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18-02-2007, 09:11
So a bunch of fellas on this site are starting up Infinity armies, and it was recommended that a project log be created for all of us to post our progress in. So far, the participants include:


So, let the logging begin!

18-02-2007, 09:16
As for my personal progress, I attempted to order the Yu Jing Starter Set (http://www.thewarstore.com/media/INF280301.jpg), but it is apparently out of stock at the moment. The store ordering it for me will be re-ordering in a couple weeks. Argh, more waiting!

18-02-2007, 09:25

Well I have a wait for my nomad starter set, bought it off ebay last week, and its coming from the UK, then through Defense's internal mail system so should be a couple of weeks yet.

18-02-2007, 09:28
I'm picking my mini's up tomorrow. excitement!

18-02-2007, 18:33
Sweet! Cant wait to see some progress!

19-02-2007, 21:19
Participant number four-and-a-half* - IJW.

I picked up the big six-legged walker last week, and am planning how to put it together.




*I'm buying some Infinity models, but more for use with my own Appleseed-based rules than for Infinity. Although that might change depending on local players.

19-02-2007, 21:22
For size purposes, here it is with one of the (fairly beefy) new Eldar Rangers:

The pieces are pretty clean from flash, but there are a lot of air channel spikes, given the hardness of the metal these can be quite vicious!

Pose - the legs come positioned exactly symmetrical, if you look carefully at the image in the box you'll see that I've already bent them into slightly different positions. Rather than putting it on a flat base, I'm planning to model it climbing up and peering over some kind of terrain, maybe a trashed car if I can find a nice SF-looking car the right size.

Paint scheme - I'll be aiming for a fairly realistic camo scheme, not being that into bright anime colours for this kind of stuff. Probably it will be similar to my old 1st ed Sentinel:


Plenty of weathering and a cluttered base!

19-02-2007, 22:08
That old sentinel is amazing![dice0]

19-02-2007, 22:13
What a sweet model!

The more I see of these sculpts the more I like the style. I used to have a couple of the chicken egg sentinals, they would always get eaten by genestealers though. Back on topic, I reckon maybe an urban camo scheme would look pretty nice.

19-02-2007, 22:46
Alright, I placed my order today. After reading the rules a couple of times, and making some tough decisions, Iím not going to do an Ariadna force. The coolest part of the game for me is the whole TAG, Remote, and hacker electronic warfare aspect. Ariadna doesnít get any of that cool stuff.

Hereís my initial order:

Nomad starter
Hellcat blister

PanOc starter
Sikh commandos blister

I also ordered Mars Station from World Works Games. That should give me plenty to work on. Maybe Iíll start working on a Chicken Hawk dropship while Iím waiting for my stuff. :evilgrin:


20-02-2007, 02:43
Looking good guys, i'm really interested in this infinity stuff, but have to many other projects atm.

IJW, Love that model, but i hate the fact that its feet have little wheels at the bottom. How feasible woulld it be to put feet, like big spider legs, instead?



20-02-2007, 03:03
IJW, I'm really looking forward to seeing that model assembled with paint.

-peace out

20-02-2007, 04:08
Wow, that Maghariba Guard looks really sweet...I think that leaning on the car idea is a good one, too :)

20-02-2007, 04:52
Participant number four-and-a-half* - IJW.

Edited into first post.;)

20-02-2007, 10:45
IJW, Love that model, but i hate the fact that its feet have little wheels at the bottom. How feasible woulld it be to put feet, like big spider legs, instead?
It bothered me in the pictures online, but 'in the flesh' it looks better than expected. They are more like the omni-directional things you find on small robots than conventional wheels. As it seems to be based heavily on the Fuchikomas/Tachikomas from Ghost in the Shell the wheels are actually from the source material, but a bit undersized.

All that said, it would be pretty easy to cut off the wheels and add something else instead.

I think that leaning on the car idea is a good one, too :)
Loadsa bullet-holes seem in order. :)

Anyone know of a suitably high-tech/Bladerunner-esque kit?

20-02-2007, 11:39
Here's a close-up of the foot-wheels with a 25mm slottabase for comparison:


As you can see, cutting it off just above the wheel and then sculpting a couple of 'toes' would be relatively easy.

P.S. If any of you think the footwheels on this are bad, just have a look at the size of the feet on one of the upcoming models (http://www.infinitythegame.com/eng/rtdo2.asp?IDNOTICIA=239&). Either this thing's got anti-gravity or it only ever walks on solid rock/concrete... :eyebrows:

20-02-2007, 14:34
Thanks for that IJW.

I'd almost think of using the wheels as part of the leg, ie a motor or something, and attach the new legs below it.

Idle thoughts since i don;t have the model, and you're using it as stock.

What diecast cars? they come in mutitudinous scales and would be easy as hell to beat up.



21-02-2007, 21:16
I've been doing a bit more work on the pose of the six-legged tank, in preparation for finding a good car for it to crush. Plus a 28mm figure for scale.


Needless to say, it won't be sitting on a big LEGO wheel... although that could make quite a nice display base.




21-02-2007, 21:19

And a top/rear view, which you don't tend to see of this model:

Off car-hunting in the toy shops tomorrow...

21-02-2007, 21:37
That six-legged walker tank is my favorite model in the game so far, and very cool to see that it's getting The IJW Treatment that the little egg sentinel got. Very much waiting to see where this heads, and that goes for this whole log in general, should be quite cool all over.

- Salvage

Luna de hierro
21-02-2007, 21:39
may i join the group? i started my haqquislam last year and the minis are just beautifull, have about 8 minis finished, the Dzanbajan are my favourit... sorry for the blurry pictures...


21-02-2007, 21:57
Wow man, that is so cool! Im excited about getting some TAG's...when I get some more money, that is ;)

Your posing is pretty great...very ghost in the shell!

Welcome! I like your models, its nice to see a different scheme than the standard haqislam "sand" color :)

I think I like your Fiday best.

21-02-2007, 22:10
Luna did you use natural metal for the guns? Your minis look really good.

21-02-2007, 22:14
The more the merrier!

Nip over to my figure collection log - I've got a LOT of heavy stuff suitable for Ghost in the Shell-style games...

22-02-2007, 04:16
may i join the group?

Glad to have you. :D

I really like your Djanbazans, especially the color you used on the HMG. Really nice.

IJW, I really like how the Maghariba is coming together. That thing is a beast.

Looking forward to more. :)

Luna de hierro
22-02-2007, 14:09
thanks everybody, i also bought the Maghriba guard but i donīt have the time to start working on it yet, for the moment iīm workink on the KUM riders (strange name in english :D ), made the girl in a manga theme, green hair and bike... i use citadel colors, the main scheme is codex grey, bestial brown and camo green, the weapons are boltgun metal.

the first rider still WIP, i was thinking about painting all the irregulars without a military color scheme, not very happy about the result but... :rolleyes:


22-02-2007, 14:15
Loving the tank IJQ, that alone makes me want to get one and try this game out...but there is just far too much on plate right now...

I really wish sculpters could start sculpting Sakura-esque cute girl models for scifi games...then I might have a chance of getting my girlfriend into a game like this. Hard to get girls interested in stuff like this when all the girls show large amounts of cleavage and wear less armor to show off when all the guys are kitted out...sorry to go off topic a little. I really dislike that rider sculpt...

-peace out

22-02-2007, 17:47
Yeah, I dont need to see cleavage on my minis, but apparently it sells. At least they are proportioned nicely, in line with the buff proportions of the male models. But is it really that offensive to women? My girlfriend isnt a gamer, but Im fairly sure it wouldnt put her off.

22-02-2007, 18:05
I'm not sure whether it's offensive, but I think they maybe wants the men to show more - hard to know; it's women, after all. Anyway, if one learns to sculpt it shouldn't be a problem since one can fix the models the way one wants them.


22-02-2007, 19:11
Eh, this probably wouldn't put off my girlfriend, but it doesn't help...I suppose this is a discussion for elsewhere cause I'm going off topic. It just gets annoying when many female models gotta look "hawt" in their armored lingerie rather than looking like they could kick a guy's ass because they are wearing just as much armor as him. Sadly it sells.

This came up because I basically want the Infinity sculptors to do something "cute". My girlfriend loves cute anime, *she randomly bought a gunslinger girl poster because she liked the picture*:http://animepa.csusm.edu/galleries/F-G/GunslingerGirl/lg/lockandload.jpg

Something ala that for Infinity would be up her alley and make me happy because my girlfriend would be attracted to that.

Que sera, 2 years and still no hope of understanding her...:rolleyes:

More on topic, I never cared for Ghost in the Shell that much but the Fuchikama (sp?) was really cool and that's why I'm so attracted to the six legged tanks in this game, even the little wheels I don't mind at all.

-peace out

22-02-2007, 19:18
Ghost in the Shell is really brilliant...it sort of took me some time to really get into it, but damn. Its like that show 24 but in Japan and in the future with robots :D

22-02-2007, 19:29
Ghost in the Shell is really brilliant...it sort of took me some time to really get into it, but damn. Its like that show 24 but in Japan and in the future with robots :D

*grumbling* Perhaps I'll watch it again, if they did a Jin-Roh sort of faction for this game I'd probably be hook-line-sinker...

-peace out

Luna de hierro
22-02-2007, 19:54
I think that infinity has a huge touch of manga in it and thatīs why the women in the game have breasts that defy gravity, i donīt see them offensive to women in general, itīs just a theme, the male miniatures have green, blue or red hair and big huge muscles and thatīs not offensive to me, itīs a theme, only a manga theme.

has for the mini, is not has bad has you say, itīs quite fair in proportions, the male rider has a torsion that only a acrobat could make... :p

22-02-2007, 20:37
WIP test mini for my Nomads, it's the same aguacil that Frost painted first, I've been working on him for 1.5 hours and im pretty happy with the outcome, I know it's a little messy in places but I'm not the best painter in the world!
the armour is going to be a teal/turquoise colour (when i get it) and the boots/packs are going to be black with the gun being in my frist attempt at NMM.
hope you enjoy it so far.

ps I really need to get new Kommando Khaki, mine sucks alot.
*edit* forgot to mention this is my first attempt of painting over a white undercoat. :D

22-02-2007, 23:51
Nice work so far :) I would maybe consider pushing the dark areas of the pants a bit darker...I think that color will pop really well with the turquoise, too :)

Cant wait to see more!

scrubout: I actually like the comics of ghost in the shell way better than the movie, which is sort of a mishmash of ideas that almost makes no sense at all unless you have read the comics...sort of like the movie Akira, actually.

23-02-2007, 00:01
I might give it a little wash with a kommando khaki mixed with brown colour, just to get the shadows out.

we'll see, I'll probably be doing the black and metals tomorrow :D

these models are SO fun to paint

23-02-2007, 00:08
Hey asecondtoolate, great start. I like it. :)

Hey scrubout, the two Ghost in the Shell series, Stand Alone Complex and Second Gig, are a lot better than the movie. I think the movie was more of an exercise in animation, but the series have more time to tell a story. Way better than most of the drama pap on prime time, IMHO. A third series is out, and I’m patiently watching the Adult Swim schedule.

Oh yeah, show your gurl that smokin’ Alguacil female rifleman that Frost just painted. If you just added green stuff bangs and painted her hair pink, you got Sakura. ;)

Oh yeah, I need to call and see if my order came in today! :p

23-02-2007, 00:33
Yeah, a lot of the nomad models are female and they arent very scantily clad...except the szalamandra pilot, that is. (hawt)

But yeah, one of my hellcats is female, and they have a female brigada model as well (heavy infantry).

In fact, most of the factions have about 1/3 of their models sculpted as females, come to think of it. I like that, gives a bit of variation.

23-02-2007, 01:56
The model shop was a wash - their cars were either too small at 1/72 or much too big at 1/24 and larger. Fortunately, some nearby pound shops came to the rescue - two roughly right-sized cars for a grand total of £2.25...

Shown with a 28/30mm Kyromek model and an old 28mm Rogue Trader Imperial Guard model for scale.



In theory they are still a bit big (the police car claims to be 1/43), but at that price I can trash them to see if it works and not worry too much!
The police car is from East Europe and is a pretty good model - well detailed, opening doors, proper wheels which steer at the front. The off-roader is just cheap generic 'Made in China' stuff, with no real detail.

Anyway, what happens when we put the tank together with the car?



I've already removed the front left wheel so that the car lists to that side with the weight of the tank.

It really makes you realise how BIG this thing is when it dwarfs an estate car. An estate car that is the wrong scale, roughly a third larger than it should be!

23-02-2007, 02:03
More angles:





I'll squash down the left wing so that the car leans that way even further, and place big dents underneath the feet on the bonnet/hood and roof. A car is pretty fragile in comparison to one of these monsters.

I'm inclined to keep the lights and paint it up as a semi-burnt-out police car. Any opinions?

23-02-2007, 02:26
Yes. Oh yes.

23-02-2007, 02:36
I vote for not on fire, because I think a narrative of seeing the split second the Maghariba is coming out of nowhere and pouncing on the car is great. If you can pull off painting the cop car ďundamagedĒ, Iíd say go for it.

Realistically it would probably be easier to paint if you made the car partially burnt, with lots of bullet holes, broken glass, fire, and smoke.

23-02-2007, 05:39
Opinions? Green is for go. That thing looks mighty fearsome.

Thanks for the advice Lithian, I will see about checking out the series...the movie did seem like an exercise in animation...good, but :wtf: .

How much did you get those cars for? I want to get a bunch of those for my 40k cityfight board (still planning on doing it months, maybe even a year ahead of schedule) and burnt hulk 'em out.

-peace out

23-02-2007, 07:52
I'm so excited to work on my model some more.

that walker looks AMAZING.

23-02-2007, 09:18
Thanks for the advice Lithian, I will see about checking out the series...the movie did seem like an exercise in animation...good, but :wtf: .
Sounds like you only saw the second movie. The first one is closer to the original comic books and has more action and understandable plot.

How much did you get those cars for? I want to get a bunch of those for my 40k cityfight board
The equivalent of a couple of dollars each. Just make sure to take a model with you to the toyshop, it's surprisingly easy to get something that's too out of scale.

23-02-2007, 13:03
Some kit-bashing later, with the emphasis on bashing...




The front wheel needs to be repositioned so that it is more upright but squashed.


The windows have all been removed, to be replaced with some fragments of clear plastic around the edges representing all the windows bursting under the pressure. Any ideas on how to model showers of glass fragments strewn over everything?

The tanks itself has had the two sets of upper legs pinned together, and all six lower legs have pins with corresponding holes in the upper legs. Blu-tack just wasn't doing the business any more...
Several of the upper legs have been bent into new positions by a couple of millimetres, which was really hard given the strength of the alloy.

23-02-2007, 13:24
A few more shots from higher up.




I'm still not convinced by the guns. The HMG looks good, especially the ammo feed coming out from the body. The heavy grenade launcher on the other hand doesn't do much for me - somehow it doesn't fit the style of the model as well.

I may remove the HGL and move the HMG to a central position like Michel's 'Tachikoma-tuned' version (http://www.coolminiornot.com/143818).

Alternatively, borrow the multi-laser from an old Sentinel and use as a gatling cannon, mounted under the chin like this:


Add a couple of manipulators and I'll have my own tachikoma-tuned model!

23-02-2007, 17:08
For the scattered glass, I'd try taking the tiny pieces of slate (like in the urban and hero basing kits) and scatter it around and then paint it like glass...white with an accent of blue or something?

-peace out

23-02-2007, 18:16
Hmm. Could work, maybe combined with some coarse sand for all the small bits. I'm thinking of the way that tempered glass shatters like this (http://www.acidistribution.com/images/tempered_shattered.jpg) and this (http://skipjack.net/sfi/november/shattered_safety_glass.html).

23-02-2007, 19:24

Great work Ian, thats some seriously great stuff. I want to see some paint on that badboy!

23-02-2007, 21:53
Hahaha that REM on the cop car looks sooooo awesome. Way to stick it to the man. :P

As for my own update...still waiting for models. :'(

23-02-2007, 22:09
I have a small update, I started painting the dark colours on the model (boots/holster/guns)
the boots and the holster are done, but next time i think i'll paint them before i do the clothes, since I got black paint everywhere :(
oh well, I'll just have to do touchups later (there is black everywhere in the pictures)

also i've started the gun (barely) and have finished the basic skin without any details on the face.


24-02-2007, 01:19
Oh, wow, they sectioned off the project logs. :)

Sounds like you only saw the second movie. The first one is closer to the original comic books and has more action and understandable plot.

For my part, I was talking about the original 1995 movie with the Puppet Master story line. I love the animation, and for the time it was eye-popping. The story was good, but it could have been a whole lot better. It was a little too Zen, if you know what I mean. Sometimes you just canít cram everything into a motion picture. The Laughing Man and Individual Eleven storylines from the two series are masterful.

Hmm. Could work, maybe combined with some coarse sand for all the small bits. I'm thinking of the way that tempered glass shatters like this (http://www.acidistribution.com/images/tempered_shattered.jpg) and this (http://skipjack.net/sfi/november/shattered_safety_glass.html).

You know those craft sun-catchers where you put the plastic bits in the metal frame, melt the beads in oven, making a faux stained glass? On another forum I saw where someone used them for gems on a treasure pile. If you could find a suitable color match, you might be able to use that for safety glass chunks. The bits are already pretty small, but they are long, maybe requiring that they be cut in half.

Other than that, the only thing I can think of is going to town on some blister pack plastic. ;)

Hey asecondtoolate, great progress, keep going. :cool:

Some of my stuff was on backorder, so now I probably wonít get it until late next week. :cries:

24-02-2007, 01:49
Oh, wow, they sectioned off the project logs. :)
Yes, we've all been sectioned...

Other than that, the only thing I can think of is going to town on some blister pack plastic. ;)
That might well be the easiest. Hope your stuff turns up soon!

24-02-2007, 03:48
That looks so . . . right, the dents, the splayed wheel, the angle of the car, they all look awesome and i'm just imagining it painted.

Fantastic, I looked at the CMON like and i think he got the tachikoma look spot on.

Will you be using this as a gaming model? Or purely display? I was wondering if in the game the tank can haveonly one weapon, because the conversion looks sweet.



24-02-2007, 08:46
It'll be a gaming piece, but not necessarily for Infinity.

As far as I can tell from the PDF Haqqislam army list there is no option for a single weapon, but I can always paint up the HGL and lie it on the base for Infinity games.

24-02-2007, 09:28
Other than that, the only thing I can think of is going to town on some blister pack plastic.
After going mental on a blisterpack the results are pretty convincing if you don't look from 6"...





I'll try cutting it a bit finer for the final thing, but it's pretty good as-is.

@ asecondtoolate - coming along nicely! You might want to water down the black a bit, should make it easier to apply in a controlled manner.

24-02-2007, 09:35
I was watering down all my paints, i just don't have any luck :(

24-02-2007, 10:53
Strange. From that last set of photos I'd say the black paint is still too thick - there are quite a few clearly visible creases and holes that the paint should have flowed in to.

Is it GW paint? I've still got lots of the old Cote d'Arms GW paints and was distinctly unimpressed when I bought a new pot of Chaos Black, it's a weird consistency and not very good coverage when watered down. :(

I've circled the uncovered bits that I'm talking about:


24-02-2007, 15:44
I think those spots on his feet look like camera flash/reflection. The spots on the gun look like white primer, though :)

Nice work so far, dude.


24-02-2007, 17:45
The glass looks the business. Nice work.



24-02-2007, 18:29
Dang IJW, that is spot on for safety glass. That looks better than I ever thought it would. :cool: How did you do it? Cut it into strips and then cut it into chunks? What did you use to do the cutting?


Luna de hierro
24-02-2007, 18:50
thatīs beautifull IJW, are you going to put the Maghriba on a display base?

24-02-2007, 19:07
Oh yeah IJW, I just remembered that one of the guys on the Infinity forum did a Tachikoma conversion with manipulator arms. Here (http://www.infinitythegame.com/foro/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1881) it is if you haven't seen it yet.

24-02-2007, 19:33
Dang IJW, that is spot on for safety glass. That looks better than I ever thought it would. :cool: How did you do it? Cut it into strips and then cut it into chunks? What did you use to do the cutting?
I cut the plastic into very narrow strips using a scalpel and steel ruler, then cut the strips up using a pair of sharp scissors, keeping them at a slight angles so that the pieces wouldn't be so square.
You have to concentrate to cut the strips narrow enough in the first place, but apart from that it was pretty easy! Thanks for the idea.

thatīs beautifull IJW, are you going to put the Maghriba on a display base?
It's primarily a gaming piece (yes, car and all!) so I'm looking for a nice round base, 80-90mm diameter.

Oh yeah IJW, I just remembered that one of the guys on the Infinity forum did a Tachikoma conversion with manipulator arms. Here (http://www.infinitythegame.com/foro/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1881) it is if you haven't seen it yet.
That's one of the things that inspired me to get the model! I'm still undecided on a gun conversion - the HMG is really nice with it's ammo feed, but the Heavy Grenade launcher on the other side doesn't do so much for me. I may cut away under the chin and add a removable turret there, then build some manipulators similar to the ones Michel did. Opinions/ideas, anyone?

25-02-2007, 06:38
Must...see Marigaba Guard...with...paint...

Frickin awesome!


Just so you guys know, I played my first couple of games today, and holy crap:

Its awesome. Im really an addict now. Yikes.


25-02-2007, 06:41
Oh do tell, what makes it good?

-peace out

25-02-2007, 06:48
Its just SUPER tactical...you have to think out every single move and order, and its very realistic in terms of how firefights play out. Really deep tactics and strategy, and that really does it for me :)

25-02-2007, 06:49
My interest in this is getting further perked...not good...nice glass technique IJW.

-peace out

25-02-2007, 12:13
Must...see Marigaba Guard...with...paint...
You'll no doubt be glad to hear that it's got to the stage where I can undercoat it!





I found an old round piece of perspex, but it's still much too big for gaming on cluttered urban terrain. I may try and cut it down into an octagonal shape as that makes fire arcs/LoS arcs really easy to work out, and with the equipment I've got it's easier than a circle...

25-02-2007, 12:20
Shots from a higher angle:





The whip aerial at the back is just a thin piece of wire shoved into a hole of exactly the right size. It's not glued in place which means if it gets too bent up it can easily be replaced with a new piece.

Tip: to straighten thin wire, pull it really hard at each end, for example holding each end in a pair of players and then pulling. Once the pull reaches a certain strength, the wire will 'snap' relatively straight without any kinks. The thicker the wire, the harder you have to pull...

25-02-2007, 12:26
The body will probably sit in place on a pin rather than being glued in place, so that it can be removed for travel - those whip aerials are a real pain when it comes to packing figures!


The body on it's painting stand:



If Corvus Belli ever start doing bits orders, this could make the basis of a really neat little one-man helicopter! I'd cut away under the chin to make room for a little turret mount, as the existing weapons would make it look too ungainly and unbalanced. Some kind of minigun/gatling cannon would fit well.

25-02-2007, 12:33

The foot now goes through the roof:


While one of the doors is looking a bit poorly...


A couple of shots of shattered glass scattered around inside the vehicle:



It looks like I'll use hardly any of the original window material, as it's too thick in comparison. I'm keeping the rear window on hinges, and the sunroof will be sitting on the driver's seat in one piece...

That's all for now, hopefully I'll get it sprayed later today.

25-02-2007, 18:44
It's all undercoated now, hopefully I'll start getting some colour on it tomorrow.

25-02-2007, 18:51
Wow, that looks awesome, what a great pose. I can't help but worry it's gonna get a foot stuck inside the car though...haha.

-peace out

Luna de hierro
25-02-2007, 19:58
Oh do tell, what makes it good?

-peace out

itīs a tough game scrubout, the other player can react in the same turn you move/shoot and shoot you back at the same time if he gets line of sight to your miniatures, itīs not like 40K were you get your turn... then his turn... them yours again... etÁ...

leaving a uncovered spot will let your oponnent a way to get inside your lines and kill all your minis using the orders in just one mini, itīs very tactical.

26-02-2007, 00:19
okay I have another update for my test model.
I've got the armour all done, although I only have one terrible picture of it and the picture makes the armour look more blue then turquoise/teal :(:(
okay here it is (hopefully better pictures later)
scaley green/dark angels green
scaley green
scaley green/hawk turquoise
scaley green/black ink wash
glaze with the same mix
scaley green/hawk turquoise again
hawk turquoise

*edit* the picture also washes out some highlights/blends/layering etc (booo)
i need tips on taking miniature pictures.. (ps: I hate bc, it's always raining here)

bobert the great clen one
26-02-2007, 00:29
as of 22 minuites ago ijw should of started painting his 6 legged walker o ' doom! :p

good work guys keep it up!

nice effect on the glass ijw its little touches liek that , that complete a model :D

26-02-2007, 00:36
I just got overshadowed :(

26-02-2007, 00:46

i need tips on taking miniature pictures.. (ps: I hate bc, it's always raining here)
Coming along nicely. I'd give the edges of the plates a very narrow much paler highlight, that will make them look more solid. There have been quite a few threads on taking good photos in the main M,P&T forum, a quick search for something like 'photo tips' should bring them up.

as of 22 minuites ago ijw should of started painting his 6 legged walker o ' doom! :p
Nah, I decided that tonight is going to involve sleep...

In the meantime, how about the flying non-legged walker o' doom? :cool:


bobert the great clen one
26-02-2007, 00:48
ooo are you sure your children dont mind you taking there toys ...... :P
how are you going tp apitn the car btw (without spraying over the glass?)

26-02-2007, 02:28
Nice work asecondtoolate, I really dig the blue...good color choices so far :)

26-02-2007, 03:10
haha it's actually not blue :( (damn you lighting/camera!)
it's turquoise!
anyways, not bad for only started painting 6 months ago. :)

26-02-2007, 03:57
anyways, not bad for only started painting 6 months ago. :)

Looks great anyhoo. Keep going. You'll feel a little better after you see my painting, and I've been painting miniatures for twenty-seven years. ;)

IJW, you better finish what you started before you get sidetracked, or I'll clobber you! :evilgrin:

26-02-2007, 03:58
Turqoise is a shade of blue, silly :) Or green, depending on how you look at it, but I knew what color it was :)

6 months of painting and I could barely get a model up to a 4 on CMON...I was constantly drybrushing everything and it looked TERRIBLE. You are WAY ahead of most people after 6 months.

You are doing great, just keep painting and every model will be an improvement, or at least, a lesson :)


26-02-2007, 04:35
haha thanks Frost, I think most of my develloppment has been from reading stuff on the internet and looking at how people paint. It's helped alot.
My colorscheme is so "un-nomad" compaired to everything else i've seen. but I think it look amazing!

I'll be posting better pictures/possibly an update tomorrow when my camera is recharged and there's better light.

26-02-2007, 20:40
okay I'm sorry to double post but I'm pretty much done my test model!
here he is in all his decent photographed-ness

I'm not very good at painting eyes, and there's some spots that need touching up. this is my frist attempt and NMM and i think it turned out pretty okay.
I hope you guys like my choice of colours and I hope more people post progress in this thread instead of just Ian and I!

ps Frost, update your damn log ;)

26-02-2007, 22:25
Hey asecondtoolate, yeah that one eye is a little big. You could go back in with a shade, say a brown, line it out to make the eye smaller, and then go back over the corrected area with some more flesh tone. Other than that, he looks really good. I like it.

Iíve gotten to the point where I do the face/eyes first, and if I jack it up, I just scrub it off and try again.

Hey IJW, all kidding aside, I think using one of the Kum riders as a basis for a gyrocopter, ala Appleseed, would be neato, imho.

Oh yeah, that reminded me, I really like your Kum rider Luna de hierro.

Hey Frost, are you going to do a battle or highlight report? I for one would enjoy it greatly.

My wife just sent me an email, and the UPS man brought me a present!!!!!! :D

Iíve been keeping myself busy with the cardstock terrain. I was gluing twelve chemical storage tanks this morning. Iíve got one building cut out, and Iíll be working on another tonight. Hopefully Iíll have something to post soonish.


Luna de hierro
26-02-2007, 22:27
thatīs a very good result asecondtoolate, really love the gun, i think the face needs more shadow, the skin is to "white".

27-02-2007, 03:14
Looking good man! My suggestions would be to clean up the edge lines around the blue armor/bone cloth transitions :)

Great job on the gun, is that your first try at NMM? Thats a pretty damned good first try!

First few games, impressions:
-The rulebook has all the pertinent info, but sometimes things can be very difficult to look up in the heat of the moment. I suggest making or downloading the unit cards from the infinity forums, and making cheatsheets for the rest of the skills your models have, etc.

-It plays closest to Necromunda, in GW-game terms, but is a lot more fluid. Its critical to realize that you cant just move freely all over the place in this game without drawing all kinds of fire from the enemy. However, its still a game of maneuver, fire and fix, etc. Small squad tactics are key. So is having lots of terrain, unless you like your games lasting 2 turns :D

- HMG's are fricking LETHAL.

- So are drop troops, imagine deep strike in a game where there are only 10 models per side...

- Facing, which doesnt matter in almost any GW game, is critical in this game. Especially when drop troops land behind your heavy infantry machine gunner and he has to just sit there while they light him up from behind. Ouch.

Hope this motivates everyone to paint and play!


27-02-2007, 06:28
Yeah, it was my first attempt at NMM, I know it's over all kind of a messy model, but I'm going to be painting every model by themselves and I have like an order of how I'm going to do things so they match up better and aren't so messy :)

PS, should I mix black ink/black with kommando khaki for the shades, or a brown/green mix? because I'm having problems deciding or knowing what would work best.

Luna de hierro
27-02-2007, 08:30
Draegyn_Chylde made some stat-cards in the international forum that you could use...


27-02-2007, 23:01
I just thin out black, maybe mix it with another color a bit just to take the "blackness" out of it a bit, thin it out, and use it to blackline seperation areas like the areas from the armor to the cloth.


02-03-2007, 22:53
Ok, I guess itís my turn. I wanted to use the Privateer Press bases for the longest time, so I got some for this project. I think they frame off the figures so nicely. I donít think 2.5mm will make a big difference game wise, itís a two way street after all.

Well, anyway, I work at a metal stamping place, so I have some access to some sophisticated equipment. So I got the idea of stamping out some ďgranny gratingĒ to use for the basework. If anyone wants to know, the insert diameter on the PP bases turns out to be exactly 0.900 inches. So we grabbed an 0.882 punch and knocked out a bunch of granny grate slugs along with a bunch of black vynil slugs. A little carpet knife action later, I ended up with these.


Iíve got three guys based so far. Iím going to try to get the other five done and primed this weekend (the small PanOc force I got, Iím saving the Nomads for later). I cut the slotta-tab off all the figures, so Iím pinning everything. It takes a while because the metal is pretty hard and my pin vice is very old. They just turned out so great I wanted to share. Now I have the 180 degree front arc already integrated into the base.

These suckers are small. I put up a bunch of figs to show the differences. The girl on the left is a Reaper fig, and the dark elf is actually a Corvus Belli Warcrow elf Iím working on. I figured the Infinity figures would be pretty much the same, but they are truly 28mm, as can be seen next to the GW lotr figures. They remind me of the old Ral Partha figs in terms of size.


Hereís one of the Fusiliers butted up next to the Warcrow figure.


Here they are mixed in with the Maisto cars that I got at Wally World.


Hopefully Iíll have some more to post Sunday. Sorry, Iím just taking my time because I really want these to turn out great.

C&C welcome. Later!

03-03-2007, 01:59
Great idea on the fire arc Lithian, consider it stolen :p

03-03-2007, 02:57
An elegant solution :)

Nice to see someone else getting their minis posted!

03-03-2007, 19:10
Alright! Looking good so far dude.

I still don't have any white primer, so I'm stuck for the moment. :( Hopefully I'll be getting some tomorrow and can spray up my models!

03-03-2007, 21:37
Great idea with the fire arc for the bases - reminds me of the MŻmak's oval base where its centre, being vital for its movement, was marked by the buckle of a Rohirrim shield - and whilst the test model looks fine the blue hair is a bit odd; though perhaps most Infinity things are supposed to look odd.


03-03-2007, 22:42
Thanks all for the kind words of encouragement. :)

;1351022'] - and whilst the test model looks fine the blue hair is a bit odd; though perhaps most Infinity things are supposed to look odd.


LOL! Itís the anime influence man! :D Hey asecondtoolate, it had been bugging me, but I finally figured it out. Your Nomad looks like Lupin III (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lupin_III). ;)

I havenít made up my mind yet about the fusilier girl. Maybe Iíll just give her some Rouge skunk stripes, because thatís what she reminds me of. Iíve never done makeup either, but Iím going to take a whack at it. If she turns out looking like a crazed clown, Iíll be sure to take a pic before I start over. Iím thinking Iíll go anime wild on the Nomads, while keeping the PanOc guys pretty sedate, just for variety sake.

Well, I got everybody based. Everybody that needs it has their shoulder sockets drilled out and ready for pinning. Everybodyís getting the Dawn scrub-down tonight. The Sikh commandos were a royal pain in the butt to mount without the slotta tab. Iíll get some pics up tomorrow (Iím at work today, and I gotta watch Naruto and Adult Swim tonight! :evilgrin: )


05-03-2007, 21:55
Quick update. Priming tomorrow, outside, the weather is gorgeous here in Texas! It took longer to put everybody together than expected (that and coupled with honey-doos on Sunday.)

Is it just me, or do others get to the middle of the super glue tube, and it wonít hold for crap? :mad: See that skinny antenna on the right shoulder of the fusilier lieutenant model, that was a twenty minute battle in and of itself! It was rabbit-ear mayhem yesterday and today.





09-03-2007, 21:45
Alright, everybody is primed and Iím starting on the test paint. I always start out with the face, that way if I jack up the eyes and can scrub off the paint and try again. Usually I goof up and make them look like a siamese cat.

I got some of the Reaper paints, in this case the fair skin triad. They werenít kidding when they said fair. I had to darken it up a little. I got tired of the orange look of the GW bronzed flesh. Turned out great, Iím really happy.

This is what I have so far. Sorry about the dark shots. I think Iíll finally break down and make a light box. The beret will stay black, and pretty much everything else will be some shade of khaki & brown, except the pants, theyíll be burnt sienna worked up with a yellow ochre. The breast plate will be the only red.



Group shot.


C&C always welcome.


10-03-2007, 00:38
Looking good so far! Those Akalis commandos look like great models :)

10-03-2007, 19:43
Thanks man! :D

A little more blocking in the color before I run off to work. Tried a little something different, hope the picture is clearer.



10-03-2007, 20:33
Looking pretty cool, I like the alternate scheme for Pan Oc :)

A neutral shade of black.
11-03-2007, 21:55
So I started reading this thread, right? I saw IJW's comment that he'd be mounting the Marghariba on something, and thought "I know, I'll link him to that thread on the Infinity forums where that guy's made that absolutely stunning conversion of a Marghariba jumping on a police car, with the leg punching through the roof and all..."

You sneaky bastard, IJW. ;)

PS: finish the thing, already! I get breathless just looking at the WiP piece with how much it looks like something out of GitS. :P

11-03-2007, 22:21
@ Lithian - looking good!

PS: finish the thing, already!
You'll be glad to hear that everything is undercoated and the metallics are pretty well done - bits of the guns, all the joints on the legs and pipework/gubbins on the underneath of the body. I started putting the base grey/green colour on the rest but it came out a bit too green, so it needs another layer over the top. :(

A neutral shade of black.
12-03-2007, 02:05
Pictures, pictures, pictures. I don't care how WiP it is; I want pictures to fuel my GitS addiction now that I've finished watching SAC 2nd GIG. :P

12-03-2007, 21:26
Oh great IJW, glad to hear itís going ok!!! (I was worried it might have been something I said! ;) )

Thanks guys! Well, disaster struck. When I got to the rifle, the whole paint scheme thing just fell apart. Way too much tan. So, as a result, mister fusilier gets to spend the night in some Simple Green. Figures, first time I attempt a WIP type log, the WIP paint job goes to heck. :cries:

I was thinking of kindaí, coincidentally, ripping off Frostís theme: the same red for the breast plate, the leg armor, and grieves. Dark grey for the pants. A light grey treatment for the rifle. The leathers will be dark but worn.

Suggestions please! :(

P.S.; the Simple Green treatment rocked. I use Krylon semi-flat black for a primer, and it ate that off too! I wasnít expecting that, I figured it would only take off the acrylic paint. Now Iím really excited about repainting my SM scouts someday!

12-03-2007, 23:18
Simple green = the win. If you are still drawing blanks for schemes, just browse CMON until a color combination jumps out at you. I do that all the time, in the art world its called "appropriation" ;)

14-03-2007, 15:14
I was thinking of kindaí, coincidentally, ripping off Frostís theme: the same red for the breast plate, the leg armor, and grieves. Dark grey for the pants. A light grey treatment for the rifle. The leathers will be dark but worn.
Sounds promising.

Pictures, pictures, pictures. I don't care how WiP it is; I want pictures to fuel my GitS addiction now that I've finished watching SAC 2nd GIG.

Oh great IJW, glad to hear itís going ok!!! (I was worried it might have been something I said! )
OK already!

The maghariba is painted, although I'm not enormously happy with how it came out.





It's a bit too green and too flat.
I wanted to get it painted fairly quickly, so rather than layering it up properly the main areas were:
- painted flat grey/green,
- given a thin wash of darker grey/green to pick out the panels etc.,
- zigzag camo painted on in very dark green/black,
- a couple of layers of drybrushing.

14-03-2007, 15:17
Looking back, it would have benefited from some layering up and some highlights, then rather than drybrushing looking into some of this weathering powder stuff.





Once the car and base are done I may come back to it, but only if there's plenty of energy left... on the other hand, it's painted!

bobert the great clen one
14-03-2007, 15:18
:eek: IJW :eek: thats really good , onlyt thing i would do is gloss the crew cotpit to make it look 'glassy' :p

14-03-2007, 15:22
Thanks! Maybe I'm just too close to it at the moment. :( Gloss on the cockpit is a good idea.

A neutral shade of black.
14-03-2007, 16:45
Like I said in the Infinity forums: it's mainly suffering from lack of contrast; except that lack of contrast won't exist anymore once the police car's details have been painted in and the thing has a scenic base.

Nice work - now give us the rest, because I for one need my Shirow fix. ;)

bobert the great clen one
14-03-2007, 17:03
(glossy goodness:p) what happened to the broken glass?

14-03-2007, 17:04
The broken glass is sitting in a little box, waiting to be glued on all over the car once it's painted.

bobert the great clen one
14-03-2007, 17:07
nice what do you plan to glue it on with , what colour is the car going to be painted?

14-03-2007, 17:46
I was just looking at the product range for these yesterday in Travelling Man Newcastle... these look superb.

14-03-2007, 18:04
nice what do you plan to glue it on with , what colour is the car going to be painted?
Someone suggested PVA, which I'll test before using. The car is going to end up white and blue, as a police car again.

bobert the great clen one
14-03-2007, 18:09
but dosent pva shrink thus putting the glass out of place?(just a thought)

14-03-2007, 18:56
I'd welcome any suggestions for other glues to try.

14-03-2007, 19:30
PVA should work fine. I would definately stay away from any other glue.

Nice work man :) Are you going to leave the cockpit black w/gloss, or do something else to it?


14-03-2007, 21:39
Man, that looks dy-no-mite! :D I like it lots just the way it is. Very military. I agree with the gloss and PVA comments though.

Maybe a couple of decals would be enough to spruce it up just a little bit. I’m planning on getting the Italian FOW decal pack when I get some remotes.


bobert the great clen one
14-03-2007, 22:46
thats really cool , does anyone know of any uk dealers that sell infinity?

14-03-2007, 23:54
Hmm. Now I'm not sure about gloss black or NMM-style shininess for the cockpit. The original reason for making it black was to make it look like something tougher than glass.

Lithian - decals would spice it up quite nicely, or some freehand signs & symbols.

Bobert - I've been ordering stuff in through the local games shop (http://cliftonroadgames.co.uk/) but Arcane Miniatures (http://www.arcaneminiatures.co.uk/infinity-miniatures.asp) or Simple Miniatures (http://www.simpleminiaturegames.com/catalog/index.php/cName/infinity) probably have more stock. There's also a guy on eBay, no idea how reliable he is.

P.S. The Guijia/Guges (http://www.corvusbelli.com/en/ver.asp?imagen=060102165758_YuJingGuijia.jpg&tit=Foto_ampliada&w=&h=&RUTA=../fotos) turned up today, absolutely lovely!

A neutral shade of black.
15-03-2007, 12:47
P.S. The Guijia/Guges (http://www.corvusbelli.com/en/ver.asp?imagen=060102165758_YuJingGuijia.jpg&tit=Foto_ampliada&w=&h=&RUTA=../fotos) turned up today, absolutely lovely!

You know you're honour-bound to converting that to some spectacular action shot that enhances its resemblance with a Landmate?

15-03-2007, 13:19
Current plans are to cut off the sword and make a pointy index finger.

Things I might also try is to add human-size arms on the side of the torso, and changing the sensor spines so they look as if they will hinge forwards over the shoulder. A camera-on-a-stick doesn't help much if the stick is stuck behind you... ;)

15-03-2007, 15:59
Why convert Land-Mates when you can practically buy them?


And here's another call to finish the Cop-Stomping, though the way I see those legs, the point of the wheels looks to me that whatever angle the foot falls, they roll out under its weight until the foot is lying flat.

15-03-2007, 16:21
OK, now I've got two Landmates! Not too keen on anything else on there, though.

15-03-2007, 17:52
Me neither, but those Land-Mates are just so awesome I must have them.

Lots and lots of them.

Then I just need an excuse to use them.

hmm... any suggestions?

15-03-2007, 19:27
Then I just need an excuse to use them.
40k 'counts-as' Terminator Squad.
TAG-heavy Infinity game.
If you can wait awhile, my own skirmish rules (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=74281) may eventually get to a more usable state.

15-03-2007, 23:02
Something as slow as Terminators do thingslike that a disservice. Esecially since I'd convert them all with the Damasis (sp?) jump pack blades from the last scrap. And I have little idea about, or chace to get to play infinity, though I'm curious. Since there are some nice figs about.

15-03-2007, 23:28
Ace, I'll be getting my Haqqislam starter soon so I will begin on this thread also, my main project at the moment is an 'Infinity' Board. It has full working electrics and Lights etc, It's gona be ace! :D

16-03-2007, 05:47
Oh great, another victiÖI mean participant! Looking forward to some new stuff. :D

I was going to make some buildings out of polystyrene, but I put it off because I wanted to light them up. Iím really interested in how you will carry out your terrain project.


16-03-2007, 11:32
The car is pretty much finished, just needs number plates and a few little details:



There'll also be the rear windscreen hanging off one hinge, the sunroof sitting on the front seats and glass splattered everywhere.

Plus the bug:


16-03-2007, 11:38
More pics of both together. For now you'll have to imagine the guns on the front:





The base will be quite a bit smaller than this, possibly hexagonal if I can find the saw table...

Originally I'd planned loads of bullet holes in the car, but it works nicely being so clean and bright in comparison to the Maghariba Guard.

A neutral shade of black.
16-03-2007, 15:09
Like I said on the Infinity boards: needs more "POLICE" painted on the side (or possibly "POLIZIA," "POLIZEI," etc.) and needs a scenic base. Other than that, it's looking great. :)

16-03-2007, 15:25
Something as slow as Terminators do thingslike that a disservice.
Yeah, it was a fallback suggestion if all the local gaming groups are predominantly 40k.

my main project at the moment is an 'Infinity' Board. It has full working electrics and Lights etc, It's gona be ace! :D
Pictures! We demand pictures! Or at least some plans...

Like I said on the Infinity boards: needs more "POLICE" painted on the side (or possibly "POLIZIA," "POLIZEI," etc.) and needs a scenic base. Other than that, it's looking great. :)
Urban base to come, car signs to be discussed, but possibly looking like this (http://www.ta-sa.org/?entry=laughing_man_logo)...

16-03-2007, 15:29
OMG! Big robo-bug is seducing that policeman's car!! :p :p

Looking great!, I'm getting more and more interested in Infinity....

17-03-2007, 14:09
Dang IJW! :eek: That looks nice. I really like the weathering on the tires/rims, are you going to carry that over a little to the car? Otherwise, top notch. :cool:

Got some work in yesterday. I've got some new lamps, but I haven't made the light box yet. The picutes are too warm, the pants are still a mustard color and the red is a little darker. I'm really happy with how they turned out. The rifles are highlighted, but I need to do the rest of the highlighting everywhere else.




Luna de hierro
17-03-2007, 20:10
IJW, your Maghriba is looking better and better every time i lay my eyes on it, were do you live exactly??? :p

i finished the first KUM rider, now working on the Jenissaire... man, i suck with a camera..:eyebrows:


17-03-2007, 21:49
Looking pretty good Luna, I would consider putting a few more highlights on the red.

Luna de hierro
18-03-2007, 18:49
Looking pretty good Luna, I would consider putting a few more highlights on the red.

Just wanted to fast paint it so i could use it in a game (didnīt do very well), talking about highlights... the base colour is scab red and i made some lines with vomit brown but iīm considering repainting it... have any ideas about it? i never highlight red before, orange or yellow... or pink? :eyebrows:

18-03-2007, 19:03
Do you have dwarf flesh? Mix a little of that into the red, maybe half and half.
Or, a tiny bit of yellow and a tiny bit of white. The trick with red is to not use too much yellow or white, because you dont want it to end up orange or pink.

Or, since its scab red, you can just mix some blood red into it and try that...will be more subtle.


21-03-2007, 17:44
Why convert Land-Mates when you can practically buy them?

This one arrived today.

The good points - it's cheap, delivery was fast (especially for trans-Atlantic), it's very close to a Guges in design.

The bad points - the sculpting. :( It might have cost half as much as a Guijia including postage, but the sculpting as at best a quarter as good as the Infinity stuff, particularly the gun.

It'll get used, though.

Also arriving in the last day or two were some weathering powders. And brass-etched manhole covers... :)

27-03-2007, 21:06
Okay, I can finally update this thread! It's been wayyy too long, I didn't get any spray primer until last week, and living in vancouver we've had some bad weather. But today I managed to knock together the armour on my next 2 models.
Unfortunately I can't seem to photograph the turquoise well at all! It never comes out in pictures.. I'll have to try to take some pictures in the sun (if that ever happens).
colours go from scaley green mixed with black, to straight hawk turquoise for the highlights

here's a picture of my photobooth i've jerry rigged in the basement (it's dark down here)

28-03-2007, 01:01
Great to see you back to work! :)

What kind of paper are you using for your lamps, it looks like regular paper? This could be part of the problem. You need real thin paper, like parchment or tracing paper. Iíve also been messing with the white balance on my camera and having a little better success, combined with monkeying with the contrast/brightness values on my MS photo editor.

Iím itching to get back at it, but that damn ďreal lifeĒ crap keeps getting in the way! :D

Hey Luna de hierro, I really like your Janissaire. That red & white combo looks real sweet. :cool:


28-03-2007, 01:26
thanks man, I'll have to try thinner paper. I get the best results when i'm shooting figures in daylight, but I haven't really had the chance to snap some pictures in the sunshine. Hopefully I can do that tomorrow!

Also, I have to one more time say how rediculously fun these models are to paint. im looking forwards to doing my zero and Mobile Brigadia after i finish these two!

28-03-2007, 05:36
Looking good man! One of these days when I have spare time (god, its been a while) I will update my blog too!

28-03-2007, 05:57
Thanks Frost, I really hope you can update your log soon!!

28-03-2007, 06:10
I REALLY want to play a game of this, it looks so fun.

*edit* damn, I didn't mean to double post, I wanted to edit.. sigh.

Asi the Red
28-03-2007, 07:32
Hey ya'.

I was just wondering earlier where all the people working on Infinity stuff were and why there weren't any updates, and then I come into the P&T section and I find this update!

@Luna: I like!
@asecond: Looking forward to seeing more paint on these guys.

01-04-2007, 02:26
Yay I finally got my nomad starter set, the minis are even more beautiful in real life then they are on the web. Now the bad news I have just moved so everything is still in boxes and Im about to go interstate for the next month so it will be a long time before I can get any picture posted.

11-04-2007, 20:31
here we go guys, another finished model, I have another Alguacile that's almost complete. All he needs is his metals painted

ps now that i've said finished im reminded that I've missed a couple things on her, including eyes and other rubbish.
anyways here some hopefully okay pictures.


12-04-2007, 17:53
This one arrived today.
The good points - it's cheap, delivery was fast (especially for trans-Atlantic), it's very close to a Guges in design.

The bad points - the sculpting. :( It might have cost half as much as a Guijia including postage, but the sculpting as at best a quarter as good as the Infinity stuff, particularly the gun.

It'll get used, though.

Is there any chance you can get us some bigger/better pics of that then? Because I was sorely tempted to blow some cash on a few of them because they look so good.

13-04-2007, 05:48
Yeah, those shots look a lot better. The color comes off a lot clearer. I really like the turquoise with the green. :cool:


13-04-2007, 06:39
thanks man, I do think the pictures are better. They where shot in naturel sunlight so that might have helped. I'm going to finish my other alguacile tomorrow and just hit the things i missed on her then im onto my Mobile Brigadia.

with a little bit of building space marine terminators inbetween (thank you tax return;) )

18-04-2007, 01:03
I hate to double post but I don't think anyone reads or updates or does anything infinity related anymore.
Frost where are youuuu?!
I've finished my 3rd Alguacile except for the eyes and base, i think i'll be basing them when i get to 150 points.

anyways heres the sub-par photographs

18-04-2007, 01:50

Fear not I am currently away from my miniatures, for the next couple of months but I will return with a vengeance. I must say though, that is a kick ass colour scheme for the alguacile, you mentioned how you did the body armour, but can you tell us how you did the colour on the fatigues?

18-04-2007, 02:09
I'm excited for you to get back to your minis. As right now I feel like the only person who's doing anything, and slowly at that!
I sure can tell you how I've done the fatigues, although I'm sorry I can't tell you exactly the ratios that I used since I just mix until i find the colour I wanted (hahaha).
1. starts of with some kommando khaki mixed with black to get the shades
2. paint over with straight kommando in a couple thin coats
3. mix kommando with rotting flesh and paint over most of the khaki leaving it only in slightly shallow receses and shadowed areas on the mini
4. highlight with straight rotting flesh

So it's pretty subtle but I really like how it's turned out. Next up for me is my Mobile Brigadia and Zero from the starter sets, I better get cracking as then I'll have something like 91 points and I'm shedualed for a game on sunday. They've already started having black applied to them, and the Mobile Brigadia's armour will be painted in the same colour as the alguaciles fatigues, with the coils and wiring being painted the turquoise.

here's hoping i can reach my deadline.

18-04-2007, 05:28
Looking great. He's the best of the lot. With that light, the turquoise really pops. Looking forward to the basing. :cool:

As right now I feel like the only person who's doing anything, and slowly at that!

No worries, I'm in the process of changing jobs. My guys keep haunting me, staring at me with their little primed eyes, saying, "paint me slacker!" :D

Hopefully I'll get the ball back rolling in a couple of weeks.

Frost said school is crazy right now. Drop him a note. ;)

18-04-2007, 06:42
I haven't quite figured out how I'm going to be basing my models, so far I'm leaning towards having the final product have brown earth, small-medium sized rocks, dead/pale grass and snow.

Not really sure how i'm going to pull that off yet, but I hope it works. Basing should occur after I finish all my models for a game of 150 points (i'm only going to 100 (well 91) points for this weekend, and as it's just my gaming friend, I wont be basing them by sunday.

I'm excited to hopefully see some progress on your part in the next few weeks! And I believe Frost when he said school is crazy busy, it's finals season!

16-05-2007, 18:01
I must say that the painting standard as usaul, makes me wonder why I can't just have more patinece when painting.... on the other hand... I have laod of stuff to paint.

Simply Stuning...

C&C the police car and the bug are a little too clean.. I would expect some damage to the bugs legs and car.. at least to the paintwork... other than that... keep it up!

25-05-2011, 01:45
well are any of you even doing this anymore? if not i'll move on if so I'll post up my Ariadna

25-05-2011, 18:37
Post up some stuff man!

Hereís some Yu Jing Iíve been working on latelyÖ




Got to finish up the the Shang Ji & Domaru and Iíll have the starter done.

Hereís my PanO group shotÖ


Need to get the Yu Jing starter done, thinking of actually going out & doing some demo work this summer.

27-05-2011, 14:14
I thought this thread had died, never to be reborn! I'll add a few photos of recent stuff...

02-06-2011, 07:10
http://i173.photobucket.com/albums/w79/Spartan-11755/240593_172272322832136_100001481082707_440838_1039 215_o.jpg

Highlander 3rd Grey HMG

and bonus points to those who can name the game system of this mini

http://i173.photobucket.com/albums/w79/Spartan-11755/240724_172272136165488_100001481082707_440835_1134 768_o.jpg

02-06-2011, 09:37
Is that one of the Westerner officers from Hell Dorado? Those photos are awfuully dark. If you don't have proper lighting, at least do it near a window.

Once I've painted up my Micro Arts Studio bases, I'll need to get some photos of my stuff up here.

03-06-2011, 04:56
I guess I'll take pics tomorrow in the sun lol then they may be too bright...I hate Vegas sometimes

03-06-2011, 18:02
You don't have to be in direct sunlight, in the shade or near a window with indirect sunlight works fine. :)

HMG Grey looks cool, looking forward to the new pics! :D

03-06-2011, 20:51
Once I've painted up my Micro Arts Studio bases, I'll need to get some photos of my stuff up here.

I've been repainting my Infinity miniatures, and mounting them on the Micro Art Studios bases. The first fruit of my labours is a few hundred points of Imperial Service:

http://i48.photobucket.com/albums/f229/andrewgpaul/Infinity/th_ee6539c4.jpg (http://s48.photobucket.com/albums/f229/andrewgpaul/Infinity/?action=view&current=ee6539c4.jpg)

A closeup of a ninja hacker:
http://i48.photobucket.com/albums/f229/andrewgpaul/Infinity/th_1b5fa38c.jpg (http://s48.photobucket.com/albums/f229/andrewgpaul/Infinity/?action=view&current=1b5fa38c.jpg)

and some ALEPH support:
http://i48.photobucket.com/albums/f229/andrewgpaul/Infinity/th_6b6c20aa.jpg (http://s48.photobucket.com/albums/f229/andrewgpaul/Infinity/?action=view&current=6b6c20aa.jpg)

(click the thumbnails for larger versions)

Apologies for the somewhat poor photos; my camera battery is dead, and these are from my iPhone.

17-06-2011, 05:47
all my Ariadna models are currently sitting in my local game store display case next to two friends beutifuly painted Pan-O and Yujing... I'll take pics tomorrow...cause the store is really well lit. As it stands I have almost every Ariadna model out minus the Minuteman and some of the newer stuff...also no anitpodes or dogfaces

17-06-2011, 06:25
now some of my Red Doom Pan-O lol

In the works

Now some of the "done" models before I go out to see The Green Lantern





17-06-2011, 06:26
much appologies as I don't have a real cam so I take em on my Iphone 3gs




20-06-2011, 18:30
Like the red. Why do some have the rabbit ears and some donít?

Got a few finished this week!

Shang Ji




Another Dormaru


Yu Jing starter done!



23-06-2011, 00:19
well I got pan o when infinity was just starting to show up in the USA and I can't find most of em lol anyway heres the Ariadna and my friends Yujing and Another friends Pano...My painting skills suck compared to em but then again Im trying lol






23-06-2011, 00:20






23-06-2011, 00:23






23-06-2011, 00:24



23-06-2011, 18:25
Very cool! :cool:

Really like your Irmandinhos. :D

24-06-2011, 09:18
Ty...I like the Irmandinhos Models tbh but I hate that they are Iregular and Impetous..kinda sucks at least now I can get a hacker from the Nomads for that damned hacking mission lol

28-06-2011, 00:25
These are great and now my interest in Infinity is growing. And that Fuchikoma/Tachikoma thing makes me want to find my ps1 GitS game...

28-06-2011, 14:27
Damn this thread. Every time I see a new force I think "yep, that's the faction I want", and then I scroll down and see the next force and think "nope, it's that one", until I see the next force...

I might just have to roll a d6.


Dixie Flatline
28-06-2011, 17:42
I might just have to roll a d6.

I think you mean a d20 ;)

28-06-2011, 18:31
I think you mean a d20 ;)

LOL! You beat me to it!!!! :D

28-06-2011, 20:33
Dixie Flatline wins the thread. Of course, at Precinct Omega we roll d12s. But that's another story.


14-07-2011, 17:47
I've finally thrown my hat into the Haqqislamist ring, but won't be constrained by the normal rules of society!

Yes, it's Izzat Beg:


I'm planning to add two more sets of Kum "Motorized Troops" (i.e. motorbike gang henchmen) to the force over the next couple of months. However, I'm told that, because these are both "Irregular" and "Impulsive" that they're almost impossible to control.

I'd welcome any advice on what to do about that, but I'll go and ask on the discussion thread, so go there if you want to offer some hints and tips.

Model-wise, I'm also planning on adding a pair of Yuan Yuan mercenaries. I have no idea how these run in the game, but they look cool as hell and that's pretty much the principle I'm running on here.


New Cult King
14-07-2011, 17:51
Wow awesome black :D

16-07-2011, 14:21
Wow! I agree, the black is sweet!!!! :cool:

For Impetuous troops, you can just use their regular order to "suspend" their impetuous order. Then you use regular orders out of your normal pool to maneuver them however you want to get them into a good position. When the time is right, cut them loose to go tear some stuff up! ;)

Usually what I do in the early rounds is just use the impetuous order to move them up the field. Usually people see them coming and start to panic, so you can bide your time and wait for the other guy to do something irrational. :evilgrin:

16-07-2011, 14:49
The skin and the black looks fantastic. Cool model.


17-07-2011, 14:17
Cheers, guys. I want to paint up my Kum motorized troops to look more like a motorcycle gang than regular troops (given that they are Irregulars!).

@Lithian - Yeah, the problem at the moment is that my initial force list had no Regular troops at all, so there was no "normal pool". I'm now planning to add some Djanbazan to the list to fix this.


02-08-2011, 10:03
well I finally caved and got The Mirage 5 Team...I also started up a Third army....The {Purple doom} Nomads

11-08-2011, 22:51
So I ask in a generally pissed off mood....screw u GW foundation red...I just bought a new pot and it sucks,,, anyway whats a good color from other ranges that fits with Mechrinite red

12-09-2011, 16:12
I heart Mechrite Red. Soz.

Anyway, I'm still waiting for my Haqq starter box to finally turn up (it's been a month), so I got bored and finally got some work done on my Kum bikers, plus I decided to change the colour scheme on Izzat Beg a little. These are still very much WIP, but here we go:



13-09-2011, 04:10
Nice paint scheme - certainly not military issue!

16-09-2011, 17:52
Sweet! The one with the flames is my fav! :cool:

02-10-2011, 16:45
I build a lot of terrain for my local club and, with me playing more and more Infinity and persuading a few of the others to get into it and stop playing with my minis, I thought I'd put together a boxful of dedicated Infinity terrain (although it may also come in handy for games of Tomorrow's War shortly!).

I passed through my local Tesco superstore today and stumbled across a selection of boxes of die-cast 1/48 "Fuel Line" city vehicles for £6/box. There were four boxes, each with three cars in it: one of police vehicles, one of fire vehicles, one of road working vehicles and one of utility vehicles. They all looked perfect, but the utility vehicles caught my eye straight away, as they came with various things on their backs: a skip and a set of recycling units. To my delight, when I unpacked them, I found that the recyclincg units and skip all came off their vehicles. I quickly sprayed everything with matt varnish.

The idea of this was (a) to give the shiny, clean surfaces a key on which I could paint and (b) to cloud up the windows, as I wasn't planning on painting the interiors!

20 mins after the varnish was dry, I had this:


This is the only one of the three vehicles I've finished. But I also painted all the bits:




I've got the next two vehicles and then some buildings to start work on. More to follow!


16-11-2011, 13:49
I'm finally taking some time to get my Haqqislam force painted, as I've ordered a couple of Ragiks from Maelstrom Games that should arrive any day, and want to start making progress.


The Ghulam in the centre is essentially finished and the girl on the left nearly done but for her comlog and a couple of details (such as the minor chipping on her hair and the arc marker on the base). the one on the right is only about half done. His fatigues are nearly finished, but his webbing, pack, rifle and flesh all still need to be painted.


This Jannissary is my pride and joy. A long way from being finished, I'm still really pleased with how the armour's turning out. Not sure if I'm going to add any camouflage to the plating, as I'm worried it will just detract from the gorgeous detail.


Barely started this chap, but this photo shows you the base coat that I've applied to all the models using Vallejo Middlestone. As it happens, this colour is scarcely visible on the finished model, but when I apply the basecoat (of VMC Buff 976 and Citadel Scorched Brown, about 80/20) the airbrushed shading shows through very subtly and guides my application of the graduated highlights.

The plan is to build this group up to 200 pts+, so I've got a solid 200 pts core and a sideboard of options. Then I'm going to invest in some PanOceania.


17-11-2011, 19:45
Awesome work guys, I've just started on the Haqq starter as well. I might chuck some pics in as I do them too.

18-11-2011, 19:02
Please do! And be sure to join the official Infinity forum (http://www.infinitythegame.com/forum/), too. It's the best place to get your rules queries sorted out and get hints and tips on all aspects of playing the game.


22-11-2011, 16:44
Here are some bigger pics of the (nearly) finished Ghulam for those who wanted them:




24-11-2011, 18:25
Very cool! Like the battle damage on "Snake." :cool:

29-11-2011, 20:51
Presumably the work of the lady next to him.


04-02-2012, 01:20
I have had some of my Yu Jing minis sitting on my shelf for a few weeks now, sitting bare metal. I had built the two forms of my Su-Jian (I could not resist putting it all together) and put my 3 keisotsu on bases. While painting some ships and minis for other games, I wanted to get a start on Infinity as well.

After starting I have now come to this realization: Despite the fact that I will only need to paint a few minis, I will find this a challenge to paint (which is always fun). Anyways, pics:


She's still PIP but I am happy with my work on the pants (though this pic doesn't show it well) and I hope to start on the white soon for her torso armor/ deltail around the calfs & shins. I am thinking I will need to prime these in either grey or white as I am having a hard time seeing detail with it being truly 28mm and the black primer. If she comes out great, good, if not...she will get a second chance after a simple green bath;)

P.S. precinctomega, please post more pics. Your Haqqislam is superb!

06-02-2012, 18:17
Nice pants! :D

Keep going. :)

19-03-2012, 12:13
I've been slowly building a very simple collection of Infinity-suitable terrain and took some pics yesterday:

Overhead shot:


Three-quarter shot:


A different alignment (adding in another building that was still drying when I took the earlier one):


But my favourite bit is how well it all packs up. Here's all the little stuff in the medium building:


You'll notice that the box also contains a pack with all the counters, the templates and my Infinity dice.

This then gets the twin containers put on the top of it:


Everything else fits into the big hexagonal box:


The small hex box goes on the top of the big hex building as a lid, and the big rectangular building goes on top of the medium building:


I reckon I can still fit some more in here, plus - did you notice the enormous piece of foamcore it was all sitting on? That's going to be turned into a "Russian doll" set of multi-level terrain, too.


19-03-2012, 16:30
I've also found a little time between paying projects to do some work on my own Infinity minis:



These are both still WIP, but are mostly done.


27-06-2012, 12:21
I took some time out to have a go at getting my new Druze to a playable standard:


The guy on the left is converted with a head from Defiance Games's UAMC. I thought it looked pretty cool.


29-06-2012, 16:25
First, I've finished a Hassassin Lasiq:


Second, I've started on a converted Hafiz:


Third - no pics - I've changed the camo on the Druze to something that I think is a bit more striking. Once I've finished it, I'll update the pics for those.


29-06-2012, 20:20
I'm liking the dark gribbly look you got going on there for the Druze! :cool:

29-06-2012, 20:53
Ah, well you may not like the re-paint, then... :(


29-06-2012, 22:23
Oh, that's a wip? You should label it as such! :p

I'm sure I'll like them just fine when they are done! :) Some of my favorite models. I hope they come out with a legal merc list soon! :D

01-07-2012, 14:29
It wasn't a WIP. I just decided I didn't like the dark, grimy look and re-did the camouflage pattern. I'll post some more pics later.

In the mean time - tangentially Infinity connected:

There's long been a Wulver girl agitation thread (http://www.infinitythegame.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=7870&pid=214529#pid214529) on the Infinity forums, so - inspired by that - I'm sculpting a (somewhat feline) interpretation of the Wulver girl for Hasslefree's Summer Sculpting competition.

This is the second WIP photo (see the afore-linked thread for the first one - I didn't think I should keep spamming it with my WIP shots).


I started adding the belt, gave her trousers side pouches and re-worked the right hand so I can put a sword in it. *I've also done the design of the back of her vest. *However, I'm debating giving her a short jacket, so this work may turn out to be academic. *Oh, and she's got a band on her left wrist to help serve as a strong connection for adding the gun and hand on that side.

All the entries in this competition will be cast and put up for sale. I don't get a penny for my efforts (unless I win, which is fairly unlikely), but I will get a cast of my own model, so eventually there should even be a painted version on this thread!


01-07-2012, 15:47
So here's the updated paint scheme on the Druze:


Again, not finished. But illustrative of the final look. I prefer this a lot to the darker, more subdued scheme.


02-07-2012, 15:25
Today's progress:


I've started work on her jacket and armoured shoulder pads, plus the harness she wears so she can carry her claymore across her back. I'm still puzzling over whether she'll be holding the claymore, though. I'm worried that I won't be able to sculpt it such that she can be cast as a single piece, so I might end up putting it on her back and having her hold something else. Suggestions are welcomed.


03-07-2012, 14:14
Simple solution: switch the hands, so the sword is in the left hand and the pistol in the right.


Now, that sword is clearly not a claymore. I know that. But I did some studying of Claymores, looked at the ones on the existing Wulver models and also considered the parameters of the competition (models that conform to the Hasslefree house style and models that can be cast in a single piece will be given precedence over those that don't). I ultimately decided that a gladius-style blade would suit her better. However, in deference to the claymore style, it'll be two-handed.

The pistol isn't what I want it to be, yet. I think a certain amount of careful slicing, shaving and filing will occur before I'm prepared to give you people a better shot of the design. The idea, though, is to capture the look of a compact automatic weapon and, probably, to give it a sling rather than a holster. This is partly practical (a pistol in heroic scale always looks enormous!) and partly aesthetic, because I feel that a holster would ruin the look of the model).


04-07-2012, 12:01
Thanks for the comments, guys. It's really encouraging.

Here's today's offering, so far:


You'll see that the changes aren't all that radical. It's getting to the point, now, where I'm adding the fine detail of the model: the pommel on her sword; I've added (you can't see it) the bottom of the grip on the pistol and the cuff of her right glove, as well as the right shoulder pad. Also out of sight is the other side of the sword, and the strap that allows her to carry it across her back (I'll probably take a pic of her back tomorrow). The problem with these is the issue of the lazy thumb. This happens to me all the time: you spend 20 minutes getting a piece of detail just right, move on to the next and, when that's finished, you realize that your lazy thumb has been gently resting on the piece you did before.

To avoid that, and given that we have until the end of August to get our entries in, IIRC, I'm working on just two or three bits of detail at a time and am then allowing that to set before I go and do anything else.


08-07-2012, 13:31
I know I said I'd do shots all round in the next update, but my windows of opportunity to work on this mini and get pictures have been very limited. So here's a WIP of her hairstyle:


Should have more of the rest of her later.


14-07-2012, 12:00
The process now is very slow, as it's a case of identifying what I don't like and finding a way to fix it. This shot is a good illustration:


What's changed? Well, she's got those pouches on her belt, front and back, and her pistol has acquired an extended mag. But where's the pistol gone?

I removed it. It's currently being re-sculpted to see if I can get the effect I want to achieve on the existing armature (I basically filed all the existing "detail" down to flat surfaces). The challenge is giving it that really symmetrical, sharp-edged look of a piece of hardware to contrast with the more organic appearance of the rest of her. As you can see, I used a piece of plasticard for the magazine, so I might well end up abandoning my efforts so far and just going to the plasticard option for the pistol, too. The real cop-out alternative would be to buy one of the weapon packs from Hasslefree to use (as that's allowed in the rules). But I don't want to cop out quite yet.

Also, I'm not sure if that magazine is going to be castable. I may end up having to remove her whole right hand and make the model two-part... Don't want to, as the most favoured entries will be one-part casts. We'll have to see.


P.S. I will post some pics of my other Infinity stuff soon, too!

29-07-2012, 16:18
Did another piece of terrain between projects, today:



07-10-2012, 16:39
I'm still working - really slowly - on the Druze. I've actually modified the paint scheme shown above to one that's more digital, but they aren't looking good enough to share, yet.

However, I enjoyed the digicam look enough to decide to do it on my Hassassin Bahram, too. And having had a couple of hours to paint this afternoon, I made it most of the way through painting my Muyib minelayer:


The digicam pattern is essentially the exact reverse of the camouflage pattern I'll be doing on the Druze. I like it enough that I'm already thinking of stripping off my previous minis and doing it on the Ghulam and others, too. I certainly may have to repaint the Lasiq...


08-10-2012, 14:47


The text on his base says "nothing is true; everything is permitted".

Working on a Fiday, now.


09-10-2012, 11:36
Making good progress on that Fiday. I guess this Bahram may not take as long as I expected!


Incidentally, the slogan on the base of the Muyib, which is supposed to be a quote attributed to Hasan ibn Sabah, the original founder of the breakaway section Ismaili Niner sect that became the Hashishiin, has been back translated into Arabic based on my own imperfect grasp of the language. I think I captured the subtleties of the original (far more complicated than it appear in English), but if anyone knows the actual original Arabic - or thinks I've used the wrong word (I was a little uncertain on the use of 'halaal') - please do let me know.


10-10-2012, 09:17
Got the Fiday done yesterday.


I'll carry on with a Ragik today, but have other pressing matters to see to, so it will strictly be "while other stuff is drying".


10-10-2012, 09:33
Very nice work mate :-)

17-10-2012, 17:11
Thanks, Nicho. Here's a shot of my latest WIP, the first of the Ragiks:


I apologise that all of these guys look like they're different colours. Eventually I'll have a lighting set up that doesn't rely on daylight. Until then, the colour varies depending on the time of day. I promise they are all the same colour in real life.

I'm working on this guy and the other one with an HMG, after which I'll move to doing the Daylami. Then, and only then, I'll go back to finishing the Qapu Khalqi. For some reason, this technqiue is a lot harder to do on the Druze. I think it's because they're such detailed sculpts.


24-10-2012, 10:41
Got the Ragik finished over the weekend:



24-10-2012, 22:57
Your Haqqislam is terrific and the digi-cam is superb!

25-10-2012, 16:54
Cheers, dude. Got to repaint the Lasiq, now.


26-10-2012, 14:54
Getting on with the second Ragik, right now:



31-10-2012, 05:31
Ragik is looking good! I also look forward to seeing the Lasiq as that is a mini I really like (and nearly tipped me in Haqqislam's side).

31-10-2012, 17:02
I confess, I actually got one of my Kum bikers off the shelf and am re-painting it in these colours to see what it looks like. Also, I just got my special edition GoGo Marlene in the post. She, obviously, won't be in digital camo (I did, briefly, consider it, but decided that I wanted her to look very distinct from the rest of my forces) - she'll be done in proper Loligoth style.


04-11-2012, 16:15
I've put the Ragik aside for a bit to try updating some of my older Haqqislam minis to the new paint scheme:



13-11-2012, 13:27
Hi, would it be okay for me to join in? I'm starting Infinity with a Japanese sectorial force.

14-11-2012, 02:07
Sure thing man, the more the merrier! :D

Hey precinctomega, the new scheme is looking sweet! :)

14-11-2012, 10:01
Thanks Lithian. And, yes, RunepriestRidcully, throw down some Infinity love! I'm feeling lonely.


14-11-2012, 10:58
Here are my Infinity models so far:
I'd say the medic and Domaru are proberbly closest to being finished, just need ot do some more details, possibly a few highlights, base and then ink/wash them.
Anyone got any advice for doing skin/faces, always managed to dodge having to do them really before :P

14-11-2012, 14:46
I love the Tokusetsu Butai - one of my favourite ever minis.

I decided to paint my limited edition GoGo Marlene miniatures today, between assembling Skorne minis and painting a Chaos Sorcerer conversion. Here she is so far:


Nearly done. Got a few details to tidy up and then I'll paint the base.


14-11-2012, 23:11
Same, they are proberbly the reason I chose Japanese directorial force, I've already got ideas for a Pan oceaiana force heavy on the various knights. :P

15-11-2012, 04:30
Sweet Yu-Jing RunepriestRidcully and your Marlene is looking good Precinct Omega! I like the black and grey and did you make that base?

15-11-2012, 15:00
Yeah, that's one of a selection I've sculpted and cast. That's actually one of my spare miscasts. I figure GoGo won't see table time too often, so it doesn't matter.


15-11-2012, 15:02
Yeah, that's one of a selection I've sculpted and cast. That's actually one of my spare miscasts. I figure GoGo won't see table time too often, so it doesn't matter.


17-11-2012, 13:46
Just got back from warfare, and present my haul:
Spent way too much, even with the bargins I found (romulan squadron box for £10, and the infinity blisters were buy three, get another one free.) However I am happy with what I got will just live off pasta and water for a while :P
I should have built and done the first coats of the Haramaki, and about their colours... BELEIVE IT! :P
Something I forgot to ask earlier, what does everyone think I should do on my other models in turns of highlights ect? Was thinking of possibly adding the basing stuff, doing the army painter darkshade dip and call it a day, but I'm now thinking a coulple of highlights and possibly a lighter ink may be a better idea.

29-07-2014, 11:08
This really deserves to be dusted off and put to good use again. :yes: