhit.co.uk/w40krp/WD126_knights.shtml). Information about heraldry is at the bottom of the page.

A deeper red might do better, it fits closer to the Adeptus Mechanicus' Red Gore colourings, which makes sense as they are called upon by the Titan Legions to support them during campaigns.

23-07-2005, 08:01
Check out some more fluff here.
Yes, I have that WD, remember? ;)

Anyway, that article states that the human Knight Worlds' society was based on eldar Exodite clan society, not on human mediaeval society, which had already been forgotten for thousands of years when the Knight Worlds were settled.

IMO, you shouldn't feel too restrained by 'real' heraldic tradition, just because that's what GW used as a basis for the Knights. There's absolutely no reason why the Knights themselves would feel bound by rules laid down on a different planet thousands of years before and long-forgotten. If a colour scheme looks good, go for it, regardless of whether you'd ever see it on a real mediaeval knight's heraldry.

Puffin Magician
23-07-2005, 11:56
I know that the Imperial Knights copied their imagery and societal structure of the Exodites, but c'mon... the entire idea is obviously heavily influenced by the Medieval Knights of times long past.
I don't feel restrained by wanting to adhere to the "rules" of heraldry; besides, units wouldn't look right if painted with lots of silver or gold anyway. I'll use a stripe of white to break up large coloured areas.