View Full Version : "Daemonic Legions"

John Wayne II
18-02-2007, 16:11
Where can I find the list? It sounds like an interesting prospect for an army and I want to try it out. Any tips?

One more question: does anybody use Demon Princes? I have never seen one being used, as they seem to be more popular in 40k, are they underpowered or just overcosted?

Any comments welcome. :)

Murderous Monkey
18-02-2007, 17:28
Although I've no experience with Daemon Princes I can tell you the daemonic legion list can be found here (http://stormofchaos.us.games-workshop.com/book/armies/default.htm). Tactics vary hugely depending on which god you choose, so more information might be helpful!

18-02-2007, 17:56
check out www.thedaemoniclegion.com for more information