View Full Version : Orc shaman

16-02-2007, 21:16
i have just received my orc shaman from felix. and i want to use him in an orcs & goblins army. putting him as a level 2 wouldn't give justice to such a great sculpt. so i am toying with the idea to make him a level 4 great shaman.

this is what i had in mind :
skull wand of kaloth, amulet of protectyness, bigged's kickin' boots.

i was thinking of maybe swapping the boot for the brew, since there's a good chance of getting a frenzy shaman (+1) or even better hatred! and the brew might be more suited for a mage than the boot.

as for support for this fellow, i would included 2 other shaman, one orc and one night goblin. the last hero slot would be filled by an orc (or black orc) bsb.

anybody out there ever used a level 4 shaman with the new book? all comments are welcome.