View Full Version : Stand and Shoot vs Charging out of units?

Wings of Doom
17-02-2007, 12:41
Strigoi vampire with Bat Form in a big unit of Zombies declares a charge on a unit of Crossbowmen fifteen inches away, who elect to stand and shoot.

How is this resolved?

Stand and shoot (Page 19) says:

The shooting is worked out just before moving the chargers

Characters and units (Page 73) says:

If the unit he is with does not declare a charge, a character may declare a seperate charge of his own and therefor leaves the unit when he charges out of it

So, do the crossbowmen get to shoot? If they do, do they target the unit or the character?

17-02-2007, 13:04

They get to shoot, and they will shoot at the Vampire only.

They get to shoot, because the Vampire is more than half his charge reach away (which is 20" / 2 = 10"), and they will shoot at the charger. BRB p.19

The Zombies are not the chargers ie. not a legitimate target for S&S, and as soon as the Vampire declares the charge, he is on his own again BRB, p.73f.