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15-02-2007, 22:50
So I had today off and was painting away at my BFG fleet. At some point I decided to dig through my BFG bits box, found various parts of cruiser, some turrets, some weapons, and then stuck them together without really thinking what I was doing.

Happens to all of us, I'm sure... Anyway, I painted what I made, so given the fact that there's not 'design a ship' competition running, I'll post it here for your amusement :cool:

Building it, I simply used a standard IN cruiser, two sets of Dauntless weapons batteries either side, mounted towards the back of the ship. Rather than shortening the whole vessel, I put half a lance battery on either side, and one turret on top. You can see better from the picture...


Imperial Trident Class Battlecruiser (230 pts)

Following the 13th Crusade, many heavily damaged Imperial vessels were used by the Adeptus Mechanicus as testbeds for various weaponry and power tests. The colossal battles had left many salvageable hulks drifting in Imperial space. Many of these were towed to Forge World shipyards for examination.

The Trident-class is a product of one of these experiments. In an attempt to address the Imperial Navy's problem of a lack of forward firepower, as ship was created with turrets capable of rotating through 140 degrees, rather than the standard 90. This allowed a port or starboard-mounted turret to actually fire forward of the vessel is was mounted on.

Only one of these ships has been created, the Trident, which is set to undergo fleet trials in the near future.



Type/Hits: Battlecruiser/8
Speed: 20cm, Turns: 45deg
Shields: 2, Armour: 6+front/5+, Turrets: 2

Port Weapons Battery: 30cm, Firepower 10, Left
Starboard Weapons Battery: 30cm, Firepower 10, Right
Port Lance Battery: 60cm, Strength 1, Left/Front
Starboard Lance Battery: 60cm, Strength 1, Right/Front
Dorsal Lance Battery: 60cm, Strength 1, Left/Front/Right
Prow Torpedoes: 30cm, Strength 6, Front

Note/Disclaimer: It's not been playtested, balanced, or anything... I've just tried to be sensible. Suggestions and observations all welcome. When I get the other one painted - it's a little more odd than this one! - I'll post that up too.

16-02-2007, 00:32
I'd call it a battlecruiser rather than a standard cruiser - 60cm dorsal lances seem to be a battlecruiser trademark.

To me it looks like an Overlord variant with power roughly equal to the Tyrant-class Zealous.

Overlords are 235, the Zealous is 215, so the price you've given the Trident looks about right. I'd guess 220 as the "fair" price, with a 10-point premium for getting to make your own class and for the Inquisitorial scrutiny its profane xenos-style lance layout is bound to attract. ;)

The converted lances do look awfully good though.

16-02-2007, 09:08
People can actually have bits in their BFG bits box? Impossible! Ever since GW stopped selling them. :p

In all seriousness that is a pretty cool ship you made there, I like how the broadside look. I have a bunch of spare dauntless weapon batteries after my endeavor light cruiser projects and might have to try something like this. The rules are interesting and it would be a dangerous ship to meet head on in game. Nice work :).

16-02-2007, 10:53
Cool ship, its inspired me to get some of my BFG bits out and try some of the same.
Also reminded me that I did much the same many years ago. But I didnt covert my own, but I made up rules for an old imperial ship I had from the origional BFG (this was the first ever version, rules were totally different). I dont have photos but the model was lead and about the same size as a light cruiser. It had no real sign of guns, but one massive spiked prow.


Cruiser/6 25cm 90 2 6+front/5+ 1

Port weapon battery 30cm 4 Left
Starboard weapon battery 30cm 4 Right

Improved thrusters (+d6cm on All Ahead Full special orders)
Power ram (Auto hit before rolling for ramming)

Relentless class light cruiser Captains and crews such as Captain Vardos Von Kel on the Warhammer are know as either the bravest or the maddest in the Imperial Fleet. This is due to the Relentless class being designed for one purpose only, closing and ramming the enemy, causing as much damage as possible. Therefore the crews are mostly made up of disgraced officers and criminals who must repent their sins to the Emperor by manning a Relentless. The Relentless class is now rare in the Imperial Navy due to its destructive usage and many being used as a suicide tactic to cripple larger cruisers such as the Anvil in the Armageddon war ramming the massive Crusha Ork capital ship to allow the Imperial Navy time to escape.

Famous ships: Warhammer, Anvil