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17-02-2007, 01:49
Please be advised my list making programs dosent copy/paste well so the numbers are off to the left a bit with the characteristics, this is just a rough copy of my minotaur list for 2250 that I will be tweaking a bit and any input is highly welcomed, thanks.

BoC 2250 List (Minotaurs)

Great Weapon-8
Mark of Khorne-40
Heavy Armor-6
Causes Fear,Blood Greed, Frenzy
+2S and +1A Total S7 A6
234 points

5 Units of 4 Minotaurs
20 Minotaurs-800
Great Weapons-120
All Units with Mark of Khorne-210
Each Unit with 1 Bloodkine-100
Cause fear, Bloodgreed, Frenzy
+2S and +1A.
1230 points

4 Units of 6 Hounds
24 Hounds-144
144 Points

1 Unit of 8 Furies
8 Furies-120
Daemonic, Flying Unit.
Attacks count as special, 5+Ward Save, Immune to Psychology.
120 Points

1 Special 1 Rare
Dragon Ogre Shaggoth-295
Great Weapon-8
Causes Terror, Immune to Psychology, Large Target, Storm Rage, Unit S6
303 Points

Rare Choice
1 Unit of 3 Dragon Ogres
3 Dragon Ogres- 210
Great Weapons-18
cause Fear, Storm Rage.
228 Points
Casting Dice-0
Dispel Dice-8

Grand total of 2259 Points

Seeing as how im 9 points over I may need to drop a hound unit possibly.

17-02-2007, 08:42
You should remove the stats from your list not only to make it easier to read but also it is against the forum rules and GW's IP rules.

As for the list it is a pretty solid looking list if a little low on numbers. You will do well against other close combat armies as long as you get into combat however any army with a fair bit of magic or shooting will tear this list apart.