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15-02-2007, 07:40
I was looking through the slayer army list the other day, and thought up a charachter that would wipe the floor with just about anything else in combat, as it can deal about 70 wounds on average against most heavy infantry with toughness of 5 or more

LORDS AND HEROES (against enemies with units of toughness 5 or more e.g. chaos, ogres)
146 points: Thane (rune of warding, rune of luck, master rune of spite, great weapon, shield)
335 points: Daemonslayer (master rune of smiting, skavenslayer, rune of fury, rune of speed, vampireslayer, in slayer unit)

LORDS/HEROES (when facing horde armies and other armies with low toughness e.g. skaven, VC, orcs)
150 points: Thane(master rune of gromril, master rune of alaric the mad, handgun)
315 points: Daemonslayer (master rune of smiting, skavenslayer, rune of fury, rune of speed, beastslayer, in slayer unit)

225 points: 20 Warriors (great weapons, full command)
265 points: 20 Rangers (throwing axes, great weapons, shields, full command)
161 points: 10 Thunderers (shields, musician)

402: 30 Slayers (4 giantslayers, standard bearer)
110 points: Grudgethrower (rune of reloading, engineer with duel pistols)
90 points: 2 Bolt throwers

140 points: Gyrocopter
130 points: Goblin hewer
1999 points:
95 infantry + 4 artillary pieces + 1 flyer
10 units

screen the slayer unit behind the dwarven warriors on one side of the battlefield, and advance them forward, supported by the thunderers, and with the gyrocopter flanking the enemy and trying to draw them away from the infantry. The slayers should get into combat without losing much rank bonus, and are really there to keep the daemonslayer alive. Slayers go after enemies with toughness 5 or greater and can expect to get about 80 combat resolution with decent dice rolls, beating just about any enemy they are in combat with.
Deploy the bolt throwers, grudge thrower and goblin hewer along the back line away from the infantry, so if they go for the daemonslayer or the artillary, the other can cut them down.

15-02-2007, 07:47
Your main problem is going to be that in an average army, there are under 5 models with Toughness 5, and quite likely zero.

15-02-2007, 10:33
Then i'll use the alternative combo, which will give the daemonslayer a CR of about +40 in a normal round of combat

15-02-2007, 14:52
Few problems with your strategy If I remember correctly.
I dont think you can just pick and choose from the SoC list and the normal dwarf list.
Also the slayer skill which multiplies one succesful wound into d6 wounds is not he same as killing d6 1 wound models with every blow. I am fairly sure that with combat resolution, you cant do more wounds ot a model than the model has on its profile (except overkill in challenges)

16-02-2007, 08:49
revised abilites

against infantry units use the daemonslayer with MRoSmiting, rune of fury, rune of speed, skavenslayer and beastslayer

thats 10 attacks (not 25 as i originally thought), which means about 8 hits, which means about 4 wounds.
MRoSmiting makes this about 12 wounds (distributed thoughout the unit that the charachter is in combat with)
beastslayer makes this about +24 combat resolution

against charachters use daemonslayer with MRoSmiting, rune of fury, rune of speed, vampireslayer, deathblow

16-02-2007, 09:46
My understanding is if an item means wounds are multiplied then htis only happens on modles with multiple wounds.
i.e. If you wound an empire spearman with one wound with a weapon that multiplies 1 wound into d6 you only kill one model. Multi wound weapons are only good against multi wound models (or for overkill in challenges)

19-02-2007, 07:55
well, what about this for a cheap charachter-killer:

vampireslayer (unsaved wounds cause D6 wounds on enemies of 3+ wounds on starting profile)
master rune of alaric the mad (no armour saves possible)
grudge rune (re-roll all attacks against one enemy model, chosen secretly at beginning of game)
rune of striking (+1 WS)

cheap charachter killer for 170 points
4 attacks on the charge
WS7, re-roll to hit (about 3 hits)
4+ to wound (about 1 or 2 wounds)
no armour saves allowed
unsaved wounds cause D6 wounds (enough to kill most charachters)

19-02-2007, 13:00
revised list:

303 points: Lord (shield, shieldbearers, rune of stone, master rune of smiting, rune of fury, rune of cleaving, rune of the furnace)
170 points: Dragonslayer (vampire slayer, master rune of alaric the mad, grudge rune, rune of striking)

225 points: 20 Warriors (great weapons, full command)
240 points: 15 Longbeards (great weapons, rune of battle, full command)
245 points: 20 Rangers (throwing axes, great weapons, full command)
161 points: 10 Thunderers (shields, musician)

291: 20 Slayers (4 giantslayers, standard bearer)
105 points: Grudgethrower (rune of reloading, engineer)
90 points: 2 Bolt throwers

140 points: Gyrocopter
130 points: Goblin hewer

2001 points

20-02-2007, 03:23
As another poster mentioned, in an 'official' game you cannot use the SoC Slayer army slayer skills on a slayer character in a 7th ed Dwarf army. Fine to use it in a friendly game if your opponent agrees (I wouldn't object).

As to your list, it is otherwise fine although it really lacks magic defense to any meaningful degree (you only get the 4 army dispel dice).

20-02-2007, 08:04
I like using my all-slayer army, as it gets +1 dispell die for eveyry 1000 points, and it gets a free move at the start of the game. And although none of the army has any armour, and only one piece of artillary is allowed, the goblin hewer is really cool, and each unit in the army wounds at least on a 4+

from above list:

shield, shieldbearers, rune of stone: 0+ save
rune of shielding: 2+ ward save against magic missiles and shooting attacks
rune of preservation immune to poisoned attacks and killing blow
rune of resistance: re-roll armour saves (might take instead of rune of preservation if enemy has no killing blow or poisoned attack units)
rune of the furnace: immune to fire

slayer: wounds on 4+
master rune of smiting: unsaved wounds cause D6 wounds
vampireslayer: unsaved wounds cause D6 wounds against enemies with 3 or more wounds on their starting profile
master rune of alaric the mad: no armour saves allowed
grudge rune: re-roll to hit against one enemy chosen secretly at the beginning of the game
rune of striking: +1 WS

not quite as many models in this list as i usually like to field in a dwarf army, but i wanted to try out having a dwarf army with loads of artillary, as they have access to a lot of it and i usually dont use this much in a game. The dragonslayer is for charachter-killing, and is quite cheap for what you get from him (if he gets first strike in combat, he will probably kill most heroes). The lord can be put in an infantry unit or left on his own. He is virtually unkillable, with 0+ armour save, 2+ ward save against shooting and magic missiles, immune to fire, immune to poison and killing blow (could replace this with being able to re-roll armour saves).