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20-07-2005, 23:32
Hello. This is a little list I compiled with my favourite breed of vampire and a vague story in mind.
The story revolves around the spearmen and the grave guard. I've been thinking about turning Black Guard into Grave Guards, see, that's why they are equipped with halberds. Moreover, the spearmen will most likely be dark elf warrior-conversions.

The spear skellies are meant to be added to, of course, and the vampire together with one necromancer will go with it.

The grave guards will march next to these, perhaps with the batswarm in front of them, for screening purposes.

One necromancer will hang around close to these regiments, but on his own. I want him to have the Rod of Flaming Death because I frankly don't see what else would deter your typical mage hunters as well. One alternative could be that this necro carries the book of Arkhan, to propel himself out of harms way if need be, and that the necro going with the skeletons had the Staff of Damnation.. then again, it would be very well if that staff could be used on the GGs, to alleviate the pain from them being halberd-wielding I3-things.

Fell bats on one flank to hunt mages and warmachine crews, and Banshee...well, perhaps on the other flank, depending on how the battlefield looks.

So, could it work any, do you think? The magic-power should be sufficient to create speedbumps for any annoying flankers.
Necromancer 150pts (Hero)
Options: Level 2 Wizard; Rod of Flaming Death

Vampire Thrall 125pts (Hero)
Options: Lahmia; Sword of Might; Lahmia - Innocence Lost

Necromancer 125pts (Hero)
Options: Level 2 Wizard; Book of Arkhan

2 x Bat Swarm 120pts (Core)

10 x Skeletons 120pts (Core)
Options: Light Armour; Spear (Infantry); Standard Bearer

3 x Fell Bats 60pts (Special)

14 x Grave Guard 208pts (Special)
Halberd; Standard Bearer

Banshee 90pts (Rare)

20-07-2005, 23:57
drop the grave guard, they are not worth it in 1000 points especally since they cannot be raised back. two units of dire wolves are a must, along with at least one other unit of skeletons... Undead do not win combat with mass wounds, they win with outnumber and fear, beef up skele's...

21-07-2005, 00:03
Thing is that it seems as if the wights will pretty much chop anything they come across to pieces, especially in 1k? 14 GG with halberds that don't go poof in the first round of combat will hit back very hard I hope, and as someone else said : 'Why stall when you can mince?'
The fell bats and batswarm are there to do part of the wolf-duty, but wolves with a Lahmian..nah :/

It does seem like a problem though, lacking more big enormous tarpits..hmm. Aye, is this a vital, pardon the pun, problem then? :/
I do not want a very standard list, and if the Black Guard-models prove to be rather easy to convert...ah, but they are good looking!