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15-02-2007, 19:44
I thought it'd be interesting to see what the players on this site would think of my list that I use all the time in the Tournaments out here...plenty of RTTs always available to play in...

1x Daemon Prince: Undivided(530pts)
*General, Lvl 4, Fire, Diabolic Splendor, Spell Breaker, Soul Hunger

8x Chaos Furies: Undivided(120pts)
*Flyers, Skirmished

16x Bloodletters of Khorne: (341pts)
*Lt Armor, MR(1), Frenzy, FC, Unholy Icon

8x Flesh Hounds of Khorne: (128pts)
*Fast Cav, MR(2), Frenzy

18x Horrors of Tzeentch: (326pts)
*Bound Spells, Lv1 Champ Tzeentch, Standard, Musician

9x Flamers of Tzeentch: (225pts)
*Skirmished, Shoot Flames 8", D6 hits each

14x Plaguebearers of Nurgle: (259pts)
*Cloud of Flies, Stream Corruption, FC

4x Bloodcrushers of Khorne: (320pts)
*Hvy armored, MR(1), Frenzy

Power Dice: 7 + 1 Bound
Dispel Dice: 5 + 1 Spellbreaker

My win/loss/draw ratio with this Army is...84/1/2

Just wondering what everyone thought...

15-02-2007, 22:40
Have you considered using 2 units of 5x Flesh Hounds instead of 1 bigger unit? I believe it will make them more versatile. As they are fast cavalry with no rank bonus anyway. In 2 units you can always charge them both at one enemy effectively acting as 1 big unit for US if you wish anyway. Since they are immune to psychology you don't have to worry about panic tests from casualty anyway.

15-02-2007, 23:17
I like the list, it really gives me hope as I was looking at a daemonic list myself but I only have limited khorne and Tzeentch models to choose from.

Have you considered using belakor as your general? Or perhaps using a second character? I see you keep the gods number for your units, but you could drop the nurgle troops and/or the bloodcrushers to free up points. Although the bloodcrushers look devasting on paper.

Btw what type of armies did you face that were a problem. Was it static res that took its toll or were you just outgunned in particular phases. I only ask because this army looks like it will be quite strong in most phases, aside from shooting but that is offense only and daemons have decent toughness and ward saves to combat shooting casaulties.

16-02-2007, 03:57
I thank you guys/gals for the replys...

kruzkal: If I try to make a list solely for the purposes of winning, then I'd take 2 units of 6 models for Flesh Hounds...but the list has inherent strengths in it so I don't need to abuse them...I've been playing for over 12 years now, and for me, Strong Lists with Theme are my favorite...so I'll always use the Chosen Numbers of the Dark Gods...besides, 8 lined up nose to tail form a very long screen on Deployment that easily covers 2 of my units...thanks for the comments!

Irakaz: Glad to give you some hope for Daemons! I have considred and tried Be'lakor as my army general, however...he's a bit to easy and powerful...really makes the Army OTT to the point that my foes don't enjoy the game at all...this list is strong, and deceptively so at times...but no reason to make it un-fun!....a couple years back when the Storm of Chaos book first came out, I tried all sorts of lists since I have all the models for all the Dark Gods...old and new...I've used 2 Daemonic Heralds of Khorne mounted on Juggernauts running around on their own as a supportive role to my then Exalted Daemon general...i've used Slaanesh in the list...more Khorne, less Tzeentch etc....but this is what turned out to work the best...as you've already noticed, I stick firmly with the Chosen Numbers...Daemons reall don't need more then 1 Character in Armies under 5,000pts...they're just tough enough and since our cheapest model costs 15pts, we're usually heavily outnumbered...why make it worse by adding extra Characters?...the Bloodcrushers are devastating, but believe it or not, tend to die in most of the RTTs that I've used them in...about 18 out of 21 RTT games they've either popped or been killed outright...not before they've done their damage though!....to win at Warhmammer most of the time, you must be able to control 2 of the phases and contest 1...I can control 2 or 3 phases, and contest the rest....Movement Phase....Magic Phase...Shooting Phase...Close Combat Phase...there are 4 Armies that will always give me a problem, and I'll list them here in the order of medium to hard time...and why...

4) Lizardmen: They can fight, cast good Magic, shoot and move quite well...all the things my Army does as well! Coupled in with the Cold Blooded rule, they take away one of my weapons (Psychology) over half the time...

3) Bretonnians: Damn tin cans...funny that so many people complain about the Daemonic Legions always having their 5+ Ward Save, yet Bretonnians have this(if Strength 5 or higher attacks) and a 2+ Armor Save on most of their units! Oh, and they get special rules for Ranks, Standards, free unit Champions, an extra Hero slot...and their Steeds are M(8) w/Barding...nice...the new rules under 7th Edition heavily favors them...

2) Daemonic Legions: My 2 draws come from another Daemonic Legions list...my "anti-list" I suppose...all Slaanesh with a Keeper of Secrets...the Soporiphic Musk is very overpowering, and i believe GW will fix this in a year or so for the new Chaos Book...that and Slaanesh Magic is very strong...but in general another Army that is Immune to Psychology, has a 5+ Ward Save and can hit hard and move well will always be tough...

1) Slayers of Karak Kadrin: I really, really hate playing against this Army...with so many special rules, and being ENTIRELY Unbreakable, for most Chaos Type Armies they're tough...Doomseekers, Malakia's damn Goblin Hewer, Slayer Honors, etc....all this I can deal with, but the worst rule is the "honorable death" one or whatever it's called...they gain 10 VPs for every model of their's you kill with a model that has a base S(5) or T(5)...well that's about half of my Army!...

20-02-2007, 01:03
Well, I've just played my last RTT with this list, and now I'm "retiring" it in favor of a new one...in the end, this list's record was...

81 wins via Massacres
2 wins that were Solid Victories
1 win that was a Minor Victory
1 Minor Loss...damn Stefan!
5 Draws...

Master Kain
20-02-2007, 19:23
That looks like a solid list (makes sense with ur win/loss record). What army u gonna start next?

20-02-2007, 20:45
Much thanks Master Kain!

I've gone to Undivided Daemonic Legions using Khorne/Nurgle now instead...I've had about 6 games with them thus far, all 6 have been really bad Massacres...so looks good thus far!

20-02-2007, 23:25
So how did you go in the tourney? Looks like your draws went up a fair amount?

21-02-2007, 04:06
Bull: Thanks for the question! I did well actually in the tournament...I won my first game by a little over 1,000 VPs against a Bretonnian list, then had a tough Draw against the Skaven and a fanastic player-Steve Masuta...then in Round 3 I had a re-match with Stefan Viter...it was our third game to be the "tie breaker"...he had his Dark Elves...but it ended in a Draw as well...in the end, I walked away with the Best Sportsmanship Award!

22-02-2007, 00:48
Congratulations man! Best sport is possibly the trophy I personally respect the most.

Sounds like a hard fought tourny I wish you the best of luck with your new army!

22-02-2007, 16:35
Thanks again Bull!

I shall keep this site, as well as the ones I'm on a lot more, updated with how it's going!

Best Sportsmanship is a cool prize!

22-02-2007, 16:48
16x Bloodletters of Khorne: (341pts)
*Lt Armor, MR(1), Frenzy, FC, Unholy Icon

I found 2x6 bloodletters the best.

8x Flesh Hounds of Khorne: (128pts)
*Fast Cav, MR(2), Frenzy

As someone has already pointed out, 2 units of 5 are better.

18x Horrors of Tzeentch: (326pts)
*Bound Spells, Lv1 Champ Tzeentch, Standard, Musician

Unit of 12 is fine. Drop the standard and musician, they are a waste of points imho. You should avoid combat with them.

14x Plaguebearers of Nurgle: (259pts)
*Cloud of Flies, Stream Corruption, FC

I am not a big fan of them. I will replace them with mounted daemonettes and another unit of bloodletters. (12 naked) You should consider some screamers too, they are way too good to leave at your basement. Just my chinese $0.2

22-02-2007, 17:14
Thanks for the thoughts and input arc!

Here's my responses...

*Bloodletters: I never go 6 wide with them...and the larger unit intimidates most foes...as a player myself, if I see a unit of 6x2, I'll definately charge it!...but a unit of 5 in the front, 2 ranks and an extra model in the rear has a much more worrisome...I use them in conjunction with the Plaguebearers...nasty combo!

*Flesh Hounds: Well, I always use themed numbers...part of the fluff and Comp Scoring...and 2 units isn't going to last much longer then 1 unit of 8...I can't count how many times the unit has been reduced down to 2 or 3 models...and thus still be a pain for my foe...and not grant full VPs for them...

*Horrors: Definatley not dropping them down in unit size! Power Lvl 9 Spells just hurt foes...they have to commit 3 Dice if not more into stopping the Spell...or waste important Dispel Scrolls...Standard and Musician are there because I had extra points, and refuse to make my units un-Chosen in their numbers...I do avoid CC with them, but desperate opponents will still make it to them by Turns 5 or 6...they need the boost to last and not pop...

*Plaguebearers: This unit was gravely hurt with 7th Edtion changing the rank bonus to 5 wide...but their T(4) and Cloud of Flies is devastating in conjunction with the Bloodletters...side by side they march...a great tarpit against most (but not all) enemy units!

Thanks again for your "Chinese $.02" worth!