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bert n ernie
18-02-2007, 03:20
Yeah. I'm doing one too.
I have, like many others here, sporadic times when I paint, and long stretches without.
I just want to get everything done, and I'm hoping this will motivate me.
I don't hold much hope.

OK, tourney is over, so now for a brand new technicolour update system so I know where I am with all this.
Here is the key:
Red needs building. Yellow needs painting. Green needs basing/touching up/finishing. White is done.

Lords and Heroes:
Friend's grey seer on bell
My Seer on Bell(the seer is not painted, the bell & ringer are complete)
Warlock 1
Warlock 2
Plague Priest
Throt the Unclean/Master Moulder
2 Assasains

25 Spear rats
25 Clan rats
25 Bell Clan rats
15 Slaves. 4 slave masters
15 Slaves. 4 slave masters
15 Slaves. 4 slave masters
6 slavers/slaves to complete each slave unit
4 Poisoned Wind Globadiers
4 Poisoned Wind Globadiers
2 Giant rat Packs
2 Giant rat Packs
4 Giant rat pack masters

20 Plague Monks
5 Gutter Runner Tunneling Team
5 Gutter Runner Tunneling Team
5 Gutter Runner Tunneling Team-rebuild
5 Gutter Runner Tunneling Team-rebuild
8 Jezzails need re-doing
1 Mutated Rat Ogre
3 Mutated Rat Ogres and 4 packmasters

5 Plague Censer Bearers
Warp Lightening Cannon MIA. This thing has gone missing for over two years now!

Total points:
Finished: 1275
Needs basing/Touch up: 300
Needs painting: 535
Needs building: 1562

Space Wolves:
Wolf Lord/Battle Leader

6 Wolf Guard
5 Wolf Scouts
5 Marine Scouts
Venerable Dread?

10 Grey Hunters
10 Blood Claws

Fast Attack:
3 Blood Claws on Bikes

Heavy Support:
5 Long Fangs

Imperial Guard/Cult:
More men than I have Skaven!
Plus tanks and Sentinels

My problem is of course I want my army, as per usual, to look individual and good. At the moment I'd settle for mostly painted. I will be painting a friends bell, then when I'm finished the rest of the army I'm going to convert my own.
I also have a warp lightening cannon in the works.

After this army I have plenty more as I have a space wolf army and lots of LATD and guard to do. And a blood bowl team. And terrain. And some other projects, including a backdrop for a terrain board.

Pics thus far:
(Guard are away somewhere)



bert n ernie
19-02-2007, 00:36
Well I thought I'd update with a few pictures of how far I have gotten with my Skaven generally and what I am working on now.
Unfortunately the idea of sticking to one thing and working my way through it is not working. Need... to... stick...to one... thing!
My powers are weak.
Plague monk unit I've worked on over a long time:
My two rat packs I finished last week.(I'm honestly not normally this productive)
Side view. Because the front doesn't really represent:
Not that that represented either. Skaven are tough to photograph.
I'll have to double post due to ammount of pics...

bert n ernie
19-02-2007, 00:39
Warlock. I e-bayed this guy. I did a little but kudos mostly go to some guy who I will never know:

This is what I'm working on right now. I have almost completely stripped the paint. It was a very tough job. This stuff was plastered on.

And this is what I'm SUPPOSED to eb working on:

This unit has each rank stuck together bar the last rank. This way I don't get thrown out of tournaments when I deploy. I have had someone almost walk off in disguist when I played guard once. I don't want that to happen in the tournament I'm goign to next weekend:

Rogue 7
19-02-2007, 05:03
Lookin' Good! I don't think you can properly call those Giant Rats "done" until the slavers/whatever are done, but looking good all the same.

Hideous Loon
19-02-2007, 09:32
Your Skaven look really solid, B&E. Good call using plasticard to stick rat bases together. Why people would throw you out of tournies just because you deploy individually seems incomprehensible to me though, why cannot they accept you having a high model count?

19-02-2007, 16:55
Its not neccesarily that he'll getkicked out by time limits we have mean all too often poor B&E doesnt get as long a game as we do because of the sheer size of his army.

So far looking good, cant wait to see the bell all painted and such.

19-02-2007, 20:37
Ah, yes, skaven. Good-good!

bert n ernie
20-02-2007, 03:28
@ Rogue 7 Yes you're right there. I am waiting to paint all of my 'leader' models together. This will include the pack masters and one model from each slave unit. I want them to be as cohesive as possible, so I want to paint them together. I am hoping that I can get across a frankenstein theme, and each of them will look a bit like a lab rat(technician).
Hideous Loon, don't worry man. It was in my old gaming group that someone didn't want to play.
New group now!
I find that when I play in tournaments its always a bit of a slog and my games always finish last. I won't be kicked by time limits, but I need the full game as my army does better up close(what with shooting into combat and all)

OK, Gonna go with what you asked for infernus. I didn't do my unit today. I did some bell work:
I totally forgot to paint the center support, so I slapped some paint on just for the pic. I don't think I'll keep it like that.
I am not used to using wash for wood effects, but I'm pretty happy with that. I used the same wash for the little bells. I would complain about how bad the photos are, and how they don't do the models justice, but that's a lie.
A photo is a photo.
If they look bad then they probably are, so do tell me.
Here is the bell.
I'm going for something different, but am not sure how to finish it. suggestions?

bert n ernie
21-02-2007, 02:34
Another day, another update.
Well I'm not too impressed with what I've done today. I really needed to do more, and I'm not entirely happy with the bell itself. Otherwise this looks alright.
I have glued it all together, except the Grey Seer(who needs to be able to come off).
I think I've finished the bell, so will update on thursday with(hopefully) a finished Seer and Spear rat unit.
Is there any way to improve this?:

21-02-2007, 03:03
Looking good, a finished skaven army is a rare thing indeed due to the amount of models required, keep it up and you'll join a very exclusive club :D



21-02-2007, 08:08
Il ike the look of the bell myself actually, I am lking in particular all the warpstone coloured tubes running into the bell and make it feel more 'crazy' then normal. I might not be the most experienced and dteailed critic but I likes what I see :)

bert n ernie
23-02-2007, 04:59
Ha ha, that's too true sheep. I'm having trouble already. I am goign to a tournament on the weekend and was hoping to have a good deal of the army finished, but its not happening.
I can't believe how many pages this thing went down after leavign it for one night. I was on the 5th page or something. Not that I mind, but doesn't it say:
"The perfect forum to keep track of projects away from the main forum. This means your long running project won't get lost within days."
On to the Update:
I'm going to have to re-work the plague bearers, and possibly the edges of the shields of the spear rat unit, as they are just a bit too golden/bronze.

I'll be able to spend more time on each model when this tourney is over. Then I won't make silly mistakes like what i did with the plague censers:

And the big guy(who I can use as either part of this unit, or seperately):

I've only done two layers on most areas so far, but am a little wary of finishing each part. I'm just not sure the grey cloaks(one layer so far) has come off correctly, so might change it before its too late. Possibly the same shade, but slightly browner?
I really don't want to have the typical green plague monk colours though.
Plus this is kind of a test scheme for my upcoming LATD/Guard/whatever army.

Finally the spear rats. They aren't based yet, so will have to do that, and possibly some other stuff after the tourney:

If anyoen has any suggestions on how to improve them I'd be more than happy to know.

23-02-2007, 08:03
I'd personally get the banner painted and then see how the union looks as a whole :)

I like the plague censors, though, as you say a little browner would be better (is browner a word, i dunno)

Also B&E if I were to get one more thing painted before the tournament - get those heroes painted ! The Bell looks great but it needs the Grey Seer painted (the tournament being tommorow for those who don't know)

bert n ernie
23-02-2007, 14:59
Infernus, do you mean the banner on that spear unit?
I'm hoping to have time to do taht just before the tourney begins when other people are sorting out who plays who.
That is my banner time.
I partially agree with you about the heroes beign done first infernus, btu I have small units of poisoned wind globadiers which i find work very well, and since I own no models I'd rather have them converted up then a painte army, as otherwise I can not take them.
So today I hope to post the conversions.
There are three painting categories in the tournament.
Single unit.
Single character.
Obviously I can't go for army at this stage. What do people suggest I go for if I get time to finish anything?
I'll blitz a unit/character off as fast as I can while keeping it good(maybe using something I've already done and improving it).
If I get this and the globadiers done I'll be very happy. Winning not being important here, just a good show of it.

Yes! Post thirteen!

bert n ernie
24-02-2007, 00:38
I hope no-one minds, but I'm goign to have to double post to update.

But before I update: Three cheers for the warseer mods, who sorted all the project logs so quickly!
Hip hip - Horray!
Hip hip - Horray!
Hip hip - Horray!

Anyway, I have done most of the converting on the globadiers.
As I think I've mentioned this is a Skaven force based on experiments carried out by Dr. Franken-rat. Since this is frankenstein themed my globadiers are lightening conductors. It was tough finding everythign I needed, and sculpting 16 rubber shoes for them is far more tedious than i thought. All the same, here they are sans backpacks. The guns are conveted kroot rifles, and I may have to green stuff the arms.
Each back pack when its put on will have an antenna and two wires leading to the guns. The guns may have little wires sticking out at a later date, but I'm hitting deadline right now:

Any painting suggestions?
I am using parts from the cadian backpacks, the sentinel flamers, a witch hunter tank stormbolter(I think) and some Tau junk for the backpacks.
So, hopefully those will be up later tonight.

24-02-2007, 00:53
I can't rate threads for some reason, but if I could I wouldn't give this a mere three stars! Some fantasic painting here, the giant rats especially.

bert n ernie
24-02-2007, 07:11
Thansk very much poly m, I really appreciate that.
I have to be honest, I think the giant rats are my favourite of what I've done so far. The old metal sculpts are the best for highlightign fur than any other skaven models I have.
Well, I've managed another update before going to the tourney(it starts in about 4 hours.
4 globadiers with backpacks(too tired to do the others). Not dinished obviously:

I quite like these. They are so simple to do. Get four cadian flamer back packs and four vox back packs. Cut em up a bit. Attach em together. Put one antenna from each on the flamers, bit of green stuff on the arms(cos I stupidly left kroot arms on) and bob's your uncle, its done!
My green stuffing skills aren't exactly what I wanted, but the backpacks mean people shouldn't notice too much.

And the warp lightenign cannon I'm working on. This guy has been on and off for a while now. I'm puttign him in the army, as its the easiest thing to get over 3 colours for the ammount of points.
I had hoped to finish it tonight, but alas, no painting competition for me

I will be more systematic with these smatterings of different units once the tourney is over.

24-02-2007, 07:49
heh still it looks awesome B&E look forwards to seeing these 'in the flesh' as it were in a few hours time.

did you manage to get the grey seer and heroes done at all?

24-02-2007, 07:53
Wow that Warp Lightning Cannon is crazy, should look great when you are done with it, what more work do you have left to do on it?

The rest of your Skaven are great too, I especially like the painting work you have done on the Giant Rats. I look forward to seeing more.

bert n ernie
26-02-2007, 00:10
Howdy people!

I've just gotten back from the tourney, and I'm totally knackered, but in pretty high spirits!
First off, Infernus, as you saw from the tourney I only got one character finished. It was the plague priest guy(I used a conversion for my 5th plague censer, so that I could take a priest) I finished that model in the 10 minutes spare between my final game and teh painting competition(peoplel were nice, and let me off)

Spikedog. Hmm, yes it is a bit mad. It isn't finished though. His name is popeye.
I'm going to convert the eye so that it is the cannon's eye attached by retina stalks to the gun sight. Which will probably be an oversized eye.
The stumped arm will probably get somethign on the end, even if its just a tentacle, or slime trailing down.
Then I also need one rear leg.
And a tail.
The tail will probably be picking up one of the pushers, and the other pusher will just be on normally.
I had wanted to keep the warlock for another conversion, but I'll probably have to leave him on. I dunno.

OK, right. Now, onto other stuff.
The tourney was really great for me. The dice gods were with me today, and I got some prizes! Also the painting gods were with me.
I'm a little in shock as to how well I did.
This is all the stuff I won:
Yeah. OMG.
Anyway, in painting I re-did the bases on two of my plague monks and put them with a unit of giant rats for the unit painting entry. There was a Lizardmen Sarus unit, which looked pretty good(infernus31's). An anvil unit, which was very good, but I think not many people voted for it cos of how badly it beat them in the games;). And my personal favourite was a lime green skink unit. Really good colouration, but lost out due to unfinished bases I believe. No one else entered.
Then there was single minis. An empire musicial, a warlock, my plague priest and a sarus.
Plague priest:
I was fortunate enough to win both, but I think if more people had fully painted armies, and not have had to rush for the tourney I would not have done as well.
Bloody long post, no update. Hmm...
I'll update soon. I intend on finishing the seer on bell first now that the tourney is over. I'll hand it back to my friend then start on MY skaven.
Please keep me motivated or I'll forget!

bert n ernie
27-02-2007, 02:37
Short update again:

This is the Grey seer I've been working on for my friends bell so far.
I'm not great at free hand, and thought this would be a good place to practice. I tried a thin brush, and a special rubber ended brush, but just couldn't seem to get it 100%:
Anyone know how I can improve this?

the varks
27-02-2007, 06:54
wow that grey seer is awsome, and the warp lightning cannon is a cool conversion, and burning shore's an awsome book =].


bert n ernie
27-02-2007, 18:41
Thanks Varks. I'm not keen on the Grey seer, but its a friends, so thought I'd do it differently than my guys. It'll probably find its way onto e-bay.

I looked over my to do list from the start, and since the tourney is over I thought I'd do a super technicolour update!

I'm goign to keep it on the first post to save me writing it all up every time i finish something.
I'll just put in my Skaven and Space Wolves fro now. My guard will come later, when I have access to the models...
I'll edit this post with a picture update tonight.

Agh! I just tried to stick the screaming bell into a unit to see how it looked before finishing it off, btu I can't! The old bell is too bleedin big!
I can't fit it only taking up two ranks, it needs to take three. What should I do? Should I just make it for three ranks, and just give up on it, or try and do something?
Has this happened to anyone else?

01-03-2007, 15:05
The grey Seers very intresting, never seen them in a purple kinda cloak before, looks kinda unusual, not sure if I like it, but kudos on the freehand Mr B&E it looks like its going well :)

And as for the Bell/rank problems, build your own Bell, haviong seen what you did with the cannon, I can't imagine what whacky thing you'd do with a screaming Bell !

bert n ernie
02-03-2007, 02:52
Your wish is my desire infernus.
Here are some concept sketches that i have(badly) drawn for my bell conversion.
Do remember that I can't draw for toffee. This will be scratch built, btu it will not be as bad as the concept sketches, which took abotu 30 seconds each.
Contestant No. 1. He's a big chap. But doesn't chubby mean cheerful? Yes, he is just one big bell. No strings(except the reigns aroudn his body). This guy can ring himself, and he can be yours, if you vote No. 1!

And No. 2. This guy may have a bell for a head, but his heart is all yours! He likes long walks across the battle field, and rolling a 13. But be warned, he's not just all muscles. He has a caring side. He often takes his Grey Seer to the cinema, or even just the occasional chinese. Be warned, you'll have to share this guy with everyone!

No. 3 These two are one of a kind. Two for one. Do you want your rat upright, or crouching? Either way, hes packing a lot of wood on his back. These guys may look the same, but don't mistake them for samey! They are full of fun, and fiesty as ever. If you want to get into a battle zone. No frills, no hassle, no mutations, then these are the guys for you! Yes, with a minimal ammount of mutations these two can crawl or run their way to victory without any of that inconvienient slobbering so many men do over me.
That's all for now, from me Cilla Black.

Oh God. What have I done? I wrote that?
Hmm, well basically I hope that you don't run screaming and instead vote for which general type of Bell I should do.
This'll be a while coming, as I'm busy at the moment, and I have the warp lightening cannon to finish first on my conversion list.
But hey, what should I go for?
If someone could suggest something better...? It'd be especially good if they could paint for toffee.
I CAN convert far better than I can draw. I hope.

I've finished the other bell, but want something substantial before posting more army pics. I wanted to see what a wizzards cloak would look like. This was kind of Discworld inspired. If pictured properly then the ink won't show up on the blue, and it should be ok.
I tried fitting the thing to a base as shown in the army book, but gave up as it'd require wasting clanrats that I own.

02-03-2007, 17:37
Very nice-nice Skaven!

Only quibble is that the seer seems too celestial wizard-esque and too little all-damning prophet of the most voracious of gods!

But really great otherwise!

bert n ernie
07-03-2007, 04:42
Thanks for the critique unwanted. I didn't want to reply until I had an update. Gosh what a mistake that was!
I agree that the seer is a bit pants. I was curious as to how it would look really. I just wanted to know the extent of my free hand. If my mate wants it re-painted that's all fine and good, but its not mine, and I wouldn't like to have skvaen that are at all like that. My seer, along with most of my leader type rats with be lab rats in cloaks, or something similar to that. I basically want them all to look like lab technicians, except for the seer who will look like Dr. Franken-rat.
I have done some basing ans stuff since my last post, but will wait till I've just a little more done before putting them up here.

In the mean time I've been working at getting a blood bowl league set up in my local group. This meant more than one board. So far I've managed to maek one temporary one. I don't know whether to work on it more, or start afresh to get more. To be honest this one took much longer than you'd expect from such a result (Watching Spaced, Heroes and Battle Star Galactica whilst trying to draw a straight line doesn't help). I had to re-measure the lines over and over again, and still managed to make plenty of mistakes. If only I still had my technical drawing equipment...
I managed to cover a big mistake with graveyard earth paint.
And here is a comparison with a real blood bowl board:

Not much I know, but somethign should be going on here soon.

Of course this Blood Bowl league means that I'll have to find models to paint up for my undead team. And sidetrack myself of course.

bert n ernie
10-03-2007, 01:44
Finally! A real update!
This is my spear rat unit. Basing is totally done. Yey. I tried more free hand with the banner. I wanted to draw a skaven head in the middle of the two lines of writing, but it kept messing up:
The Banner:
The back(dunno why I put this in):
I might add a pic from my next banner later tonight.

Ok, so its the next day, but I'm struggling with what to do next for this banner. This is the warpstone banner(trying a different theme for each unit):
I'm going to make one more patch mutated with some pus, and maybe put some pus on the weird mouth thing.
The skeleton head is supposed to have flames over it, but when I finished it the first time I accidentally picked it up by the skeleton head, so had to re-do it. It went badly as you can see.

10-03-2007, 12:45
:) another nice paint job B&E

29-03-2007, 16:26

And more people need to post
And berticus needs to paint

02-04-2007, 02:05
Hi B&E

You seem to be able to kick out a fairly high rate of models when you sit down to do it. Nice idea on gluing the ranks on come plasticard.

Its obvious you have put in a lot of work. Keep it up. :D

bert n ernie
02-04-2007, 21:43
Howdy guys. Yeah, you're right andyroo. I need to paitn a LOT more regularly.
man, I kept managing to miss updating.
The past three weeks I only had a few days off(11 hours a day- so no painting, plus not even staying at mine), and my girlfriend visited for the couple days I had off in the middle. Then I finished and couldn't get back to mine. Then I got back this weekend, but I didn't have my camera batteries. They had run out.
Well, its sorted now. I have both a camera, and painted models!
Now all I need is the update:

First off my five-rat censer bearer unit:

These are they guys with the dark Orange HolySanguinius. They were mostly Red Gore until the last highlight or two.
These are not the best, but I was trying to avoid the typical green colours that appear on most plague censers. I wanted them to stand out too, so no brown(I love brown, but the entire army is practically brown).

Then there is the highly converted banner from a few posts back:
I'm quite disappointed with this. The skull with flame is especially bad, and it makes the rest of the banner look to cluttered. I may take the skull off, btu I am happy enough with everything else to leave it. It looks like there is a yellow blob by the mouth, but there isn't. Its a lie, and my camera is evil(oh, yeah once I started usign the camera it didnt' work the first five times I turned it on. A fuzzy screen came up. I may have to fix it or get a new one soon, but can't really afford all that just yet).
The three bits of pus are not that bland, and actually look glossy, but... well... they are not great. I'm not as a happy with the painting of them as I was with the green stuffing. I was trying otu a lot of new techniques on this banner, and I think it was too much all in one place, making for a very messy result.

Next up I want to make some lab rats(rats in lab coats with lab instruments) who will be the leaders for certain units, like the pack rats. I'll try and include a few to keep more units in consistency with the theme of the army.
However I haven't gotten all the bits yet, and I have soemthing else to do first:

Roughly 57 slaves for three units.
I want one slave leader/lab rat for each unit. I will get little bands of green stuff around one leg on each model. These guys will get painted up in a very basic manner, and when they are finished the bands will be linked up with some chain I bought a while ago. Only the front three ranks will get this, as they will be on plasticard rank holders anyway.
Many of these are from friends armies, and the guy with the banner is going to be re-painted to be holding a white flag! Bwahahaha!

In fact I am tempted to just put the whole unit on a piece of plasticard, as they usually flee a charge and never come back, or just die.
What do people think I should do for a musician?
I was thinking of a white kerchief of tissue to represent (yet more) surrender.

bert n ernie
10-04-2007, 01:27
OK, this was a pretty easy update. I just did the clothing on the human slaves. Basically just to see if a real quick easy way to do it is the way to go.
This was three easy layers. One basic. One ink and one drybrush. THe drybrushing may not be up to scratch, as I lost my drybrush. Along with some of my girlfriends paints, and the model for the other project I'm working on :(
Ah well. I'm sure I'll find it all somewhere.
So for now, here are some rather poor pictures of my slaves. I'd do better but I'd have to set up the camera, and not sure how much peopel are interested in seeing warhammer slaves...

... or warhammer for that matter.

Hideous Loon
10-04-2007, 10:44
I mean, yah, we're quite interested in seeing a good Project log. The problem is that most people lurk instead of post, which can act in a negative manner, since people expect other people to say something, even if it's only "Woopwoop! Good work, chap!" A project log is much like a weblog, where the original poster is posting news on his/her miniature project, and comments are quite rare. This is something that writers of project logs have to suffer from, I think.

This is basically the reason why people don't post very often in project logs, they treat it like an average weblog, which doesn't lend itself to comment very well.

10-04-2007, 14:27
Yea don't worry too much about people not posting in your logs, the views are more important than the posts as it shows that people are coming back to look time and time again.

People are reading even if they are not posting, like me for example!

However your stuff is very nice and I especially like the GS work you did on that banner. Keep up the good work.

10-04-2007, 15:20
The painting on the censor bearers is nice and the majority of the banner looks great, I'd agree that you should get rid of the skull though it's a bit ott and doesn't look anywhere near as good as the rest of the banner.

10-04-2007, 17:49
Wow the banner is great but the others are right: get rid of that skulli! =) Nice detail work on there!:p


bert n ernie
11-04-2007, 01:48
Holy Crap Muffin!
I just started talking to myself there. Hadn't been checking the 'views' count or anything.
Kinda figured this was my little space all to myself. heh.
yeah, it is hard to comment I suppose. I think the thing is I actually like 'constructive' comments. I'd been agonising over that skull when I built it and now I know its worth my while going back over it and doing something else.
I haven't really had ideas yet, and I've a load to do at the moment, so I'll get back to it soon.

I would have an update, but I think I just broke my camera. I've actually started on one of my non-skaven projects, and will come back to the slaves and banner soon. Hopefuly I'll have fixed the camera by tomo so I can post pics.
But I'll pretty much stick with the skaven army-wise, and not do others until Iv'e finished the skaven(tournaments are exceptions!).

Thanks for the posts people. Its encouraged me even more. I should be good for a couple months now ;)

bert n ernie
04-05-2007, 02:08
Hmm my last post seems somewhat Ironic now.
I've still been really enthused about painting lately, but I've also been quite ill. The stay in bed and sleep ill, not the stay at the computer and paint kind. Oh how I wish I had that kind.
Well after a while of that, and then a few days where I just wasn't around I've finally gotten an update. I've basically done all the human slaves during the sick/recovering periods, and every other race in the past three days while I've been better.
I somehow started with 57(adding three pack masters later) and I've ended up with only 40. That means I have one row, and 12 singles to do. Oh, and I'm moving house again soon, so I'll probably just wait till I've got these guys done first.
I think for slaves I don't need any more detail on the gobbos, the others aren't finished. The Lizardmen Sarus especially so.




I wouldn't mind some feedback, but no worries if not. I had a trip to warhammer world yesterday with some mates, and that coupled with all those responses at the beginning of the month have me really geared up for some good painting sessions as soon as I have more free time.

Go Eavy Metal Team!-they're brilliant!

05-05-2007, 10:11
So far looking good Bert keep up the good work

bert n ernie
09-05-2007, 13:00
Well, I havfe a not so wonderful update.
After recovering from being ill, I moved house almost immediately. Shock of all shocks! I have no internet for AT LEAST a month. OK, well I can use my friends ans stuff(here's looking at you Infernus;) ). Well, really I will have access, but I don't have a way of easily bringing photos over, so thsi blob may suffer a bit. I have done some more on the slaves, and how to make 5 more slaves so taht i have 15 for each unit. This means that I can finish them off and then attach the leg chains. Then I think the back rank will consist of four rats with cattle prods, and one Lab technician, as I've run out of non-skaven models to use, and i dont' want every back rank to be full of skaven slaves only. It'd look silly.
I will then move on to more fun stuff, as its the gutter runners, the PWGs, the plague priest and the Warp Lightening Cannon.
I almsot switched to Space Wolves before finishing these guys, but I'm so close!
Oh, i may do a bit of space wolf practice before I'm done.
Hopefully I'll find a way to update soon.

12-05-2007, 01:10
Nooooo Bert finish the Skaven first, dude I want to play your Skaven army fully painted before I leave :)

Oh and your more then welcome to come up and upload pics via my PC. Heck maybe I'll upload pics of my armies at some point to scare people :p

bert n ernie
09-06-2007, 02:29
Wow, so its been a while.
I didn't have any net access for a while, but I've moved house again since I last posted here(thats 5 times in a year:eyebrows: ) so I've not had as much time as I'd like. I think I've gotten a bit bored with the slaves. I still have the chains around their legs to do and the back rank of slavers. I'd have the chains done, but I couldn't find a clipper anywhere, so can't cut the chain.

I'll do work on the Warped Lightening cannon or the globadiers very soon as well as the slaves.

I've chosen to go for a different scheme for the Lizardmen to make them fit in. I'm pretty much done with these. I tried a HELP on the white flag, but it looked a bit silly.
I think I still have a few weapon handels to do too, but hey I want to get posting...

09-06-2007, 23:03
Hi old buddy old pal long time no see.

Don't know how I missed you start your own thread, hows aber, and some great stuff here

bert n ernie
10-06-2007, 23:18
Hello there (insert current nickname here) ;)
Well, I've been browsing your thread on and off too. Its good to know we're both here and painting still, though I have a funny feeling you have more time to do it than me. Some great stuff going on there. I'm actually leavign aber quite soon, but its good. nice and quiet.

Well, here's an update. I spent a good deal of today getting parts and re-modelling these chains. I tried them on the back legs, but it just didn't sit right, and you could hardly see them.
I haven't painted them yet, and they're going to be much darker, and hopefully rusty. What do people think about the positioning? Too much lag between places? Does it look like they are chained at the neck?
The Elf and Dwarf were troublesome.

I'm really happy with the human, as previously he looked silly not holding anything.

EDIT:Haha! You can see me getting ready to post in the background!

10-06-2007, 23:24
Why you leave aber?

Other than the fact that by now most of the original "Aber GW" crew has by now all graduated leaving really only "Kaotica"

Your painting has come alomg way since that day you came over mine for help!

10-06-2007, 23:46
Would a dwarf and night goblin be able to stand next to each other, without some serious fighting? Same witha dwarf and an elf.


11-06-2007, 12:37
Nice work on the chain there Berticus :D

bert n ernie
13-06-2007, 03:27
Hey guys!
Well, this isn't exactly an update as such. I tried to do some work, but couldn't find the chain for the slaves(and future projects:D ) anywhere. I found it too late to do anything, but I've done up my list. It took a lot of editing, but I've made it a multiple of 13:evilgrin: Its now 208 models exactly.

Unfortunately this means I have points left over that i should buy slaves with, but I'd much rather the fluff kudos than a couple of slaves. I may buy a musician for one unit, but I've pretty much finished them, so it'd have to be the unit with the white flag. Hmm.

Anyway, thanks for the comments generally. I was kinda hoping someone would comment on the Dwarf between the elf and the Goblin.
It goes just a little into my fluff.
Dr. Frankenrat goes around collecting specimens for his work, but he only takes the best specimens. Hence the slaves are the dregs of their own races(how else could i explain that stat line?).
They are weak of mind, body or both. This is useless for experimenting on(as any mad genius will know) but it is perfect for a mass of slaves. And what better way to keep them in line than by putting them next to their most hated enemies. They'll never revolt if they hate their cell mates more than they hate their captors.
Yes, Skaven are sneaky-sneaky!

Thanks again for asking BozzyB. Hope this explains it. If people still disagree I'd like to know, as perhaps the fluff here is not as clear cut as I hoped.

Anyway, not including the slaves(who are not finished) I have exactly 100 models finished to date.
This includes 1 hero, 5 rare, 20 special, and 74 core.

29-06-2007, 23:22
Keep on going Bert, less then 108 models to go then :)

bert n ernie
02-07-2007, 20:06
Your wish is my command Infernus.

I wanted to have a real update before posting, as I hate seeing just a undercoated marine or something.

These chains were really really tough to get on. They were THE most difficult things to do for the skaven army so far. They were just so awkward. And now I'm on the last unit of three I've run out of chain. It'll be a while before I can get the same chain, and the other chain I have(copper one pictured) doesn't allow the hooks to fit in correctly.

So here's an unfinished chained unit:
The two chains for comparison. I'll be using the copper one for future projects:
And the two finished slave bases, with rusted chains etc.:

I'm sorry for the really awful pictures, but my LCD screen is broken, and I don't know where the camera is pointing when its so close up.
110/208 Skaven in 2000pts

EDIT: chainged last two photos so they aren't too abysmal.

05-07-2007, 20:22
Again looking good Bert, just wish my armies elites troops looked as good as your basic slaves :(

bert n ernie
07-07-2007, 04:08
Wow, another update. There must be a tourney on the horizon :)

I've decided to just power through as many of the slaves as I can before getting new chain. This means I can move on to something more fun(both for me and you lot watching).
I've done 30 out of the 45 total.
I've finished every weapon and put chestnut wash on all the metal to make it look rusted. It looks quite good in RL, btu for some reason the photos are really shiney, and I can't get rid of it.
Anyway, here are the updates...

Slave unit 1:

bert n ernie
07-07-2007, 04:09
Slave unit 3:

bert n ernie
07-07-2007, 04:12
Lastly, the two units altogether. Put these in as I think they give a much better feel for the unit.

They're just rag-tag enough.

I will return to slave unit 2, and the rear ranks of each slave unit in the future, but for now I'll probably move on to the warped lightening cannon.
Lots of converty fun!

EDIT: and thsi makes my current skaven count as 130/208!

bert n ernie
10-07-2007, 02:11
I'm going to a tourney in GW Shrewsbury(England) this weekend and I've got to have all the models WYSIWYG. This means I had to actually lay out the entire army to see what was still needed.
This is the list, though i may need to make some changes by adding a dispell scroll or summat:
I'll post that on the council of 13 thread too.

I'm going to borrow that bell I painted at the start of the thread, as the bell i want will take me a solid month of converting and painting(which i haven't done once yet) and I have a lot of other things.
I need to get some basic colours on a few guys, and make up 12 slave herders, and 3 lab technicians for the back ranks of the slaves. I've also to put some colour on a plague priest, so I may actually convert up the guy I have in mind.
Here's a pic of the army thus far:
I was impresses at how close I am to finishing. I've NEVER finished an army!
How on earth can skaven be the first?

10-07-2007, 05:39
I know what you mean... I'm *this* close to finishing my DH army, which would be the first I've finished, after only being the *******' FIFTH I've started :rolleyes: Haven't even finished the Eldar I started six bloody years ago :p

The slave units are looking nice, though, I must admit. I wasn't sure about it when I first saw 'em, but you pulled it off.

bert n ernie
12-07-2007, 05:01
I'll actually have a big skaven shaped hole in my life if I finish this army. I spend work days thinking of conversions sometimes. It just takes SO MUCH TIME! I've started Wolves, nids, guard(twice or more) LATD, genestealer cult and a few others in the past. Oh, and epic. All the original armies.
Good luck with yours.

Yeah, I know what you mean. I looked back at the first pics of the slaves and actually laughed. You can't really look at them individually. They're supposed to be just a mass, and I feel the chains really does that.
I have to build 15 slave drivers before the tourney this weekend.
Unfortunately what with visiting my gf and my mates that I'm goign to the tourney with I won't actually be able to update until after the tourney.
I intend on having EVERY unit built except my bell&seer(I'll borrow the one previously shown here again).

bert n ernie
01-05-2008, 23:41
Wow. No wonder I called my Grey Seer Dr. Frankenrat.
I just performed the most miraculous threadomancy I have ever witnessed.
This thread has being lying dead since July of last year.
In my last post i mentioned going to a tournament. After that I had meant to post the conversions and remaining models I had prepared for the army. Unfortunately my camera choose that time to crap out. That is not the reason it has taken so long though.
I've been working in a school(and dormitory) in the Czech Rep since August. I do 65-70 hours a week, and I don't really have a painting desk. No time, no one else interested and so on. But I love it here. I'm going to be returning for teacher training in a few months, and I have finally gotten my hands on a decent USB stick that can hold my pictures. I also got a few days off recently(all the others so far have been spent visiting family and friends), so decided to get a bit of work done on the army and post here.
I promise no regular updates, but I will try for one a month until July. I will then try and post more regularly again and try and finish the bleedin army when I can.
I WILL do this, honest.

Oh, and if you're wondering why I'd sacrifice this much for something you only need to look below at the school and its surroundings.

bert n ernie
02-05-2008, 00:21
And here is the update. I know I can fit more than four pics in now, but my comp is very slow and craps out on me when I try to. This means the replies are split up.

OK, the tournament I went to was very interesting. It was good and bad. One of my mates was not too impressed with the level of cheese at the tourney. I was not impressed at the distribution of prizes. Only prizes for 1st and 2nd hosted at a GW. No sportsman or 3rd place. I was especially annoyed as I think I got 3rd place.
My first game was against a fantastic Ogre player. I was impressed at how good he was, and this was the first time I truely fought such a well played Ogre army. I was the first non-SAD skaven for him it seems. Due to him not knowing my play style I managed a draw.
I played my VC friend. Notable moments was managing to snipe through a necromancer and a Vamp in one turn with the WLC. I only killed the necromancer; the Vamp along with four other models of his managed to survive right up to the 5th turn at which point we called an end to it.

I also played a really cool Chaos player, who was the nicest guy I met there. He was a bit new, and I managed to neutralise his Khornate warriors with one PWG unit march blocking for most of the game. This helped grab me a win at the other side of the table where our two armies really faced off.

I was pitted against a Slann player, who was really out to win it. He didn't go for Kroak, but I think that was only because he wanted to fit in as many other tricks as possible. He was a grand enough guy, but I suffered a bout of skaven luck and really frustrated him by managing to pass three/four separate Insane courage tests at different points in the battle, two of which were with my gutter runner units against his Slann. I effectively neutralised half of the Slann's power for four out of six turns and was able to go through the rest of his army more easily.
I swear, I was so lucky in this game I asked to swap dice with him(I didn't have my own dice, but had borrowed off someone) at one point as I was worried they were loaded.
The players who finished early (mostly his friends, one of my friends) came to stare in awe at this ridiculous match. We were almost evenly matched. I used risky tactics at points and they paid off in dividends due to my dice rolls.
I believe at one point I injured some Kroxigors with a slave or clanrat unit in combat, with only as many wounds in return!

This of course was balanced by the fact that the last game against the other top player(the Ogre player from earlier) granted me worse luck than I've ever had. I did not loose my bell to rolling, but I had a terrible first turn loosing a warlock to his own magic( a 1 for token a 1 for warp lightening) loosing my cannon straight off the bat, and any combat that I had good chances in seeming to end is interminable stalemates. I played ok on my left flank, managing to prevent utter slaughter, but I just didn't think properly and kept firing frenzy on to my units on the right flank. Every unit I had there ended up doing a great game of cat and mouse where I frenzied after his unit, he fled and then I got flank or rear charged. I think I lost three units to his three, and only inflicted two or three casualties. I made some bad mistakes. It didn't help that we played on the same board as our first game, as I knew it was not a good board for my army. There was no-where I could have kept my cannon for long, or protected anything vulnerable and he knew it.

Anyway, for that tourney I had to prepare my slave drivers.
Here are the slavers for each slave unit. There are only four per unit as one slaver will be a little more special.
I wanted all kinds of slaver weapons, as whips get dull.
The last unit has had its flesh painted in November, but the rest is only base coated.

bert n ernie
02-05-2008, 00:32
The last part of the update.
This warlock is going to be my Death Globe toting warlock. I wanted to try something new with him.
I don't like my detail work, and no longer am too keen on any of my non-rank and file models. Maybe I've seen too many blogs in the past year. I decided to really take my time on this guy, and to try different colours. Normally people say that the pics don't do the model justice. In this case I think the pic is too generous. I'm only half way having done most of his armour. I might need one more layer on his cloak, but mostly Its only one layer.
I'd really appreciate hearty constructive criticism here. I want to improve him.
I'd also appreciate modeling ideas for the Slavers, as they're a bit bland.

The last picture is the next slave rank with its chains. Two left and I'll just have to finish the paint job.

Its great to be back!

03-05-2008, 01:50
Nice warlock. Welcome back. ;)

bert n ernie
17-05-2008, 16:21
Thanks mrtn,
I appreciate it.
I've finally finished the last group of slaves(for now). The pictures are a bit bright so you can't see that the chains actually have tinblitz and a brown ink wash on them, but they do. I have no idea what to do with the guy with the shield. I wanted a big stupid shield, so I took part of a broken luggage lock and stck in on him. I had to sculpt an arm too. I don't know how to paint the shield yet, so I'm just going to move on so that I can have as many models completed as soon as possible and i can improve later.
I'm going to the watchman tournament in July so I need to have paint on everything. At least three colours.
I still have lots to do, and unfortunately I only have certain models with me now, and very little free time to paint.
Any comments on the first set of slavers? I have only really started on them.

20-05-2008, 16:52
Long time no speak old friend things looking good dude when I am going to see you over on the Ammobunker :).

bert n ernie
24-05-2008, 12:09
Hey Andy, nice to see you about. I kinda noticed that your log isn't about as much now. I'm guess you've moved over to the ammo bunker, yeah?
I'm fine and dandy with Warseer. Wouldn't have time for more.

I have a small update. Pic is bad, I may have to re-take it.
All I've left to do now are the weapons and the fur. I really like the red robes, so even though the original plan was to have three colours, one for each unit, I may keep with all red.
Hopefully more in less than a week.

24-05-2008, 12:35
Nice idea for the skaven slaves- looks good with a nice simple paint scheme and the chains are a nice touch. Those fellas with the whips look good too- nice muted red.
Skaven armies are a fair old challenge with the numbers involved so fair play to you for sticking at it. If you want to improve the overall look of you're rank and file pick the most prominent feature and take you're time on that. With my nids it's their carapace, with my dwarfs it's the beards- everything else is generally a couple of washes and a dry brush.[mind you it still takes me an age to finish anything!] But these look good, keep it up.

bert n ernie
30-05-2008, 00:28
Thanks silverstu,
I'm glad the chains actually work. They took an age to glue each bit on, but I feel it makes them cohesive.

I'm trying to improve the faces of the slavers at the moment, but I seem to be having trouble as the Czech summer heat is drying my paint mixes too fast. I've also painted a green slaver. He's not entirely finished, but should I just stick with red?

As a side note. I'm trying to get my army ready for the watchman tourney in July. I'm not finishing the models entirely so that I can get as much to a table-top standard as possible.
Hopefully I can really spend time on them after July.
Is there a watchman painting thread I'm missing out on?

Lastly, if anyone has a tutorial on painting skaven plastic clanrat faces(specifically the fur under the chin) please let me know.
EDIT: I'm sorry the first pic is blurry. My camera is acting up.

bert n ernie
31-05-2008, 10:07
OK, while I was trying to decide about whether to go all red or do different colours for the slavers(or preferably have others decide for me hint hint ;) ) I decided to try my hand at directional lighting for my warlock.
This is my first attempt at directional lighting and as such I'm not too disappointed with the result.
The upper right area of his staff needs to be re-done, but the lower area is what i had hoped for.
In the meantime I will try to finish the accessories and fur of the slavers.

31-05-2008, 13:58
Hm, interesting, not bad! :)

bert n ernie
08-06-2008, 01:46
Well, I've finally finished the first four slavers. I've done little symbols on their arm bands to denote which unit they are in. The slaves may have this symbol at a later date.

I've also finished a green slaver as a test mini. I'm very unsure as to whether to go for all the slavers in red or different units as different colours.
I really want army cohesion.
So I'll set up a poll if people could please vote...

Red only (as the chief army colours are red - like the slavers, and light cyan - like on the plague monks)


Red, Green, and Dark Grey units.

17-06-2008, 22:02
Im a little late but I just want to say that the lighting-globadiers and the cannon were sweet. Great theme too.

bert n ernie
11-07-2008, 21:43
Well. I promised myself this wouldn't be left by the wayside, and even though the army hasn't been the log has. The reason for this is quite simply the lack of time I've had to take pictures and my lack of net access.
I've been scrambling like mad to get everything ready for the watchman tourney but have hit an incredible snag. When I visited home my mother had packed away the wrong boxes and she put over half my skaven army in storage. I could b*tch and moan about this, but I won't. I happen to have a lot of spare sprues and stuff so I've decided instead of admiting defeat I'm goign to build over half of a Skaven army in three days. I started yesterday by spraying four clanrat sprues and a few other bits and bobs. Today I'm assembling 50 clanrats, checking up on my Rat Ogres assembly and hopefully painting some of the clanrats. I'm goign to get help from friends in basing the models but that's pretty much it.
I'll post pics of what I've to do when I can, but priority is to the army, not to the forums.
Wish me luck.

11-07-2008, 22:24
Good luck! Hope you make it!

bert n ernie
16-07-2008, 23:22
Well then. I'm back. Its been a long trip since the tourney itself. Hopefully from next week on I'll be able to post slightly more regular updates, but I'm still in the middle of everything.

The Watchman was excellent. Great tourney. I was really lucky with my opponents and they were all sound lads. Plus i met some interesting people outside of the games, even though it was only on for one day.
Another Skaven Player Badbones777 was there, and we had a laugh trying to... well not exactly see who could do the best, but see who could mess up the least. I came 12th overall, even though I only scored 5 points for painting(it was pretty bad looking). I'll write up a battle report later, but for now I'm going to post the pics of 'that night'.

I managed one pic at 4am, then a few more once I had done some work on the bell unit. Was far too tired to remember any more.

I'm pretty happy with the bell and its unit. Its supposed to be all warpstoney. I'll post better pics soon, but this is how it was on the night.

Update with tourney pics soon.

bert n ernie
17-07-2008, 00:09
OK, so the tourney.
I dunno how to impress how much fun it was really, so I guess I'll skip that part.
The list:
Dr. Frankenrat (235)
Dispel Scroll(25) Warpstone Charm(25) Tenebrous Cloak(30)
Bell(200) 2 Warpstone Tokens(10) =535

BSB(25) Storm Banner(75) Heavy Armour(4) =149

Warlock Engineer(45)
Storm Daemon(25) Death Globes(20) Warp Blades(15)
UWEC(10) SWPA(15) =130

Weeping Blade(45) =150

25 Clanrats(125)
Full Command(25) =150

25 Clanrats(125)
Full Command(25) =150

28 Clanrats(125)
Full Command(25) =165

21 Slaves(42)
Musician(4) =46

21 Slaves(42)
Musician(4) =46

27 Slaves(54)
Spears(30) Musician(4) =88

1 Giant Rat Pack(30) =30

2 PWGs(20) =20

2 PWGs(20) =20

4 PWGs(40) =40

5 Gutter Runners(60)
Tunneling(15) Poison(10) =85

5 Gutter Runners(60)
Tunneling(15) Poison(10) =85

1 Rat Ogre(50) =50

1 Rat Ogre(50) =50

Total =1989

To be hoenst some of these are pretty useless choices. Then again it was the only way I could round out the army and paint it in time.
I'll do the actual report tomorrow as its just too late now.

And here it is:

EDIT: Unfortunately the write up and pictures of the army will have to wait a week as I have had guests arrive early. So much for keeping on track now that I have some free time.

18-07-2008, 11:41
Hey Bert, Alright man!

Yeah it was pretty cool the tourney-I came 17th overrall, but looking at the actual table, I think we can be more proud of ourselves than perhaps we thought, esp. considering how tight that part of the table was-dunno about you, but I just noticed that if Id have flocked my bases, Id have been, like, 5 places higher!:wtf: Note to self-FLOCK THE DAMN BASES! lol. In all fairness i dunno how horde players like us can really expect to scoop top points on the painting, theres only so much brown someone can look at after all, no matter how neat it might be! That said, congrats again on the Ikit model- very effective. Im gonna have to really go to town on my warlord queek mini!
A shame none of us skaven players could have finished 13th:evilgrin: but there you go!
Just need to finish off my own bell, the warp lightning cannon, a few more slaves (I know, I know!) and Plague monks!
Hopefully see you at the next one mate!

bert n ernie
12-08-2008, 00:32
Well, aren't I just a useless monkey?
Should I explain my absence, or just move on? I mean... its not like this kinda absense thing doesn't happen often. This time the excuse is pitiful. I've been at home(with parents) while waiting for my new flat to be ready. They moved and now there is NO room for me, so I'm basiclaly staying in a room used for archives in my mum's work. The furniture is so old that if I got paint on it I'd be breaking some kind of agreement which ensures that certain furniture pieces are preserved in pristine condition. Its like living in a castle, but without the cool drawbridge bits.
Ah well. I found out a few days ago that the kitchen table is not under this agreement, so I'm now able to paint after dinner. I will be moving in a week and a half anyway, but I will try and post something soon. I think I still remember the tourney. I have no excuse for not posting that update, except I'm crap. Yey.

Great to hear from you Badbones. I've goen and forgotten your actual name, but I think of you as the only Liverpool person I know who isn't called Terry.
I was close to 13th. 11th or 12th I think. It would have been good if I could have brought my painted army. Someday I WILL score top points on painting. I'll probably be 30, but I fully intend on doing it. I'll definitely try and make the next Carnage in Nottingham and see how far along I am then. Will you be coming?
How many more slaves are left anyway? I'm thinking of making another unit soon. Maybe I'll wait till the new book.
Do you have a log here? I'd love to see you stuff up closer now that we have more time.

Forgot to say... a big reason for not setting up my current whole army(the force I brought to notts and the previous one) is that it would take me more than one sitting to get it all places. The only place I can actually fit the whole army is on the kitchen table, and that means starting straight after dinner and finishing before breakfast the next day. Man... I sound like a kid again.

bert n ernie
16-09-2008, 21:03
OK, finally settled in. Report time.

The first game seemed like it would be simple enough. I was up against Bretts.I set up in a pretty even spread putting units in places so that they could support each other easily. The photo shows the end of his first turn(I had already gone). He had flyers hidden behind a wood, which I hoped to fob off for a turn or two with my tiny Giant rat unit going up behind the forrest. If he didn’t take the bait I would keep them there for table quarter purposes. I had placed both Tunneling markers right in front of his Trebuchet, as I knew he would be unable to do much about them without wasting one of his more useful units.
You can’t see them well here but the two rat ogres are advancing on the archers:
Anyway, my first turn magic and shooting phase was a typically skaven phase. My warlock killed himself from a miscast, then my bell blew up wounding the Seer and killing a couple of Clanrats. That was basically it. My chance of winning was out the window right there and then, which was kind of a good thing. I just concentrated as much as I could on having a fun game, and trying not to get massacred. One out of two ain’t bad .
A picture's worth a thousand points:
Not realising his general (the guy on the horse all by himself) was stubborn I charged him with the slave unit in the front and the clanrat unit on the right going into his left flank. I obviously caused no wounds. He stayed put, and I had a bunch of guys just stuck there. Throught the game I kept trying to hold enough units on the board before I was overwhelmed. I managed to kill the archers with the Rat Ogres. They could have actually done more than this if I had used them well and put them together. Generally a good bit of the game was spent trying to rectify the mistake of charging his stubborn general. I knew I had to avoid putting more units into a combat I couldn’t win, so I had to avoid that combat. I managed to take down a unit or two, kill the trebuchet with tunnelers and run around in circles with any units near the flyers. It was an immensely fun game, and after having such abysmal luck in the early game it was nice to see a few skaven units pass the odd leadership test. Nothing spectacular, but fun none the less.

My second game obviously saw me at the bottom table. I was drawn into the bi game. This meant that I was to play the filler player, but I would get a massacre automatically anyway. My friend Ben was there, but he had to use Voltaire’s Chaos army. This was again a great game. The army consisted of one large knight unit with a tough as nails character attached. Two units of wolves(or some sort of fast cav beast) and two units of marauders, one of which was bleedin huge. There was one, perhaps two sorcerers, but I’m starting to get vague here.
The table had a lot of terrain, particularly on one side. I got the chance to choose sides, but had to choose the other (with one forest in it on the right, and one just outside on the left) because I did not have enough room to set up otherwise. He placed a unit to wolves on the far left which could easily go around his forest there and get some good flank charges. The knights and smaller marauder unit was slightly left of centre (again, my left) then there was a forest, a sorcerer (maybe in a small unit of something?), a hounds unit, the large marauder unit and lastly a large forest. There really was just a series of lanes through which I could attack him and he could attack me. The two central lanes were close enough to be able to support each other, and I knew that if I dared to send my units through those gaps I would lose my army piecemeal. I was worried about his magic, but decided to wait for him to come to me generally.
In response to his set up I deployed a giant rat pack and a clanrat unit to respond to the fast cav on the far left, and hopefully circle around and hold the quarter, or even get some rear charges. I placed the clanrat unit so that it would be take the flank if the giant rats were attacked, or it could turn to the main battle. Most of my units including the slaves, the clanrat unit with the bell, a giant rat unit etc were in the centre. The rat ogres and the last clanrat unit were to the right of the forest in my deployment zone, all alone to face the large marauder unit. The globadiers scattered into the forests. I scouted my tunnel teams, as I didn’t feel I needed to get behind him on the left, and by going to the other side of the forest on the right I would be able to work my way round to the back of his large unit.
In my first two turns I began positioning for his emergence from the lanes. My magic reduced his fast cav units into manageable chunks before moving on to his heavy cav unit. I also tried to do something to his sorcerers but didn’t get anywhere.
He came forward and I his large cav unit just wouldn’t die(though it had lost a couple). In fact he began to gain an upper hand in a few areas of the battle field, and his sorcerers were becoming difficult. I managed to position a slave unit to be charged by his heavy cav, which he went for. I fled, knowing that he would catch me and thus complete his full charge move. This took out his heavy cav for a turn or so. I moved some globadiers in behind to take some pot shots. On the right I moved the Rat Ogres and the clanrat unit into place for a flank charge on the large marauder unit, and tunnelers in the rear, but I forgot to charge. Doh! Apart from his heavy cav behind me, I was at a general disadvantage, and was losing more than I was gaining. My rat pack on the far left kept creeping up, simply to take the table quarter at the end I guess. I had skitter leaped my mage to fire a death globe at his smaller marauder unit supporting the heavy cav, but only killed a few. I kept working on trying to target his mages, to little effect. His next turn saw me loose one clanrat unit and a few other little things, and had a slave unit run off the board. However he did not re-position his large marauder unit (not that he could).
I charged all the units surrounding his large marauder unit into it. I also took on the remainder of his fast cav, so as to make a further push for a sneaky mage behind them. I turned all guns (globes and magic) on the heavy cav unit with the general, until there was only a few left. I rang the bell, and I believe hatred was the order of the day. The combat against the large marauder unit was viscous. My clanrat unit managed one or two casualties, but more importantly the Rat Ogres racked up a couple of kills each, and the tunnelers killed enough so that the attacks back were not enough to reduce me below 5 strong. The combat res didn’t give him much chance and he was run down easily. I held with my tunnelling team so that they could perform a joint attack on the mage who was hiding behind the fast cav next turn.
Unfortunately my mate pretty much despaired at this point. He lost most of his most expensive unit, all of the next best unit, and a few other things. He was running out of room. We played on, and he managed to do well enough with just his general in his following turn, but I ended up with a massacre. So far one massacre for, one against.

I hoped to get past the half way point in terms of points, and it all hinged on the final game. I ended up fighting Dwarves. Skaven do not like playing dwarves. I think that the fact that this guy didn’t take an anvil helped him more. I was really glad that I had my Storm Banner, which had very little effect in the previous two games.
I’ll be honest, even though I was surprised how much I enjoyed the game overall, and I had a wily opponent, I don’t remember much. I remember that any time we came up against a rules dispute it was resolved in a very amicable way, and I was impressed with how easy going a tourney game can be, even when we’re desperately trying to win(unlike in my previous games). I had thought by the end of the game I was in a really advantageous position, and though I had some of his units wrapped around my finger, he did have reinforcements on the way in the form of two units which had fallen out of position and been avoided. I was again surprised at the durability of dwarf units, and the skaven inability to deal with armoured units, or even worse; stubborn units. I just didn’t have enough killy stuff in my army, despite my magic and globadiers and Rat Ogres. Admittedly my Rat Ogres spent a good part of the game running about, ensuring his troll-slayers never reached combat, and, with the assistance of a clanrat unit, taking out a crossbow unit and seriously wounding the gyrocopter in the process. I also had great difficulty in dealing with his characters, even at a point where he charged me in the flank with one guy. It was an odd odd game, but my report is over for the most part.
I did well enough coming right in the middle at 11th/12th place joint. My painting score was an abysmal 5.
Army update soon to follow.

bert n ernie
17-09-2008, 00:23
On to current painting.
I did the finishing touches on the slavers in my slave units. I took a few pics of the units as a whole, and a close up of the group who were previously seen above as green slavers.
I have not finished the 'researchers'(basically they will act as musicians, but being typically skaveny will be in the back rank) or the final slave in each unit to bring the total models to 21. Everything else is done, and I am waiting on parts for those.

The three units:
Unit a:
Unit b:
Unit c(recently completed):
And rear:

bert n ernie
17-09-2008, 00:35
And last but not least:
A close up of the recently finished slavers. I'm a bit excited about this, as I started these 12 guys almost a year ago:
I also have set up the whole army, including anything I haven't finished yet. The cannon isn't here yet, and both of my warlocks are missing in action, but almost everything else that is assembled/mostly assembled is there:

The left half in close up:
From the front(left to right):
1 Giant rat Pack(mini), 8 globadiers, Grey Seer,
2 Giant rat packs, Slave unit 1, Slave unit 2,
Warp LIghtening cannon base and 3 pushers(might not be used), Clanrat unit(mutant banner), clanrats w/spears, bell unit,
half strength clanrat unit, Plague Censer Bearers, Plague monks, Rat Ogres.
The right half in close up:
I know I mgith repeat myself a bit here but:
From the front(left to right):
some globadiers, Grey Seer, 9 Gutter runners,
Slave unit 2, Slave unit 3, 2 Giant rat packs,
clanrats w/spears, bell unit, clanrat unit(freehand banner), rattling gun,
Plague Censer Bearers, Plague Monks, 5 Rat Ogres(no handlers)

My next update will involve the bell, and soon I'll also show a pic of how much of the army is actually completed. Should that be at the start of the Log?

bert n ernie
18-09-2008, 23:58
Just a quick update this time:
The Bell WIP. I think I'll be working on it for a while until I recieve my bits to make the slave researchers.

Also, this is what is finished so far:
This is 190 models exactly. Bleeding brilliant! The original army was supposed to be 213, but I think I have made changes since then.

bert n ernie
27-09-2008, 00:53
Alright, another quick update on the bell:
The warpstone is complete, the details are not. The only question is whether I will put mutations on it, or just stick with the army colours for remaining details.


27-09-2008, 23:49
That's looking like a screaming bell allright. :)

28-09-2008, 05:31
your screaming bell looks awesome.

you mounting a grey sneer on it?

bert n ernie
30-09-2008, 22:43
Thanks guys :)
I actually hadn't finished it tho, here is the finished product(unless I change my mind and add stuff). The Seer and Bell ringer are coming:

The blue and orange colours on the bell are my army theme colours, so I'm trying to stick these into as many units as I can. Hope it works.

23-01-2009, 07:52
Painting it green, but of course! That way I can do my old screaming bell plague themed too. Looking good!

bert n ernie
27-01-2009, 00:11
Hey there folks.
Well, I'm finding that I really just want as much of my skaven finished as soon as possible. I know the book is coming out again, but I needed to finish off some units.
So instead of a seer and bell ringer (who will come soon afterwards) I decided to show you my progress so far on the Bell unit itself.
This will be my fourth Clanrat unit, but I've made them so that they are interchangeable with Storm vermin in case of them being decent next book.
The clanrat body armour and shields are unfinished. The back armour pieces from the dwarf sprue are complete.

Here's the bell with the unit:
Side view:
I haven't attached all their armour bits yet, so here are their unfinished lightening shields and some back armour I still don't know what colour the rat faces should be. Grey like the seer?:
Here is some back armour attached:
I really need to know if this works or not. It covers their tails at the moment, and looks fine to me, but perhaps I need to show blooded stumps or short tails?
Comments please?

27-01-2009, 09:28
Looks fine.

27-01-2009, 19:26
It's fine the way it is. You could go and add bloody stumps, but it will probably take away from the models rather than add to it.

bert n ernie
18-02-2009, 00:28
A quick note for anyone who views this log regularly. I had tried unsuccessfully in the past to update this regularly, and have consigned myself to the fact that I am too busy. However I hope that I can update this monthly. This is the Febuary update.

Thanks BajsArne and Malorian. I've decided to just leave it.
I wish I was updating with that unit, but something came up. Again.

Recently I joined a campaign at my local club, and along with other things we have to have a baggage train which follows our army around. If we model an appropriate one we get a few extra gold pieces (equivalent to a few hundred extra points) and I quite obviously want in.
The thing is that it's really hard to build a skaven baggage train, so I had to improvise.
Here is what I came up with(sorry for the bad pics):
And from above:

Obviously it needs contents like food and other things along with a driver(I'm thinking of putting the Gnoblar lookout from Ogres on the front, but I don't have the right sized rat).
At the moment I only have one piece of baggage to put in it.
This is it before I built it:
This is the finished rat-ina-cage:
I was going to post my progress reports on the campaign here, but I'm not sure if this is allowed.

bert n ernie
02-04-2009, 23:01
Right! So last month was a bust. I'll try and post twice this month.
I have plenty of excuses for the lack of posting, as I'm getting married next week and when you marry a foreign person in another foreign country you will find yourself filling out forms for about a months. So lets just say I pulled a Joker last month.
Just today I finished the last shields for the bell unit. Hopefully I'll get a picture of the unit fully assembled before the wedding.

I also have been spending money.
I got the following oldies:
and guys who might be slavers/packmasters some day:
I also got some guard forgeworld single minis.
I am wary of continuing with my skaven until I know more about the new book. Espeically if there are new minis coming out, so it might be time for me to move on to my guard. I still have some unpainted Skaven, but I really couldn't stick it if something changes and I wasted my time painting up 13 slavers/packmasters just to find clan moulder works has changed around.

EDIT: Edited to prevent scrollbar of doom and to take better pictures.

EDIT 2: ...and I fail.

03-04-2009, 03:37
looks like your skaven army will be completed before the new book rolls out!

wow.. them resin rats look interesting!

but they have circular bases... would that be a problem?

bert n ernie
04-04-2009, 17:21
The circular bases are going to be swapped out. I checked to see if they were glued before I bought them.
I have finished the unit now except for a little grass work on the bases, but can't post as my camera is already packed.
I will try and show a full unit pic before the end of the Easter holidays.
I think the new guard book is the best yet, and I doubt I could keep going with the last few skaven even if I wanted to.
It'll be guard in this thread soon methinks (like every other painting thread going I'm guessing).

bert n ernie
13-05-2009, 21:11
Month of May Update:

You know the drill. I post pics. A few people look. Someone posts.
Here goes.
More work done on Ghost buster/globadier sculpts:
Some green stuff for techno gubbins(you can't see them, but they are a power generator on his side which has a power conductor with a cable wrapped around it leading into his brain. Mostly metal, so I'm going to practice painting rust for the first time) and a couple of reddened flesh tones on the skin of my rat ogre/monster:
The whole bell unit apart from the banner is done and dusted(the musician won't get a shield, the banner bearer has one waiting):
Different view so you can see the lightening effect on the shields:

bert n ernie
13-05-2009, 21:37
Lastly a little bonus post.

I bought some magnets earlier in the month to stick units to their movement trays. Well well worth it.
I thought I'd post a pic of one of the units making use of their magnets.

So far this unit, the plague monk unit and the Screaming bell unit I just finished all have this done.
Yet to decide which other units need it:
Till next month me hearties. Arr!

(is that a hint?)

14-05-2009, 03:48
yaaaaaaahhh high five rats! xD

i really dig them movement trays!

bert n ernie
14-05-2009, 11:16
*rat fives putty with movement tray*

Yeah, they're brilliant. I have a metal tool box that I can put them in and a hell of a lot of rats fit in it while staying on their trays.
I didn't realise how bad my other pictures were, I'm going to have to go through a photograph tutorial again before I post again.
The Dragon/Rat Ogre pic shows crap all :(

14-05-2009, 15:57
I love the idea of the lightning shields.

I want to advise you to do one more thing on them though. A really thin, white stripe would really make it look even more lightningy. It looks awesome as it is, don't get me wrong, but I think one final, white stripe would make it look even more striking! :D

18-05-2009, 08:02
Hello bert n ernie

As per your request I'm here to comment on your painting. From the log I can clearly see that your painting has improved over the span of 5 pages. From flat colors and overly-done drybrushing you've moved on to shaded and highlighted models that have depth and realistic lighting effects.

Now on to criticism.
First off, those metals are looking rather flat. Metals are always the hardest and yet easiest paints to apply, because they look good enough for TT standard, but to really push beyond those limits is quite difficult. I suggest you apply some badab black into th recesses and give the metal edges a highlight of mithril silver. For a real dirty effect, use Gryphonne Sepia and Devlan Mud as well.

Highlights can be alittle harsh at times. When doing harsh highlights, known as hard-edge highlighting, keep the lines very thin, because thick highlightswith stark contrast often draw a viewer's eyes to it instead of the better-done parts of the model. To get these highlights even smoother, water down the paints a little bit more for easier control. This mix ismainly intuition - too much water and it requires lots of control and many coats. Too little and you get an odd texture after the paint dries.

Not a very big fan of the globadiers. The sleeves look too poofy and disproportionate, although practice is going to get you far. Keep at it.

Also, try to work on your drybrushing. The trick to getting a good drybrush is not to load the brush with paint, but t just put a small amount and brush across the paper until youcan ahrdly see the mark of the paint. Then, youcan begin applying it to the fur. It will take a few brushes to get the whole model covered, but it is well worth it.

That's all I have to say, actually. Keep improving, I see lots of potential there.

18-05-2009, 08:48
Woop, your Skaven are bloody brilliant! I am seeing lots of potential borrowing in the near future!

And you have the limited edition BSB! You lucky sod :D

Only thing I myself am not too fond of is an entire bell-carriage made of Warpstone. Seems a little wasteful in a way ;)

27-05-2009, 11:55
I must say I really like your skaven army. You should be proud of it :D

08-06-2009, 22:56

Just read through everything. Everything looks fantastic. I can't wait to play it with my Daemons and see how we get on. Last time we played, it was with the Vampire Counts if memory serves? What is it with me playing you with armies that won't run away no matter the odds? -evil laugh-

Looks good mate, very good. How did you manage that with the magnets? You'll have to show me that. Let me know when you're back in England and I'll be right up.

Love, Ben

09-06-2009, 00:21
I just read through this thread and have to say that it's awesome! I really like the green color scheme and the way you did your slaves.

bert n ernie
09-06-2009, 18:53
June Update!
I can't believe the number of replies here. Seriously, it makes me feel a lot better about my painting, especially since I've been enviously following most of your painting logs.

@Daniel36. I'll definitely take on that idea. I tried it on a spare surface for practise, but messed up so I'm going to have to wait till I feel I can do it justice before putting on the white line.
I found your log just before you posted that comment and saw the effect you created on your vehicles. It looks fantastic and I hope to incorporate it into my weird Dragon Rat Ogre.

@Kroakkroak thanks. Its good to know I'm improving. I've always been weak with metals, and have tried what you suggested on a sample, but didn't feel it showed up(area was too small) so I'm going to try it again before I post anything. I've bought devlan mud, so perhaps that'll help.
I've discovered that many of my paints are too dry (especially my greens) and after buying a few new ones I don't seem to have as much of a problem now.
I really like the idea of the globadiers, but I see what you're saying. I deliberately used a lot of putty to make them look big, as that's what I originally wanted. Some of them work, some don't.
Thanks for all the suggestion, they have helped.

@unwanted great to see yours up and running again too. I figure that since the whole bell is supposed to be a big magic construct of some kind it can be made from trees grown near warpstone deposits. So warpstone infected wood? Plus: Wasteful? Skaven? DO they even know what that means?

@Anardakil and Fechik Thank you!

And lastly... "EnemyofGod"? Bit of an odd choice of name my brother of Gilead. I'm actually trying to find a time when I can come down and visit all of you. I'll send a message. Maybe show you the magnets while I'm there?

OK. right so... I'm feeling sentimental and thanking people simply for posting here. But what about the pics?
Well, I did some of the globadier backpacks here:
Thing is I've gotten a bit bored of painting fur, flesh and cloth. Really bored. So I don't think I'll be doing a guard army next. I've done a test paint scheme for a marine army.
A bit Halloween, but I like it. (There's some yellow paint that spilled on it after painting and I haven't highlighted the orange:


18-06-2009, 21:25
Looking great Berticus, if you meet me in July I look forwards to playing the Skaven army,
looks like you have at least 2000 of it painted now?

bert n ernie
10-08-2009, 18:48
August Update:

OK, so I missed July. Just so people know, I am still in the middle of moving house, and had to pack everything away some time ago. However I have found my camera, and can now post up a small update.
This moving house business is really inconvenient, but at least I'm allowed a dedicated painting table when we move in, so I won't have to pack it all away every evening. Hopefully I'll pick up speed.

I should also add that I intend on going back to the first page and finally updating what I've completed etc. I might start including that in my updates. I want to be more organised now that I am mostly updating regularly, and have joined the tale of 40k painters.

The first pic is three test minis before I changed over to the Marcharius Solar Orange, which has much better coverage and is easier to highlight. Painting a whole army like these guys would be insane:

The rest of the first squad. Each squad will have a banner bearer, and this guy is from the command squad metal set. There's a good few old Grey Hunters being put to use too:
Some skaven Jezzail conversions. Last month I found out about a tourney a couple of days before it was on. The guy who usually lends me his jezzails couldn't, so I had to make these. I might wait until I see the new clanrat/slave plastics before I finish them up, as I'm not keen on the clanrats on the end, and it was a rush job all 8 being build in one evening:
There are 8 of these by the way, but I only took pictures of 4:

EDIT: Finally managed to fix the scrollbar of doom.

EDIT 2: Apparently not actually.

bert n ernie
11-09-2009, 14:52
September Update:
Oh my! Is this log so old and decrepit that it's in Historical and Contemporary?! I'll PM Wintermute to try and get that changed.
The August update was a bit awful and July was absent. Here is hoping that September will make up for that (I'm aiming for two updates).

I am still trying to keep the first post updated with what I have and have not painted. If anyone is interested go there.

I just bought a new camera due to the previous one being total junk. So if the pics are not great, or if they're much better please do let me know.

I have joined both the Tale of 40k and Tale of Fantasy Painters. This is because I really need to paint regularly. I've already missed the first fantasy post. The 40 was not good either. However I have high hopes.
This is the first Tactical marine squad I posted:
They are... not looking good.
I hadn't done the backpacks or highlighted them (as I found out after taking these pics).
So I needed to test out my highlighting colours (devlan mud wash, foundation orange repaint, then a foundation orange/sunburst yellow highlight):
Then I tried the highlight and a more even coat of foundation orange on the marine squad. Yes, these are the same minis as in previous posts. They still need a lot of work, but I'm much happier with them now:
I tried out the flash on a few of em:

EDIT: pics fixed

bert n ernie
19-09-2009, 01:14
September Update No. 2:

Wow! Another update this month? Well, it's not a lot, but I'm pretty proud of the bases I've done for these guys, so I thought I'd post it up.
I have more pics on my photobucket account here:

Also, I promise to get some skaven stuff up soon. That screaming bell is feeling very sad right now. I'm working on some special plans and scrolls for him.

Space Marine army
My marine army is (currently) called the Drifting Coyotes.
They are a space marine chapter with no discernable homeworld. They often stow away on derelict space hulks lying in wait for Ork or Tyranid Invaders. They wander the stars in search of their enemies.
I hope it's not a problem, but they're also slightly themed on a native american tribe. They have animal totems, and I'm hoping their art is similar.
Anyway, here is the bases so far:


Hopefully more soon...

bert n ernie
10-10-2009, 12:39
October Update:
Well. Here I am again. I'm up to a quadruple post, so I'm really hoping that people do start commenting again soon as otherwise I'm going to start looking like a crazy.

It was great meeting up this month. Sadly the skaven weren't finished to a full 2000pts.

I am eagerly awaiting the new skaven. Finally there will be models that I'll actually like enough to use as the slavers for my giant rats and the last couple of guys for the slave units and rat ogres. On the other hand I might just end up using Plague monks again.
I will also be replacing the clanrats on the Jezzail stands I made. I just don't like them that much, and I think I'm going to use the multipart plague monks instead.

The tale of 40k and tale of fantasy painters threads are at least ensuring I have monthly updates for my log.

First up my fantasy offering (since I have a feeling most people are interested in the Skaven more than another bunch of silly space marines):
Completed Bell (YAHOOO!):

Top view:

Front view of Bell ringer wearing a 'nerd' shirt and labcoat:

Squad one, located at Docking Bay 12 is complete.
Back half, or 'Docking' half:

Front half or 'Bay 12' half:

Lastly is the space marine sarge. I am not happy with him overall, this close he looks a bit grainy and the highlighting is not exactly right. I found it hard to paint him well, and if anyone has any suggestions I'd really appreciate it:

More pics of the Bell and the squad can be found here:

I will update the first post with full pics of each army at a later date.

Lastly I should just say that it could be a while between now and my next update as at the end of this month I am going away on Bahai Pilgrimage to Israel. It should be really exciting, but it means I'll miss about 10 days of painting.

10-10-2009, 15:46
Nice work, I like the docking bay idea, and the execution is great as well.
Is that a "how to" on top of the bell?

15-11-2009, 21:28
Well, checking this out again. I never saw the funky details before, love the umbrella on the plague monk banner, very spiffy. ^_-

bert n ernie
09-12-2009, 23:22
A very very late November update.
Sorry about this, but going on :Pilgrimage and then being so busy at work when I got back put me about a month behind where I'd like to be. Then again I just jokered in the two tales I'm part of.

mrtn, it is indeed a How To on the bell. I'm pretty proud of it, though I have to admit it was mostly done by my wife. I think it's great. And I'm glad you like the docking bay idea, I'm definitely using it throughout the army.
Thanks Benzan. There is more stuff like that to come when I get onto other skaven banners...

I had to rush this month really, and I'm not over the moon about how things look, but they're ok.
Comments as always appreciated. I'm sure I missed a ton of improvements that need to be done on the bikes.

So, on to the pics.

Here is the unit minus one guys since I didn't realise he wasn't in the shot :(.

Here is the icon I deacled/painted onto their shoulder pads:
Their monitors are in the attached thumbnails.

And finally what you've all being waiting for... progress on the Skaven.

I've been practising my green stuff skills, and managed to make a stitched together ogre. I particularly like the bit at the front which looks like they had to use some spare flesh for it to work.
The back. I painted the tail to test whether the colours would suit:
And there we have it.

10-12-2009, 08:42
You have a small photo of a "dragon ogre" on your last post, but I can't find any explanation. Is that your take on the hell pit abomination?

bert n ernie
10-12-2009, 18:05
That was my take on what a normal Rat Ogre should look like, but for now I'm thinking it might stand in as a Hell Pit abom. My actual hell pit will be a good bit bigger. He was just a few spare parts mashed together. Maybe I should use him as the abomination though... I dunno. I have some spikes to add if I do.

bert n ernie
04-01-2010, 21:34
And now an even later December update. I think I might just have to do a crap load of work to actually get an update that is supposed to be for Janurary.

Anyway I'm hoping to get this doomwheel done in time for the Tale of Fantasy painters for this month. If anyone has any advise of where to go with it next let me know?
I will be making a platform on the top which will have a Dr. frankenstein/rat character making a new minion. There'll be a rig with lightening/warpstone rods coming out of a platform with the minion on top strapped down.

Here it is so far:

And the finished Rat Ogre I forgot to post (probably one of my favourite models so far):

bert n ernie
14-01-2010, 18:05
Janurary Update.
Wahoo! An update on time.
I had hoped for some commenting on the previous stuff, as it would have helped my plan a bit, but hey. I'm not sure how well that Rat Ogre is painted after all. There are a few sloppy bits like the stitches on the rags around his head which looks completely white instead of having any shading.
I have a tournament to go to this Sunday (Winter War) and I have to finish some stuff off so that I can go.

I'll be painting a guy with a banner, a Rat Ogre, the Doomwheel and a bunch of giant rats. I will be using the slaves' packmasters as packmasters for the giant rats and rat ogres and then spare clanrats as the back rank for the slave units.
So, here is the army list:

Army: Dr. Frankenrat's Skaven Horde Player: Bert Alexander

Dr. Frankenrat the Grey Seer(240) Bell(200) Pipes of Piebald(25) Dispel Scroll(25) Staff of Sorcery(35) =525

Chieftan(45) as BSB(25) w/shield(2) and Great Weapon(4) Under Empire(25) =101

Warlock(15) Level 1(50) Warp Energy Condensor(20) Doomrocket(30) =105

Plague Priest(100) Warlock-Augmented Weapon(45) =145

Lords and Heroes Total: =876

25 Clanrats(100) Full command(20) Shields(12.5) =132.5

25 Clanrats(100) Full command(20) Shields(12.5) =132.5

25 Clanrats(100) Full command(20) Shields and Spears(25) =145

21 Slaves(42) Muse(2) =44

21 Slaves(42) Muse(2) =44

21 Slaves(42) Muse(2) =44

23 Giant rats(69) 3 Packmasters(24) =93

10 Giant Rats (30) Packmaster (8) =38

Core Total: =673

20 Plague Monks(140) Full command (25) Storm Banner(50) =215

3 Rat Ogres (120) 2 Packmasters (16) =136

6 Plague Censer Bearers (96) =96

8 Gutter Runners(96) Slings(8) =104

Special Total: =551

Doomwheel (150) =150

Rare Total: =150


I might try and get a full army pic up, but that'll probably be at the event, as right now I'm too busy painting and whatnot.

Here's the Rat Ogre I'm working on. Pretty basic conversion. Bit of a matrix homage on his back, and the remaining greenstuff was tidying up the sculpt. The wing is a gargoyles, the head an Ogre Bull.
The doomwheel top part. I need help on this one, as I can not decide for the life of me which of the two character builds works. The one where he's licking his wounded hand(there's a finger missing, so a lot of blood) or the one where he's holding a warpstone brazier.
The minion will have a zombie head and will have a control panel and all sorts of gubbins around it. For now I'm trying to finish the basic model in time for the tourney, then add rats and more controls when I have more time.

P.S. If you comment on anything, please please comment on which rat character looks best for the doomwheel. I kinda need to know ASAP. I'm leaning towards the one with the blooded hand, as he just looks so evil.

bert n ernie
08-02-2010, 12:34
I've been slightly distracted from both Skaven and Space Marines lately as I've been working on tiles for a very cheap hex based campaign. Here's the tiles I've cobbled together so far. I'll try and post some actual painted stuff next week.
Big pic, so careful opening it.
Do I need more rivers, maybe swamps? Anything?

bert n ernie
14-02-2010, 00:20
OK, I'm pretty sure this one will get some replies. I know that some of my past few posts have been a little dull and WIP. I've finished some of the models, but right now I really want to show off this campaign board I've worked on. Very happy with it, and it didn't take forever to make.
I will be expanding it to about 100-120 tiles, which will cost me approx 6-8quid.

Map from above:
Some of the objectives I've made(villages right corner, the cities are on the right, fortresses in the middle, watch towers on the left):
The map with some sample flags on it, to show what the board should look like in a game.

14-02-2010, 00:40
I think it looks great. :)

14-02-2010, 15:51
awesome awesome sauce

bert n ernie
14-06-2010, 20:55
Right, so I'm back.
@ Putty and mrtn.
Thanks for the compliments. Due to life circumstances I still haven't gotten to play on it :(

I know it's an excuse again but... my wife and I were given an offer which we couldn't refuse.
We had to leave England.
It wasn't the mafia, but I was offered an editing job I've been trying for years to get, and she got work at a school. I literally had two weeks to the day from being offered the job(the guy called out of the blue and offered it before the end of the interview) to my first day at work in the Czech Rep.
This obviously threw my painting schedule way out. I've been busy with projects, and lacked a painting area.
I finally got sorted in the middle of last month, as I've finished some work projects and set up a painting area. Then I found out about a Czech tourney, so haven't posted as I was too busy with painting :P

Anyway, on to the update. Hopefully this can become monthly again.

Doomwheel has had a little device attached ala Frankenstein's monster. It's still an early WIP.

(extra pic below)

Similar to the doomwheel guy, these guys are failed creations which make up my rat swarm. I find the current rat swarm models unbelievably sameish. These guys need a little work still, and the bases need a lot.
(shot from back is below)

20-10-2010, 14:58
Good to know you have real life sorted out.

I wish you and your missus a long and happy career with your new jobs!

Your WIP stuff is CRAZY!

Hope to see more soon.

24-10-2010, 12:59
Ha, lovely!

24-10-2010, 13:17

bert n ernie
25-10-2010, 01:08
Holy Cow! Comments :D

Well, I've been meaning to dust this off for a while now, so I really appreciate the nudge I've been given.

(Non painting bit:) Thank you very much Putty, that's really kind of you. The job is wonderful. Unfortunately I have doing 50 hours a week for quite a while now, but on the plus side it was the kind of job I've wanted since I was a kid so...
Work has eased off a little recently, so I've had a bit more time to paint, and just recently found out about a tournament in Prague, which I'm hoping to go to.

Painting bit:
Right now I'm trying my best to finish at least one thing for this upcoming tourney, as I do have too much WIP stuff. I'm hoping the bell will be finished in two weeks, and I'll try to post the results either way.

@BajsArne and bluewolf74727- Thank you.

For now, be appeased by an (almost full) blood bowl team.
I only noticed that one guy was not done when I went to take the photos. Ho hum.
These were the quickest paint jobs I've done in a long time. I cut a lot of corners on most of them, but they seem ok.
When I have time I'll finish the bases and show them along with my other team.

tl:dr-Here's some Orcs:

25-10-2010, 10:35
Hmmmm... They look nice, but I think they would benifit from a quick splotch of Devlan Mud on the pads, just to make them a little dirty... They seem a little too clean. Nice job though!

25-10-2010, 12:17
Hmmmm... They look nice, but I think they would benifit from a quick splotch of Devlan Mud on the pads, just to make them a little dirty... They seem a little too clean. Nice job though!

I agree with Daniel - a nice wash could add a good touch; any special reason for the hex bases?

bert n ernie
25-10-2010, 21:40
Fair point! Thanks.
As I said, very basic level. I'll try some devlan mud, but the test I did on the yellow wasn't great. Do you mean flecks of it- so it looks like splashes, or the usual 'in the recesses' stuff?
These guys are still on the back burner, until after the tourney though.

The Hex bases were used on the last team I did ages ago. I found that since you need to put guys face down or face up quite often, the hex bases stopped the mini rolling about, and made it easier to play.
Plus, if I used all my spare hex bases in warhammer I'd be murdered ;).

bert n ernie
18-11-2010, 11:36
Well, I tried the Devlan Mud wash, and I don't think it made a difference. It should have, and I used a fair bit, but as you can see with the below results...

The bases look a bit off, but they're supposed to look astroturfey. This is again to imitate my last team. It doesn't look great, but it beats re-doing two teams bases.


I wanted to post pics of the doomwheel, but the week before the tournament was awful for painting. Every time I sat down something happened to take me away, then once I got to the tourney some of the doomwheel fell apart.
I still did well in the painting, and came 7th in generalship (5th overall, painting and generalship), which I was very happy about.

I'm going to give a quick rundown of the games I played here:
Game 1:
High Elf player.
Doomrocket and 13th spell on the first turn took his three big blocks down to one, and some spare guys on the first turn. Doomwheel and slaves dealt with the dragon princes, while getting a lucky charge dealt with the rest of his cavalry. Turns 3 and on were mop up, and dealing with his BSB, sorceror lord unit.
This first game was on the bottom table and this guy ended up on the bottom table for the rest of the tourney. 20-0.

Game 2:
Vamps ghoul spam. I couldn't get any fire off on his regen ghoul unit unit, which was the only one I could take out due to diagonal deployment. Warpfire thrower killed itself, fire magic kept failing. Didn't know I couldn't cast Scorch in combat on my last turn, lost combat, lost game based on that one combat. I think I accidentally game him points for fleeing units, but still would have lost. 3-17 or 1-19. Can't remember.

Game 3:
Dark elves with a mirror army. Hyrda, Black Guard, 2 crossbow units. Then double that, and add some characters.
Was lucky with my 13th spell casts, and throughout the game took out the crossbows with his L4 mage, and later a black guard unit with two castings.
He tried playing defensively on one flank, which suited me fine. I rolled up the other with the doomwheel, 35 rats, 20 monks and some small units. By the time he realised this would loose him the game, I was in too good a position. By the end of the game I had lost 21 slaves, and he had about 10crossbow men, and two hydras, one of which was wounded and about to die from the rat ogres(and others) finally coming in on the right flank. He conceeded. 20-0.
Note: this was the Break point(blood and glory) scenario, and I had the scenario won by my third turn.

Game 4. Vamps. Similar to lat one, but a big grave guard unit, no regen banner.
In set up he kept putting forests and other terrain right in the middle of the board. I knew he was playing for denial right there and then, and was happy to oblige.

I tried working on his ghoul unit with the doomrocket turn one(through skitterleap) but overshot to his graveguard. Found out about no regen!
I then focused everything on that unit, and put just enough on the other flank to make him think I wanted to attack him there.
I eventually took it out on the very lat turn. Close game, lots of fun, but almost no combat whatsoever.
15-5(I think. It was apparent that the organizers, while knowing everything didn't think it was important to tell you individual match scores).

Game 5:
Beastmen with minotaurs, and about 6-10 single model units. A unit of gors, ungors and minotaurs were everything else.
His army was too fast, and I knew I couldn't win. I went for a draw, focusing on slowing him down everywhere I could, while aiming to take out just the minotaur unit, as that should make a draw.
During set up he told me his Gorgon(which was proxied) was his general, so I set up to challenge it and force it to run. He hadn't said what the model was, just 'general'. This must have been a language barrier thing, as his English was just ok. This mistake kept the gorgon in the game a turn longer. That, and misuse of my doomwheel(putting it too close to two chariots, thinking he wouldn't risk the charge) and my 115pt warlock killing himself with Warp Lightening on the last turn turned it into a loss.
I killed the minotaurs, eventually, but was not ready for such a fast army. Mine needs time to manoeuvrer, which I really enjoy, but is actually a weakness against such a fast army full of pumbagors, chariots, and other 6+move models.
3-17 (or 1-19-I don't know).

Anyway, one of the most fun tourneys I've been to in years. The second vamp opponent was a heck of a lot of fun to play, even though we were both very obviously playing to win (was on table 3 at the time). I think it'd be more fun if I had an army that forced me to get in there. I'm loath to take an abomination though. I want to be friends with people after my games.

tl:dr I played a tourney. It was fun, but the models are still not finished. Loosing heart trying to do so.

bert n ernie
19-01-2011, 09:43
Well I seem to have missed my December update, so I'll try and make up for it this month and next.

I have not too many pictures but a few things I wanted to post(or just skip to the pics!).

Que blathering:
So this year seems to be off to a good start. I don't know when I will finish my skaven, and I'm kind of glad due to the sheer number of people playing them now I've been put off. I've also decided I won't be painting the new skaven as they just don't fit with the old ones, which means that my skaven will never be up to the standards that I'd like to bring to a tournament. It doesn't matter how well I paint the monkey rats, people will always have the other rats in mind and will prefer them.

I'm somewhat relieved, as it was feeling like a journey that would never end, and I think hurt my overall painting enthusiasm. Yes, I've completely lost heart with the skaven for now.

Instead I took a break and did a 'commission' piece for some friends, and have started my second warhammer army.
On top of this my wife and I moved house again (4th one in less than 2 years of marriage!) but it is still in the same town, and it's a nicer place.
We have almost finished moving.
The good news was that the stuff I'm painting for friends are the piece from LNoE: The Zombie game. http://www.flyingfrog.net/lastnightonearth
My wife loved these so much she wanted to paint some, which gave me a lot more painting time lately.

We've got the heroes done, and I'll point out which ones she did.
After this I need to finish up varnishing the zombies so that their blood is shiny, but they are not. Any tips appreciated.
Then after that I will most likely focus on my new army: Undead Brettonians.
I'm using the Brettonian rules, but didn't want to spend forever and a day painting each Knight. I will be following tutorials on painting ethereal figures for the entire force, with some minor adjustments for some characters.
Also they be based in a town, so I am custom building the cobble stones. I will post WIPs of all of this at some point.

If I really need breaks from this very simple paint scheme I will do some work on Space Marines. I am hoping to go to tourneys in a month or two though.

If I want something more challenging I will work on the doomwheel, but not for a month or so at least.

So on to the pics:
All the character faces were badly detailed. Ho hum.

Team A:
My wife did the school girl , we both painted the boy beside the girl. I did the other two.

Team B:
She did the priest, nurse and farm girl. I was particularly impressed by the flame on the torch in terms of skill. The green gloves on the nurse though just look fantastic. I painted the Jock.


19-01-2011, 10:18
Wow! Your version of the pieces for LNoE is COOL!

I like the little details of yours... the latex gloves, red axe heads... you paid attention to those details!

Your make mine look rushed! xD

bert n ernie
10-02-2011, 19:20
You have these guys too?
I haven't seen them on your log. Can you put them up, or link them?
Also, have you done the zombies? I have just finished them tonight.
I tried a few new techniques which reduced time spent painting but took about a week to dry.

Apart from the clothes(and some hair) they were painted only with washes and inks.

The yellow tops denote one zombie player.


The blue tops denote the other zombie player. The guy with the lighter blue represents me(a little joke with my friends).


The appear very shiney, but that is due to my camera, rather than actual appearance.

I forgot to mention that I'm on to another modelling project. This one is somewhat ambitious, but not as bad as the Skaven. For one, it is chiefly a Knight army, so there are far less models. For another the paint scheme is very easy to do. However the bases are very very tough to do. I will post a pic in the next update, but essentially I am building cobblestones from chopped up sprues. Each cobble is about 2.5mm wide.
I might only do this for one unit, then buy bases from somewhere for the rest.

11-02-2011, 14:57
These are mine:


I haven't been tasked to do the Zombies yet... a bit out of the budget for the guy I did these for.

bert n ernie
28-02-2011, 11:03
So, another month, another update. Although I can't remember if this is supposed to be for Feb or not.
I have finally gotten to a place where the stuff I have is worthy of a picture here.

I have been working on the bases for my undead Brett force. Each base in hand built, so it has taken a very long time to build them. It took less than an hour to paint 9.
Still have to do some tufts of grass, and maybe rubbish you'd find on a medieval street.
Open to suggestions on that, as I have no clue.

28-02-2011, 21:38
hey bert!
you made a visit to my thread so I though i'd pop here and see what you've been up to...

Like the look of the bases for the bretonnians, very cobbled! When do we get to see the lovely minis that will adorn them?

bert n ernie
05-03-2011, 15:20
I think I'll be doing tiny tufts of static grass as weeds.
I don't think many people will like the paint scheme I am going for with this army.
I'm basing it off the Etherals in this thread (http://www.vampirecounts.net/Thread-The-Rise-of-the-Von-Kerryathe-Legion-Picture-Heavy?page=5). Only a few characters will differ from the scheme. It's supposed to stop me from taking over 4 years to make an army.

It's taking me a long time though because I have some 40k to paint, and I've been building a wargame review website (http://www.tabletopgamereviews.com/) recently, as I can never find decent reviews of games. Still about as WIP as anything else you'll see on this thread, but with the camera equipment I've gotten over this year it should eventually fill out.

05-03-2011, 15:25
That should look pretty cool on the battlefield...
are you using stock Bretonnian Knights or something a bit more worn down and beat up looking?

bert n ernie
08-03-2011, 16:19
And herein begins my March update.

I'm making the Bretts out of spare stuff I either won or traded for (I think you can see some of that near the start of this thread).
The army is supposed to be constructed from the ghostly riders which have been collected(i.e. killed) by a necromancer in his travels throughout the warhammer world.
I have Empire Knights for the KoTR, Wild Riders for Errants, and a mixture of the 'Best' knights (Brett and Empire) for Grail Knights.
I have yet to decide if the archers will be human ghosts or skeletons.
I also have 'normal' horses mixed in, which I think are the ones from the Imperial Guard Rough Riders sets.
I haven't beat them up, as I think they're ok as is, and I want this army to be done quickly.

The test model is from one of the spares'.

Feedback would be greatly appreciated, as I want to know if it's worth doing a whole army like this.



08-03-2011, 17:19
I think it could be nice. Warpmaster made a similar army over 48 hours, pics on the Herdstone (http://z2.invisionfree.com/herdstone/index.php?showtopic=21591&view=findpost&p=4283452).
You could involve other ghosts as well. High elves or beastmen or something.

08-03-2011, 18:15
looks very nice, how are they painted?
I am assuming using washes...

bert n ernie
22-03-2011, 17:59
mrtn, yep you're right. However the main difference (and why it's taking me so long to compete) is that I am making each model fade from dark to light through successive drybrushing.
This means it's not just washed, but gets gradually lighter as you go up the model.

@hwd. Yep, it is washes. This one is a 60-40 mix of thraka green- asurmen blue. You'll be seeing an increase in the use of washes on this log, as I've found that if I don't use washes to do half the work, well it takes five years to finish an army and I'll give up just before finishing.
Before the washes you can see the miniature is gradually highlighted up from black all the way to white:

I will post proper pics showing the Empire Knights later, but for now I wanted to show off something else that I'll be working on at the same time.

I'm trying to start a Mordheim campaign here, so I'm painting up a few warbands. First is undead.
I'm using mantic zombies and ghouls as they look FAR superior to the GW ones. Other models will be made from what I have lying around in the bits box.
I will be using a mix of asurmen blue and some ogryn flesh for the ghouls (below), and thraka green and some ogryn flesh for the zombies.
Both will start with a white spray coat, and badab black wash first.

Here are the ghouls and the necromancer:

bert n ernie
04-04-2011, 22:07
A quick April update:
I've actually managed to keep working on the Mordheim warbands.

Here's the Ghouls from the Undead warband:

I haven't posted the Necromancer, as I did an awful job. Maybe I'll post him and people can give me advice on how to fix him :(

Next update will be a full Reikland warband as close to the Reikland colours as I could manage.

I'm trying to stick to few colours, and pre-prescribed themes for these warbands as it means that I'm much quicker painting them, and if I choose to sell them on people are more willing to buy them (I hope).

05-04-2011, 03:50
Ooer the ghouls are looking scary! Great work!

bert n ernie
14-04-2011, 23:51
Thanks very much! I'm glad they actually have an effect.

Bit of a change from usual.
I have become very frustrated with warseer lately due to the ad-blocker thing screwing with my access.
I have tried and failed numerous times in the past weeks to update this painting log(add pics etc) and I no longer want to try.

I will still update the log, but my pics are going to be posted on my website that I'm working on for reviewing wargames.
It's still far off in beta land, but you can see the pics you'd normally see on my painting log here (http://www.tabletopgamereviews.com/index.php?option=com_kunena&func=view&catid=8&id=25&Itemid=78)

Any advice for improving those warbands?

Sound I use bigger pics? Should I bother painting the chaos dwarf?

P.S.-this is all copy pasted from open office so I have a chance to post :(

15-04-2011, 00:38
too bad you experience so much difficulties, the ghouls look very nice.


18-04-2011, 22:28
The ghouls look really well painted in a very nice scheme.

However, I can't look at them without seeing the undead from Thriller video - especially the middle guy!

bert n ernie
19-04-2011, 23:34
The ghouls look really well painted in a very nice scheme.

However, I can't look at them without seeing the undead from Thriller video - especially the middle guy!

Haha, awesome! I'm going to take that as a compliment.
In fact I was building a bunch of Mantic zombies the other day and I did a little rendition of Thriller with them for my wife, as we thought the poses were fairly similar.
I still think they're the best zombies out there in plastic.

It seems that warseer has fixed it's problems as of late.
I have a large number of zombies to paint, so it'll probably be the end of this month or even later before I show further progress here.

Here's hoping I'll be as happy with the zombies as the ghouls.

bert n ernie
23-06-2011, 14:57
Well. I have somehow managed to be more production than usual, and then I've gone and seemingly forgotten about this log.
This may be because I actually have another one (with mostly the same projects) on another forum.
Anyway, at the moment I frantically building more and more terrain. I just don't have enough. I have finished a bunch of units, including the zombies, but i can't find them anywhere.

On the plus side I only missed last months update.
If anyone has suggestions for improving the tower please let me know. I based the overall design on the GW watchtower.

Here's the terrain after building, but before painting or fine details have been added.